The Who’s who of Satanic Child Abuse


Christopher Spivey


The following report was sent to me by my friend Gary.

You do however need to read the first page of the report very carefully and then the whole thing will become clear as you read the rest.

Never the less, as far as I can make out Helen G – whom the report is based around – is a victim of Mind Control, and subsequently, she was forced into taking part in Satanic Rituals.

Helen has multiple personality’s.

The report appears to have been compiled by the  Ritual Abuse Information Network  & Support (RAINS) and had – as far as I can work out – been trying to help Helen.

Now, it is quite coincidental that the Sniffenpissin MP Mike Hancock’s name appears in the report.

After all, I have been reporting on the cunt quite a bit of late.

Even more coincidental is the fact that I have just been sent some very, very interesting information on the obnoxious MP.

Mind you, Portsmouth – Hangcock’s territory – does appears to be a hive of activity for Satanic rituals and murder, if the report is correct.

Indeed, you’ll like the bit about the piece of dog shit Peter Mandelson – or not as the case may be.

I will hang that vile cunt personally.

These people are not fit to rule. They are not fit to live on this planet. They are child abusing scum cunts and they have to go… All of them.