Why the f*** are we paying 650 useless c***s a fortune just so as they can f*** the country and make our lives unbearable?


Chris Spivey

According to yesterdays Daily Mail, former government guru, Steve Hilton has said that David Cameron only learns about government decisions when they are reported by the media. Course, Downing Street played the report down by saying that it was “Steve just being Steve”… Oh that all right then.

However,  Cameron’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Oliver Dowden, in his first interview with The Telegraph last year expressed concerns that the Prime Minister’s office is “dysfunctional” and admitted that ‘The first thing I do in the morning… is turn on the Today programme and hear what’s going on. Hopefully, we will have some sense of what’s coming up anyway, but often you’ll get surprised.’… Oh! Not so all right then.

For the past few weeks I have been asking the question; “just what the fuck do our government ministers do for a living”?

We know that they spend a lot of time in Parliamentary Lala Nonce Land. We know that they are wholly corrupt and we know that we are made to suffer by them in the form of their ‘austerity measures’.

I still maintain that if the country was run properly, then we wouldn’t need austerity measures. I’m not the only one: http://www.chrisspivey.co.uk/?p=4156.

We could in fact all be enjoying an infinitely better life than we are. However, as it stands the ever tightening, unnecessary measures are having a catastrophic effect on the country with people now actually starving. And you only thought that happened in Africa didn’t you? Well not according to theInstitute of Opinion it doesn’t:

“The Government’s austerity measures are hitting the country hard. According to Trussell Trust, Britain’s leading food bank network, almost every day sees emergency food parcels being given to parents who are going without meals to provide decent staple food for their children. In 2008, the Trust supplied food parcels to 28,000 people. Last year, the numbers increased to 128,000. Quality meals are handpicked from 1,225 tonnes of food donated by the public, schools, and businesses (not the ‘caring’ government, take note – Spivey).

The trust estimates that about half a million people will benefit from being recipients of food parcels by 2016. Trussell Trust started out modestly in 2004 with only one foodbank, which has now grown to a staggering 255. Figures have shown that two foodbanks on average have been opening up every week to accommodate clients, mostly working families going through difficult circumstances, due to low incomes or because they are on benefits”.

We know that the Government Civil Servants do fuck all for their hefty wages which also according to yesterdays Daily Mail, appears to be backed up by Steve Hilton:

He became so frustrated by the civil service that he tried to persuade Mr Cameron to slash the number of Whitehall officials by two-thirds – only to be blocked by the Cabinet Secretary.

Also, according to Steve Hilton ”ministers spend only 30 per cent of their time dealing with the Government’s priorities, with 40 per cent spent handling diktats (an order which must be obeyed) from the European Union and the rest on ‘random things”… They don’t do a fucking lot then.

Taking the above mentioned figure of 40% of their time spent on European Union Diktats, it is interesting to note that according to the Daily Express last year:

BRITAIN’S membership of the European Union is costing every household in the country an average of £750 a year, new research reveals. Figures released last night show nearly £20billion from UK taxpayers is being poured into Brussels coffers annually.

So, our politicians spend nearly half their working week following orders which are costing every family in the UK £750 a year, which could rise up to as much as £1000 per yr according to UKIP.

Leaked Whitehall documents estimate that EU energy regulations designed to cut carbon emissions were alone costing the UK between £5billion and £11billion a year.

Course, it was the Paedophile, child killer, and Ex Premier Dead Heath who on January the 1st 1973 took us into the EU, or as it was called back then, the Common Market. It has since emerged that Heath was Blackmailed into taking the country into the Common Market under very ‘unfavourable terms’.

Not that Heath was the UK’s first bad manager. Our Governments have been totting up a fraudulent debts for nigh on a Hundred years. We are now at a point where Grant Thornton, an accountancy firm has estimated that, debt interest will cost £58 billion, exceeding Government spending on education in England and almost as much as the Treasury raises from VAT.

Note that £58 Billion is the cost of interest repayments, not the cost of the debts. Course, with all government spending figures, the true costs are hard to find out until they are years old. However, taking the following figures from 2009 , you can still get an idea of what I mean:

 This year, motorists will pay £26.6 billion in fuel duty. At the same time, the Government will pay out £27.2 billion debt interest to the investors who hold Treasury bonds. Source The Telegraph.

And therein lies the main source of the problem, i.e. the Banking Cartels AKA the Banksters. The Bankster and large Corporations own our government lock stock and barrel. In an article from Eyre International published last July Peter Eyre stated:

The financial King of the world himself Baron David de Rothschild who runs the Rothschild Banking Business today and who sees a New World Order in Global Banking Governance – Yes Folks that’s what he said – His Exact Words – The Rothschild’s have helped the British government since financing Wellington’s army to fight the French in 1815 and continue to pull the strings of the world today.

The true “Axis of Evil” – The City of London

Unsurprisingly, the article was called; Austerity measure to remain for decades whilst politicians carry out massive fraud . The clue is in the title.

Course, the Cunt Cameron would deny such a thing, but you only have to look at how he professes to despise anyone involved in tax avoidance to realise that he is full of shit. The hugely obnoxious Gideon Osborne is of the same ilk. The following is from the Independent:

Chancellor George Osborne was also on board, promising to crackdown on“aggressive tax avoidance” in his Budget speech.

Since then, the press have outed high-profile tax avoiders at regular intervals including top level civil servants, mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone, musician-turned-activist Bob Geldofand  comedian Jimmy Carr, whose K2 tax scheme David Cameron branded “morally wrong”. But if everyone agrees these schemes are wrong, why are they still legal?

The newspaper then goes on to name  a few facts on tax avoidance.

1% – Income tax rate reportedly available to members of the legal K2 tax scheme used by Jimmy Carr.  Source: The Independent

98 – Number of FTSE 100 companies operating out of tax havens. Source: ActionAid

£25bn – Estimated annual cost of tax avoidance, according to 2008 research. £13billion of this is lost to individuals and £12billion to the 700 largest corporations. Source: Tax Research UK and the TUC

10% – Average rate of tax paid by top earners, according to a confidential HMRC study seen by George Osborne. Source: The Telegraph

Did you clock that £25 Billion tax avoidance figure? Tax avoidance in turn is small fry when it comes to Tax Evasion. The following is  from the Public and Commercial Service Union:

The current government is attacking the welfare system by cutting £18 billion from welfare, while giving away more than £25 billion in corporate tax breaks over the same period. It is emphasising the cost of fraud when £1.5 billion is lost in this way, but turning a blind eye to £120 billion of tax lost through evasion, avoidance and non-collection.

That in turn is loose change when you consider the £13 – £20 TRILLION Hoard Hidden From Taxman by Global Elite. The Global Elite are of course, mainly made up of the Banksters and Corporate big wigs.

Not hard really then, to see that those cunts in Parliament are taking the right fucking piss. However, it is hardly surprising that Cameron hasn’t got a fucking clue what his Ministers are up too. All of our Politicians are supposedly well educated. Unfortunately, its not easy to educate those who are inherently thick as fuck. Perhaps that is why, whenever I think of Politicians I always get a mental image of either ‘Tim Nice But Dim’ or ‘Tory Boy’  flash through my mind.

Hardly surprising, when you take into account that in March last year  Civil servants tasked with reducing Whitehall bills found ways to save £159 Million.

£159 Million! “That’s fucking brilliant Chris. Nothing wrong with that at all”.

That would of course be true, if it hadn’t cost £1.4 Billion to find the ways to save £159 Million. Useless Cunts.

And let us not forget that for all the money that our political incompetents waste, they want paying top dollar for doing it. Moreover, on top of their high wages the robbing cunts still claimed nearly £90 Million in Expenses, the majority of which, were things that we Ordinary Joe’s have to pay for ourselves.

Never the less, despite falling wages throughout the country and the odious cunts Ian Dickhead Smith& Mr Bean-Osborne plotting together to cap benefit rises at 1%, the useless robbing bastards still want a 32% wage rise for themselves:

Parliamentary survey shows majority believes £86,250 would be fair, with third saying final-salary pensions should be retained.

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So, taking into account all of the above while bearing in mind that Belgium went 17 months without a government – yet still out performed most other European countries including the UK – I now find myself rephrasing  my original question to:

Why the fuck are we paying 650 useless cunts a fortune just so as they can fuck the country and make our lives unbearable?

Until the next time,

Much love,


PM ‘finds out what’s going on from radio’: Bureaucrats run the show, says former No 10 guru

The Daily Mail

David Cameron often only learns about government decisions when they are reported by the media, his former policy guru has revealed.

Painting a shambolic picture of the Downing Street operation, Steve Hilton said the inability of No 10 to control government decisions was ‘pretty horrific’.

‘Very often you’ll wake up in the morning and hear on the radio or the news or see something in the newspapers about something the Government is doing,’ he said.

David Cameron’s former strategy guru Steve Hilton (left) has revealed that the Prime Minister often finds out about his own government’s policies through the radio and in newspapers

‘And you think, well, hang on a second – it’s not just that we didn’t know it was happening, but we don’t even agree with it! The Government can be doing things… and we don’t agree with it? How can that be?’

Mr Hilton revealed that ministers spend only 30 per cent of their time dealing with the Government’s priorities, with 40 per cent spent handling diktats from the European Union and the rest on ‘random things… which were not anything to do with the coalition agreement’.


He described how No 10 is frequently left out of the loop as important policy changes are pushed through by ‘paper-shuffling’ civil servants who made life ‘impossible’ for ministers by drowning them in paperwork. ‘The bureaucracy masters the politicians,’ he said.

Mr Hilton, who is credited with masterminding Mr Cameron’s ‘detoxification’ of the Conservative Party in opposition, is regarded as his closest friend in politics and spent years as his policy adviser.

Steve Hilton, who was the Prime Minister's 'blue skies thinker' and remains one of his closest friends, said Cameron often opposes the measures his own ministers put forwardSteve Hilton, who was the Prime Minister’s ‘blue skies thinker’ and remains one of his closest friends, said Cameron often opposes the measures his own ministers put forward


Born in 1969, a child of Hungarian immigrants, Hilton was a scholarship boy at Christ’s Hospital and studied PPE at Oxford.

He met Cameron when he was seconded from Saatchi & Saatchi to work on John Major’s 1992 election – when he came up with the ‘New Labour, New Danger’ advertisement.

Hilton set up a marketing consultancy, Good Business which worked with Nike, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola.

He was widely credited with  his rebranding the ‘nasty party’ and turning Old Etonian Cameron into ‘Dave’.

Hilton’s role was seen as marketing the prime minister for the more liberal audience who had switched to Blair in 1997.

It is believed Stewart Pearson in the biting TV satire The Thick Of It is based on Hilton.

He would often walk around Number 10 without shoes on, and hosted meetings in stockinged feet.

His controversial and radical views, including scrapping maternity leave, abolishing JobCentres, suspending consumer rights laws for nine months ‘to see what would happen’ and ignoring some EU employment regulations, drew strong criticism from all parties.


In March last year he announced he was taking a 12-month ‘sabbatical’ teaching at Stanford University in California.

Friends said he had become disillusioned with the difficulty of driving through reforms. He became so frustrated by the civil service that he tried to persuade Mr Cameron to slash the number of Whitehall officials by two-thirds – only to be blocked by the Cabinet Secretary.

His reported comments came during a lecture to students in California. Mr Hilton complained that the paperwork associated with everyday decisions was impossible for ministers and special advisers to wade through, so many policy changes were simply nodded through.

‘They can be quite trivial things but they can be quite serious as well, and they can certainly affect the real world,’ he said.

‘That’s how you end up with stuff happening that the Government is doing that the people running the Government don’t know about, or disagree with. When you start thinking about how things get decided, it’s pretty incredible… it’s a brilliant system for paper-shuffling people to be in control.’

Asked about the comments, a Government source said: ‘We don’t recognise the picture he has painted. It’s just Steve being Steve.’

But his description of life in No 10 is strikingly similar to that painted by Mr Cameron’s deputy chief of staff, Oliver Dowden, who said last year: ‘The first thing I do in the morning… is turn on the Today programme and hear what’s going on. Hopefully, we will have some sense of what’s coming up anyway, but often you’ll get surprised.’

Mr Cameron was critical of New Labour’s ‘control freak’ approach and determined to allow ministers more freedom. But No 10 has been wrong-footed by announcements on everything from selling off forests to scrapping school milk, which have had to be reversed.


I am surprised every day, says David Cameron’s ‘crisis manager’

One of the Prime Minister’s key advisers has admitted that most of his time is spent on “day-to-day crisis management”, amid growing Conservative unease that Downing Street is losing control.

The Telegraph

In his first interview, Oliver Dowden, David Cameron’s deputy chief of staff who oversees domestic policy, disclosed that he was “surprised on a day-to-day basis” by the news agenda.

The admission will add to concerns that the Prime Minister’s office is “dysfunctional” and unable to influence events following the resignation of key members of staff.

The Daily Telegraph has learnt that several members of the Cabinet are now privately giving warnings that the growing allegations of government incompetence will undermine the Conservatives’ re-election efforts.

One Cabinet minister said that Mr Cameron needed to “sharpen and harden” the Downing Street operation as the Conservatives would be judged on “competence, not compassion”.

In an interview with an American public broadcaster at the end of last month, Mr Dowden, nicknamed “Olive” by other aides, gave a rare insight into the uncertainty inside Downing Street.

He said: “Most of my time is spent on day-to-day crisis management — is the term we use.”

The aide jokingly added that “we are not permanently in crisis” before disclosing how he was trying to ensure that Conservative MPs stayed “on message” during media interviews.

However, he admitted that he often only discovered the daily political agenda by listening to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“Of course, the first thing I do in the morning, if I’m not woken up by my very young children, I turn on the Today programme and hear what’s going on,” he said. “Hopefully we will have some sense of what’s coming up anyway, but often you’ll get surprised by what’s going on …”

Asked when he was last surprised, he replied: “I’m surprised on a day-to-day basis. There is no accounting for the conduct of individuals.”

Last week, the Government found the news agenda dominated by the continuing

“plebgate” scandal over Andrew Mitchell, a row over the Chancellor travelling first class by train and a botched energy announcement made by Mr Cameron.

Positive unemployment figures, a fall in the crime rate and the lowest hospital waiting time figures were all overshadowed.

Mr Dowden’s remarks were in contrast to previous Downing Street communications chiefs who would boast that they could correctly guess the following day’s headlines. Many senior Labour figures are privately amazed that Mr Cameron’s advisers appear to have lost control and are being buffeted by events just two years after the election.

Several Cabinet ministers have become critical of the Downing Street operation, which is said not to focus enough on long-term strategy. Civil servants are increasingly influential on policy.

It is also alleged that the team regularly lacks the ability to make swift, firm decisions on issues such as whether to defend disgraced ministers such as Mr Mitchell.

One Cabinet minister said: “We will be judged on this incompetence. Margaret Thatcher was not liked but she was backed by the public because she was seen as effective.”

The minister added that the Downing Street machine was “dysfunctional”. “There has been no political heavyweight adviser since [Andy] Coulson and [Steve] Hilton left,” he said. “[George] Osborne is the only political figure left with influence in No 10.”