Who’s up for a row?



Talk about taking the piss. Thames water are talking about imposing a  £29 surcharge on millions of customers.

Thames are Britain’s biggest water company with profits of £1.7billion made over the last five years.

At the same time Thames have paid dividends of some £1.4billion to its private owners, including investment funds owned by the governments of China and Abu Dhabi. Source

Now, personally, I don’t pay water rates… Fuck em. I haven’t done for something like 13 years – time fly’s it could be longer.

However, I know only too well that people are frightened of taking a lone stand… Fair enough, so do it together then.

I have just received  the following email from a reader of mine named Paul in regard to these proposed increased water rates charges:


Just watched the ITN news about the £30 the water companies intend to put on our already sky high bills.

Surely WE, the British public have GOT to make a stand….every penny of our income is being taken (robbed ) from us to the extent that we are financially dry….it can’t go on… Life won’t be worth going on.

While utility company CEO’s are getting richer and fatter, WE are slowly getting to the point that we will suffer malnutrition and ultimately anorexia.

My proposal is to set up a peaceful, sit down and silent camp at the southern end of Whitehall, stretching all round Piccadilly for however long it takes… Days? Weeks?

I’m up for it but obviously need numbers.  

In our thousands, what are the police going to do? Arrest means filling a police station – several police stations.

It will still leave thousands on the camp!

To join the campaign would be in the public’s own interests. We’ve really nothing to lose; at least we’ll get a free hot meal inside.

As YOU know, this sort of action has taken place in many countries with positive results…This government needs to be forced from office!

Best wishes,


Paul, I think it is a great idea mate. It heartens me that there are still some who are not prepared to take whatever shit is thrown at them.

As for the rest of you?  You can either sit idle and wait for the end, or you can stand up and be counted with Paul.

If you are up for it, leave a comment saying so.

Remember, Paul cannot do it without your support.