World War 3? Do Me A Favour!


Christopher Spivey


American President Donny Fart allegedly asked the question: ‘What kind of a nation wants to be associated with the mass murder of innocent men, women and children?’ before apparently unleashing a missile strike on Syria.

Has the fucking hypocrite forgotten about his own country’s genocide that wiped out up to 18 million Red Indians? Or the millions of innocent men, women and children killed or maimed by American troops in the two wars on Iraq… And that is just for starters.

Course, his illegal bombing of Syria in theory could spark WW3 resulting in the mass murder of his own “innocent men women and children“…

How The West Was Won: Part 2

PHOTO: Donny Fart following the Third Reich blueprint for the NWO

But it won’t of course.

You see, his criminal military action – with the help of our cuntry’s transvestite leader and the French chief puppet – was nothing more than a play act designed to both outrage and terrify those of us living in the “civilized world“.

A Political Trans-Formation Shrouded In Evil

PHOTO: Terry May – how could anyone take that cunt seriously?

Indeed, if you have read my article “How The West Was Won. Part 1” you will know that the aim of these Satanic leaders is to lead the world into chaos… Not destroy the world with nuclear bombs.

And fuck me they are doing a good job.

However, what you have to do is think about it logically and not in terms of: “President Assad murdered his own people by unleashing a chemical attack on them and that justifies the air strikes“. Or the opposing view: “it has fuck all to do with us what the Syrian government do or don’t do. it is not worth going to war over“… Both of which are designed to split public opinion and both of which work on the premise that the attack actually happened.

Instead you have to look at the third option, namely it was all a play act with all the participants in on the fraud and that includes English College Hospital, educated, Syrian President, Assad who is married to an English sort… Making his children British.

Meanwhile, the criminally insane, alleged Paedophile Putin has long been a tool… Of those who really pull the strings of power.

PHOTO: Who knows? Perhaps it’s a Russian thing

But then again, only those with huge skeletons in their closets get to be world-leaders/puppets.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that there is not going to be a WW3 – although keeping the population believing that we are on the brink of it is good for business – and this latest play act will certainly not be the cause if ever there is one.

Indeed you only have to look at the total bollox published by the Chimp to know that.

I mean last week Putin warned that there will be huge consequences for any military action taken by the West against Syria… If any Russian blood is spilt:

No Russian blood was spilt… Indeed it would seem that all Russian personnel were conveniently moved out of harms way before the attack began.

Which is just as fucking well because Putin’s scare tactics involved threatening to bomb Cyprus – an island that has between 60,000 and 80,000 British Citizens living on it… Did the British Government warn them to leave the island for their own safety?

Did it fuck.

Why not?

Because it is a play act.

I mean of course the Russians knew the attack was coming because it was announced two days ago that Donny Fart was sending a HUGE armada of 12 warships to the Mediterranean.

HUGE, I say fucking HUGE… Although the American Navy has more than 430 ships & submarines at its disposal… So not very huge at all really.

Besides, do you really think that if those dozen ships were an invading force, the public would be privy to such information?

Get real.

Course, America with those 430 war vessels and 3700 aircraft in the Navy alone didn’t need the UK or France’s participation. Indeed, as far as I can see, the only two reasons for our cuntry to be involved is to further undermine the pretence of our existing democracy and to pave the way for the useless idiot, Jeremy Corbyn to become our next Prime Mincer… Something I told you would happen over two years ago.

Mind you, He-She sees the situation differently:

So, it is our “national interests” to severely piss off the country that could bring us to our knees in a matter of days by turning off our gas supply… No need to bomb us, just pull the plug on our gas lines… Roger that:

As for gas, which accounts for just under 40 per cent of total energy consumed in Britain, 43 per cent currently comes from UK production, 44 per cent comes from European pipelines (of which a third is ultimately supplied by Russia). The remaining 13 per cent is imported in the form of liquified natural gas (LNG) – either from Qatar, the US or, since of this year, the Yamal LNG project in Russia’s Arctic. Putin’s sale of this gas to the UK, when Russia is still under EU sanctions following the annexation of Crimea, is something of a PR coup for him. It sends the message that however much we would like to retaliate against him economically, we are constrained by our dependence on Russian energy. Source

BORIS Johnson’s tough-guy stance against Moscow after the suspected poisoning of an M16 double-agent was made to look like a load of hot air today after emergency supplies of Russian gas arrived in Britain.

The UK has become heavily dependent on gas imports since the closure of an off-shore storage facility last year and shortages sparked by last week’s sub-zero cold snap highlighted both the fragile state of British energy security and the importance of staying onside with the Russian suppliers. Source

As for France’s involvement? Fuck knows why, other than Mr & Mrs Assad speak fluent French.

Nevertheless, you have to wonder how attacking a country with air and sea power is not an act of war, yet clearly it isn’t these days since our Tranny Prime Mincer may well have dodged Parliaments approval but he-she could not possibly have done the same without Sweaty Betty’s say so.

But that is by the by since it would appear that anyone is allowed to attack Syria. I mean ISIS do it all the time with their army of 300,000 fifteen year olds, taking over military airbases, power stations and oil supplies whenever they fancy… Apparently.

So why should Assad be bothered if America, Britain and the country of white-flag wavers attack… As long as the Russians living and working in Syria are safely out of the way of course.

I mean it is not as if the inconvenience would interrupt him serenading his wife with Charles Aznavour songs:


Nevertheless, it appears that 105 missiles were launched in the attack at three alleged Chemical & Biological Warfare Instillation… Over 70 of them at an above ground instillation and presumably 15 or 16 each at the two underground facilities.

But then again why waste missiles on underground facilities – despite them being more likely to hold chemical & biological weapons of mass destruction – when they are so fucking hard to photograph.

I mean, the above ground facility is a photographers dream with the Worlds Press apparently on site at the break of dawn to take photos of the ruins… And whilst it was happening of course:

Perfect timing.

I wonder if those press photographers were wearing Chemical & Biological warfare suits since there MUST have been – and still must be – all manner of deadly germs in the air.

After all, these chemicals are released in bombs so logic dictates that there must be all manner of Anthrax and shit airborne all over Syria and beyond right now.

Thank fuck they moved the Russians out of the way.

Never mind the 70 odd cruise missiles fired at the place, does that look like a top secret military installation?

Of course it fucking doesn’t.

We may be ruled by mad cunts but they are mad cunts who love themselves, their lives of luxury, power and control… And as such, they are certainly not about to destroy all that they value so dearly.

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