You want the truth? No you don’t as it happens.

Christopher Spivey


Well, as you can see, the site is back after being offline since the 19th of December… Doesn’t time fly!

However, it would seem that the vast majority of you were under the impression that there was either a technical glitch or the site had been taken down by an attack.

And neither of those reasons are correct.

You see, the reason that the site has been offline is because I couldn’t afford to pay the site fees for December.

And of course, obviously I knew that the fees were due on the 9th and that I hadn’t paid them so I suppose it was fair play of Orange to let the site carry on for a further 10 days… Although on the flip side they have had well over £10 Grand out of me since I moved to the Icelandic hosts.

Nevertheless, although I am not really sure what I expected to happen, I did expect some sort of dialogue with my hosts to commence, yet Orange suspended the site without giving me prior notice – which put me in a bit of a Catch 22 position.

You see, had they said to me “Oi Baldy, you owe us money. If it ain’t paid in 5 days you can go and fuck yourself“, I could have given you notice that unless some donations were forthcoming within the next 5 days then the site would be suspended… Although to be fair, I have for the past 2 months repeatedly told you about the dire financial position.

Course, the fact that the rug was pulled from under me without warning mean’t that not only did nobody know the reason behind the site being offline; nobody could get on here to donate.

Moreover, if it had not been for the generosity of someone who contacted me via email (and whom wishes to remain anonymous but donated £400), inquiring where the site had fucked off to, then the site would still be offline now… Thank you sir, you are a gentleman.

And now that the arrears are paid (as well as a further £13 on top for the domain name renewal), Wolfie (who deals with Orange on my behalf because I know fuck all about the inner workings of computers) is going to continue to look into other options – which he inquired about last week.

Unfortunately, because of the aggravation involved in hosting my site, I would imagine that the following is the best that it is going to get:

And of course the problem there is the size of the site so I won’t know until later if that option is even possible.

Unfortunately, in the meantime the site fees are – in theory – due again on the 9th of January (4 days time) although I am not sure what’s what there because the site has been suspended for most of the month. However, If I am liable for them then I simply haven’t got the money, especially if I also have to pay the £88 to move to what Orange have proposed.

Now I have ALWAYS been honest with you and that is not about to change and as I say, I knew that there would be a consequence to pay for defaulting on last months site fees.

However, when the site was suspended I decided against putting a notice up on either one of my two Facebook accounts or on Twitter – which I am positive in doing so would have generated the donations needed to get the site back online a lot quicker.

Moreover, when asked via email by two of my readers if I minded them putting out an appeal for donations, I asked them not to.

And whilst I have told those who I know to be regular readers – who had emailed me – the reason that the site was offline, I tried to avoid sounding like I was trying to solicit any donations from them in my replies.

Those who messaged or emailed me who I didn’t know, I simply ignored.

Now the reason that I took that course of action is because I had already made you more than aware that I was out of money and since the response was only luke warm, then it became clear that the vast majority of the thousands who read this site do not care if it survives or not… And if you don’t care, then why should I.

Course, it has been pointed out by more than a few that I have lost the plot and that I should go back to writing about the things that I used to do… Which to be frank would be a piece of piss for me to do and would doubtlessly generate donations equal to what I was getting a year or two ago.

But that is not what I am about. I am not money orientated and I am not a fraud and as such, I will not write about stuff that I now know not to be true just to keep this site going.

Indeed, the vast majority of stuff that I wrote on here prior to 2015 is bollox – although I did not know it at the time. And indeed much of what I have written since is done so from a misguided perspective.

But as I just said, now that I do know, I refuse to write anymore. That fact alone should alert you to the counter fact that I am not doing this shit for financial gain or to be popular.

You see, because this website is my full time job – of which the writing part is probably no more than 25% – I know an awful lot more than you… That is not me feeling superior, that is just a fact.

Indeed, I work extremely hard with the other 75% of my time spent on research, gathering evidence and trying to figure out how the monsters do what they do.

And I can assure you that what they are doing is vast and very very frightening… Basically, we are fucked.

It is also extremely complicated and even harder for me to document especially as I know exactly what they are doing, but not exactly how they do it.

And with that being the case, you have only so far seen a fraction of the evidence that I hold needed for you to see the bigger picture… Yet it appears that despite me going to great lengths to explain as simply as I can what I know to be true, the vast majority of you are not ready for it.

Indeed, most cannot even be arsed to properly read what I write, leading to questions that had they been paying attention they would know the answers to.

Therefore, if you want to read bollox about the latest scandal involving the usual suspect ‘politician’ or whether Donny Fart was placed in the Amy Whitehouse to specifically spark a nuclear war you can read it over on David Icke’s website, along with how all the cctv cameras were not operational along the route Princess Diana took prior to the crash that killed her.

Because that is all it is… Distraction bollox.

Course, because I couldn’t get on the site I couldn’t continue with what I was writing – “How The West Was Won Part 4“.

However, I can assure you that Parts 1 – 3 are the most accurate things that I have ever written.

And as well as Part 4, there is going to be a Part 5 and a Part 6 at the very least… If the site continues. However, I haven’t been sat, moping around since the site went down.

You see, if the site fails I shall nevertheless continue writing as I have been since the 19th of December and the results either put on Amazon (the bigger book length articles) or the smaller ones sold as PDF’s.

Indeed I have high expectations for the forthcoming “A Bridge Too Far”, which has had another delay in being released due to Gary having some personal problems. But he assures me that it will be released on Amazon this month.

What I have been writing about is Meghan Markle… Who most definitely does not exist. Course disregarding that I can prove that fact, you have to ask yourself if she was real, why the fuck would they invent her family.

Now most of you will think that is just a coincidence instead of asking yourself “how the fuck did I find Tom Hollander out of seven and a half billion people in the world“.

And indeed you need to question  how far you can push coincidence as the reason when out of seven and a half billion people the fella that I have found has the same first name as a fella he matches perfectly, who just so happens to be Meghan markle’s brother – as well as having the exact same name as Meghan’s actor friend, who just so happens to be… Well you will have to wait for the report to be released to see where that is going.

Therefore, the fact that what is really going on is beyond your comprehension does not mean that I have lost the plot… Although the fact that I will not go down the easy route and write about things that make you believe that you have the world sussed, in return for popularity and financial gain, probably means that I have.

So, thank you very much once again to the Gentleman who made it possible for you to read this. How long you can continue to do so is a matter between you and your wallet.

Just sayin’.