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Christopher Spivey


I am working on two major articles at the moment hence the lack of new content.

The articles are about the Tunisian museum shooting and the old bollox about these non-existent teenage girls taking themselves off to join ISIS – of which I hold the evidence to blow both lots of bullshit right out of the water… Especially so in the case of the latter.

Course, the tasks aren’t made any quicker – or easier – by the fact that the two hoaxes are constantly evolving and changing in order to try and clear up the glaring anomalies & holes running prevalent throughout the storylines.

But if that isn’t bad enough, quite, quite unbelievably, the scriptwriters are also expanding the nonsensical drivel in the hope of interweaving their latest fuck-ups into older bigger fuck-ups, leading to one big confusing, major fuck up.

Honest to Dog, you would think that the government would at least be smart enough to employ scriptwriters with a certain degree of understanding where human behaviour is concerned – especially in times of crisis,

Yet Camercon & Co insist on continually using the useless reprobates who are that far removed from reality that they take their cue from Eastenders and Corrie when writing their latest dramatic piece of drivel.

I mean, 15 and 16 year old girls cant find their get up and fucking go, let alone find Syria… Indeed, the very notion that these teenage girls – who are always way ahead of their peers in the intelligence department – would fuck off to become Jihadi Jackies is a major, major insult to anyone with half a brain.

Unfortunately, not many people these days can even stake claim to having half a brain – which is evidenced by the huge number of Chimp reading chumps leaving moronic comments on the never ending terrorism articles that the Monkey-Cunts are churning out faster than Boris Becker can shoot his load in a broom cupboard.

Yet the stories are that far-fetched that I can easily prove beyond all doubt that these Jihadi brides are nothing more than the figment of a lard-arsed, toffee-nosed, Duncan Smythe-Cockthrush type, half toasted crumpet’s imagination – and who, having been buggered senseless at Oxford or Cambridge, wouldn’t know the first thing about reality if it jumped up and repeatedly slapped him extremely fucking hard across his horse like facial features, whilst shouting; “how’s this for a reality byte Cockthrush… You Cunt”?

It is all bollocks and you just know that their are millions of pounds being syphoned off of the multi-billion pound security budget by very rich psycho-paedos who pocket real wage packets courtesy of James Bond’s who only live in the bowels of Cockthrush’s imagination – making himself busy globetrotting around Google Earth in order to thwart these non-existent terrorist threats.

Take these 9 British newly qualified doctors, who were conveniently finishing their studies off in Africa, when all at once they all thought “fuck it, the only way is Jihadi” … And with that being the case, they quickly fucked off to Syria:

Nine British medical students have travelled to Syria to work in hospitals in Islamic State-held areas, it emerged last night.

Four women and five men entered the country last week, keeping their plans secret from relatives until shortly before they crossed the border.

Turkish politician Mehmet Al Ediboglu told The Observer: ‘We all assume they are in Tel Abyad now, which is under Isis control. Source

Fuck me! Mehmet the Muppet has been busy as ya fucking like these past few months.

But here is the thing. IT DIDN’T FUCKING HAPPEN… Three of the nine are the same fucking person for fucks sake.


Another one of them is played by the bird who plays the twin 16 year old sisters from Manchester, who fucked off to Syria last year… She, who is they, is also as busy as ya fucking like at the moment playing the part of Amira Abase – the fifteen year old who supposedly fucked off to Syria with her two mates on February the 17th just gone.

We know that this is true because all three are caught on CCTV at Gatwick – albeit that was two fucking years ago but shhh… And obviously there are still the new photos to pose for.

Meantime Amira’s old man – whose first name is his daughter’s surname – has been badly photoshopped into a Anjem Clam Choudary led demo, which is quite a strange thing to do to a Jew who lives in Jerusalem… They really could make this shit up.

And I see that after weeks of wracking his brain, Duncan Smythe-Cockthrush has finally come up with a name for that pilot who went for a dump mid flight only to find that he couldn’t get back in the drivers seat due to Conkers Bonkers, Co-Pilot, Gay Lube locking him out of the cockpit so as he could have a turn at saying “Roger That Tower“… Big mistake of course and I hear his last words were in fact “Roger that towe… Fuck, a mountain”:

A shrine created in memory of those killed during the Germanwings crash has revealed the first picture of the hero pilot who tried to break into the plane’s cockpit.

Staring straight ahead, eyes firmly on the camera, this is the only photograph to have emerged of Patrick Sondheimer, the pilot of the doomed flight.

Yet the shrine, at Germanwings’ headquarters in Cologne, which was erected in memory of the staff killed during the tragedy, controversially also includes a picture of co-pilot Andreas Lubitz. Source

A shrine dedicated to someone who wasn’t? Now there’s a novelty.

Course, it goes without saying that the first photo of Captain Pat Sod’imhere, who I personally would have given the surname ‘Onderbach‘, is the type of photo that only a person stuck in a late 19th century time warp would have kept.

But not to worry, there will be any amount of top quality photos next week of a person looking fuck all like the grainy image we see today.

ttt Germanwings01.jpg

It’s a fucking good job that I’m not sarcastic.

Okay, quiz time: What do the ISIS Leadership, the Germanvings Splatten Plop-Mountain Top-Strop and the Nein Nine Naughty Doctor Who’s Who Hoax all have in common?

Answer: Simples! They are all fronted by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

ttt Germanwings01.jpg

Obviously MOB is one of the nine doctors who has buggered of the Syria.

And finally – but only because I still have loads to fucking do – A massive well done to our very own Benny who confronted his schoolboy MP, Hancock Smythe Cockthrush, after the obnoxious spunk dribbler voted no to amending the Official Secrets Act thus allowing guilty paedo politicians a get-out-of-jail-free card.

You done absolutely fucking brilliant mate, well done.

And it’s because of the likes of Benny and others of his kind – solid, brave, nice people possessing an unwavering, steel eyed determination to bring about real change – that keeps this site head & shoulders above the shill shite.

Right, that’s it, I’m off… Byyeeeeeeee