You Will Get Fooled Again


Christopher Spivey

Good morning, afternoon or evening and a happy Weirdy Beardy-Man in the Skyday to you all.

Let’s start with the all new, fan-dabba-dozy Brexshit Party… Are the British public really that fucking daft or is it just a case of the Chimp & Co trying to persuade them that they are?

I mean, if the Monkey Boyz are to be believed then Niggle Farage’s latest creation are now the favourites to win the next general erection:

A national poll has put the Brexit Party on top for the first time ever, with leader Nigel Farage hailing it as an ‘historic moment’. 

The Opinium poll had the party on top with 26 per cent of the vote, ahead of Labour on 22 per cent.   

What the fuck is an “Opinium” poll? Never mind, carry on cunts:

It is the first ever national poll to have the Brexit Party, fronted by Mr Farage, 55, on top.

Ohhhh… So now we know! Gerron wi’it:

The new poll has the Conservatives down in third with just 17 per cent of the vote, and the Liberal Democrats in fourth on 16 per cent… Source

Now that has to be the most pointless – not to mention the most misleading – opinion poll in the whole fucking world since the Brexit Party couldn’t mount a hobby horse let alone a serious government challenge.

I mean, to do so they would need a minimum 326 prospective MPs to stand in a general election and every single one of them would have to win their seat in order to form a majority government.

Yet as far as I can see they only have around 30 un-electable, wholly corrupt, totally self-serving trough eaters to mount that challenge and amongst that number is the total incompetent & major fuck-up, Ann Widdecombe… She publicly called me a “horrible little man“, don’t cha know?

You can read about the rest of the corrupt cunts HERE

And as for the mega-mouth Niggle Farage? Well that Rothschild puppet-cunt couldn’t get elected for all the tea in China. He tried before and failed miserably.

So, how the fuck are the Brexshitters a real threat to the government? Answer: They are not.

Nevertheless, it does appear to me that the Brexshit Farty is being used as a form of mind-control for the masses in order to make the next general election all about Brexit.

Yet as we all know, Brexit is a distraction… In fact I really hope that there is no one reading this who seriously believes that Britain being part of Europe or not will make a jot of difference to their lives.

Course, you only have to wade through the bullshit to know that you are being manipulated. I mean old Niggle has dominated the headlines because of his success in the European Erections… Did you vote?

I didn’t, but more fool you if you took part in the play act. I mean, if you voted this time, did you vote last time? DO YOU REMEMBER EVEN BEING ASKED TO VOTE FOR A BRITISH EURO MP BEFORE THIS LAST ELECTION?

Of course you fucking don’t because you wasn’t… In fact I will bet you do not even know who our last MEP was and what Party he or she belonged to… Yet you have been asked to vote for our MEP despite the fact that we are supposedly leaving the European Union which would in theory make our MEP defunct!

You have been proper fucking mugged off.

Moreover, the-Right-Orrible-Transvestite Terrance May will be gone on the 7th of this month supposedly because she was not able to come up with a workable plan for leaving the EU

Yet are you really stupid enough to believe that the he/she Terry May came up with any plan at all? Fuck me, the hardest decision that he/she has to make is whether or not to wear leopard print wellys or leopard print shoes.

Terry May is a created character played by multiple lookalikes (see HERE) who was purposely put into Number 10 to fuck Brexit up and keep the sham/cash cow/gravy-train going for as long as possible.

I mean, the he/she puppet voted to stay in Europe so why the fuck would he/she be charged with the job of taking us out?


PHOTO: The many mad & manly faces of the “Remainer” tasked with “Brexit”

In fact both Terry and his husband are transvestites:

To add to the pantomime it was announced in December 2018 that Terry had asked former Prime Mincer to be an adviser on Brexit… Despite the fact that Cameron quit because he could not keep Britain in Europe:

Theresa May has turned to David Cameron for advice on getting her Brexit deal through parliament, it has been reported.

ITV journalist Robert Peston said a source had told him that the prime minister’s team are consulting her predecessor on what to do about getting her EU withdrawal deal past the Commons.

Last Monday, Mrs May had to pull her “meaningful vote” when faced with the probability it would get voted down by MPs.

And now, according to Mr Peston, her team has turned to Mr Cameron for advice… Source

However, the very next day, Terry denied the fact to the BBC:

Theresa May has rejected reports she is taking advice from her predecessor David Cameron on what to do in event of a Brexit deadlock in Parliament.

Sources have told the BBC the former PM has been in touch with Mrs May about giving the Commons a “greater role” if her proposed deal is vetoed by MPs.

Some ministers want alternatives to her deal to be considered and voted upon.

But Mrs May told MPs that the last time she had spoken to her predecessor was in the middle of November… Source

Which it then turned out a few months later that he/she was blatantly lying to the public.

Now I thought that an MP blatantly lying to the public was a criminal offence these days… But then again I suppose that only applies to certain agendas.

Yet do you really think that those two pair of cunts could have come up with a Brexit strategy?

Of course they couldn’t. Any ‘deal’ would have been drawn up by civil servants and lawyers not those two actors. Moreover, the notion that those two drew up a deal or no deal plan in strict opposition to Terry’s Cabinet Ministers is even more laughable.

Or are you dead-head enough to believe that is the truth?

You see, the truth is that it was planned all along that Terry would take this route – giving the criminal Boris Johnson (see HERE) the chance to be our next unelected Prime Mincer in order to carry on with the distraction/cash cow/gravy train:

And like Niggle Farage, old Boris can’t even stay faithful to his wife, let alone the fucking cuntry… They are both just controlled actors fronting a very lucrative, distraction charade whilst the country is busy falling apart.

Beam me up Scotty.