You say you want a Revolution.


Chris Spivey



I am without a doubt going to offend quite a few people here and as such, I best just say beforehand that if I do, I sincerely couldn’t give a fuck.

The truth is, the vast majority of people in the UK (and most other first world countries for that matter), need a right good kick up the jacksy to maybe encourage them to stop bleating and start acting… Nuff said, lets get on with it.

The Bedroom Tax?

Just another new way for our wholly corrupt, nonce Government to legally extort money from the unbelievably stupid. Course, it is mainly those who can least afford it who are going to be the hardest hit again albeit not exclusively.

That said, it is the poor who in general are the most awake and aware of the evil elite’s master plan and as such; shame on you for allowing the government to get away with it.

Never the less, you have to wonder how they came up with this fantastic money saving exercise. You don’t organise this kind of operation over night, that is for fucking sure. So, firstly, you have to ask yourself quite how the authorities know who has a spare bedroom. It’s not as if they have the time and resources to come round and check on everyone is it.

Checking the benefit records would have been a fucking nightmare. After all, some claim full benefit others only part. Then there are those not on the Electoral register. I’m not, and I’m dammed sure I’m not the only one. But I am in social housing. So how the fuck did the government know if it would be viable or not?

Well, I would imagine that the easiest way would have been to get the information from the Census forms that you all stupidly filled in for the parasites. Talk about make things easy for the cunts. When it came time to filling in the nosey bastard’s questionnaire, did you really want to reveal every little detail of your life to the ponces? Did you fuck! You did it because you were too fucking scared of the consequences not to.

Did I fill out my Census form? No! But I certainly put it to good use. Check out the photo below. Did they threaten me with all manner of punishment if I didn’t fill it in? They most certainly did. Unfortunately, the only trouble for those who threaten you is; if you’re not intimidated by them, then the threats mean fuck all.

Furthermore, I’m not Superman so if I refuse to be intimidated, I don’t see why anyone else should allow themselves to be. After all, who are they? They are nothing more than a gutless body of  bullying, parasitic, thieving,  paedophile, control freaks. Therefore you either make a fucking stand, or you do like 6 million plus Jews did 70 years ago and walk quietly into the gas chamber.

So, it’s safe to conclude then, even if I am wrong about the census (which in reality, I just wanted to tell you off for, since you played right into the governments hands), that this new tax is being introduced on the strength of your fear and inertia.

And what is the point of this new tax? The following five points will give you a starter for ten (bet not many of you remember that).

  • To deprive you of more of your hard earned money. Wages are decreasing by design. Why? So as you work harder for longer. That way, you spend your life too preoccupied with surviving and far too fucking knackered to do anything about your situation anyway.
  • To allow the corrupt paedophiles enough revenue to pay the interest on a fraudulent debt that: can never be paid off, continues to rise rapidly despite all of the severe austerity measures and which is needlessly being added too by the afore mentioned corrupt paedophiles… Are you all fucking mad? (for more on the National Debt see letter to Cameron at the bottom of the page)
  • To push people into continually smaller living accommodation while they, the law makers, continue to enjoy living in the multi bed roomed, luxuriously lavish mansions. At the same time you are content to sit back and let the arse klinkers top up their vast salary’s by renting out their other multi bed roomed, luxuriously lavish mansions which the bent cunts not only make you pay the mortgage’s on, but also charge you to deck out with the very best of furnishings… I will ask again: Are you all fucking mad?
  • To help solve the severe housing shortage. A shortage which was started by the vile cunt Slaggy Thatcher and which has been helped along nicely in a variety of ways by every single nonce cunt government since.
  • To force more people off benefits and into slave labour.

So, let’s recap. We have hundreds, upon hundreds of thousands of people bleating at the introduction of an unfair tax, which will hit the poor the hardest albeit not exclusively, based on information that they themselves provided and which is only being allowed to be introduced because of  the country’s lack of backbone… Serves you fucking right you mugs.

Surely, you didn’t expect me to criticise the Government?

The Government were elected by you to serve your interests. Yet, I could in all honesty write a seemingly endless article on how the obscene smeghead’s are serving every other bastards interests but yours… And I left school without a single qualification, so if I can see it, then there is no reason that you can’t see  it too.


With reference to the above picture,: For those not aware of who Lord Freud is, he is the stupid cunt who told a Father of Three on live radio that he didn’t deserve an extra bedroom for his 3 children to sleep in at weekends… I think the twats name should be Lord Fraud myself.

C’mon people! Do I really need to spell it out? The parasitic, lazy, thieving nonce cunts that you mugs put in power will only get away with what you let them get away with. You put them there. You can just as easily remove them, if – and this is a big if – you stop moaning and all band together.

But you don’t! You just bleat about them. Why? Because most people have neither the imagination nor the bottle to do anything about the situation.

Now, what usually happens when I have a ‘sound off’ is that I get comments left at the foot of the page telling me that I’m “the man” and/or that I’m “spot on”, no doubt followed by others saying, “So tell us what to do Chris”.

And while its nice to have support, I have to tell you that  I am not “the man”. I am no more special that anyone else.

I am just someone who refuses to be treated like a mug, by criminal parasites that I have zero respect for, and who should in reality, all be hung for crimes against humanity. I am not frightened or intimidated by the Leeches, because they are parasites who need to be crushed. They are nothing, and therefore they command no respect.

Your fear stems from a lifetimes indoctrination of believing that you shouldn’t question authority along with the thought of losing the perceived creature comforts that you have managed to accumulate and which you hold up as a measure of your success. Comforts, I hasten to add, that in a few years down the line you’ll wish to fuck that you hadn’t attributed so much importance too.

So, whereas I may not be “the man”, I do believe that I am indeed “spot on”. But then again, it isn’t rocket science. It is in fact amazing what you can figure out when you focus on what is – or more to the point, what should be – important. For instance, we should be focusing on what kind of future we are condemning our children too, instead of focusing on who is going to win Celebrity Big Brother.

How the fuck can you possibly turn around and hypocritically spout Bullshit such as “I would do anything for my children”? Anyone who says that is talking bollocks. Either that or they are too brain dead to see the irony in the statement.

The trouble is, people in first world countries have been conditioned to measure their love for their children by the value of the unnecessary, meaningless, modern bits of gadgetry that they bestow on them. Or the number of designer clothes they can buy their offspring to hang in their wardrobes. That isn’t fucking love!

If you love your children, why are you not up in arms about the children in this country and throughout the world, who are starving or being abused? Those cunts sitting comfortable in their massive Billion Pound homes could end that suffering tomorrow. But they don’t.

“Yeah, but they aren’t my kids, I love my kids, not other peoples kids, especially little Black ones in Africa”.

And, in saying that, it isn’t hard to see why we are fucked as a species, is it? How can you truly love your children, when you can callously let millions of children just like yours needlessly die, year in, year out?

“Easy, my kids are my kids. I would never let my kids starve”.

And by uttering those words my friends, you would only be highlighting your crass stupidity.
The truth is, those starving children could so easily be your children and a lot fucking quicker than you would think possible. Ask yourself who is doing the abusing. Read these linked articles on other EU Countries. The first is called Mothers Forced To Sell Their Children They too, no doubt will have said at one time or another that their children mean everything to them.  Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link The links are fucking endless my friends, fucking endless. Now read these: Chaos UK  Link Link Link

Furthermore, answer me these questions. If you love your children, why are you pumping them full of harmful vaccines before they can even fucking walk or talk?

If you love your children, why the fuck are you being a party to them breathing air that is sprayed with chemicals that are affecting their health and fertility?

If you love your children why are you encouraging them to clean their teeth in water that is slowly giving them brain cancer and rapidly sedating them? You don’t really think the elites drink the same shite as us do you?

If you really love your children, why the fuck are you content to feed them food that is giving them cancer? Big Ears doesn’t grow his own vegetables for the fun of it, don’t cha know.

If you love your children, why are you sending them to schools that are no more than mind control centres? And what the fuck is your average child learning there anyway?

As far as I can make out, they are leaving school unable to read and write properly. Unable to add or subtract with any degree of confidence. Incapable of any individual thought, yet they all appear to be well versed in the art of sex.

If you love your children, why are you content to sit back while those mad cunts in power are leading us to all out nuclear war? Are you in favour of having your kids face’s melted off? Have the Iranians, North Koreans, Chinese or the Russians ever done anything to you to make you hate them?

“Love your children”? You’re talking absolute fucking bollocks.

As for me telling you what to do? You don’t need me to tell you what to do. You know what has to be done; you just don’t have the bollocks to do it. You are in fact, no doubt waiting for some one to do it for you, so as you can keep yourselves out of harms way.

And, if by any chance, you don’t know what to do, then I suggest that you switch the fucking TV off and spend a few hours trying to think for your fucking selves.

Right, back to the bedroom Tax. However, before, I continue, it might be favourite for you to read the following article from yesterday’s mind numbingly boring, corporate propaganda outlet, the Daily Mail.

Family to be charged £650 a year by council for keeping seven-year-old daughter’s bedroom as a shrine after she died of cancer

  • Ashes of Becky Bell have been kept in her bedroom – left exactly as it was when she lost her battle with brain cancer in January 2012
  • Parents Julie and Mark have been told it is now a ‘spare room’ and that they must pay £56 a month from April
  • Under new plans social housing tenants will face ‘bedroom tax’ if they are under-occupying their houses


Becky Bell, 7, from Hartlepool, who died of brain cancer. Her distraught parents have been told they will have to pay £650 a year to keep her untouched bedroom when charges for under-occupied homes come into forceBecky Bell, 7, from Hartlepool, who died of brain cancer. Her parents have been told they will have to pay £650 a year to keep her untouched bedroom

The parents of a young cancer victim have been told they will have to pay more than £650 a year to keep her untouched bedroom when charges for under-occupied homes come into force.

The ashes of seven-year-old Becky Bell have been kept in her bedroom, which has been left exactly as it was when she lost her battle with brain cancer in January 2012.

But Becky’s parents, Julie and Mark, were told the room at their home in Hartlepool was now classed as a ‘spare’ and that they must pay £56 a month from April.

Mrs Bell, 41, said: ‘It doesn’t bear to think about them calling it a spare room, it’s Becky’s room.

‘It’s not her fault she’s not here anymore and to us she is still here.

‘We don’t want to be different to anyone else and some people may think a year is a long time but when you have been through what we have been through it isn’t and we are still grieving.

‘But the Government don’t see that, they don’t look at individual circumstances, all they see is the pound signs.’

Under the changes, both social housing tenants in employment and those in receipt of housing benefit will be affected by the bedroom tax if they are found to be under-occupying their homes.

From April households under-occupancy will see their benefits slashed by around £13 a week for one bedroom or £22 for two bedrooms.

Mrs Bell, who is currently out of work, and Mr Bell, 37, a part-time taxi driver are Housing Hartlepool tenants and receive around £40 a week in housing benefits.

With the introduction of the bedroom tax they will need to pay £672 a year for Becky’s room.

Becky’s parents visited their local MP Iain Wright to appeal for help.

Mr Wright described the circumstances as ‘heartbreaking’ and has sent a letter to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, expressing his dismay at the situation.

Mrs Bell, who is also a mother to Vicki, 24, and Mark, 12, added: ‘It’s not the money that’s the issue.

‘If we did have a spare room we would be more than happy to pay the money.

Becky with mother Julie while she was undergoing radiotherapy. Mrs Bell has been told the bedroom at their home in Hartlepool was now classed as a 'spare room' and that they must pay £56 a month from AprilBecky with mother Julie while she was undergoing radiotherapy. Mrs Bell has been told the bedroom at their home in Hartlepool was now classed as a ‘spare room’ and that they must pay £56 a month from April
Becky, pictured in 2011 with Sunderland footballers Stephane Sessegnon, Michael Turner and David Vaughan. The seven year old's ashes have been kept in her room since she died last yearBecky, pictured in 2011 with Sunderland footballers Stephane Sessegnon, Michael Turner and David Vaughan. The seven year old’s ashes have been kept in her room since she died last year

‘But it’s the fact that Becky’s room is being called a spare room, that’s what I can’t get my head around.

Becky pictured while undergoing treatment. Under the changes, both social housing tenants in employment and those in receipt of housing benefit will be affected by the bedroom tax if they are found to be under-occupying their homesBecky pictured while undergoing treatment. Under the changes, both social housing tenants in employment and those in receipt of housing benefit will be affected by the bedroom tax if they are found to be under-occupying their homes

‘In our house we don’t have a spare room, it’s Becky’s bedroom, everything is still there exactly how it was.

‘We are not asking for the world but even if we were allowed another year to grieve. At this moment in time we are still grieving.

‘But the Government don’t think about the fact that every family is different.

‘No two houses are the same but they don’t look at that, they just think of the money.’

Hartlepool Housing said it was a unique and difficult case.

A spokesman added: ‘We are very sad at the terrible bereavement that Julie and Mark suffered with the loss of Becky last year.

‘We have recently been informing all tenants about the Government’s policy to reduce housing benefit to tenants with spare rooms. We have set up an advice service to discuss individual cases.

‘The reforms have not yet been implemented and we finalising our proposals for a transitional discretionary fund which could be used in cases like this.

‘There will be a number of cases in which the administrative body, the local authority, will look at individual circumstances and apply the reforms appropriately. We will work with Mr and Mrs Bell to ensure they receive the best advice


… Okay, first off, what a heartbreaking story. I would be absolutely devastated to lose one of my children, especially at such a young age. However, what you have just read is shameless exploitation of what is an everyday occurrence.

What the feeble excuse for journalists working for the ‘news’-paper should have been addressing – had they any integrity at all – is why the fuck are 7 yr old children dying of brain cancer?

However, since the fucking useless hack’s haven’t, I will. To do so, I will once again briefly have to go off track. Think back to what I said earlier in this article  about our drinking water. Got it?

Now, it is bad enough that our Children are deliberately being exposed to cancer giving chemicals by the murdering, scum who constantly play God with our lives. But, still the cunts aren’t happy. Having given us the awful disease, they then help us into an early grave, while at the same time create massive profits for the  pharmaceutical  industry.

If you are unlucky enough to be the 1 in 3 who now develop cancer, you would be stark raving fucking bonkers to let the NHS treat you. To understand why, click on this LINK and this Link and this link and this link and this link and this link and this link and this link and finally, this link.

Worse still, having first been given cancer by the cunts, and then being finished off by Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, all the evidence actually points to the fact that Cancer is highly curable.

The elites know this yet they want this cure kept secret and used only for themselves. This is why the likes of those cunts in the Palace, the Rotchild’s and the Off-Their Rockefeller’s, don’t share our 1 in 3 Cancer ratio. The following is from one of my early articles called The Cancer Con, which I originally wrote for the Sovereign Independent Newspaper:

At this point I should say that, long before I woke up to the fact that we live in an illusion of reality, I had already realised that something wasn’t right with regards to cancer. I had long cottoned on to the fact that those with power and money seemed by and large to be unaffected by the disease.

This led me to the conclusion that the Social Elite knew something that the rest of us didn’t.  Fast forward a couple of years and I now have no doubts what so ever that there is a cure for cancer. What’s more, there is now an abundance of evidence to back this up.Two of the more damming pieces of evidence revolves around that of two totally unconnected Doctors, the first of which is evidenced by the transcripts of 3 secretly recorded tape recordings of reminiscences given by Dr Lawrence Dunegan in 1988.

Dr Dunegan had been invited to attend a meeting of student Doctors destined to be future leaders in medicine,in Pittsburgh USA on March 20th 1969. The meeting was hosted by prominent Doctor, Richard Day. Before addressing his assembly Dr Day, who at the time was the Head of the Rockefeller controlled eugenics organisation, ‘The Planned Parent Federation Of America ‘ ordered that there should be no record taken of his speech.

Dr Dunegan however disregarded the order and surreptitiously took down notes on napkins.It was these notes that formed the basis of the secretly recorded interview that Dr Dunegan gave to Mr Randy Engel in 1988.Dr Dunegan told Randy that during the course of this 1969 speech, Dr Day said “We can cure almost every cancer right now. The information is on file in the Rockefeller Institute, if its ever decided it should be released”.

There is a lot more to this story and it is well documented on various internet sites. A particularly well written and detailed account can be found at this link:

The 2nd piece of damming evidence revolves around the work of an Italian Doctor, Tullio Simoncini, a brilliant and courageous man who refused to buckle under the enourmous pressure he had to face and which he still continues to face to this day.

Dr Simoncini has had to endure being disbarred from practising medicine as well as having to endure the indignity of serving a 3 year prison sentence imposed on him.

His Crime?

Dr Simoncini had discovered that Cancer is a fungus caused by Candida, a yeast type organism found in small amounts within the human body. In doing so he was able to devise a cheap remedy of unparalleled success in curing cancer. This was true even in cases where the cancer was so advanced, that all other treatments had been stopped.

Instead of being feted as a genius and touted as the saviour of untold lives, Simoncini, was ordered to stop work on his program and to remain silent on his findings.A much more in depth, detailed account of Dr Tullio Simoncini and his work can be found here :

Along with this evidence which points to the fact that Cancer is highly curable, also comes the question ‘ If cancer can be cured, why is it being kept a secret’ ?

For those of us who recognise the true evil that is ingrained into the very core of the Social Elite, that question is easy to answer. However for the benefit of those who don’t i will explain in brief why we are deemed not worthy of access to the cure. It is a two pronged answer, the first of which boils down to money. The Pharmaceutical industry is a multi trillion pound business, with huge fortunes to be made by those at the top.

A single new drug typically costs around £500 million to produce. Course these new drugs are always hailed as a miracle cure but take between 10-12 yrs to produce. Over that period of time, the said miracle drug is by and large forgotten by the general public. Needless to say, these so called wonder drugs never live up to their hype, as is evidenced by the rapidly rising cases of all cancers.

The industry is inherently corrupt, with billions of pounds in bribes being passed back and forth. The sheer greed that exists amongst those with power ensures that human lives will never take precedence over the vast fortunes to be made from cancer.


And, while I am now so far off track, you may as well check out the following links for Cancer Cures:

Many more can be found in the ‘Health’ section on this website.

Right, lets get back on track.

So,what we have above is one of the UK’s best selling MSM newspapers, shamefully covering up the major detrimental impact that this Bedroom Tax is going to have on the poor, by subtly shifting the emphasis of  injustice onto a family who tragically lost a child to cancer.

Never mind that at least one in four children in the UK is already living below the poverty line, those psychopathic perverts in Parliament, want to starve the poor sod’s to death. Here are some facts about child poverty in Britain. Image how much worse it is about to get:

  • There are 3.6 million children living in poverty in the UK today. That’s 27 per cent of children, or more than one in four.1
  • There are even more serious concentrations of child poverty at a local level: in 100 local wards, for example, between 50 and 70 per cent of children are growing up in poverty.2
  • Work does not provide a guaranteed route out of poverty in the UK. Almost two-thirds (62 per cent) of children growing up in poverty live in a household where at least one member works.3
  • People are poor for many reasons. But explanations which put poverty down to drug and alcohol dependency, family breakdown, poor parenting, or a culture of worklessness are not supported by the facts.4
  • Child poverty blights childhoods. Growing up in poverty means being cold, going hungry, not being able to join in activities with friends. For example, 62 per cent of families in the bottom income quintile would like, but cannot afford, to take their children on holiday for one week a year.5
  • Child poverty has long-lasting effects. By 16, children receiving free school meals achieve 1.7 grades lower at GCSE than their wealthier peers.6 Leaving school with fewer qualifications translates into lower earnings over the course of a working life.


Are you going to do anything about it, other than bleat about how shockingly bad things are? Are you fuck.

So who else is going to be affected? Well, according to the Daily Mirror, these people are:

Heroes hit by bedroom tax: Soldiers away from home for 13 weeks will lose cash

Up to 96,000 soldiers who have chosen not to live in service accommodation, as well as 7,780 trainees, will be hit.

Thousands of troops serving on the front line in Afghanistan could have their housing benefit docked under Government reforms.

Soldiers, trainees and reservists who live in houses rented from a council or a housing association and leave their bedroom empty for more than 13 weeks will have the benefit cut by 14%.

Up to 96,000 soldiers who have chosen not to live in service accommodation, as well as 7,780 trainees, will be hit.

Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy said: “If you choose to serve you should be rewarded not penalised.

“Service families and parents or partners of soldiers or reservists could be hit because their loved ones defend our country.”

The “bedroom tax” applies to all council and housing association tenants but soldiers are often away for 13 or more weeks a year on tours of duty.

If two rooms are vacant for more than 13 weeks in a house, for example where two servicemen live with their parents and are called away on duty to Afghanistan for six months, the housing benefit claimant would lose 25% of the benefit.

Students are exempt from the reforms and Mr Murphy added: “This must be looked at and similar exemptions to those which exist, for example for students, should be considered.”

Servicemen and women on six-month Afghan tours would be affected, as would trainees on 14-week courses.

“Reservists also face being clobbered if they are called up for more than 13 weeks.

The Department for Work and Pensions admitted there was no exemption for the Armed Forces.

A spokeswoman said: “It’s only right we make better use of the social housing stock.

“Family members away for short periods will be protected by temporary absence rules.”


… I will just draw your attention to the second and last sentences of that article. The last sentence states that “Family members away for short periods will be protected by temporary absence rules.”  The all important operative word there being ‘temporary’, they just forgot the comma.

How long ‘temporary’ is remains to be see. However, I was amazed at the second sentence of the article, which stated: Thousands of troops serving on the front line in Afghanistan could have their housing benefit docked under Government reforms.

Fuck me! is there anyone who pays a living wage these days whereby their employees don’t have to also depend on benefits to live?

But even in mentioning the fact that our Soldiers are not paid a decent living wage, the Mirror still isn’t telling the full story. A rather astute lady by the name of Jackie Rutherford, left this comment in reply to the article:

This headline is misleading- Soldiers away from home WILL lose cash..?. this is not a future tense that will happen, it is a present tense because the non dependant deductions ARE being deducted as we speak from soldiers that reside in their parents’ homes whether they’re living there or not because it is considered their sole or main residence. If people actually looked into this before commenting saying ‘Disgisting etc’ , they would know this already And why are other important occupations such as nurses, firemen, teachers etc not disregarded either ? The only difference now is that the spare bedroom that sits there on a social housing property would have 14% deduction. So if a rent on a 2 bed property was £80 – less the Non Dep deduction of approx £300 a week soldier’s gross salary ( NDDs are gross, not net) is £59.05 per week which means the parents would only get £20.95 in Housing Benefit anyway. New rules would be £80 -14% = £68.80 – £59.05 NDD = £9.75 in HB for the parents.

And lets not forget about those thousands of people whose lives are already made difficult enough by having  to care for a disabled family member. Instead of being given as much financial help as possible, not to mention a medal, they are now going to have to struggle even more thanks to those despicable cunts who are robbing us blind whilst  at the same time,paying themselves a fortune courtesy of your good selves. The following then, is also from the Daily Mirror:

‘Disgusting’: Family’s outrage at bedroom tax on severely disabled girl who needs her own room

Doctors have said the youngster needs a custom built room – but family will lose £20 a week because of new rules.

A family will lose £80 a month under the hated new bedroom tax – after an extension prescribed by doctors is built for their disabled girl.

Health chiefs say Angel Hooper, five, who cannot walk or stand, must have the custom-built room.

But the bedroom tax means parents Gary and Heather will lose £20 a week – ­because she won’t be sharing it.

Gary told the Sunday People: “It is disgusting that they think a disabled child like Angel should share a room.”

The couple have five children with another on the way and live in a four-bedroom council house in Hull.

When Angel’s special room is built the government’s new tax, due in April, will plunge the Hoopers and 95,000 other families into poverty.

The levy, called “under occupancy tax”, means council or housing association tenants with ‘spare’ bedrooms will lose £40 to £80 a month in benefits.

There are no exceptions for disabled kids, elderly who need care or families with children fighting in Afghanistan.

Angel’s parents care for her 24/7 and mum Heather, 28, warned: “I think the tax could make people with disabled children depressed or suicidal.”

Angel developed meningitis and septicaemia when she was 12 days old, leaving her severely disabled.

The box room she has outgrown is too small to be classed as a bedroom at 6ft by 9ft. Her wheelchair doesn’t fit so she has to be carried in and out by her dad.

But the extension recommended by the local NHS Occupational Therapy team will mean the house is reclassified.

And under new rules for larger families, bedrooms must be shared by two kids, so the Hoopers will be deemed to have a spare.

Dad Gary, 44, who receives a £58.58 a week carer’s allowance, says he hopes Angel’s extension will mean he can return to work.

“When I was made redundant I became Angel’s carer because my wife can’t lift her into her room.”

Angel’s appalling case was raised last week in the House of Commons by MP Diana Johnson who branded the tax “shambolic” and “unfair”.

Pictured: (top) David Cameron with his son Ivan who sadly died aged 6. (Bottom) Gary Hooper and his disabled daughter Angel.

Course, there will be those who point out that I made a big issue of the fact that the Daily Mail were shifting the focus away from the poor by highlighting the injustice that the introduction of the tax will have on one family who sadly lost their daughter to Cancer. Yet now here I am, using one family to illustrate how unfair the tax is on those caring for disabled family members.

True, but then again the government Wankers are forever making those whose lives are hardest, even harder. Try this for size:

Disabled? Lose £156 a year: Government admit Strivers’ Tax has hit 3.4 MILLION


The figures shatter the Chancellor’s pledge last month to “support the vulnerable”, which he made while capping their benefits

Hitting the hard-up: George Osborne

More than three million disabled people will be £156 a year worse off after George Osborne’s shocking “Strivers’ Tax”.

Today’s figures shatter the Chancellor’s pledge last month to “support the vulnerable”, which he made while capping their benefits.

Mr Osborne and Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith promised the disabled would not suffer from the move to limit benefit rises to one per cent for the next three years.

They insisted payments would go up in line with inflation, but Labour says ­ministers are “hiding the truth” over the cuts.

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Liam Byrne said: “This is shocking.

“It tells you all you need to know about the priorities of this Government that David Cameron and George Osborne are cutting support for the disabled.”

The cap on benefits will leave at least 3.4 million people an average of £156 a year worse off in 2015, according to the new figures.

It means a third of homes with at least one disabled person will lose out by £3 a week, admits the Department for Work and Pensions.

And in a double blow, 206,320 people who have severe disabilities will be £62.76 a year poorer.

Those in the “support group” of the Employment and Support Allowance will lose out as just part of their benefits will rise in line with ­inflation.

The rest will be limited to the one per cent cap, giving them an increase of 1.4 per cent.

Labour has already slammed the “Strivers’ Tax” because of its impact on seven million ­workers who will lose out on tax credits.

And now Labour’s Mr Byrne has accused the Conservatives of mounting a cover-up.

He said: “David Cameron’s Government has once again been caught hiding the truth about their Strivers’ Tax bill.

“First, we discover that ministers weren’t being straight with the seven million working families set to be hit and now we know they have tried to hide the impact on the disabled as well. Iain Duncan Smith has repeatedly claimed that disabled people are protected.

“But these figures reveal that 3.4 million households with disabled people will be worse off, including the most vulnerable that this Government ­promised to protect.”

In a statement, Liberal Democrat Pensions Minister Steve Webb confirmed that 34 per cent of households where someone is disabled would be around £156 a year worse off.

The minister added: “This represents about 3.4 million households in Great Britain.”


… Now, I have to tell you that as a general rule, I am not a violent man. However, that cunt Osborne wants to fucking hope and pray that their house of cards doesn’t come tumbling down. Because if it does and I catch hold of the pasty faced arsehole I will beat him to within an inch of his fucking life with my bare hands, before stringing the Weasel up by his scrawny neck. What a horrible, horrible little pasty faced cock sure fucking idiot, that man is. I can’t even look at his photo without wanting to ring his perverted scrawny neck.

How the fuck you are all not as incensed as me, I’ll never know? What will it take before you say enough is enough? These arseholes are not just going to stop you know. They are going to keep on taking and taking. They have no decency. They have no compassion. They do not give a fucking toss about you. They have to be stopped by us.

At the end of this article is a Letter written by Veronica: of the Chapman Family to Cameron & Osborne. I have huge respect for Veronica and what she is trying to do. If nothing else, the letter informs you exactly how Cameron and Osborne, along with their corrupt, vile cronies are selling us down the river. 

And, while I know that Veronica and many many others are hoping that we can find a peaceful solution to bring this madness to an end, I’m afraid to tell you that, that just isn’t going to fucking happen.

“We have had enough of your piss taking fuck off”, really isn’t going to do it I’m sorry to have to tell you. 

Therefore, I am fully prepared to put my life, my liberty and my ‘creature comforts’ on the line to put a stop to this madness. Until you are prepared to do the same, things are going to get decidedly worse. I don’t want that shit for my Children and Grandchildren. I really, really, do love mine.

Lets go to war.

Much Love,



To the Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP, Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, and the Rt. Hon. George Osborne MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer.

We are writing to you not as our political leaders but as our elected servants in government who are duty bound by oath of office to uphold the Law of the Land as inserted into Magna Carta 1215 and to protect our ancient sovereignty from foreign intrusion.


Please also understand that this is not a polite request – this is a lawful demand to bring to an immediate end Her Majesty’s Government’s involvement with the unlawful debt-creating banking system that is currently endangering the future well-being, happiness and sovereignty of the British nation.


What follows are historical and provable facts. Failure by yourselves to immediately carry out this lawful demand and to redress our legitimate grievance will leave you both vulnerable to lawful arrest by the British people on the charge of treason.


Detailed research has now exposed that unlawful activities are being undertaken by Her Majesty’s Government at the behest of a corrupt and fraudulent international banking cartel.


Led by the world’s elite banking families, this unlawful cabal operates through a shadowy network of high level and secretive ‘think tanks’ (including the Bilderberg Group which you are both very familiar with) as well as quasi international conferences where unashamed globalist agenda are displayed in such a way by a compliant mainstream media as to gain public acceptance by hiding the real truth.


One such long term criminal agendum is the eventual creation of a European Union superstate by the use of stealth, deception and massive unlawful debt. To succeed here must result in the obvious demise of the United Kingdom as a sovereign nation and any involvement by British politicians with such an agendum has to be seen, under our ancient and tested Common Law, as a clear case of treason.


But the real treason currently being carried out on the British people by Her Majesty’s Government involves the nation’s money supply.  The crippling debt burden that is currently shaping the fiscal policies and strategies of our nation has been arrived at by unlawful means.  The so-called ‘Deficit’ and ‘National Debt’, which are causing increasing misery for law abiding families and businesses, not to mention putting at risk our nation’s defences, only exist as a direct result of allowing the private banks to be involved in our nation’s money supply.


As you both know only too well, the private banking corporations, with the gold standard no longer applicable, create money completely out of thin air – just numbers on a computer screen, using so-called ‘fractional reserve lending’.  Once this ‘nothingness’ has been transferred over to Her Majesty’s Treasury, we, the poor taxpayers, have to pay real and earned money to meet the repayments not to mention the interest on this ‘nothingness’.  It is also a simple fact that the private banks create absolutely nothing to cover the interest demanded thus adding to the nation’s ever-increasing debt burden – it becomes a simple case of robbing ‘Peter’ to pay ‘Paul’.   This has to be viewed not as clever economics but as a clear case of fraud under Common Law.


The increasing austerity measures being undertaken by Her Majesty’s Government, along with the highly invasive and complex taxation system needed to raise ‘real’ money to pay back the bankers’ ‘nothingness’, is creating a country that is now becoming increasingly subservient to debt and fear.  However, there is one simple action that you can both take that will reverse our nation’s financial misfortunes overnight…….and there are two historical precedents to prove it can be done!


From reliable inside sources, we now know the full truth about money supply.  ‘Money’ is simply a convenient unit of exchange for goods and services that people have complete confidence in.  Contrary to what the private bankers and the Bank of England (and its controller, the Bank for International Settlements) would have you believe, any sovereign nation has the lawful and moral right to issue through its treasury its own debt-free and interest-free money based on nothing more than the wealth, integrity and potential of that nation. Private debt-creating banking and central banks have absolutely no place in the lawful creation and issuance of a country’s money supply.


This being the case, we now wish to draw to your attention these two historical precedents which give absolute credence to this fiscal principle of national credit.  In other words, there is nothing whatsoever to stop Her Majesty’s Treasury from being able to issue debt-free and interest-free treasury notes for the well-being, security and happiness of the British people.


The first precedent comes from America.  At the height of the American Civil War, the US Treasury warned President Lincoln that further funding would be needed if the Federal North was to have the resources needed to defeat the Confederate South. The President initially went to the private banks who wanted between 24 and 36 per cent interest.  Lincoln knew that if he agreed to take the loans from the bankers that he would be putting his country into a debt noose that would strangle the economic prosperity out of his country and which would almost be impossible to pay off.


On the advice of a businessman with proven integrity, Colonel Dick Taylor from Illinois, Abraham Lincoln then made the momentous and lawful decision to print debt-free and interest-free paper money based on nothing more than the honour of the American Government.  Called ‘Greenbacks’ because they were coloured green on one side only, the US Treasury issued 450 million dollars worth of these notes and they were immediately accepted as legal tender by a willing and grateful nation.  The war was eventually won and this very popular new paper currency seemed set to continue.  However, with the assassination of Lincoln just after the end of hostilities, his Greenback legacy sadly died with him as the private bankers managed to ‘persuade’ Congress to revoke this successful initiative in favour of the debt-creating National Banking Act which eventually led to the formation of the privately run Federal Reserve in 1913.  Since then, America’s unlawful debt has risen to over 15 trillion dollars.


The second precedent is much closer to home.  At the outbreak of the First World War, the Bank of England and the private bankers, fearing that people would rush to withdraw their money thus setting in motion a run on the banks, went to see Lloyd George, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer.  He quickly rushed through the Currency and Bank Notes Act 1914 which allowed His Majesty’s Treasury to immediately start issuing debt-free treasury notes based on the credit worthiness of the country.   Having extended the August 3rd Bank Holiday by a further three days, the banks reopened for business on August 7th with these new treasury notes being immediately accepted as legitimate money by the British people. The next few months saw some £300 million of these ‘Bradbury’ treasury notes being printed thus effectively averting any possible financial crisis as Britain mobilised for the struggle ahead.


However, the private bankers, realising that these debt-free Bradburys would prevent them from making obscene profits from this terrible war, ‘persuaded’ Lloyd George to agree to phase out the debt-free treasury notes in favour of returning to the more conventional loans from the banks whereby interest would be added.  The result of this ‘about turn’ in favour of the bankers was to see Britain’s National Debt go up from £650 million in 1914 to a staggering £7,500 million in 1919.


So there we have it!  Our demand is simple and direct. There is absolutely nothing to stop you, David Cameron, and you, George Osborne, from creating a 21st century ‘Bradbury’ Treasury note based upon the wealth, integrity and potential of the British nation – indeed, according to the Office of National Statistics in 2010, our Human Capital alone is estimated at £17.12 trillion!   This one action would immediately restore Britain’s sovereignty, economy and industries not to mention the well-being, security and happiness of the British people. As regards the Deficit and the National Debt, these will be taken care of by our ancient and tested Common Law – a jury will decide as to their lawfulness and if both were deemed to have been arrived at by unlawful means, then they will be declared null and void.


The same applies to our membership of the European Union.  If a jury decides that our original membership of the EEC was arrived at by the use of deliberate deception, as many believe it was, then our membership must be declared null and void resulting in immediate withdrawal with no referendum being required.


In conclusion, may we please remind you again that this is not a letter inviting further debate – it is a demand for immediate remedy and redress.   Failure to comply with this lawful demand to remove the British economy from the clutches of the criminal bankers by restoring our sovereign right to issue our own debt-free money will leave you both open to the charge of treason.  People are now waking up to what is really going on and we have lost patience with the criminality and treason currently being practised by our elected servants in Parliament as they continue to distress our country’s sovereignty and ability to defend itself.


As a lawful demand, and in recognition of Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215, we, the undersigned, will now allow you a period of forty days from the date of this letter to make the necessary arrangements within Her Majesty’s Treasury in order to create a new sovereign, debt-free money supply based on the wealth, integrity and potential of our nation to meet the future security, well-being and happiness of the British people.


Iceland has already stood up to the bankers and won – now it’s our turn!