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I’m sure it must seem like I am skiving off to you of late… As if I would.

In fact I am just about coming to the end of writing what I believe will be a very well received piece – except by those who know-everything-in-a-nothing-kind-of-way obviously – not to mention those whose agenda it doesn’t suit.

And with that being the case I was going to wait until I had finished it without taking any time off to release a quicky… Until I saw the following article whilst looking for some info on the one I’m writing.

GPs urged to report patients not fit to drive in wake of bin lorry crash

UNDER new guidelines, GPs should tell the DVLA if a patient is unfit to drive a vehicle.

FAMILY doctors have been told they must blow the whistle on patients who defy their orders not to drive.

Under new guidelines, GPs will be able to raise the alarm and get dangerous drivers off the roads without having to ask their patients for permission.

Doctors’ body the General Medical Council drew up the guidelines in the wake of the Glasgow bin lorry tragedy , when driver Harry Clarke killed six pedestrians after blacking out at the wheel.

Clarke had repeatedly failed to reveal his history of blackouts.

Doctors were also 
criticised last week at an inquiry into the case of bus driver David Logue, who blacked out and killed a colleague in 2012. It was the third time Logue had passed out while driving but doctors failed to alert the DVLA.

GMC chief executive Niall Dickson said doctors had a duty to keep their patients’ secrets but that duty was “not absolute”.

The new guidelines made clear that GPs had to reveal information if there was a need to protect others from death or serious harm.

Dickson added: “Doctors can play an important part in keeping the public safe.” Source

There ya go, a very short yet extremely important – not to mention disturbing – article which gives a clear reason as to why the Glasgow Bin Lorry bollox was staged… Although I feel sure that there will also be other reasons too.

Indeed, the article now explains away the need for the very high number of STAGED accidents involving dustbin lorries and busses that have ‘occurred’ over the past couple of years.

You will also note that the government have tried to distance themselves from the new “guidelines” – which will in effect destroy doctor/patient confidentiality – by touting it about that this potentially huge invasion of what little privacy we have left is the doing of the General Medical Council.


Nevertheless, trust me when I say that I take no pleasure or satisfaction from knowing that I was right all along about this bin-lorry bollox being staged in pursuit of some insidious agenda.

Indeed quite the opposite is true because just like the latest old bollox coming from France, I found it hugely depressing that so many short-sighted-narrow-minded-hypocritics (spot on John Lennon and isn’t “hypocritics” a great word?) cannot instantly spot where the official version of events makes the event absolutely, totally impossible to have happened.

You can read my four part exposé of the Glasgow Bin Lorry Bollox: Behind the flag 1,2,3 & 4 – which also takes in the many other staged Bin Lorry crashes by clicking Here Here Here & Here

Behind the flag Part 3: Blood Bath

It will take you days to read all four parts if you have a real interest in finding out the truth, rather than just skimming through the thousand upon thousands of words looking for something to take out of context in order to try and discredit me… Ask yourselves why someone would want to do that?

There is NO doubt that OUR GOVERNMENT and OUR SECURITY SERVICES – with far too much money to spend courtesy of the tax payer – staged the event for nefarious reasons… You only need look at the cast list to know that:

Jack Sweeney – killed by the runaway lorry and played by retire motorcycle cop Graeme/Graham Anderson, who is supposedly bin lorry victim Gill Ewing’s brother  


Sue McKelvie/Di Colbourne – Long time partner of Graham Anderson. McKelvie helped play bin-lorry victims Jacqui Morton and probably Stephanie Tait too.

di5aaaa (1)a10703694_10205333077192209_1791889548421154352_n182658

John Morton – ‘upholder of the government truth’ and brother to “victim” Jacqui Morton, was played by Clutha Hoax victim, Callum Grierson 


Victim, Stephanie Tait’s father also played Glasgow hoax RTA investigator, George Gilfillan – as well as an army doctor charged with looking after the fake survivors of the last Tunisian hoax.


The smug looking Nurse who supposedly attended to bin-lorry-bollox driver, Harry Clarke is also an upholder of the government “truth”. She also played fake Tunisian victim Rebecca Smith

nurse2medium_znA0uca1WXzyx7ZVnAHwyPUDIfRaT50vP5DRKbIeuZk (1)

Rebecca Smiths boyfriend and fellow fake Tunisian hoax victim also played Ross Lorraine – allegedly arrested for posting a bad taste joke about the Glasgow bin-lorry-bollox, thus upholding the government truth whilst also pushing the internet censorship agenda


Victim Gill Ewing was played – in part – by crisis actor Sue Oldfield

243EA9F700000578-2884826-image-m-4_1419366150120Gillian Ewing with daughters Lucy Pix confirmed by neighbour

Robyn and Lucy Ewing – daughters to Gill Ewing and Niece to Graham Anderson were brought in to uphold the government truth but are in fact the same person. To combat that claim a video was shown recently of Lucy and Robyn being interviewed about their ‘mothers’ death… Course, anyone who believes that one person can’t play two people in the same film footage is reading the wrong page and really needs to get out more often… Like to the cinema.


Ignore the top row on the nextt batch of photos, for now, but they do become relevant soon.


In regard to the girl, Hope seen in the above, I have since changed my mind and believe her to be Mhari Convy who was ‘killed’ just of GEORGE’s SQUARE, GLASGOW along with her friend Laura STEWART, by a driver WHO HAD PASSED OUT AT THE FUCKING WHEEL… Join the dots people for fucks sake.


Convy and Stewart look very, very similar – what are the odds of that?


PHOTO: Boyd & CONvy

In turn they are all the double of  the Manchester shooting victim whose 7 yr old son was also allegedly shot:


PHOTO: Manchester shooting victim (on the screen to your left) and Convy – on the right

PICS SHOWS;Ann Barnes Kent crime Commissioner appoints her new Youth Police and Crime Commissioner Paris Brown from sheerness in Kent at Maidstone. Paris Brown 16years old with Ann Barnes


The bird, Hope is pictured above in Cheryl Beatie’s back garden. Beatie is a cousin – or some relation anyway – of the Glasgow bin-lorry-bollox, family of crisis actors, the STEWARTS, as well as Beatie and Lucy Ewing being one and the same.


Clockwise, starting top left: Hope, Boyd, Convy, Boyd

Moreover, Convy is also the double of Kris Donald’s sister, also from Glasgow. Regular readers will know that Sixteen year old Kris Donald was killed by Muslims in 2006 (if I remember the year rightly) and the story has recently been back in the news… I wonder why!

XU2933118FUNERAL-P_3112213b (1)ar

Indeed, I believe that Kris Donald – had he not been murdered by *aherm, aherm Muslims – would have grown to look exactly like Karl Whittle… Who in 2012, was also killed by MUSLIMS.

Karl-Whittle_1910814ab603ccf8-e4d1-420b-a0cd-766105beec4d (1)q

Nevertheless, Mhairi Convy and Laura Stewart were killed by blackout sufferer, William Payne.


William Payne, a Glasgow DJ looks very like Gillian Ewing’s fella.


Now I am not saying that they are definitely the same bloke but it is a bit fucking suspect given the circumstances.

Victims Erin McQuade & Alix STEWART, her sister Emily Stewart and fake suicide victim Becky Tait – note the surname… All 4 girls are the same person.


That top right photo should read “Ainsley at school”… Erin/Ainsley are also Becca Jane Crossley:


ET could quite possibly be in fact one of the MH17 victims, but don’t get me started there else I will be showing you who is who all night.


So back to Ainsley/Erin.

10942823_1428536794105013_840395949_n (1)10941675_1428548204103872_1645287175_n

PHOTO: Erin McQuade (screen left), Ainsley Baird (screen right)


Becky Tait’s fella – who also suicided himself – could easily be the Bath Lorry Driver who killed a few people here and there, but once again, I best not go there else we will be here all night and more… Well I will be anyway.

Jacqui Stewart – mother to Alix and Emily – along with her friend (name unknown) are also crisis actors.


And don’t forget the lorry driver himself.

Old Harry is also Solicitor, Rob Adey – one of the Tunisian shooting victims – as well as a dirty old fella named Tony Williams who goes on those dating sites for married people looking for a bit of how’s-your-father… Or put another way, a quick fuck… At least according to the Chimp he does.


And below is a comparison of Harry and the pervy Tony Williams


And in turn, they are – as I said – in all likelihood both Tunisian victim Rob Adey.


It is also worth pointing out that Harry O’s daughter is the spit of Faith Jenkinson, whom was the subject of more Chimps old-bollox. (see here)


And finally, because I have to stop somewhere although I could go on and on – there was another shite story last month (or there abouts), designed to further the agenda in question, which now looks to be coming to fruition:

THE mother of a woman killed by a black-out driver sent to jail in Northern Ireland yesterday asked why Scotland fails to prosecute people who cause similar tragedies.

Driver Mary McLaughlin, who had a history of blackouts, was handed a 15-month sentence and spent five months behind bars after killing Wilma McManus’s daughter Rebecca near Belfast in October 2010.

Yesterday, Wilma said she had been 
following the Fatal Accident Inquiry into the George Square bin lorry tragedy and 
cannot understand why Harry Clarke was not prosecuted.

Clarke, who was not even interviewed by police over the tragedy when his lorry careered out of control killing six people, is one of three black-out drivers who have not been prosecuted after fatal crashes in Scotland in recent years.

Clark, William Payne and David Logue all collapsed at the wheel after failing to tell the DVLA 
about their histories of blackouts.

Wilma said: “Had Mary McLaughlin, Harry Clarke and the rest of them not got behind the wheel, then all these people would still be alive. Source

See how that old fanny was linked with the Glasgow Bin Lorry Bollox?

And of course there can be little doubt that it was old fanny since there is little doubt that Wilma does in fact appear to be Tuna-Fishy victim, Trudy Jones.


But don’t get me started on the identities of the Tunisian victims, else I will be here all bleedin’ night… Just sayin’.

Take it away Mr Lennon: