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A Taste for Animals and Children!

Ex Deputy Labour Party Lord Mayor John Johnson caught with hundreds of child rape images on his computer.

Ex Deputy Labour Party Lord Mayor John Johnson has been hauled in to face charges of downloading the most sickening images on the internet involving the rape and violent abuse of small children. Johnson was charged with downloading hundreds of images of child molestation. Some of the images depicted sadomasochistic rituals with children being tortured and raped by multiple adults. The prosecutor Mr Giles Beaumont said: “This charge relates to an extreme level of child pornography. Some images involve animals”.

Magistrate Michael Flanagan declined jurisdiction and called for the case to be heard before a crown court.’ Trial date is November 6th 2012 at Peterborough Crown Court.

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Another Labour Party Paedophile Primary School Governor

Labour Party Paedophile Councillors delibrately getting jobs in schools to be near children

Three times Labour Councill Candidate Richard Harris was arrested at his home in Union Street, Exeter and his computer removed for child protection officers to examin. He stood as the Labour Party’s man in Three wards, St Leonard’s, Heavitree and St Thomas which are renowned areas for Primary Schools in the wards around Exeter.

Labour’s Richard Harris was arrested with a list of 500 children’s names in his possession. According to neighbours, “officer’s handcuffed the Labour Party activist at his home in Union Street and bundled him into a vehicle that sped off at high speed”.

Harris was charged for offering the Juniors money to have sex with him. He said to police officers when interviewed ‘I felt mostly turned on by children.’

Other Labour Party affiliates that have had jobs in Schools and have been found guilty of Paedophilia are as follows..

Keith Potts, Nelson Bland, Greg Vincent, Alec Dyer Atkins, Paul Diggert, John Friary, Steve Carnell, Adrian Cirket, Richard Harris, Darren Geoffrey Pedley (on trial in October) and Ben Williams.

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Labour Councillor for Leicester Manish Sood found guilty of Grooming School kids for sex.

Posted on August 5, 2012

The parents of the children swore at the Labour Councillor as he was found guilty of trying to molest their children as he was ushered quickly by security staff at Leicester Crown Court. The paedophile known as Labour Councillor for Leicester Manish Sood who stood in the dock brings the Labour Party paedophiles to total a staggering 36 with Four others arrested and slipping through the court system. But there was no slipping away from the judge at this court.. and the verdict was guilty.
The Labour25 listed paedophile Manish Sood, spotted an advertisement by a school girl for a job in Gumtree, an online service with a part time work column. Paedophile Manish Sood then decided to phone her and asked her for sex at a fixed price. The child got frightened and was so scared, she told no-one but her friend in her school. She told her friend what the paedophile Labour councillor was asking her to do for him. He sent scores of filthy text messages and phone calls of an explicit nature.
The victims friend got angry, so she rang Manish Sood and told him to leave her friend alone. Manish Sood then asked her who she was and when he realised that she was a child too, he asked to meet her for a ‘massage.’ ‘’I will pick you up from school.’’ he commented. ‘’Can you bring condoms for me.’’ He added, then he asked the child to wear toe rings. The filth poured out and the Two children couldn’t stop the Labour paedophile. Around 200 phone calls and text messages by Manish Sood were received by the children offering sex for money. He offered them £200 each, but the kids refused.
Then they realised he wouldn’t go away, so they contacted their teacher, who listened in on the conversation by the Labour paedophile. The Judge gave him a Three year supervision order and banned from being near children unsupervised. Manish Sood admitted in court his fixation for little girls. His mother, also involved with the Labour Council in Leicester as aid to the Mayor, stood by him throughout the trial, saying he was a ‘good man.’
If it wasn’t for the protection of paedophiles by the Leicester Labour Council.. the newly prosecuted Labour25 paedophile Manish Sood would be in prison for grooming children.
The parents shouted ‘’Labour Paedophiles at it again.’’ And ‘’Get with the Labour25 paedophiles.’’ At the closing of the case when a member of Parents Against Paedophiles gave out 120 leaflets to passers by who vented their anger.
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Liverpool’s Labour Party Lord Mayor Joe Anderson rooting for pie?

Posted on July 7, 2012

Labour Party Councillor & School teacher Ben Williams gets a tip off from Labour Mayor Joe Anderson & Deletes 207 files from his computer the day before the section 47 police raid a jury at Liverpool Court heard Ben Williams admit.

                       REPORTED BY THE LIVERPOOL ECHO

Labour Party Councillor Ben williams took a job as a History & Politics teacher in King George the V school in Southport. Once again we see Labour party councillors applying for jobs to be near children, whether it be School teachers or school governors, to Barnardos and even the NSPCC and child care home workers for the vulnerable. 

Ben Williams from the Clubmoor constituency area of Liverpool had been found to have the words ‘Lolita’ and  ‘Child Porn’ typed into school computers he logged onto with his personal pass key, when a group of IT teachers who were protecting children at King George V school noticed the entries by Labour Councillor Ben Williams on  computers he had logged into. Ben Williams, although his home was raided and 8 computers were seized, found himself let off by a jury who could not come to a decision for the Second time. The judged added that he did not want to have another trial. 

Labour Councillor Ben Williams admitted that Joe Anderson had told him the day before his arrest and raid at his house, that a section 47 investigation was underway. This means that Merseyside Police informed Labour Council leader & Liverpool Lord Mayor  Joe Anderson,  who then tipped off Ben Williams, who then deleted the evidence before the police ‘Raid.’

207 files were destroyed by Ben Williams.. if they were innocent.. why did he need to delete them? 

The link above confirms the truth… Joe Anderson is a Paedophile supporter… but who was it from King George V school that informed the Police, and who was the police officer who informed Joe Anderson? Who allowed a second trial without convicting Ben Williams? The smoke was there but the fire was well put out. If Ben Williams was ‘not guilty’ then why did Joe Anderson not give him his job back? Why did King George V school not give Ben Williams his old job back? 

Joe ‘207’ Anderson should have been arrested immediately when this report came to the Labour25 website. He should be tried for obstructing the course of justice and his Mayoral title removed. The paedophile filth of the Labour Party continues but more and more are being hunted down including other paedophile supporters that supported muslim grooming gangs in Liverpool who were members of the state set up ‘Occupy movement’ and the UAFcommunist movement for the Labour Party.

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Father’s protest against a left wing paedophile supporter at her place of work just yards from where toddler James Bulger was abducted, abused and murdered.

Posted on June 16, 2012

Members of the Parents against paedophiles (P.A.P) stormed into the shop where Nikki McDonough was working to challenge the owners of the ‘Cash Shop’ which employed a paedophile supporter. In the early 1990’s toddlerJames Bulger was abducted and abused, then murdered just across the street in the Strand shopping center in Strand Road Bootle. The angry parents were reacting to the setting up of a counter demonstration by miss McDonough and herunion member boyfriend Phil Dickens who works just yards away in the Triad center also in Strand Road Bootle. The pair of hard line left wing anarchists organised a violent demonstration against the people of Liverpool who objected to the abuse of countless young children in Rochdale by 9 convicted paedophiles. The ‘sick’ pair turned up with suspected members of a far left group known as the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) who thought paedophilia was ‘normal.’ Phil Dickens has strong links with the Labour Party, and many people wondered why he had not been tracked down earlier. He was spotted by a woman in McDonalds on Strand Road, Bootle Liverpool, after a woman recognised him when she and her husband were confronted by him for protesting against the paedophile gang outside Liverpool Crown Court. They then contacted Parents Against Paedophiles and this website. Two undercover investigators from the Labour25 investigation Wirral base team, went out to observe and found the ‘VILE’ pair working in Strand Road.

A spokesperson for ‘Parents Against Paedophiles commented.. ‘’we can’t thank these people enough for finding this pair of paedophile supporters.’’ ‘’As good members of thepublic, they have gone well above their call of duty.’’ ‘’The public will now be made aware of these Two.’’ She added, ‘’There is also a case coming forward that Phil Dickens had touched a young lad at his place of work, bruising him and making him nervous.’’ ‘’We are waiting for information and other witnesses to come forward on this issue.’’ The Two have also got Labour links with Labours Harriet Harman once involved in PIE and also Ex Labour MPcandidate Peter Tatchell, who said ‘Not all sex involving children is unwanted.’’ During the demonstration, onlookers went crazy at the shop who employed such a person as Nikki McDonough. One woman commented, ‘’What sort of woman would support paedophiles?’’ Another said, ‘’Her boyfriend is hiding up in the Triad center looking out of the window.’’ It was true, Phil Dickens was hiding several stories up but refused to come out even to protect his girlfriend from the angry Bootle crowd that now gathered in mass below. Police arrived and the protesters were given a loud cheer and clap by the paeople of Strand Road Bootle. ‘’There is no place for paedophile supporters in Bootle,’’ a group of young girls added.’’

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Labour Councillor Aftab Hussain gives evidence in Liverpool showing his support for 9 muslim Paedophiles.

Posted on May 12, 2012

Scumbag Labour sent in a Muslim Paedophile supporting councillor named as Aftab Hussain to stand against little girls as young as 12 who were abused, raped and knocked out with class A drugs. The childrens attackers, Nine in all were be-littled by the Labour councillor, saying that the Nine paedophiles were of good character. One child was raped by 20 paedophiles, she escaped in the early hours of the morning by jumping through a second floor window, after breaking it to escape.

Injured, the child escaped and raised the alarm. Labour paedophile protector Aftab Hussain, who is the Rochdale councillor for Firgrove & Smallbridge Ward avoided local newspaper reporters and placed the job of explaining why he went all the way to Liverpool to protect the Nine paedophiles who had abused up to 50 white children, to a White English Labour Councillor.

The Rochdale Labour councillors are running around like scalded cats, saying, ‘’individual councillors, do not speak for the whole of Rochdale Council.

Last year, Labour Rochdale Councillor Darren Pedley and his wife were arrested for downloading child porn images and distributing them on the internet, Darren Pedley was placed under house arrest along with his wife. They scarpered from Rochdale down south and will remain there until the evening before their trial in October in Bolton.

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The Labour Party Paedophile Lord Mayors Club

Posted on May 1, 2012

The dangers of having a Labour Lord Mayor in the establishment of your local area is deadly to children. The Last Four North West Labour Party Lord Mayors were CONVICTED Paedophile’s which ranged from the child sex crimes of Child rape, Child Abuse, Child blackmail sex attacks and Images of sexual abuse of children in Shackles being abused and distributed over the internet.

Labour Lord Mayor No.1

Sam Chaudry, was the first Muslim Lord Mayor. When he won his local Lord Mayor Election for the Labour Party in Lancashire, just before he was about to put on the Mayoral robes, Police raided his home and arrested him. He was convicted and jailed for 12 years for Raping a child under 6 years old, Abuse of another child under 10 and the Rape of another child aged 8years old.

Labour Lord Mayor No.2

Nicholas Green (Zionist) woke up one morning to have police drag him from his bed in Westhoughton Lancashire. He was dragged off to the police station and charged with raping numerous children under the age of 10 years old. One victim had been abused by Labour Lord Mayor Nicholas Green since she was a child, and was blackmailed by him, ‘silence for more sex.’ On the day of her wedding, he pulled her into a room and threatened to tell all the guests unless she had sex with him… He raped her in her wedding dress on her wedding day. He was sentenced to 8 years.

Labour Party Lord Mayor No.3

 was supposed to be a ‘Pillar of the community’ in his Labour constituency of Halton Cheshire. One day, A man went to see the Labour Lord

Mayor unkowing he was a paedophile, he took his daughter with him. While Liam Temple was talking to the little girl’s father, he said to her ‘Go in my office and play the computer games on the computer.’ The child went in and played on the games, the father wanted to leave but the child wanted to finnish the game so the Labour Party Lord Mayor Liam Temple said ‘She’ll be ok, call back later for her.’’ BIG MISTAKE… Labour Lord Mayor Liam Temple sat next to her and said.. ‘ Name your price, you can have anything’ ‘£5 if you let me see your breasts, £10 if you let me see down there.’’ He was found guilty in front of his family who were disgusted, at the Cheshire Crown Court. He also had to sign the sex offender’s register.

Labour Lord Mayor N0.4

Stewart Brown, The Labour Party’s well dressed Lord Mayor from Hebden Royd near Hebbden Bridge was sitting in the bath when the police knocked at the door. In a posh towelled robe he was immediately put under arrest. The police and special child protection units gathered Paedophile Labour Party Lord Mayor Stewart Brown’s computer, Cd’s and other hardware to be examined by the special forensics team. Neighbours were wondering where Stewart Brown had dissapeared too, they had seen the arrest but not been able to put Two and Two together… until the local newspaper dropped onto the doormat. Labour Party lord Mayor stewart Brown had been downloading child pornography material from the internet of a severe nature including a child in Bondage and Shackles. He had been sharing the images with other predatory child sex beast paedophiles all over the internet and possibly the world. The images were horriffic said the judge, but he escaped with a suspended sentence and has been made to sign the sex offender’s register for the rest of his life.


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Playing with Paedophiles

Posted on April 10, 2011

In 1974 The Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP, Secretary of State for Health, became General Secretary of The National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL). Just a year later The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), founded in October 1974, was invited to affiliate. The purpose of this group is to campaign for an acceptance of paedophilia. Also in 1975, Patricia Hewitt joined the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, as a ‘straight’. Given Harriett Harman’s background, niece of Lord Longford who spent the best part of the 70′s fighting to get the paedophile child killer Hindley out of jail, it is none to surprising that she would be drawn to a group like this.  Before becoming an MP for Peckham Harriett Harman was the legal officer for the NCCL in the late 1970’s. Jack Dromey, Harman’s husband served on the Executive Committee of NCCL from 1970 to 1979. He is now Treasurer of the Labour Party. It was during this period that Harriett Harman achieved her greatest and probably made her uncle extremely proud.

Harman was a newly qualified solicitor in 1978 when she became legal officer for the NCCL. PIE had been an affiliate for about four years. Its members openly argued for the abolition of the age of consent. It is not surprising, therefore, to find Harman complicit in wanting the age of consent lowered to 14 and incest decriminalised. So when the Protection of Children Bill was put before Parliament in order to tighten the laws on child pornography by banning indecent images of under-16s Harriett Harman was at the forefront of the NCCL response.  Signed by Harriett Harman in April 1978, the NCCL’s formal response to the Government proposals to reform sex laws dubbed a “Lolita’s Charter” was unbelievable. Harman argued that, “…childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage…Although this harm may be of a somewhat speculative nature, where participation falls short of physical assault, it is none-the-less justifiable to restrain activities by photographer which involve placing children under the age of 14 (or, arguably, 16) in sexual situations. We suggest that the term ‘indecent’ be qualified as follows: – A photograph or film shall not for this purpose be considered indecent (a) by reason only that the model is in a state of undress (whether complete or partial); (b) unless it is proved or is to be inferred from the photograph or film that the making of the photograph or film might reasonably be expected to have caused the model physical harm or pronounced psychological or emotional disorder.”

It wasn’t until 1982 that PIE and the NCCL ended their affiliation. This was the same year that Harriett Harman left the NCCL to become MP for Peckham and PIE went underground. Was this Harman’s attempt to smooth over her paedophilic persona prior to her parliamentary career…Given the Labour Party’s record she had little to be concerned about.

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Brothers in Paedophilia?

Posted on April 14, 2011

Former home secretary Jack Straw has said white girls are “easy meat” for sex abuse. Speaking in a BBC interview he was attempting to cover up the horrors of Muslim paedophilic grooming. Straw states “Pakistanis, let’s be clear, are not the only people who commit sexual offences, and overwhelmingly the sex offenders’ wings of prisons are full of white sex offenders.” On this point he may be referring to his 25 convicted Labour colleges. Straw should check the list. Not all of them are white! However,one that is about as ‘white’ as Straw himself would be his own brother William. Unfortunately this sex offender didn’t even receive a custodial sentence.  Sexually molesting a young girl in her bedroom is worth a £750 fine and 5 years on the sex offenders register.

Jack Straw’s 47 year old brother William, a father-of-two, stalked a young girl and sort to gain her attention with ‘tradition’ pervert tricks.  Straw invited the girl to his home to see his new dog (come and see my puppies). Straw rang the girl and visited her home, classic stalking tactics. We are told that the girl is a friend of the family but do 47 year old men regularly have under age family friends.

Mind you the attitude towards children seems to run in the family.     While Home Secretary for the Labour Party Jack Straw allowed Jamie Bulger’s killer John Venables an early release and a new identity. At the time of the trial a fundamental issue was the age of the boy murderers and a question put to the court was if they know right from wrong. Common sense tells me that a 10 year old knows that torturing a 2 year old boy to death is wrong!  It was the majority opinion of the public as well. So the early release of Venables was not viewed favourably. To add insult to injury Venables was later caught with child porn including a video of an 8 year old girl being violently raped. This goes a long way to support the view that perverted minds cannot be rehabilitation.  Naturally the public assumed that Venables locked up for good this time. So why did Straw decided to give him a new identity.

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The ‘pimping’ of our children – Labour25

Posted on May 22, 2011

There is a growing concern about the exposure of our children to sexualised material. This matter was brought directly to light by Channel 4’s Sex Education Show in a series of programmes entitled Stop pimping our kids.  A number of the programmes tackle the explicit material that is on view to children whether at home or in the street.  Examples are newsagents WH Smiths, who display porn magazines on lower shelves where toddlers can see them and music television channels who are beaming videos packed with shockingly sexual images into homes throughout the day when children are watching. Clearly we find that the loosing up of licensing laws for example the watershed is having a laps effect on societies morels. There is also a deep sense of hypocrisy running through The Sex Education Show. On the on hand, quite rightly, it calls for an end to the over exposure of our children to sex. It does this by drawing public attention to the plethora of sexually explicit material available to our pre-teens and rightfully exposing those exploiting it. It then brings sex right into our schools, showing children actual naked bodies of men and women and advising on safe sex. Is this really how we prevent pre-teen and teenage pregnancy. Giving out free condoms, advising how to put them on then bringing parents and their children together to talk about their sex life!

Prior to puberty our children are NOT sexual but they are being sexualised. Children’s clothing transforms little girls into sexualised mini adults. Matalan apparently stocks padded bras in the children’s section, and a shop called Shoe Mart has high heels available for 5 year olds. The question the public should be asking is why. Just think of a rape trial were a victim is accused of asking to be raped by the way she was dressed. Are the children deliberately being advertised to paedophiles.

While Home Secretary for the Labour Party Jack Straw allowed Jamie Bulger’s killer John Venables an early release and a new identity.  Venables was later caught with child porn including a video of an 8 year old girl being violently raped. This goes a long way to support the view that perverted minds cannot be rehabilitated.   However, Straw still decided to give him a new identity.

This means there is a potential paedophile that could have been caught still walking the streets.

If these potential and actual paedophiles are walking the streets it shouldn’t be long before they are offered a pole dance from one of these youngsters. I wonder when they move on to lap dancing… A Christian organisation called the Mothers Union made the point that ‘Whilst the pole dancing lessons do require parental attendance to start with, we are concerned that children are being targeted with an activity that, by and large, is part of a male club culture which objectifies women.” Again the child is being prematurely sexualised. Why introduce a piece of equipment even if, as argued, it is for exercise when the connotations’ are so obviously adult in nature. This also gives rise to issues about body image. There are already innumerate magazines supposedly telling young girls how to look, now the fat girl is supposed to swing around a pole! It’s no wonder our children have eating disorders.

Neither is child protection, when properly investigated, offering a proper defence. It would seem that the authorities are more concerned with safeguarding the identity of paedophiles and child molesters than properly securing our children’s safety. Given Harriett Harman’s background, her compliance in wanting the age of consent lowered to 14 and incest decriminalised it is not difficult to draw a Labour initiative behind this sexualisation of our children.

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How Do Labour Party Members Traffic Child Porn ? – Labour25

Posted on May 23, 2011

How the Labour25 Traffic Child Pornography from Councillor to Councillor
Your Local Guardian Newspaper article.

We never heard of THIS trial on TV before the May 5th Council Elections 2011 did we?
A former Lambeth councillor who admitted possessing more than 94,000 images and videos of abused children, and was looking at porn when police raided his house, has escaped jail.
Toren Smith, of Lilford Road, Camberwell, was given a two year suspended sentence at Southwark Crown Court today, after earlier pleading guilty to 24 counts of possessing and making indecent images of children.
Detectives from the paedophile unit of Metropolitan Police’s child abuse command, searched the former Tulse Hill ward Councillor’s home on May 21 last year, after inquiries revealed Smith had, on two occasions, paid to download material which included a number of Level 5 images and footage – the most serious kind.
A Met Police spokesman said: “During a search of the property officers seized a laptop computer and a USB stick [used to store computer data] and at the time of the search Smith was logged onto to a site which was displaying pornographic material.”
Further examination of Smith’s computer and USB stick revealed 777 movies – 11 of which were Level 5 – and 93,549 still images, police said.
Smith, who was a respected senior Labour member of the council who had been an elected member for 16 years and was co-chair of the council’s planning committee, resigned from the council three days later “for personal reasons”.
He was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment for the Level 1 – 3 images; 6 months for the Level 4 images; and 12 months for the Level 5 images – all to run concurrently. His sentences were suspended for 24 months.
In addition, he was made subject to Sex Offender Prevention Order for five years, and placed on the Sex Offender Register for a minimum of five years. He was also ordered to pay £1,000 costs.
After today’s sentencing, Detective Inspector Noel McHugh, of The Met’s paedophile unit said: “We are totally committed to identifying and prosecuting anyone who possesses or trades indecent images of children. Each image or movie represents a child who has been abused and we will continue to work tirelessly to bring anyone who is in anyway involved in the abuse of children to justice.”
It is believed Smith had a clean record when an advanced Criminal Records Bureau check was carried out on him as part of a council protocol introduced in light of the Baby P scandal in 2009.
Child porn find at town hall
Monday 18th May 2009, 3:40PM BST

Read more:
Express and Star Newspaper article.

A disgraced former Walsall councillor who left a computer memory stick containing child porn behind after a town hall meeting was today fined £443.
Jonathan Phillips was placed on the sex offenders register for two years.
The discovery was made after a council worker found the equipment belonging to Phillips in a meeting room at the Lichfield Street site.
After loading the stick into the computer, they discovered the indecent images and was able to link the computer to Phillips.
At Walsall Magistrates Court today the 53-year-old admitted two offences of making an indecent photo or pseudo-photo of a child.
Phillips, of Eastbourne Street, Walsall, resigned from his position as a Labour councillor for the Birchills and Leamore ward after he was arrested by police last October. He was suspended from his work at Wolverhampton City Council.
Miss Siobhan Wilkins, prosecuting, said Phillips received texts on his mobile phone but had accessed them by downloading from a website which he then copied onto a USB stick.This stick was found in September last year.
Mr Mahmood Hussain, defending, said: “My client has never had any court record. This is totally out of character. When the police searched his home they found nothing untoward.
“The charges relate to two images found on a computer memory stick given to him by someone else.
“He looked at them and when he realised what they were he was going to report them to the police himself.”
Along with the fine he was ordered to pay costs of £60 and a £15 victim surcharge.
Phillips represented the old Hatherton and Rushall ward from 1995-99 and was then re-elected to serve Birchills and Leamore from 2006 before his resignation.

Read more:

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A Mum’s Campaign for Open Court (Labour25)

Posted on May 24, 2011

Jane Davies of Whitemill, campaign is for greater transparency and public access to the courts and court records. She states new rules and legislation are needed to open the justice system to public view.  As highlighted in the link above “nowhere is the problem of court secrecy greater than in the family courts”. Yet the question the public SHOULD be asking is why this is so. The answer lies before the case even gets to court and is much more chilling. Take a look at this- Prior to hidden ‘court’ proceeding families numbering in their hundreds have had their children taken. During these so called court cases evidence produced against the parent/s is flimsy and they were not allowed to see, let alone have it examined by an independent expert. What we are in fact seeing is a State out of control. This entity that has functionaries working for it believes it has the authority to take what ever it wants. In the form of police and social workers the State is now stealing our children and they will use the most horrendous terror tactic to do so.

However, it does not end with the removal of our children. Children are not safe in state run facilities. “Once the child is removed from its own family the chance of physical or sexual abuse is so much higher. So why take children if there is no need. There is almost a desire to make them more vulnerable.” Our children are being targeted from both sides. Without reason or warning social services can take our children into State custody and into a possible life of abuse, but away from State custody child protection leaves much to be desired. As we well know Labour MP Harriett Harman was complicit in wanting the age of consent abolished and incest decriminalised. While Labour’s Home Secretary Jack Straw is happy to let potential paedophiles walk our streets. Meanwhile, the list of convicted child sex fiends within the Labour Party continues to grow.

Thirteen years of Labour Party rule and its continued dominance at most council levels must raise questions about attitudes towards children and sex. One only needs to take a look at the nature of the National Curriculum since 1997 when Labour came to power. Sex education has become VERY explicit and aimed at 5 year olds! The nature of the traditional family is constantly under attack with the promotion of same sex relationships. Of particular relevance here is the ‘no outsiders’ project that uses books directed at primary school children with titles like King and King and Tango makes three  whose main characters are non-heterosexual. We also see children encouraged to cross dress Judge pointed stated “the most disturbing thing is teaching children to resist the values of their parents and grandparents.” While we know this is government backed and schools are urged to use the material to show they are compliant with the Equal Opportunities Act. It has been there festering for a good many years. This type of ‘play’ sounds like perverts in training but is that the idea. Reduce inhibitions, blurring social and gender lines, forgetting parental values. Don’t forget Harman’s uncle was campaigning to free the paedophile child killer Hindley for most of the 70’s. It was during this time that Harman herself was promoting “childhood sexual experiences willingly engaged in with an adult”.

These are not the sort of people to be making policy on the protection of your child, let alone the governing of a country. Please sign the petition below and let your feeling be heard.

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Gay Abandon – Labour25

Posted on May 25, 2011

Prominent Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell, in a similar move as Harriett Harman, has called for the abolition of the age of consent. In March 1976, the UK’s political pressure group Liberty, under their alternate name National Council for Civil Liberties, (NCCL) also lobbied for the abolition of the age of consent. “[I]t is both logical and consistent with modern knowledge about child development, to suggest that the age of consent should be abolished…”  Coincidently The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) had been invited to affiliate in 1975, just a year earlier. It was Harriett Harman, legal officer for the NCCL at the time, who was complicit in the desire to abolish the age of consent and have incest decriminalised.

According to Peter Tatchell, “while it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.” He gave an example of a New Guinea tribe where “all young boys have sex with older warriors as part of their initiation into manhood” and allegedly grow up to be “happy, well-adjusted husbands and fathers”. Tatchell concluded that “The positive nature of some child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy.”
Peter Tatchell doesn’t condone paedophilia; he just thinks that nine year olds can have consensual sex with adults.

Peter Tatchell’s statement is a hideous reflection of the argument put forward by Harriett Harman for NCCL, “…childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage…Although this harm may be of a somewhat speculative nature, where participation falls short of physical assault, it is none-the-less justifiable to restrain activities by photographer which involve placing children under the age of 14 (or, arguably, 16) in sexual situations. We suggest that the term ‘indecent’ be qualified as follows: – A photograph or film shall not for this purpose be considered indecent (a) by reason only that the model is in a state of undress (whether complete or partial); (b) unless it is proved or is to be inferred from the photograph or film that the making of the photograph or film might reasonably be expected to have caused the model physical harm or pronounced psychological or emotional disorder.”

Tatchell became a member of the Labour Party in 1978 and was elected secretary of the Constituency Labour Party in 1980. He was selected as Labour MP, Bob Mellish’s successor for Bermondsey in 1981 but lost that seat in 1983 to Simon Hughes. In the 1990s Tatchell became heavily involved with LGBT through the direct action group OutRage!This group, which Tatchell founded, has at times been criticised for outing individuals who wanted to keep their homosexuality secret. What this suggests is not a drive towards individual ‘rights’ but deliberate voyeurism on the part of one particular person.

Tatchell completely refutes the notion of biology i.e. that human beings are born heterosexual or homosexual (the gay gene), preferring to base his ideas on Alfred Kinsey a man whose research is based on paedophiles and criminals. As typical  ‘sexual activists’ deem to purport Tatchell  assumes “that queer and straight desires are far more ambiguous, blurred and overlapping than any theory of genetic causality can allow.” The suggestion is obvious. Tatchell and his ilk are promoting sexual preference as a social condition that can change at will. The immediate danger that can be seen with this social analysis of sexuality is the view taken of our children. First there is a fluid or ambiguous notion of sexuality, and then both Tatchell and Harman clearly endorse child/adult sex acts. At the very core of this is the idea of the child as a sexual being. This is ridiculous. Until puberty at the earliest a child only has a rudimentary idea of the difference between a boy and a girl.  This most probably extends to boys playing with cars and girls playing with dolls! I want it to stay this way and not have perverted adult artificially ‘sexualising’ children for their own ends.

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‘New Labour – New Paedophiles’

Posted on May 27, 2011

A child was the victim of a sex crime every 20 minutes under New Labour.
Over 23,000 Paedophile attacks on children – were recorded by police in England and Wales in 2009/10 uder a Labour Government, this was up by 8% on the previous year and 13% from 2007/08 under aLabour Government. 25% of the children were aged 11 or under and over 1,000 were four years old or younger, the data from all police forces has revealed. This information was obtained by the NSPCC. An organisation that was once infiltrated by Labour Party Child sex beast, Peter Tuffley who is one of the Labour25. Peter Tuffley was Salfords rising star, until found in bed with a 13 yr old boy he was grooming on the internet. Peter Tuffley was aide to Hazel Blears Labour MP for Salford.
The Home Office has called on tighter laws to protect children in society from paedophiles.The child sex offender disclosure was brought into play earlier this year and about time too! The Labour Party would never of introduced it.. and DIDN’T ! This Bill was obviously played down by the likes of Tuffley in a way that it would help OTHER paedophiles infiltrating the NSPCC to stop a Bill that will allow parents to have greater help in protecting their children.
Special units have been set up across the country to deal with the sexualisation of children.THIS MEANS THAT THE GOVERNMENT HAVE NOW OPENED THEIR EYES TO THE SUCCESS OF THE LABOUR25 CAMPAIGN ROUND THE COUNTRY !
The Government are aware of the Sexualisation of our children with the Labour perverts Sex Education programme for infants! The reports from these Special units will show on a graph, the rise in the Sexualisation of our children during the Labour Party ‘Paedophile years’ in power.
All these offences on your reports were children Sexualised and abused under the Labour25 regime! this also applies to Barnardos, who were also infiltrated by Labour25 Sexual peadophile Peter Tuffley. Did Hazel Blears know about Peter Tuffley’s sexual deviency towards children? Who set him up with a well paid job to pay for the appartment, that he was caught naked in bed with a thirteen year old boy in, who hegroomed on the internet?
One question remains……. Who in the NSPCC and Barnados allowed Paedophile Peter Tuffley Labour25 to get a job with them?

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LABOUR 25+ The list keeps growing

Posted on May 30, 2011

Labour Councillor (Stoke/Staffordshire), Michael Barnes guilty of downloading Child Porn.  In November 2004 Councillor Barnes appeared at North Staffordshire Magistrates Court, to face seven different charges relating to child pornography.

Labour Councillor (Lambeth) Toren Smith is guilty of possessing indecent images of children. Smith was arrested on 21 May 2010 and bailed pending further investigation. He escaped a jail term May of this year was given a 12 month suspended sentence and ordered to sign the sex offenders register.

Labour senior clerk Phillip Lyon is guilty of making indecent images of children. Phillip Lyon arranged the weekly Prime Minister’s Question Time for Tony Blair, was arrested after vice cops raided his Commons office.

Labour Councillor (Walsall) Jonathon Phillips is guilty of being in possession of child pornography. He was arrested and bailed by police in 2008 pending further investigation. He was found guilty of to counts of possession of indecent images of children in May 2009.

Labour Councillor (Southwark) John Friary is on trial 31st May for grooming a child for sex on the social networking site Facebook. She is only 13 years old. Friary has close links with Harriett Harman and was first questioned by police earlier this year.

Labour Councillor (Rhondda Cynon Taf) Steve Carnell is on trial 3rd June for possessing more than 10,000 indecent images of children. He was charged on May 6th and has spent a month in custody.

As the title states the list just keeps growing. We have illustrated how Thirteen years of Labour Party rule raise questions about attitudes towards children and sex. The rapid increase of exposed paedophilia and child sex crime, together with the various historical links should be alerting adults to the morel degradation rife within the Labour Party. Are these the type of people we really want running our Nation. Is this not why our Nation is suffering from a lack of traditional, social and moral values. Is it not time that OUR Nation awoke and faced reality.

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Paedophilia in the mind of the Labour activists.

Posted on June 4, 2011
‘He placed an add in the shop window as
a child minder claiming he was with the
NSPCC, Then he repeatedly raped my little girl.’ 
A mother told the Court. (Child One)A Labour Party activist placed an advertisement in a local shop window, advertising
himself as a ‘baby-sitter’. What happened after he was placed in the trust of a single
mother was horrific. This Labour Party activist gained the trust of the vulnerable single mum,
by showing a picture of himself with Labour Party double paedophile cover-up prime
minister Tony Blair. The Labour Party activist also claimed to have worked for the NSPCC
for Ten years, an obvious lie.

When gaining the trust of the vulnerable single mum,
he repeatedly raped her four year old daughter.
The Labour Party activist was arrested after his flat was searched and an
Indecent photo of the child was discovered.

Then he was allowed to do this ………………………Labour Party activist woke my 9 year old daughter
to watch Hard-Core Pornography.
A single Mum told the court…. (Child Two)

The same Labour Party activist strikes again…
This time with a 9 year old girl….
He waited for her mother to leave, then his sex attacks on the child began.
He awakened the child continously in her sleepy state, and made her watch
hard-core pornography whilst being indecent. This evil Labour Party paedophile
was finaly caught when the child said to her mother…

‘Mummy.. he’s doing rude things to me’

EVIL Labour Party activist Mark Tann received 15 years in prison.
24 counts of Indecency with a girl of 9 years old plus
2 counts of RAPE with a 4 year old girl.
go check it out yourselves……..
Another Labour Party Activist….
Message for the Labour Party…
How many of the 12 children that YOUR activist,
that YOU put in charge of raping children,
went on to develop AIDS in Liverpool & Hackney?
‘Not only did this Labour Party activist rape children
in a care home where he worked, but he had…
Labour Party run ‘money slags’ Liverpool City Council
Labour Party run ‘nest of vipers’ Hackney Council
Hid the fact that One of their activists who worked as a social worker in Liverpool
and Hackney was sexualy abusing children in care homes in Liverpool and
Hackney where he worked.

This Labour activist had FULL BLOWN AIDS
Yet Liverpool City Council and Hackney Council didn’t even check this mans
health or his background of placing a person involved with the LABOUR PARTY,
with a job caring for vulnerable children. In court, both council were called into
question into the inquiry how this could happen. Hackney Council was accused of
covering the sex scandal up because they wanted to protect thier Labour Party
Labour…. ‘Activists first… children LAST !’
So what are the Labour Party activists paid out with? They are paid out by placing
them in positions to which they can practise their sexual deviency and prey on
children. Like in care homes or with the NSPCC or placed onto School councils
or being placed into positions of trust with children like the Three Labour School
Governors who have all been found guilty of distributing Hundreds of child pornographic
images over the internet. How many card carrying Labour Members are ‘Foster Parents?’
Have they been ‘Checked out?’ Has there ever been an investigation into the Labour Party
over its attraction by paedophiles? NO. You would think if there was anything decent
about that party, they would have.
Labour Party activist Mark Trotter was a

This monster died before his trial after abusing 12 children.

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Labour Party Parachuting Paedophiles

Posted on June 8, 2011

Just when you thought the Labour Party couldn’t get any more paedophilic,we have discovered that the Paedophile Labour Party’s ‘boy-buggering’Labour MP from Leicester West Greville Janner, had been replaced with a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange ( PIE ) the paedophile minded and paedophile protector, Patricia Hewitt. So, as one paedophile goes…. The Paedohile Labour Party ‘parachutes’ in another of it’s disciples of paedophilia.

 A brave little boy…

Paul Winston, was living in a youth hostel and was an innocent 13 year old child. He loved being a member of the boy scouts but was the victim of the Labour Party’s paedophile sex attacker Greville janner, who took it upon himself to be a boy scout administrator and was also a prominent leader of the Jewish Council in Leicester. The boy who was only 13 years old was groomed at first by Labour Party MP Greville Janner, then he took the boy to his house when his wife was out, and subjected the child to gross acts of indecency in his bed. The abuse of the child continued when Greville Janner took the boy on holiday and subjected him to more sexual abuse, at the Leicester Holiday Inn Hotel.. he sodomisedthe boy who was then only 14 years old. He sent gifts to the boy when he returned him to the hostel, such as a bicycle. The hostel manager was Frank Beck, a convicted child sex attacker who Labour Party paedophile Greville Janner knew.

A typical case once again… why do social services not check out all the Labour MPS and Councillors? Because the Labour paedophiles pay there wages !!

 The Trial…

Frank Beck, the boys hostel manager and a convicted child sex attacker was imprisoned at Whitemoor Prison in Cambridgeshire. He had evidence to convict Greville Janner but died mysteriously of a heart attack in the gymnasium inside the prison. The trial then never came to court. The whole investigation involved the youth hostel, the Leicester social services, and an address for a paedophile ‘rent-boy’ house.

Was this hostel, this place? The paedophile rent-boy house was set up by greville Janner and another Labour Party paedophile Councillor. Who was he/she? Are they one of the Labour25 now already convicted for a different crime against children? At Frank Beck’s trial for sexual abuse.. he said ‘ Greville Janner has been abusing at least one boy for 2 years at least.’

Labour Party Paedophile Greville Janner had escaped being prosecuted for the sexual abuse of a child. We will never know who the other Labour Party Paedophile is who tried to set up the paedophile rent-boy house in Leicester. Frank Beck told his barrister of evidence of another victim of Labour Party Paedophile Greville Janners reign of sexual abuse on children.

The other witness was not a victim, but watched Greville Janner abuse another child, whom they would need to ask to take the stand.

Labour Party standing ovation for a Paedophile

When Greville Janner’s case never went to trial because of the death of the witness, he entered Parliament and received a standing ovation and cheers and applause by all the Labour Party MP’s. That’s what the Labour Party think of the sodomised child, Paul Winston who was subjected to the evil paedophilic Labour Party child sex monster Greville Janner. The paedophile Labour Party cover-up murdering scumbags that they are. we will never know who the other Labour Party paedophile was who tried to set up the paedophile rent-boy house in Leicester.

The Labour Party in 1997 was the retiring year for Paedophile Greville Janner. The Labour Party replaced paedophile Greville Janner with Paedophile Information Exchange member Patricia Hewitt. Labour party paedophile Greville Janner was made a ‘Lord’ and became Lord Greville Janner. At the time just before his trial, the witness against him died… Labour Party paedophile Lord Greville Janner was also at that time, a QC.

The Labour Party..

Replace a Paedophile, with a paedophile, so when they lose one… they Parachute one in !

The Labour Party is a Paedophile Party. 

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Labour Party Paedophile Pervert & ‘Peeping Tom.

Posted on June 10, 2011

Labour Party Councillor found guilty of opening a
Pornographic Email in front of a child.

Labour Party Paedophile Councillor Neil Redrup was found guilty of opening
a Pornographic email in front of a child and allowing a child to see its contents.
Evil Neil Redrup a Labour Party Councillor and paedophile pervert
Admitted the offence along with an act of gross indecency.
Labour Party Paedophile Neil Redrup blamed his convictions on the fact
that his wife had left him, and he didn’t know what he was doing, he told
the Southampton Crown Court. Trying to gain sympathy for a gross act like
this, did not fool the judge as his sentence was passed.

Labour Councillor Neil Redrup also Hid a Video Camera in his Bathroom.

Detective constable Barbara Hamilton explained that a great deal of work
had gone into the police investigations of Labour Councillor Neil Redrup.
She was relieved that he had been found guilty. The child was in danger
because Neil redrup had also been a peeping Tom. He had been filming
everybody who was using his toilet in his bathroom. He used a hole used for
a toilet roll holder in the cupboard door to peep the camera through.
Police seized Labour Party councillor Neil Redrup’s Computer in a raid
at his home in Gosport, and brought the evidence against Neil Redrup to light.
Labour Party Councillor Neil Redrup age 45 erased the videos
once he watched them.

Was the child who was in his house filmed using
that bathroom?

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Gotcha ! (Labour25)

Posted on June 12, 2011

It only took the Police 8 years to catch him, ’Well done the boys in Blue…. Not !’

Labour Party Councillor and Primary School Governor admits… ‘I Downloaded Child Pornography’

Labour party Councillor for Rhonnda Cynon Taf, Steve Wayne Carnell was yet.. ANOTHER ‘Labour25′ PRIMARY SCHOOL PAEDOPHILE.

Let us stop for a moment and ask WHY !!!!!!!!?? 

When are the Police going to stop Labour Party Paedophilia ? Why are the police not raiding the homes and doing checks on all the Labour Party members, Councillors etc……?

‘Eight Years of Distributing child abuse images around the world… Steve Wayne Carnell … Labour25′ 2003-2011.

When are the Labour Party Councillors, MP’s, MEP’s, Lord Mayors and Labour Party activists going to be stopped in their Ring of Paedophilian power, and evil attacks upon our children? Steve Wayne Carnell admitted downloading child pornography in court in Merthyr Tydfil on 3rd June 2011.

Since the year 2003, this is what Labour Party Councillor and Primary School Governor Steve Wayne Carnell has admitted doing…….

1. 35 counts of making indecent images.

2. 7 counts of possessing child pornography.

3. 4 counts of distributing child pornography.

Labour25 paedophile Steve Wayne Carnell is to be Sentenced at a later date.

Labour25 love to become School Governors…

Have you got a Labour Party School Governor at your kids School? Why not ask the Headmaster?? On another note… I wonder if it was Steve Wayne Carnell was the teacher giving the sex education lessons in that school??

Check it out yourself !

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Entering the dark evil paedophile world of the Labour Party’s Paedophile ring…

Posted on June 14, 2011


Labour25 – Alec Dyer Atkins

Step 1. Join the paedophile Labour Party.

Step 2. Become a School Governor.

Step 3. Infiltrate the School Council and join other Labour Paedophiles in educational positions to push forward ‘GROOMING’ in the classroom to children as young as 5 years old, showing them sex films and classroom demonstrations of how to put a condom on an erect male. Then Download and distribute child pornography all over the world to have a Vampire effect’ of evil paedophile filth and corrupt the young minds of our Children and generations to come.

Labour Councillor and School Governor Alec Dyer Atkins was finaly caught and sentenced to a lousy 2 years. He had been downloading over 42,000 images of children being abused by evil paedophiles across the world. He was also found guilty of distributing 2,500 videos of child sex abuse in a paedophile sex ring called the ’Shadows Brotherhood’.

Thanks to the UK’s Hi tech online crime unit, this Labour Party Paedophile was caught. Labour25 listed Alec Dyer Atkins was part of a 45 paedophile ‘shadows brotherhood’ gang who distributed these sickening images of child abuse all over the world.

Some of the images were so evil that officers investigating Labour Party Paedophile Alec Dyer Atkins Computer were physicaly sickened. ‘Alec Dyer Atkins’ of the Shadows Brotherhood is truly a sick Labour Party Paedophile’ one of them added. He is one of the worst or ‘The’ worst of all the Labour politicians that we have captured so far’ the investigator commented. ‘ There seems to be a surge in Labour Party Paedophiles who take up office and become school governors or teachers or become part of organisations involving children.’ the officer who contacted this website would not give his name, spoke to us on matters that will come to light at a later date.

Detective Superintendant Mick Deats added… ‘Alec Dyer Atkins lurked in chatrooms and conversed with other paedophiles in the Shadows Brotherhood.’ ‘They used bulletin blogs to organise their collections of paedophile images of children and videos of children being abused’.

Well done to Detective Superintendant Mick Deats of the NHTCU for bringing another Labour Party Councillor and paedophile School Governor Alec Dyer Atkins to trial.

But no thanks to the lousy judge who gave the Labour Party Paedophile a ridiculous 2 years.

Has anybody checked out the Judges computer?

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Posted on June 16, 2011

Labour Councillor gives reference for paedophile

A Labour party COUNCILLOR who specialises in child care is facing calls for his resignation after he gave a character reference to a paedophile.

Labour party Councillor Salim Mulla spoke up for a sex offender of the same name before he was jailed for three years for sexual assault and inciting a child under the age of 13 to engage in sexual activities.

The 42-year-old defendant, of Ripon Street, Audley, Blackburn, led a secret life as a sexual predator, tricking girls as young as 12 into answering sordid questions over the telephone.

But before he was sentenced, Councillor Mulla, who sits on the board of Audley and Queen’s Park Children’s Centre, gave a character reference to Preston Crown Court.

Councillor Mulla continued..

Has been called on to “seriously consider his position on various authorities and boards connected with children’s services” within the borough.

But the Queen’s Park councillor defended his actions and said that as he had known the car salesman for 35 years and had just told the court that from his dealings with him, that he had always come across as “not a bad lad.”

The court heard that there had been several previous allegations of sex-pest phone calls against the defendant, a father-of-four, also called Salim Mulla.

But today Councillor Mulla said:

“I knew Salim Mulla, who I must stress is no relation to me, for 35 years and he has lived in my street for a long time. I saw him almost every day and as far as I could understand he was an upstanding and respected member of the community. When he approached me for a reference I agreed and could only write about my own personal knowledge of the man. I can only say what I personally saw and cannot get into the allegations that were against him. That is a matter for the police and the court. As a councillor I get asked for references all the time.I am an elected member of the council and the management board of the children’s centre but I have a duty of care to the whole community as well as to children.”

Labour Party Councillor Kate Hollern said: “He has explained his actions and given me a guarantee that he will be more careful about who he gives a reference to in the future.”

A spokesman for the NSPCC said it would look into the matter and added: “We would hope that anyone in a power of responsibility would put the welfare of children first.”

Audley and Queen’s Park Children’s Centre offers affordable childcare on a full or part-time basis. The child can develop and learn while being cared for in a safe environment.

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Police allow evil Paedophile Joshua Karney to be ‘accidentally’ set free ! (Labour25)

Posted on June 17, 2011

Labour Party Blackburn MP Jack Straw puts Britain’s most wanted Paedophile on the sex offenders register with his own brother William Straw and then Blackburn Police allow evil Paedophile Joshua Karney to be ‘accidentally’ set free !

The ‘ridiculous’ Blackburn police force in Labour Party jack straws constituency arrested Britain’s most wanted Dangerous Paedophile Joshua karney, then allowed him to leave the police station to continue to molest and rape young children again. the local people of Blackburn are furious with the police and justice minister Jack Straw. Karney was arrested in 2003 for sexually attacking a child by making the boy drink alcohol and then sexually molesting him. Joshua karney was then released on bail and was never seen since. It is unknown how many children have been attacked up and down the country by a paedophile that Labour Party Jack Straw allowed to get free, by Joshua Karney.

Joshua Karney was arrested and no-one in the police station checked him out ! They had let Britain’s most wanted Paedophile free !

Maybe jack straw has a softness for sex offenders after his brother William Straw molested and touched a young teenage girl after asking her did she want to see ‘some new born puppies.’ The girl was tricked, and in a bedroom, William Straw was touching her belly and it was only until she got realy upset, that William straw ran off. William Straw is on the sex offenders register.

There is a picture of Joshua karney above. If you spot him, don’t bother ringing Blackburn Police, it’s Labour Party Jack straws constituency, and they will ‘accidentally’ let him go. Just like william Straw was let go and is walking around free, along with Labour Party council in Blackburn who took 8 years to bring the Muslim Paedophile gangs to light… just before the election that the Labour Party ‘Paedophile Lovers’ lost.

Keep your eyes open for Joshua Karney.

Labour Party’s Jack Straw said he’s going to look into the matter of how paedophile Joshua Karney was ‘accidentally’ set free by his Blackburn constituency police force…

‘when you find him Jack, put your brother in the same prison cell as Joshua karney and the rest of the Labour25+, Paedophiles stick together’

Keep your eyes open for Joshua Karney.

He has a strong irish accent and is from Dublin. alias’ Devon Daniels, Mark Moffit, Kieran Arran O’shea, James O’shaun, Aaron Wiely. He has a Pierced left eyebrow and pierced left ear. He travels throughout the UK and Ireland so next time you are on holiday in Ireland or on the Irish ferries, keep a look out for him.

Call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

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War heroes children abused (Labour25)

Posted on June 19, 2011

Labour Party senior Councillor gives new Identity to a serial Paedophile Headmaster who abused the Children of a Falklands war Veteran.

Sick Labour Party Senior Councillor Derek Sawyer for Islington Council &NOW Chairman of the ‘London Region Courts Board’ set up ‘educational companies’ to allow the NEW Identity of Paedophile Headmaster Derek Slade to be passed through its system using a fake name and CV.

Headmaster Derek Slade, had abused no less than 12 underage boys between the ages of 8 years old and 13 years old. the boys attended the Military Academy of St Georges school in Finborough in the County of Suffolk. His Peadophile reign of terror on these children lasted over 5 years. Labour Party Councillor Derek Sawyer helped paedophile Derek Slade the first time around when Paedophile Derek Slade had been jailed for 3 months for savagely beaten boys at Dalesdown School in the County of Sussex. Someone in a high position got Paedophile Derek Slade out of prison early, but Labour Party Councillor Derek Sawyer Denied he had helped the evil paedophile Derek Slade.

The Labour Party’s Paedophile overseas agenda for children…’International British Educational Projects’

Labour Councillor Derek Sawyer set up an educational program with the paedophile Derek Slade, under Derek Slade’s NEW name called Dr Edward Marsh. This name was taken from a child who had died in the 1950′s. the educational program was set up to help children in India and other third world countries… ones ‘rife‘ in child prostitution.

It is obvious that paedophile rings were going to be set up by the Labour Party for it’s paedophile Mayors, MP’s, MEP’s, Councillors & Activists, in poor countries to satisfy these Labour Party disciples of ‘paedophile sex tourism.’

Because of Paedophile Derek Slade’s Labour Party help, his Identity was maintained a secret for years by the Islington Labour Council while boys were being abused in all 12 care homes. Two of the boys that were abused by Derek Slade at the St Georges School were the sons of a Falklands war Veteran.

The school was a Boarding Military Academy, and their father had put his faith in the School until his

return from serving with the Armed Forces. Derek Slades new Identity given to him byLabour Party Councillor Derek Sawyer, allowed the evil Paedophile to Beast the Two boys.

Derek Slade was finaly captured when he and Labour Party Councillors Derek Sawyer set up a sugar company in Swaziland, a charity called ‘Help A Poor Child’ which was behind the finacial running of a haven for homeless Indian children, called ‘IBEP’ and Paedophile Derek Slade’s photograph was recognised by one of his abusers in a photo on the internet.

Labour Party Councillor Derek Sawyer, set these businesses and Child Charities up and then, quickly resigned from them leaving Evil Paedophile Derek Slade in charge.

In court, Labour Party Councillor Derek Sawyer denied being part of the ‘setting up’ of Paedophile Derek Slade in a charity at St. Georges Military School to which Derek Slade was appointed. The charity was called ‘Angelmoss. ‘One abused child who was made to join Paedophile Derek Slade’s ‘midnight Feast’ was sexualy abused and caned by Derek Slade.

Labour MP Margaret Hodge was pushed aside because in her islington constituency, 12 of the care homes had been infiltrated with Paedophiles. She was replaced by another Paedophile Protector..

Labour’s Derek Sawyer… it just couldn’t get any worse.

When an Independent Inquiry had found that Islington Council had Employed 26 Child Pornographers and Child Prostituion ‘Pimps’ yet Islington Council under Labour Partys Derek Sawyer, Barred any information on these Paedophiles and nobody was arrested. Just like with his friend Paedophile Derek Slade, Paedophile a Protection racket was right up on the Labour Party’s main agenda.

The ‘Help a poor child’ ( HAPC ) charity set up by Paedophile Derek Slade under his new name Dr Edward Marsh had donations pooring into its school in India, especialy from another source in Leicester. The fund raising money was coming from the efforts of None other than Labour MP for Leicester, Keith Vaz.

Derek Slade was caught finaly when one of his victims recognised him, not as Dr Edward Marsh, but as the evil Paedophile Derek Slade whom the Labour Party had given a new Identity.

The child who caught him was one of the sons of the Falklands War Veteran.

Police raided Derek Slades home in Burton-on-Trent Staffordshire and found 70,000 images of abused children who were also Swahili and Indian. Derek Slade admitted over 14 assault charges against boys and was found guilty of at least 5 rapes on boys and sexual assaults. Derek Slade recorded the boys being whipped, caned and beaten.

That’s the sort of people protected by the Labour Party.

Sentence was passed and the 50 boys assaulted and abused by Derek Slade all cheered. Detective Inspector Adrian Randall is continuing his Investigations into this case.

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Labour25 +8 Timothy Edmeades

Posted on June 23, 2011

Anger & Sparks fly in Basildon Crown Court 
at Gerard Rice the Labour Party Paedophilic supporting Mayor & Councillor of a Serial Child  Rapist and Labour Party activist and case  working & organiser … Timothy Edmeades.

A lousy 33 months jail for Labour Party activist and case working assistant
to Labour party Lord Mayor and Councillor Gerard Rice sends the Court into
uproar. Screams and shouts of anger were hurled at the local Labour Party
Councillor & Lord Mayor Gerard Rice of the Thurrock Councill, after he openly
praised his Paedophile sex beast monster case worker assistant in a Basildon
Court room in front of the 3 Child victims parents.

Labour Party Councillor and Lord Mayor Gerard Rice’s Paedophile ‘friend’
Labour Party activist and case worker/events organiser Timothy Edmeades
was a teaching assistant and boy scout leader. (Another Labour
party paedophile who likes the boy scouts )

Here we go again… Labour Party Paedophiles after jobs with the schools,
and Harriet harman
 ( Paedophile Information Exchange )with her hands on
the infant school sex education programme for 5 yr olds….

Labour Party activist Timothy Edmeades was Sexually abusing and grooming
young boys in Thurrock. Labour Party Councillor and Lord Mayor Gerard Rice
Gave good references of this Paedophile and when evil paedophile Timothy
Edmeades was eventualy caught, Labour Party’s Gerard Rice was there to give
him a full reference.

The Headmaster at the School where Timothy Edmeades had been
appointed to be a teaching assistant was instantly sacked. If Timothy Edmeades
had not had a reference to teach near children, then 3 childrens lives and the lives
of their families would not be devastated today, thanks to Labour Councillor and
Mayor Gerard Rice.

Timothy Edmeades was caught when Two years after the assaults, the boy then
10 years old bravely stood up and called ‘Childline’ and within hours, police
were around to arrest Labour Party activist Timothy Edmeades.

How ’Natural’ it is for paedophiles to be attracted
to the Paedophile Labour Party.

Labour Party Councillor Gerard Rice should have been sacked when standing
up for the evil paedophile Timothy Edmeades in Basildon Crown Court but the
Labour Party would never sack a Paedophile protector. Labour Party
Paedophile protector Gerard Rice stood up in a packed court room filled with
parents and family members of the 3 abused children and said ‘ Mr Edmeades
worked for me in a bed store called Bensons for 4 years’ He was trustworthy,
diligent and totaly reliable.’ He also added that Timothy Edmeades had helped
the Labour Party by helping him as Labour Party Lord Mayor and dealt with 
many of the Labour Party Constituents, and helped organise Labour 
Party FunctionsThe Labour Party had a new activist for dealing 
with case work, he was Paedophile Labour activist Timothy

After Labour Party Councillor Gerard Rice heard of Labour Paedophile activist
Timothy Edmeades conviction, Labour Councillor Gerard Rice gave an
interview to the newspapers while he was ‘outside’ the country, and in that
interview, he buried Timothy Edmeades, trying to cover himself by saying
that he didn’t know what Timothy Edmeades had been arrested for.
The families and parents threatened Labour Party Gerard Rice with the
Authority’s standard commission, and two parents made complaints to the
Council itself.

Labour Party case worker and events organiser activist Timothy Edmeades
has been sentenced to 33 months in prison for the sexual abuse of 3 boys
and severe child abuse images on his computer with children as young
as 4 years old. Parents were telling the jury of the hell caused by this Labour
Party activist paedophile Timothy Edmeades.

One child ( age 10yrs) said to his father.. ‘I don’t want to live anymore.’
The childs father just keeps ‘breaking down.’

Another lousy sentence for a crime that
should have been a life term, and Guess
who will give Labour Party activist
Timothy Edmeades a new identity ?

Check if any Labour Party Members
of any ‘rank’ are teachers or on the
school governors board or leaders
of your local scout group.

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Jim Grimble’s Paedophile protection racket ? (Labour25)

Posted on June 26, 2011

Labour25 investigation team finds another Labour Party Paedophile Protector helping another paedophile boy scouts leader with references of good character.

Labour Party Councillor and paedophile protector Jim Grimble who is Vice Chairman of the Bishopsteignton Parish Council Caused outrage when he stood up for a serial paedophile child sex attacker whilst he was on trial for sexualy abusing 4 children.

Scout Leader ( doesn’t that sound familiar ?) and serial paedophile james whittaker ‘pounced’ on children and submitted them to a series of evil sex attacks in a ‘free-run’ of over 30 years without being stopped.

Labour Party Councillor and Paedophile protector Councillor Jim Grimble was discovered by the Labour25 investigations team after an anonymous caller to their new ‘Labour25′ hotline phone team. The caller explained that Labour Party Councillor Jim Grimble had said that paedophile scout leader James Wittaker was a ‘pillar of society.’ Also Labour’s Jim Grimble pointed out that Wittaker had ‘donated ‘ some of his land to make a footpath.

So, that makes his attacks on children ok then Mr Grimble?

Labour Party Councillor Jim Grimble said at the council meeting.. ”We must remember the good James Wittaker did as well as the bad”

Can you believe this?

Two good men…

Locals Victor Simmons and Graham Nicholson both condemned the acts of James Whittaker and what he had done to the children calling James Wittaker an Evil man. Their attacks were more against the Labour Party Paedophile protector councillor, Jim Grimble.

Evil Paedophile James Wittaker pleaded guilty of 13 assaults on 4 children and 1 count of attempted rape of a minor. James Wittaker received 8 years in prison for his evil deeds. No thanks to Labour party paedophile protector Councillor Jim Grimble.

The Labour Councillor jim Grimble was more interested in getting a ‘Free’ slither of land off a paedophile, than the welfare of the children who had been raped. Typical Labour party paedophile protection racket. ”We’ll let you lead the scouts… if you help the parish council with a slice of the land.”

Judge Paul Darlow of Exeter Crown Court sent the Paedophile monster James Wittaker down. A half decent judge, at least he never served up a lousy 33 months like the last judge in a labour party boy scout leader paedophile case.

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‘Labour25′ +9

Posted on June 30, 2011

Labour Party Councillor & Trade Union official with GMB Union and another Labour25 School Governor Adrian Cirket takes the Labour Party Paedophile list to ‘Labour25′ +9

That’s 25 convicted Labour Party paedophile Councillors, MP’s, Mayors and activists, and Trade Unions, that were counted at the time of the Labour Party’s paedophile investigation, plus 9 more discovered so far that have been either convicted or still on trial.

”Labour Party paedophiles are ‘rife’ in our schools and childrens social activities such as boy scouts and also boarding schools andacademies and are now in the Trade Unions” (Labour25 Investigation Team.)

Labour Party paedophile Councillor Adrian Cirket was at his computer in his family home where he was downloading sickening images of child pornography. Unknown to him, his Botswana born partner ‘Titose’ whom he had three of his five children with, was watching his evil paedophilic actions on the internet. Titose was praised by the judge for speaking out against Labour Party paedophile Adrian Cirket in Canterbury Crown Court.

The Judge gave Labour Party paedophile Adrian Cirket a 3 year Community order and put on a specialist course to ‘deal with’ his sex offending. Another ridiculous outcome of another Labour25 paedophile party case with no prison term. This lousy court decision was given after Labour Party Councillor paedophile Adrian Cirket admitted 10 counts of downloading child pornography.

Labour Party paedophile Councillor Adrian Cirket was also a School Governor. Labour Party paedophile Boy Scout leaders or School Governors again.. Sound familiar… AGAIN !!!!

Labour Party Paedophile Adrian Cirket had downloaded over 500 sickening Images of children of ‘level 4′ paedophile content, 1 level less than the worst. the Labour Party councillor had been downloading images of abuse of children as young as 5 years old. This had been going on for 3 years until he was reported.

Labour Party paedophile Councillor Adrian Cirket was a Labour Party Councillor with theShepway District Council then moved to the St. Mary in the Marsh Parish Council. Labour Party Paedophile Councillor and ex School Governor and Trade Union Official Adrian Cirket was placed on the sex offenders register for 5 years. He was also involved with the GMB Union.

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A taste for young boys (Labour25)

Posted on July 11, 2011

Labour Leader of Hull City Council Colin Inglis Loses his Labour position after it is brought to light that he masturbated on a 13 year old boys bed and took a naked shower with him and ’washed him down.’

By Sheila O’Donnell (Labour25 investigation team)

Labour Leader of Hull City Council Colin Inglis was abandoned by the Labour Party as he had been found out about his sick paedophile perversions with a 13 year old boy who was in his care at a care home where he worked. As with all cases of Labour Party paedophiles who have been masturbating in front of children ( like the case of Labour25 paedophile David Spooner who masturbated in front of 2 children ) the Labour Party tries to distance itself from the stink of the arrested and those brought to trial.

Labour Councillor paedophile Colin Inglis took the child on camping trips on his own with the child, and also to a private holiday cottage which was under a police investigation. At night, Labour Councillor paedophile Colin Inglis would come into the childs bedroom, and carry out his sick paedophile acts upon the child. The Labour Party paedophile once he was caught, and in the eyes of the concerned public voters, was abandoned… as usual.

Labour Party paedophile Councillor Colin Inglis was a York University graduate, took a job as a ‘house parent’ at a children’s care home to be near children. This is not an unusual job for Labour Party Councillors as with the other Labour Party paedophile Labour Councillor Alan Prescott ( convicted ) who woke boys in the night and was buggering boys in a care home where he had worked.

How many more Labour Councillors work as social workers? 

Why are Labour Councillors allowed to work as social workers when it is now obvious that the Labour Party is a Paedophile Party?

Paedophile Hull City Labour Councillor Colin Inglis would take boys from the care home for week day breaks to ‘Spring Cottages’ which was a couple of days break ‘holiday’ type of home. There he would perform sex acts on the 13 year old boy who was branded ‘his favourite.’ One paedophile act was stripping the boy naked, then stripping himself naked then paedophile Labour Councillor Colin Inglis would put the child in his care into the shower with himself and wash the child down. Labour party paedophile Councillor Colin Inglis also took the child on camping trips. He had said to the boy he was taking him to Rhyll to the fair ground that was there.. but after the child agreed, he took the child to a remote camping spot where he sexually abused the poor boy.

Labour Party Councillors always seem to be involved with children and ‘head’ straight for that line of work. This is why the Labour Party MP’s in government agreed to the sex education programme to teach children how to put a condom on an erect penis…. SICK ! This is done by using condoms and a plastic model of an erect penis in the classroom.

This grooming of our children is all part of the ‘Big Plan’ to sexualise our infants so when a paedophile comes into contact with them, they will perform as if it is ‘Normal.’

Once the paedophile Labour Party got its evil hands on the National Curriculum, that was the start of grooming of infants in School.

Hull Labour Party Paedophile Colin Inglis was also Chairman of the Humberside Police Authority…..

 ”So we know what the outcome of this case is going to be don’t we!”

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Locklin’s little boys (Labour25)

Posted on July 13, 2011

Another Labour Party paedophile ’House Parent’ in sex attack on boys masturbates in front of 2 of them and gets 15 years behind bars.

Labour25 List paedophile multi child sex Labour paedophile rapist Martyn Locklin.

Martyn Locklin, Labour25 listed paedophile preyed on young boys in his care at Aycliffe Young Peoples Centre. Sounds familiar? Labour party paedophile Martyn Locklin who was involved with the labour party and who knew Tony Blair on a personal level, abused youngsters in his care. Martyn Locklin was with Labour on the Town Council at Great Aycliffe. He saught a job of this nature so he could be near vulnerable boys.

Paedophile Labour25 list Councillor Martyn Locklin was found guilty of 2 indecent assaults against 1 boy ( 1 was a serious offence ) and 2 counts of rape and 1 count of indecent assault on the second boy, and 2 counts of indecent assault against a Third boy. One boy was taken at weekends to Martyn Locklin’s home where he crept out of the bed while his partner and step-son were asleep and went down stairs to abuse the boy over a 2 year period over 30 times. All three boys were plied with alcohol so he could get his evil paedophile way with them. Another boy was abused in Labour25 list Martin Locklin’s home over a period of 8 weeks. Labour Councillor Martyn Locklin gave the boy ‘goodies’ to keep him quiet.

The Judge who was a ‘Real Judge’ gave Labour Party Councillor Paedophile Martyn Locklin 15 years ! Well done Judge Peter Fox QC !! The Judge added.. ”your abuse was appalling, you groomed these boys and the damages you have done over such a prolonged period is devastating.”

Detectives say there could be more boys who are too ashamed to come forward. If you are one of these boys.. Please get in touch with Newton Aycliffe Police by calling 01325 314401. Dont be ashamed, it’s not your fault another Labour Party Councillor was allowed to work with children.

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”Like Father, Like Son” (Labour25)

Posted on July 17, 2011

Son of a Labour District Councillor
blames his fathers paedophile attacks
as a child on his addiction for downloading
child pornography.

A paedophile downloads sickening Images of child abuse and blames his father who sexually abused him. Ben Laws who was a DJ at a night club was arrested for downloading Child pornography onto his computer. Admitting this evil paedophile practise, Ben Laws (who changed his name from Ben Eccott)told the Judge at his trial that he downloaded the paedophile images because he was researching into his own child abuse when his father Terry Eccott, was a Labour Party Councillor.

Ben Laws was convicted of 8 charges of making indecent pictures of children. the Judge claimed that Ben Laws could be a danger to ‘pre-teens’ who he had images of and also his fetish for children in school uniforms.
The Judge gave Ben Laws a lousy suspended sentence, as soon as it was passed, Ben Laws walked towards the front doors of Canterbury Crown Court and burst through them and ran fast down the street into the Town Centre where the press could not photograph him.
Before leaving Canterbury Crown Court, Ben Laws told of the sexual abuse by his father, the Labour District Councillor at the time of the abuse, Terry Eccott. The police are undergoing an investigation…..

In Canterbury Crown Court, Ben Laws made complaint about his father Labour District Councillor Terry Eccott, then admitted all 8 of the charges against him.

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‘In the thick of it.’ (Labour25)

Posted on July 22, 2011

The BBC, Labour Party & Convicted paedophile actor and writer Chris Langham are all caught ‘In the thick of it.’

A BBC play about a Labour Party Minister for Social Affairs, the Rt Hon Hugh Abbot in the BBC sitcom ‘In the thick of it’ would show the ‘mind-set’ of how much the BBC is connected with the Labour Party, even the actor who played that part Chris Langham was CONVICTED AS A PAEDOPHILE !

Paedophile Chris Langham saught the part of a NEW LABOUR character in this series because the Labour Party protects paedophiles.

Paedophile Chris Langham would have been ‘right at home’ playing a Labour Minister for Social Affairs, having been so many Labour Party Paedophiles in the Social sectors taking on rolls and molesting children in their care. The BBC made sure Chris Langham got his BAFTA Award for playing the part of the Labour Minister.

Chris Langham was caught downloading child pornography films of a severe nature that sickened the police officers and investigation teams of Operation Ore. Chris Langham who played the Centurian Soldier in the Monty Python film ‘Life Of Brian’ admitted downloading child porn from the internet because of his own experience of being abused as a child by paedophile.

The BBC wrote a play for Chris Langham in which he won an award , along side actor Paul Whitehouse, called ‘Help’ Which the Chris Langham also said was the reason he downloaded child pornography for the BBC play ‘Help’ which portrayed the life of a ‘Peeping Tom’… amazing what the BBC wants people to watch these days…Labour Party Ministers played by paedophiles ( Ironic ) and pervert plays with a paedophile actor.

Chris Langham recieved a prison sentence of just 11 months but served only three and a half months.

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Keith Potts In a NUT shell (Labour25)

Posted on July 25, 2011

Labour Party Councillor and Chairman of the board of Primary School Governors Keith Potts found guilty of downloading Child Porn.

Labour25 Listed Keith Potts

Labour Party Councillor and Primary School Governor Keith Potts was found guilty of having sickening images of child abuse on his computer. He resigned as School Governor as soon as he was arrested when police raided his home in Edenfield, West Pelton near Chester-le-Street. In court the Paedophile Labour Party Councillor gave a ‘no plea’ to the judge but was convicted never the less.

The Labour party paedophile and Labour25 listed Labour Councillor keith Potts is yet another labour party paedophile who has saught a job in either the care or in the close area of children. I wonder if the paedophile Labour Party put him in the possition as Primary School governor? Who voted Keith Potts as head of the Primary School Board? Are they themselves Labour Councillors or Parish Councillors?

I hope the parents of West Pelton Primary School Children have started an investigation into the Board of Governors to check names against the Labour Party list of paedophiles.

Have the parents of West Pelton Primary School been wondering why their children have been sexualised by the Paedophile Labour Party’s Sex Education programme.. which has obviuosly been approved by its teachers and Board of Governors for children as young as 5 years old?

I just hope the NUT are proud of their creation !

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A taste for little girls (Labour25)

Posted on July 27, 2011

A taste for little girls…. Labour Party Councillor and serial child molesterer Les Sheppard sent to prison for attacking children.

Labour Party Councillor for Doxoe County Durham Les Sheppard has been found guilty of multiple sex attacks on children. His wife who was a Russian interpreter working in Britain, was shocked at what her husband, Labour25 Labour Party paedophile sex attacker had been doing.

Labour Councillor Les or ‘Leslie’ Sheppard as he was known to people, was driving around poor areas where he lived and was parking up where children play. He would entice little girls to ‘go for a ride’ in his car. When the Child got in the car he would drive to a hidden location already planned for what this evil Labour Party paedophile had in mind… Once he was at the secluded location, the child victim would not be able to refuse the depraved attacks made by paedophile Labour Councillor Les Sheppard.

Police urged if any more children attacked by this Labour Paedophile to come forward… and 2 more children did! Paedophile Labour Councillor on the Labour25 list Les Shepperd was found guilty of the molestation of 3 children whom hehad molested. The judge gave Labour Party paedophile Councillor for Coxhoe County Durham Les Sheppard 2 years in prison and he was also made to sign the Sex Offenders Register for a further 10 years.

Alarmingly Les Sheppard said to police… ‘I like women.’ The ’3 women’ he so liked were aged 9 10 & 13yrs old.

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A Child of 9 ”Was she ASKING for it?” (Labour25)

Posted on July 30, 2011

A Child of 9 years old is raped and Labour Councillor William O’Rouke replies… ”Was she ASKING for it?”

Dawn ‘M’ (Labour25 hotline caller)

It has come to light just how Glasgow’s Pollok Labour Council thinks of little girls who are raped by paedophiles. Labour Party paedophile ‘protector’ William O’Rouke was at the hearing of the rape of a 9 year old girl. The girl had been seduced and raped by a paedophile, and although it wasn’t put forward that the child had not been ‘harmed’, Labour Party Paedophile protector William O’Rouke commented .. ”if the child consented to it, it wasn’t rape”

When talking to a police woman William O’Rouke said… ”Was force used on the child?” to which the police woman said ”No.” William O’Rouke then replied ”So she wanted it to happen then?” and ”Was she asking for it then?” The police woman then explained to William O’Rouke that the child was not old enough to give her consent to sex. Labour Party Paedophile protector William O’Rouke then added ” You can go into any School and see girls in short skirts and along with their sexual behaviour and promiscuous nature and realise you need to lower the age of consent” ( google ‘Harriett Harman and the age of consent’ )

The Police Woman made report of what Labour Party paedophile protector Councillor William O’Rouke was saying and all hell broke loose. Another Labour Councillor Johann Lamont who made her comments on a rape case from a Councillor from another party, kept silent on her own party on this bigger Paedophile issue, as the whole sex crime episode had just gone full circle and bit her on the arse.

Labour Party paedophile protector William O’Rouke then added that because the childs mother was a prostitute, it meant that the child also knew what she was doing.. his words were ”she is not a typical innocent 9 year old girl.” Then he added.. ” she was older sexually than here age” and he explained that it was not bad for a child of a prostute mother and poor background to see that it was not a crime to ‘have’ a child of her background. Two more Labour Councillors Jim Scanlon and Jim Todd were at the meeting in which Labour Councillor William O’Rouke was ‘Ranting’… And said NOTHING !

This is disgracefull behaviour. If you are in the Labour Party you are Either a Paedophile or a Paedophile protector… and that means if you speak out aloud to protect paedophiles like William O’Rouke did… or you stay silent like Labour Party Councillors Johann Lamont, Jim Scanlon & Jim Todd..

Shame on all Four of you !

The site would personally like to thank the lady who text messaged this article to our Labour25 investigations hotline team. Please note that for privacy, we will never use a persons correct surname because of Labour Party violent activist retaliation when they are exposed as a Paedophile Party.

Labour25 Team.

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Nelson Bland likes them shackled (Labour25)

Posted on August 1, 2011

Labour Party Teacher & CouncillorNelson Bland pleads guilty to ChildPornography pictures of a child inshackles.

Labour Party Paedophile Councillor and IT School Teacher Nelson Bland
pleaded guilty to having child pornography images downloaded from the
internet. Some of the Images were of a child in shackles being abused by
a paedophile.

The images were found by police after a raid at Labour25 listed Nelson
Blands home during an investigation into the murder of the Ex-husband of
Labour25′s Nelson Blands Lover who was brutaly stabbed to death in a  hotel room. Nelson Bland’s lover was found guilty of the murder by stabbing her husband to death.

Nelson Bland hid the horrific images of abused children on his young daughters computer, putting her at risk before himself. Labour25 paedophile Councillor Nelson Bland saught a job near children.. If you read all the stories on the Labour Party Paedophiles on this website you will find a pattern… Labour party paedophiles are attracted to jobs in Schools or social care for children. this is why once again this website stresses…

NO LABOUR COUNCILLORS or MP’s or Activist members should be allowed to work near children.

Labour25 paedophile Councillor Nelson Bland worked as a Teacher at Denefield School in Tilehurst. He was a Labour Party Paedophile Councillor for the Bulmurshe ward of Wokingham District Council in Berkshire. After Nelson Blands arrest he moved to Nottingham. The magistrate at the trial of the Labour25 Paedophile said  ”you only got away with going to jail because you admitted that you had downloaded images of children being abused.”

The Labour Party Paedophile Councillor & School Teacher  Nelson Bland was put on a sex offenders retraing programme. Magistrate Rod Bailey said ”You will sign the sex offenders register for 5 years”

Another useless Judge. It looks like Harriett Harman will be pleased with her stealth watering down of child porn laws.. The Paedophile Labour Party have got their own way now… Child porn laws are being watered down… by friends in high places once again, you get caught, you get let off.

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”Three Strikes and you’re out” (Labour25)

Posted on August 4, 2011

Labour Paedophile Councillor & Labour25 Listed Iestyn Tudor Davies Rapes a 9yr old child.
Labour Party paedophile Councillor Iestyn Tudor Davies was Chairman of Brackla Community Council in Bridgend South Wales and A Labour Party paedophile Councillor for over 8 years was found guilty by a judge in wales for Sexually abusing a little girl. The child that Labour25 paedophile listed Iestyn Tudor Davies had been sexually abusing was only 9yrs old. When his wife Pamela, ( who was herself a Judge) slept in bed, the child was taken by Labour25 Iestyn Tudor davies, into his bed in another room where he Sexually abused the child. The child was abused at least three times on seperate occassions, When his wife was sleeping.

”Mummy… I’ve got a secret…..”

Prosecutor Tim Evans said that Labour25 listed Iestyn Tudor Davies  had sexually abused the little girl Three times, at an earlier hearing at  Cardiff Crown Court. The child had hugged her mother and said  ”Mummy… I’ve got a secret…” The child was worried that Labour25  Iestyn Tudor Davies would get her into trouble if she told her mum, or that it would be her fault for letting the Labour Party Paedophile touch her. Regardless.. the mother of the 9yr old child who was being sexually abused by this Labour25 peadophile, rang the police.

Labour25 Iestyn Tudor Davies was arrested and questioned bySouth Wales Police about the paedophile attacks on the child. Labour25 paedophile Labour Councillor Iestyn Tudor Davies admitted he had been in the same bed as the 9yr old child. Tell me.. why would a 50yr old Labour Councillor want to share a bed with a child?

The Judge brought in a Guilty verdict and the fact that Labour25 paedophile Councillor Iestyn Tudor Davies had been sexually abusing the little girl. ”You will serve 7 years for what you have done to the child” other statements were made by the public of disgust at what Labour25 Iestyn tudor Davies  had done to the 9yr old girl, he sexually abused in his bed.

Labour25 listed Iestyn Tudor Davies was also made to sign the Sex Offenders register for the rest of his life like other Labour25 paedophiles.


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John Friary’s friends (Labour25)

Posted on August 12, 2011

Labour Councillor John Friary The Facebook Peadophile Predator was ‘Another’ Labour paedophile School Governor.

Labour25 team

Labour Party Councillor John Friary has been distanced by his very close friends in the labour Party, Harriet Harman and Tessa Jowell after he was arrested by police for being a paedophile in a social networking internet site called ‘facebook’. Facebook has people of all ages who enjoy keeping in contact with each other and sharing friands and family photos with each other. Labour25 listed paedophile Labour Councillor John Friary had been using Facebook to prey on a child he had targetted on facebook.

Labour25 paedophile Councillor John Friary had been on many campaigns with Harriet Harman who was a member of the organisation ‘PIE’ (paedophile information exchange) an organisation for the welfare of paedophiles which tries to abolish the age of consent, and ‘water-down’ child pornography laws ”as long as the child isn’t hurt it’s ok” she once quoted.

After Paedophile Labour25 listed john Friary was arrested by police from the west London Branch, He was sacked before he was brought to trial ! 


The Police explained to reporters that Labour25 paedophile Labour Party Councillor John Friary who was 51 years old was inciting a Child to engage in Sexual Activity for his pleasure. Southwark Council Leader Peter John explained that John Friary was no longer on the Council after the Labour25 listed paedophile had been arrested.

Why has he been sacked before a trial Peter? Did you know John Friary was a Paedophile as well? The Daily Mail Newspaper has covered the story of John Friary But NEVER MENTIONED HIS LABOUR PARTY FRIENDSCONNECTION WITH ‘PIE’ ( Paedophile Information exchange ) Message once again to Parents, Teachers and Police. When are you going to check out if your school governors are Labour Party members?

This is why we have ‘SEX EDUCATION’ for 5yr olds… DO SOMETHING NOW!

Labour Party Paedophile John Friary was on the Camberwell Council. Guess who lives in Camberwell? Labour25 listed paedophile Labour Councillor Toren Smith ! I wonder if they swapped information via memory stick??


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The Lord Mayor’s secret hoard (Labour25)

Posted on August 22, 2011

Labour Lord Mayor & Town Councillor Stewart Brown convicted of owning Thousands of Images of children Being sexually abused.

Labour Party paedophile Lord Mayor Stewart Brown was convicted of owning Thousands of Images of little boys and girls being abused as part of his sick library of paedophile filth on his computer at his home in Nutclough, Hebden Bridge. Labour25 listed Stewart Brown had his neighbours guessing where he was after he took flight after police and investigation teams from the West Yorkshire Police Child Protection Unit had finnished interrogating the sick Labour25 party paedophile pervert.

The arrest of Labour Party Lord Mayor for Hebden Royd Stewart Brown is not the only arrest for a Pervert Labour Lord Mayor.. there are at least Three convicted as part of the Labour25 listed paedophiles.

After Labour Lord Mayor Stewart Brown was questioned, WestYorkshire Police released the Labour paedophile Labour25 pervert Stewart Brown back into the community! UNBELIEVABLE !! The West Yorkshire Police Bailed the Labour25 paedophile so he was now free to do as he pleased in the community which is full of children!

Labour25 paedophile Stewart Brown had just retired as the Senior member of the environmental health. He is also a parent. Labour25 paedophile Lord Mayor Stewart Brown was a Labour Town Councillor for over 12 years who was a representative for the Calder Valley and Calderdale Council for 4 years. The 59 year old Labour25 Paedophile Labour party Lord Mayor Stewart Brown was given a lousy suspended sentence for owning the most horrific paedophile images of child abuse. Labour25 Stewart Brown is out and about in the public now. watch out for him and make sure other parents are aware of what he looks like.

Suspended sentence again? Is this Harman’s stealth watering down of child porn laws in its full effect again??

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The lord mayor’s underage fancy (Labour25)

Posted on August 27, 2011

Depraved Labour25 ex-Lord Mayor, Councillor Liam Temple Found Guilty of paying a Child for Sexual favours. 

Labour25 Team

A Father went to see his Councillor in Castlefields, Halton in Cheshire. But that Councillor was unfortunately to be Labour25 convicted child sex pervert Labour Councillor and ex Labour Lord Mayor Liam Temple. The Father made one mistake.. he innocently took his little girl along with him to the home of Labour25 Councillor Liam Temple. The little girl took along some scones she had made in school. Labour25 Councillor Liam Temple took the little girl to his office in his house where he let her play on his computer games. The father who trusted the Labour25 Councillor left but the little girl wanted to continue playing the computer games.

Filthy paedophile Labour25 Councillor Liam Temple then said ”£5 if you let me touch your boobs and £10 for anywhere else.” The little girl said. It was obvious that he was paying money to grope the child once he had got her on her own.The child said ” I took it to mean my boobs but he meant everywhere else.”

Labour25 Councillor Liam Temple kept repeating.. ”I’m not going to hurt you.” ”I’ll give you anything you want.” ”Name your price.”

Chester Crown Court was told by the little girl by Video link.. ”He said if I let him touch me, he would give me the money.”

The little girls father only found out because the little girls friend who she confided with told her mother who told the child victims father. ”I wanted to kick his head in” said the little girls father.. and why not? That’s how any father would have felt after trusting a Labour Councillor with his child after so much paedophilia in the Labour Party and the Marxist Newspapers not bringing it to light and along with the Marxist run TV & News.

The little girls father did not want to persue this evil at first because he knew Liam Temple had powerfull friends in the Labour Party and the Police, and was feared of reprisals, as everyone knows that the Marxist left are violent against good citizens who bring proof of Evil wrong-doing to light, but it had to be done, when the little girl started to self-harm, the father bravely went into action !!

The father of the little girl went to the police and the Labour Party Paedophile Liam Temple was arrested. Paedophile Pouncer Liam Temple pleaded not guilty at Chester Crown Court and his ‘Lizard ‘of a lawyer tried to get him off. But the jury came back at them full on with an 11/1 guilty verdict. It makes you wonder who the only person was, against the rest of the Jury? Another Labour Paedophile supporter maybe?

Judge Roger Dutton told the Labour25 paedophile Liam Temple.. ”You have been found guilty of a squalid attempt of gaining sexual gratification from a girl.”( age 12 yrs old ) ”This is a very serious offence.” ”The Country at large and Castelefields in Runcorn Cheshire, are entitled to know the truth. Labour25 Paedophile Labour Councillor Liam Temple who is a Grandfather of Four children had his head in his hands when the guilty verdict was given. Don’t think for One minute mr Temple that you will get pitty…

 Labour25 paedophile Labour Councillor Liam Temple was a Campaigner against child abuse!

 The Labour Councillor was chairman of Prosperity and the Equality Policy and Performance Board.

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The Lord Mayor’s Cresch

Labour Lord Mayor & Councillor molests Three kids after a 6yr old tells him of her sex education taught in her school and gets aroused.

Labour25 listed paedophile Nicholas Green.

Labour25 listed paedophile Councillor and Lord Mayor of Westhoughton Lancashire nicholas Green was sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape and molesting children and also a woman on her wedding day. Bolton Magistrates was a scene not yet seen by the public before as this Labour Party Paedophile multiple child sex attacker and rapist went on trial.

Once again a Labour Party paedophile Councillor makes his way towards a job with children

First of all were Labour25 listed paedophile Nicholas green’s indecent assault charges against Three children aged 6, 7, and 10 years old. Mothers had placed their trust ONCE AGAIN in a Labour Party Councillors reach. The parents placed trust in paedophile Labour Partys Nicholas Green’s wifes day time care service. She and Nicholas Green were unregistered as child minders.

Unknowing to Labour25 Nicholas Green’s wife, while she was not present, the Labour Party paedophile carried out a sickening sexual attack on the Six year old child. He then had indecent evil and sickening attacks on a Ten year old, before moving on to the Seven year old.

Other victims came forward, a young woman said that the Labour Party mayor had been abusing her when she was young and on her wedding day. Labour25 paedophile Nicholas Green blackmailed her into having sex with him by saying he would tell everyone that she had been having sex with him. The woman gave in and the woman was subject to rape by blackmail.

Another young girl came forward with four more indecent assault charges against Labour25 Nicholas Green, but the Judge ordered the crimes to be put on file. Police interviewed paedophile Labour Lord Mayor Nicholas Green after this girl had complained to them of the Labour25 paedophile abusing her.

After the police interviewed paedophile Labour Councillor and known marxist Mayor Nicholas Green he pleaded not guilty to the sex charges, but within 1 week of that interview, he molested another child.

The woman who was raped by Labour25 paedophile Nicholas Green on her wedding day had been thinking about suicide because Nicholas Green had been telling her that if she didn’t have sex with him, he would tell everyone what they were doing. This is surely the Marxist mind, to REVERSE the situation around to make the victim, the guilty one.

Labour Party Paedophile Nicholas Green said to police that he had been ‘egged-on’ by one of the children because of her talking to him about  SEX EDUCATION BEING TAUGHT TO HER IN SCHOOL  which had aroused him.            

The Education minister for the Labour Party brought sex education for 6yr olds into the classroom and THIS IS WHY ! So peadophiles will have a clear understanding on the level that kids know what to expect when alone with them. Is this why Labour brought in sex education for 6yr olds? YES IT IS !

Defending the Labour25 paedophile party Councillor and Lord Mayor Nicholas Green was Robert Elias. ”He is a Labour Party stalwart ! A pillar of his Community!”

Nicholas Green ( another Lizard )  stood before Judge Timothy Mort  …      ” Your behavior was an appaling abuse of trust with children.” ”You will go to prison for 10 years and register with the police as a sex offender when you come out”

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Is raping young kids a perk for Labour party Lord mayors ?

Labour Party Lord Mayor’s Paedophile Club Sam Chaudry… Multiple child sex rapist and Labour25 listed.

Lord Mayor and Councillor’s term as Lord Mayor for Merton had come to an end after 1 year in the Job. In his farewell speech he thanked his wife, and most of all Labour Councillor Sam Chaudry.

Sam Chaudry was the new elected Mayor of Merton approved by Labour Party officials on the Merton Council. Labour Councillor Sam Chaudry was now ‘Mayor Elect’.

This was a land mark event because Sam Chaudry was to become the first Muslim Labour Party Lord Mayor. But the whole publicity stunt of this was to back fire in the face of the Labour Party.

Within no time of Labour Party Councillor Sam Chaudry of becoming ‘Mayor Elect’ the police were banging on his door. Police officers from the local Station went around to see Labour Party Lord Mayor Elect Sam Chaudry who was immediately arrested. It had come to light that Sam Chaudry had been raping children. The Paedophile Unit officers had been questioning Labour Party Sam Chaudry about a rapes on children under 6 years old.

The Evidence was placed forward to the jury at Labour Party Sam Chaudry’s trial and it was brought to light that he had carried out the most evil paedophile sex attacks on children so young. Labour Party Sam Chaudry the child sex beast and paedophile was found guilty and has also been placed on the Labour25 list of most dangerous paedophiles in the country.

Labour25 listed Labour Party Lord Mayor Elect Sam Chaudry was sent to prison for the paedophile rape and sickening multiple sexual attacks on children.

This Labour25 Lord Mayor brings the Labour Lord Mayors paedophile ring to Four convicted so far…


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The Labour party councilor’s school homework.

Another Labour Party and Primary School Governor gets caught Downloading Child Pornography. ONCE AGAIN.. Labour Councillors seek jobs near children.

Labour25 Listed Labour Paedophile Councillor and School Governor Darren Pedley.

Labour25 listed Darren Pedley a Councillor in the Balderstone and Kirkholt district of Rochdale, has been caught downloading sickening images of child sex abuse and distributing them over the internet. Labour25 Darren Pedley has been charged with 12 counts of making the images of children being abused.

Labour Party Darren Pedley also saught a job around Toddlers and Children as young as 4 years old Sandbrook Primary School. Labour25 Darren Pedley took it upon himslef to be the School Governor.

Once again…. A Labour Councillor gets the job of being near little children and goes home to his computer with the intentions of downloading sickening images of children because he has been near children all day and it has aroused him sexualy.

 Evil Labour25 Child Pornography Labour party pervert Darren Pedley was slung into Rochdale Magistrates Court and has been bailed until the 14th of November.

 Labour25 paedophile child sex porn beast Darren Peddley has been banned from using the internet, un supervised visits with children and must remain in his house in Kirkholt. there have been stacks of Labour Councillors who have taken jobs near children as school governors or in the NSPCC or Barnardos ( Peter Tuffley ) or Board of School directors ( Keith Potts ) And once again the Labour25 investigation Team stresses..



 The Labour Party is the Paedophile Party.. ‘LABOUR25′

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Labour25 listed Terry Power beast rapes little boys and photographs them.

Labour Party Paedophile Terry Power.

By claire morgan, Labour25 team.

Probably the most dangerous paedophile in the labour party establishment to attack children. Terry Power was a Labour Party Councillor in Dagenham, London. Terry Power would roam the streets looking to prey on youngsters who found themselves in a ‘hard up’ lifestyle from single parent families. One afternoon he gained the confidence of a young boy aged 10 years old. he took the boy into his confidence. The boy trusted Labour25 Terry Power as he took him to his home and violated the boys innocence. after the horrific paedophile sex attack on the child, Labour Party Paedophile Councillor for Dagenham Terry Power then subjected the boy to humiliating ‘Poses’ as he took pictures of the boy naked.

Within weeks another boy aged 9 years old was attacked by Labour Party Paedophile Terry Power. The boy was taken into a house where he was also sexualy abused by the Labour councillor Terry Power. The boy was then subjected to a paedophile photo shoot.

The Third little boy was 8 years old. although Labour Party Paedophile Terry Power did not abuse this boy physicaly, he subjected the boy to what court witnesses have said was the most degenerate sexual degredation of any human being let alone a child.

Soon, the police apprehended the labour25 beast at his home. The case went to court and the newspapers played it down for fear of Labour25 beast Terry Power being set upon by the people of dagenham.

Labour Councillor Terry Power known as the Beast of Dagenham was found guilty but only given a 30 month jail sentence. the photos of the children the labour party councillor took were shown to the jury who were sickened by what labour25 Terry Power had done. after sentence was past on the Labour25 beast, some cheered and some booed because the sentence was so light.

The Labour25 team would like to thank Claire, our new member who brought this story to our website.

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Grabbing, Choking & Ejaculating.

Posted on December 4, 2011

Labour25 Listed Alan Prescott.
The Paedophile Care Home Labour Councillor.

By Mr Gordon N. hotline caller.

”You could smell the fear once night fell” a boy said to a reporter who’s newspaper was stopped from reporting on the Labour25 Paedophile monster Alan Prescott. Alan Prescott wasn’t satisfied with being a paedophile judge, he wanted the ultimate… to be a paedophile superintendent at a care home, and a labour party councillor. The labour25 listed paedophile Alan Prescott took a job with the care home so he could be near children.


Labour Party Paedophile Councillor Alan Prescot was described by Labour Party Officials as ”The Pillar of the Community”
(heard that before) This is what the Labour pillar of the community did to children.

Boy 1. Alan Prescott sneaked into the boys room and got into bed with him. he subjected him to self masturbation while he watched.

Boy 2. Alan Prescott subjected this boy to masturbate with him in a private room.

Boy 3. boy 3 was laying in bed when the sex attack took place, boy 3 refused to take part but Alan Prescott over-powered him with the bed covers around the boys throat, alan prescott started to grab the boys private parts then let go and then started ejaculating himself all over the bed.

Boy 4. Alan Prescott attacked this boy as he was the younger of the 4 boys, he showed the most fear towards the labour party paedophile, and was subject to continuing sex attacks by Labour25 beast Alan Prescott while in care.

Two of the brave children came forward and Alan Prescott was arrested. The Labour Councillor for Hornchurch in Essex was given a lousy 2 year sentence and is back on the streets again. How many children have not come forward?

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Labour’s Masturbation lessons for little boys

Labour25 convicted Labour Councillor David Spooner

By Mark and Susan Cornice (Parents against paedophiles)

In a North Lincolnshire Town, the public voted for Labour Councillor and paedophile David Spooner. David Spooner had entered the Labour Party knowing full well that it was a protective ‘Haven’ for paedophiles with its Queen paedophile Harriet Harman. Evil paedophile Labour Party David Spooner. Labour25 convicted and listed David Spooner had his eye on Two young boys from the local area where he sat as a Labour Councillor. The Two innocent boys were ‘coaxed’ by David Spooner into his home in North Lincolnshire. The Boys both under Ten years old were told to sit on a couch in the living room. when Labour25 paedophile David Spooner returned to the room he was naked.

Evil Labour paedophile David Spooner tried to get the Two boys to join him but they refused to take off their clothing. This never stopped the evil Labour Paedophile from starting to masturbate in front of the Two children. He then finnished off this depraved act and sent both boys away. The brave little boys then told their parents who immediately called the police. The police immediately went around to Labour25 paedophile David Spooner’s home and arrested him. In Court the evidence of what had happened to the Two boys was read out and Labour Party Paedophile David Spooner sat there with no expression on his face.

The Judge said that although it was a depraved incident, he would not hand down a major sentence because he never touched the boys physicaly. The Judge gave Labour25 David Spooner a Twelve Months prison sentence effective immediately.

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And Tango Makes Three…

Posted on January 30, 2012

A fuzzy introduction to gay ‘relationships’ labour style

Apparently this is the ‘story’ of a real event. ‘Roy’ and ‘Silo’ are in fact two male penguins who reside at Central Park Zoo. Just like human homosexuality in VERY rare cases it features in the animal kingdom. An oddity, it is possible that the zoos ranger did give a fertile egg to the ‘couple’ in the hope that it would hatch. It is only in the minds of sick Marxist that this would be turned into a story book for children.

The Labour party introduced explicit sex education when they were in government and currently this book is being read in primary schools in Britain to promote homosexuality. Children as young as 5 years old are being told that this is ‘normal’ behaviour’. The book may be in the process of being banned in many countries including America but it is still being used in this country to pervert OUR innocents. There are several other books as well as puppets and phallic symbols that the Marxist Labour syllabus encourages. For exampledoes your 5 year old ask questions like this. In a Telegraph report Unesco stated that “Five year-olds should be taught about sex so they can ‘ask questions or report abuse’”.

Far more likely is that the plethora of paedophiles filling the ranks of the Labour Party wish to prime our young or their pleasure. Peter Tatchell a prominent gay rights activists and ex-Labour member like Harman has called for the abolishment of the age of consent. Tatchell states that “not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful”. Are these really the sorts of people we want NEAR our children let alone deciding how to care for and educate them.

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Labour25 show their true paedophile colours in Liverpool

The Labour25 Party send in their UAF attack squad to protect 47 muslim paedophile grooming gang from Liverpool mums and dads.

Report by Sonia Wignall, Parents against paedophiles Wirral Branch.

The Zionist Labour Party has sent in it’s thugs against people protesting against a gang of 47 muslim paedophiles who have been gang raping British children as young as 10 years old. The muslim men who the Labour Party UAF thugs were protecting had done unspeakable paedophile acts upon children in Rochdale and Oldham in a paedophile ring that has been getting ignored by Labour Party MP Jack Straw for about 10 years. The UAF group were sponsored to attack the British people and Liverpudlian people who protested outside the Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts in Liverpool on Monday 6th February by Labour Council Leader Joe Anderson who is running for Lord Mayor. Please note that there are Four Lord Mayors from the Labour Party who have done everything paedophilic possible to children from indecent images of children in bondage, to raping children as young as six years old.

The people of Liverpool were disgusted at the UAF Labour Party thugs going on the attack to protect the 47 strong muslim paedophile gang, and now Labour or Labour25 as they are now known, have shown their true colours on Youtube and on camera. Nearly 400 Labour25 leaflets were handed out by people downloading them from this site according to the phone callers to this site. The overwhelming support and hits for this site have gone through the roof since last week after the guilty plea of the Labour Party Councillor Mark Burton also Known as the ‘Darlington Kiddy Fiddler’ the site has had to become a dot com rated website. Mark Burton won his re-election seat in Darlington, but when he threw his celebration party, he molested a school girl. The girl told her parents and they telephoned the police. Mark Burton was immediately arrested and his computer was also seized in the arrest. Labour Party Councillor Mark Burton had been downloading and distributing Thousands of images of children in bondage being abused by paedophiles… when he gets out of prison, the UAF Labour25 will be there to support him. The Liverpool Echo were told by Labour Party scumbags to keep the issue down due to the multicultural experiment with muslim paedophiles using British children as sex slaves. The Northern Echo newspaper was one of the only Newspapers with any guts to print the news on the Darlington Kiddy Fiddler, Labour25 listed Labour Councillor Mark Burton.

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O’Rouke’s sickening mind.

It took Parents against paedophiles 12 months to get this Labour Party paedophile supporter removed from office and they did it ! 

It’s all over the news ..

Labour Councillor William O’Rouke finaly gets suspended after Labour pressure from Parents against paedophiles, after saying about a 9yr old girl being raped ‘Did she want it to happen?’’ The Labour councillor who could well find himself sacked after being suspended after saying dispicable comments about the case in a personnel appeals committee meeting in which he was the chairman last February.

Activists from Parents against paedophiles spread the word by contacting this website and sending letters to newspapers and other media sources, some as far as Australia. This year has seen Labour Party involvement of supporting paedophile activities in Britain by sending in the Unite against Facism paedophile supporting gang at a demonstration against the child molestation of children in a Liverpool Crown Court on February the 10th 2012. The organisers against the parents of the children were supported by Labour Party Councillor Joe Anderson Liverpool City Council Leader. William O’Rouke was charged by a disciplinary inquiry last march for bringing the Labour Party into disrepute…

I wonder if the disciplinary inquiry has seen this Labour25.comwebsite? William O’Rouke has also been sacked from his other jobs.. The Strathclyde Police Authority & 2 other Council owned companies!!

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Hackney and Liverpool councils exposing children to HIV

Posted on March 2, 2012

Labour25 listed Mark Trotter.

Labour Party rapist paedophile activist worked for Hackney and Liverpool City councils. He was allowed to seek a job near children in Liverpool first but his strange activities worried other house masters and they sent him packing to Hackney. The Homosexual devient would go into childrens bedrooms at night in the Labour Hackney council run care home where he worked and was sexualy attacking young boys. First he would ply them with alcohol and sweets then get into bed with them and rape them. Several of the children were secretly tested for HIV. Two weeks before the police were informed by One of the Labour Activists victims who had been buggered while he slept unconscious with alcohol, Mark Trotter died from full blown AIDS.

All hell broke loose when Hackney Council were reported in the Independent newspaper. They claim that when questions were asked at the London care home for children, the staff were too scared to speak out. Another boy aged 11 was sexualy abused by Labour Party activist Mark Trotter and was told by the paedophile to keep his mouth shut or else. In fear, the child had no other choice but to comply as he had no gaurdian to get help from.

The results of the AIDS test of the Seven children that were beasted by Mark Trotter will never be known for confidentiality. Trotter had full blown AIDS and died Two weeks before London’s police special Unit for protecting children went to arrest him for child abuse. Questions were raised, Hackney Borough Council who had a Majority of about 85% of the Council seats and who run the Borough were asked why Labour run Liverpool City Council did not inform them of Mark Trotter’s ‘lifestyle’. Since the death of Mark Trotter, we will never know why a predatory Labour Party Paedophile was allowed to be moved from One care home to another. Only Mark Trotter can tell us the truth… but he’s dead.

A programme on BBC2 called ‘First Sight’ covered the issue on Mark Trotter.

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Labour Party Councillor & Primary School governor’s trial date set for October 1st 2012.

Posted on April 22, 2012

Labour Party Councillor and Primary school governor Darren Geoffrey Pedley’s trial for downloading sickening images of children being abused by paedophiles from the internet has been set for October 1st this year. Parents and concerned teachers kicked the accused paedophile out of the school gates after his arrest by police officers. He was put under a caution not to go near any children before his trial. He escaped the clutches of angry parents who put their trust in Sandbrook Primary School but were let down when they found out that the actual CHAIRMAN was downloading paedophile images of children being abused by paedophiles and pederasts from the internet. There are many Labour councillors found guilty of being school governors and downloading child abuse images from the internet, just check out this website..

Labour Councillor Darren Geoffrey Pedley ran from his home in Daventry Road, Kirkholt and headed for Orpington, Kent with his wife who is also on trial for the same offence. Under conditions of bail, they are under a basic ‘house arrest’ with no contact with children. The people of Kent must be aware of Darren Geoffrey Pedley and make sure their children know what he looks like. He should have been locked up, now children in Kent have this man in their county.

Remember… ‘LABOUR25’ on trial, October 1st 2012.


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