Yet another child wanders out of a nursery


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Yet another toddler just wanders out of a nursery.

What the fuck is going on?

To my knowledge that is four toddlers (5 with the other one mentioned in the article) in the past year alone who has been allowed to simply wander off.

And its always someone else’s fault… Have you noticed that?

If that was my child or grandchild I would go absolutely fucking berserk.

Not that it would be my child or Grandchild.

Fuck me, the nursery staff can’t look after the ones they have already, yet the government are set to up the limit of children that one person can look after.

I see little point in having children and then dumping them in a nursery while the parents go out to work to pay the nursery fees.

By the time they pick their little one up it is bedtime, or the parent is too busy doing all the household chores that they couldn’t do because they were at work, to have time to spend with their child.

Fuck me! No wonder we get more emotionally detached and needy with every new generation.

Neither is “we both have to work just to feed ourselves, little Johnny and pay the bills” good enough.

If that is the case, then you need to make a stand against the government as opposed to meekly and cowardly complying at the expense of your child’s well being.

What the fuck is wrong with you spineless freaks?

Fuck me, it wasn’t like this 30 or 40 years ago.

So what has changed apart from the rich have got considerably richer and the ‘managing very nicelys’ have got considerably poorer.

I’m fucked if my Clayton will be looked after by nursery staff who are just doing a job… And I’m fucked if he will have any poison injected into him either, John Crudeass.

I don’t baa to no cunt.



Boy, 3, found wandering in the street by passing driver after walking out of nursery

  • Tamimul Islam is said to have been missing from his Oldham nursery for more than an hour
  • Woman driving past found him and returned him to his family
  • School investigating and may taken disciplinary action


PUBLISHED: 22:45, 23 September 2013 | UPDATED: 23:00, 23 September 2013


A child of three was found wandering the streets alone after walking out of his nursery school.

Tamimul Islam is believed to have been by himself for up to an hour before a woman driving past found him and returned him to his family.

The toddler told the woman he wanted to go home rather than back to St Hilda’s Primary in Oldham, Greater Manchester, which he had only attended for a few days.

His shocked father, Khairul Islam, said: ‘A lady who was driving saw my son walking by himself. She followed him and asked him where he was going. The family is still shocked.

‘When I saw him at 1.45pm in my house, I didn¹t know what to say.

Investigation: Gillian Pursey, head teacher at St Hilda's in Oldham, said disciplinary action may be takenInvestigation: Gillian Pursey, head of St Hilda’s in Oldham, pictured, said disciplinary action may be taken


‘Anything could have happened to him and the school couldn’t explain what happened.’

Tamimul’s aunt, who did not want to be named, said: ‘People should have been watching him and guarding the main entrance to make sure that no child could get out.

We cannot be sure how long he was outside the school on his own but it could have been over an hour.

If he had walked for a few minutes more he could have walked into a main road by himself and been seriously hurt.’

The school has apologised to the family and launched an investigation to determine how he was allowed to leave.


According to Gillian Pursey, head teacher at St Hilda’s, disciplinary action may be taken ‘if appropriate’.

She said: ‘We were extremely concerned for the welfare of the boy and we unreservedly apologise for the obvious distress this caused to him and his family.

‘We are taking this incident extremely seriously and are conducting an internal investigation to find out exactly what happened.

‘If appropriate, this could lead to disciplinary action to ensure it never happens again.

Scandal: It is the second uproar at the school after teachers allegedly went to a wedding in January but claimed they were at a training dayScandal: It is the second uproar at the school after teachers allegedly went to a wedding in January but claimed they were at a training day. The incident was reported by a parent


‘The welfare of each and every child here is our top priority and we will not hesitate to act if we find that this situation could have been prevented.’

St Hilda’s most recent Ofsted inspection in July rated it as good in all categories, including the behaviour and safety of pupils and leadership and management.

Inspectors said ‘pupils say they feel safe at school and have confidence in adults to take care of them’.

This is the second scandal surrounding St Hilda’s this year.

In January, a parent complained that teachers attended a colleague’s wedding when they claimed to be on a staff training day.

Tamimul’s case is also the second time a child has gone missing from a primary school this month.

Louise Hilton, two, walked all the way home from Windmill Nursery in Runcorn.

Arriving at the house, half a mile away, she knocked on the door and announced: ‘Mummy, mummy, I’m home.’

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