Who’s first?

Christopher Spivey


Was the election fixed?

Indeed, it certainly looks that way. After all, the press were touting this as the tightest election ever despite the weakness of the opposition.

I mean, Ed Willieband for fucks sake? C’mon, he looks exactly like what he is: A spoilt little mummy’s boy, with an overriding sense of entitlement, who cries at the drop of a hat when things don’t go his own way.

Mind you, he does make me giggle, like the time that he was snubbed by Bill Clinton at the extremely late – late, Nelson Mandela bash.

Williband had stood up as Billy Clit walked towards him, in readiness to exchange pleasantries with the former American actor, only for cigar tootin Bill to walk straight passed Ed D’Ball, without so much as a nod of the head or how’s your father as he walked a few seat lengths further where he warmly exchanged pleasantries with our former Deputy Prime Mincer, Nick ‘da lot‘ Clegg.


It is in fact hard to believe that the Labour party could have elected Willieband for his leadership skills and maybe, just maybe, he was elected specifically to allow the Cunt Cameron two terms in the top job.

Is big Ed finished? Most certainly, he has already resigned, with Andy Burnham, the bookies favourite to take over. Personally, I think Yvette Cooper will snatch it.


Yeah, Fuck off Wallace Willieband.

Course, neither was Clepto Clegg & his band of drunken nonces ever going to win the election outright. He couldn’t do it 5 years ago, and he certainly had no chance of even so much as a look in this time around.


And after 5 years of asking I still haven’t found out what he did for a living… Except pretend that he didn’t know about Liberal party members old and new being nonces, sex pests and alcoholics.

That and stealing public money to give to his wife’s favorite charity.

Apart from that, zilch. I mean at least John Prescott was large as life and good for a laugh.


Is Klepto Clegg finished? Certainly he too has already stepped down as the Liberal Party leader, but I would imagine that he will carry on on politics… Especially as he retained his seat.

As for Nigel Farage? Well, he played his role to perfection… After all, a politician is only an actor.

He too has quit after failing to win his seat, but if you think that we have now heard the last of the man who looks more akin to a second hand car dealer than a politician, then you best think again.

Nutcase Nigel is far from finished, he has worked far too hard to make UKip acceptable and he is like all the rest of the 650 politicians – greedy bastards for whom ‘more than enough’ is never sufficient… Besides, he will be looked after now by the real PTB, for the huge part he played in getting the Cunt Cameron re-elected.

Now, I wrote about the kind of people who make up the would be politicians at UKip, although I don’t count my brother amongst their ilk.

You see, for those who don’t know, my older brother Paul also stood in the election for the Elmet & Rothwell seat, coming a respectable 3rd – when you consider that it was his 1st General Election – behind the Tory and Labour candidates,

Indeed, his 6430 votes were enough to beat the Liberal and the Green Party candidates.

Mind you, fuck knows how he would have got on had he won since I know for a fact that he isn’t a closet gay, is not into raping children, isn’t a Satanist, hasn’t been mind controlled – well inasmuch as no more than any other average Joe has been – and he was not born into money:

Now a parish councillor in Kippax, Coun Spivey, 53, was originally an apprentice mechanic before going on to do a higher national diploma in engineering.

Asked why he felt so motivated to run for the Elmet and Rothwell constituency, he said: “I am interested in community. I try to be involved in the neighbourhood plan and I am very supportive of that, though I do believe it is a way of watering down objections to planning.

“I am dubious about its long term intent. It is portrayed as being localism but I am pessimistic. I want to be involved because I do believe in localism and that villages should stay as villages.

“I want to run simply because I believe more accountability should be taken by elected representatives and I really think they should be involved in the communities. Continue Reading

20771_230678619340_5534934_n (1)

So anyway, he has the wrong qualifications to go far in politics.

Nigel Farage on the other hand has cracked it.

Indeed you may remember that my friend Jane caught him and fellow UKip member Diane James on camera, off guard in April 2014

Now, when Jane asked Nitwit Nigel about the police covering up for the Paedo government and Paedo Prick Prince Charles, Nigel was so shocked that he didn’t deny that such a thing was happening.

Neither did he claim to know fuck all about it.

Indeed, he answered “Its all gone a bit wrong hasn’t it”… IT’S ALL GONE A BIT FUCKING WRONG!

Now there is an understatement if I ever fucking heard one.

Jane however, was not going to let him off the hook that easily and quickly followed up by asking why these nonces were being protected.

Nigel’s answer?

“Thats the way of the ruling classes isn’t it”… It certainly is Nigel – you fuking turd.

Indeed, since Nut Nut Nigel obviously knows so much about the subject, it is strange that up until now he has kept so fucking quiet on the matter.

However, Nigel Nice But Nuts quickly regained his composure – as opposed to Jane, who never fucking lost hers – and told her that he didn’t want to get hysterical about it.

Way to go Numpty Nigel.

And having reassured himself that he wasn’t going to get hysterical about “it”, he calmly told Jane that he thinks that the Establishment has gone wrong.

In turn, Jane being a true warrior and knowing when she has outstayed her welcome, left the red faced Nigel alone and set off to give UTwits Diane James a right fucking mauling.

“It’s all gone badly wrong hasn’t it”... What a fucking thing to say!

Yet like all the other self serving twats, rather than broadcast it as loud as his big mouth will allow, he keeps it to himself and meanwhile little girls & boys are being raped, tortured and murdered.

Course, the Cunt Cameron also knows what is going on… So here are 10 reasons that anyone who voted for the monster needs a proper kick in the cods.

(1) Cameron is a long time member of The Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), said to be the most influential Lobby group in the country… In fact it is estimated that at least 80 % of Conservative politicians are members:

According to the Channel 4 documentary Dispatches – Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby around 80% of Conservative MPs are members of the CFI. In 1995 Conservative politician Robert Rhodes James called it “the largest organisation in Western Europe dedicated to the cause of the people of Israel”.

The group’s 2005 strategy identified the following areas of activity: supporting Israel, promoting the British Conservative Party, fighting terrorism, combating anti-semitism, and promoting peace in the Middle East

between 2006 and 2009 the CFI funded more than 30 Conservative parliamentary candidates to visit Israel.

In 2012 CFI reconstituted itself as a private company limited by guarantee.

David Cameron, then newly elected leader of the Conservative Party, addressed the CFI annual business lunch on 30 January 2006, whose audience included half of the Conservative Parliamentary Party. As part of his speech, he stated “I am proud not just to be a Conservative, but a Conservative friend of Israel; and I am proud of the key role CFI plays within our Party. Israel is a democracy, a strong and proud democracy, in a region that is, we hope, making its first steps in that direction.” Source

Mind you Cameron did let it be known right from the start of his first term in office where his loyalties lay:

David Cameron talked warmly of finding his Jewish roots and said he had spoken about them to one of Britain’s leading rabbinical authorities.

In an interview with the JC, Mr Cameron promised to ban extremist Islamist groups, refuse visas to hate preachers and insisted that universities identify and root out radicals promoting violence, antisemitism and other racial intolerance on campus.

He also voiced his opposition to the Goldstone Report, claiming it had been biased against Israel and not enough blame had been placed on Hamas. Source

Gideon Bean – the fella whom Cameron wants to hand his job over to – is no fucking better:

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne is a vocal supporter of Israel. He recently told an audience at Jewish Care “Over the next couple of years, the state of Israel is going to face all sorts of challenges and I want you to know I am a good friend of Israel.”

He spoke warmly of his visit to the country with the Conservative Friends of Israel, speaking of “the miracle created in the desert there”.

Neither is Liam Fox:

Liam Fox is a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel and has said: “Israel’s enemies are our enemies and this is a battle in which we all stand together or we will all fall, divided.”

He has taken a tough stand on Iran, saying the world must not permit the country to acquire nuclear weapons.

Or Michael Gove:

Michael Gove received the ZF’s Jerusalem Prize in 2008, having been praised for his warm support for Israel.

He was widely praised as Shadow Education Minister for his commitment to faith schools and for the Conservative manifesto pledge to make it much easier for parents to start their own schools.

This would enable parents, who currently suffering from a lack of places in Jewish schools for their children, to create Jewish schools in areas where a shortage of places has meant children have to travel long distances to get a place.

He also pledged to step up security for Jewish schools, saying: “The idea that hardworking parents have to pay money to keep their children safe… No! I promise to make sure they are safe. They will not have to pay for security.”

As for Ian Smith – or Iain Duncan Smith as he likes to call himself:

Iain Duncan-Smith, the former Conservative leader, is a member of CFI and has recently praised the work of the CST.

He previously told a CFI meeting: “Fair weather friends have run for cover. Not the Conservatives.”

Safe to say then that Israel’s interests come before the UK’s where our government are concerned.

(2) David Cameron supports the genocide taking place in Gaza. The following was written in December 2009:

It was in this context, coupled with David Cameron’s cringing performance at this year’s annual luncheon staged by the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) — which Oborne believes to be the best-funded lobbying group at Westminster that his commentary began by dealing with Zionist manipulation of the Tory Party:

Every year, in a central London hotel, a very grand lunch is thrown by the Conservative Friends of Israel. It is often addressed by the Conservative leader of the day. Many members of the shadow cabinet make it their business to be there along with a very large number of Tory peers and prospective candidates, while the Conservative MPs present amount to something close to a majority of the parliamentary party. It is a formidable turnout.

Oborne remarked that the dominant event of the previous twelve months had been the Israeli invasion of Gaza at the start of the year. He examined the text of Cameron’s speech to see how that event was handled.

“I was shocked to see that Cameron made no reference at all to the invasion of Gaza, the massive destruction it caused, or the 1,370 deaths that had resulted. Indeed, Cameron went out of his way to praise Israel because it ‘strives to protect innocent life’. I found it impossible to reconcile the remarks made by the young Conservative leader with the numerous reports of human rights abuses in Gaza. Afterwards I said as much to some Tory MPs. They looked at me as if I was distressingly näive, drawing my attention to the very large number of Tory donors in the audience…..

“It is impossible to imagine any British political leader showing such equanimity and tolerance if British troops had committed even a fraction of the human rights abuses and war crimes of which Israel has been accused”.

The Saturday after that CFI luncheon Oborne criticized Cameron’s speech in his Daily Mail column, drawing particular attention to his failure to mention Gaza and his speaking of”Israeli respect for the sanctity of human life” and the presence of Jewish big business donors to Conservative funds.

Oborne described how the Conservative Party is “bought-and-paid-for” by the CFI. This bribery is effected not just by big cash donations to Tory Central Office and to the party leader’s “private office,” but to the constituency organizations of individual MPs — or prospective parliamentary candidates.

Oborne devoted special attention to Zabludowicz, a Finnish Jew whose father made multi-millions as an international arms dealer. That fortune has now been transferred to real estate investments, a portfolio that encompasses 40 per cent of downtown Las Vegas and a shopping mall built in an illegal settlement in the Israeli-occupied West Bank of Palestine.

Tory leader David Cameron owes Trevor Pears and Poju Zabludowicz a special debt of gratitude. When Cameron was campaigning to secure the party leadership he received a £20,000 donation from Pears and donations amounting to £15,000 from Tamares Real Estate Investments, a Zabludowicz subsidiary based in Britain.

According to Oborne, since 2005 (the year of the last Parliamentary general election) the total of the CFI’s donations to the Tory Party made in its own name, added to those made by CFI members, personal and corporate, in their own names but at the CFI’s recommendation, has been in excess of £10 million. Source


A Palestinian baby, injured in an Israeli airstrike within 'Operation Protective Edge' which killed 260 Palestinians and wounded 1980 others, is taken to Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, Gaza on July 18, 2014.

What kind of monster allows that to happen to children?

We are the bad guys… I cannot respect anyone who supports the mass genocide of innocent Men, Women & Children.

(3) Cameron is following in Tony Blair & George Bush’s footsteps by gaining a ‘god complex’:

The Prime Minister announced the Big Society during the 2010 General Election campaign but Cam reckons the son of God was the man who was really responsible for the idea.

And last night he compared himself to Jesus by claiming to be carrying on his work.  Source

David Cameron plays a game of badminton in the garden of 10 Downing Street

(4) Cameron is desperate to do away with the Human Rights Act in this country. And in order to do so he is presenting the prospect as a good thing for us all, since doing so will allow the government to deport ‘piss taking‘ foreigners & criminals.

And as always, the soft-lad electorate are falling for it hook line and sinker. Course, what the silly fuckers haven’t cottoned on to is the fact that the Human Rights act is there to protect everybody, not just non-existent, non-British Muslim extremists.

Indeed without our Human Rights to fall back on we become Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia has one of the worst human rights records in the world as the country routinely imprisons and executes dozens of people labelled as “enemies of the kingdom”. 

According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), the reign of King Abdullah – who died on Friday (23 January) at the age of 90 – brought about “marginal advances for women, but failed to secure the fundamental rights of Saudi citizens to free expression, association, and assembly.” 

The country often sparks worldwide outrage for its repression of basic freedoms and persecution of political opponents and human rights activists. 


Thousands of people are protesting at Saudi embassies around the world, following the case of activist blogger Raif Badawi, sentenced to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison for advocating free speech on his blog.

Gerald Staberock, secretary general of the World Organisation Against Torture, told IBTimes UK: “The problem in Saudi Arabia is that the judicial system is used as a tool against those who want more freedom. The case of Badawi is the most prominent at the moment, but it’s not the only one. 

“In Saudi Arabia there is the so-called ‘religious police’, whose role is to find human rights advocates and freedom fighters and punish them.”

“And then there are high courts, which do not function like in Western countries: They are not in charge of guaranteeing protection of rights, but making sure that punishments are carried out,” he continued. 

“There are also reports stating that many people who are imprisoned, often without being charged, are also tortured as the scope is to humiliate them and make them suffer. Inmates are also tortured because the Saudi Arabian legal system is based on confessions. 

“This is a gross violation of international standards, considering the fact that Saudi Arabia voluntarily subscribed to the UN convention against torture.” 

Freedom of expression

The case of Badawi is only the latest example of how the country persecutes people who simply advocate basic rights and express their opinions.

Last April, the kingdom introduced a new law expanding the concept of terrorism.

Critics say the new legislation – which uses a broad definition of “terrorism” to include any act intended to insult the reputation of the state, harm public order or destabilise the security of society – is a threat to freedom of speech and thought in the kingdom.

“The law allows people in power to crackdown on anyone,” Sara Hashash, Middle East and North Africa press officer at Amnesty International, told IBTimes UK. 

“The recent crackdown in the kingdom is targeting civil and political associations and human rights organisations,” Hashash continued. “Lots of people are prisoners of conscience and they are detained forcefully for simply stating their opinions.”

Persecution of minorities, non-Muslims and Shias 

The law introduced last April allows authorities to also persecute people who are non-believers, who are treated as enemies of the state. 

The legislation considers a terrorist anyone who “calls for atheist thought in any form, or calls into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which this country is based.” 

“There is also a widespread discrimination against migrant workers, who are harassed and discriminated,” Hashash said. 


Saudi Arabia recently made headlines worldwide for publicly beheading a Burmese woman convicted of the sexual abuse and murder of her seven-year-old step-daughter.

Public executions are common in the country,  where at least “76 people, from January 2014 to November 2014, have been killed by the authorities,” Hashash explained. 

Saudis can be executed for murder, blasphemy, banditry, homosexuality acts and infidelity. 

Middle East Eye, which often criticises Saudi Arabia for its human rights abuses, compared a set of legal punishments carried out by the Islamic State with the corresponding punishments in Saudi Arabia. Continue Reading


As it happens, we ain’t that far removed from Saudi Arabia now.

(5) Despite the unnecessary austerity cuts that the Cunt Cameron introduced under the guise of reducing the fraudulent national debt, it has still increased by £100 Billion Pounds:

During an interview with Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2, David Cameron was asked how far the national debt has risen. He was accused of failing to eliminate the deficit, and pushing up the national debt.

But rather embarrassingly for the PM, who incessantly criticises Ed Miliband for forgetting to mention the economy, he didn’t know:

“I haven’t got the figure off the top of my head.”

The answer: over £100bn. Source

Course, now that the megalomaniac is back in power there are many more cuts to come, all of which will affect the poorest & most vulnerable in our society… Yet these cuts will still not reduce the debt by a fucking penny.

(6) Cameron has shamelessly used his dead son’s name to further any cause he thinks will benefit him by doing so. Indeed, he has done it in his quest to censor the internet and he has even done it to defend himself after he was verbally attacked at the Labour Party Conference:

One of the most remarked elements of Cameron’s conference keynote was the ‘angry’ section, in which he invoked the experience of NHS care for his disabled son, whotragically died in February 2009.

Attacking what he called “complete and utter lies” promulgated at Labour conference last week, the PM jutted his jaw and grimaced:

“I just think: HOW DARE YOU!

“For me, this is personal. I’m someone who’s relied on the NHS and … who knows what it’s like when you go to hospital night after night with a sick child in your arms

“How dare they say that I would ever put that at risk for other people’s children. Source

Course, when Ivan Cameron died and the ponce no longer needed the 24 hour around the clock care paid for by the NHS – despite the cunt being a multimillionaire – the muggy looking monster really went to town:

In the interests of balance, here are some other disabled children from around the country — a nation in which 40% of children with disabilities live in poverty — who didn’t merit inclusion in his keynote address.

Five year old Reuben Sims requires round-the-clock care and breathes using a ventilator. His mother has been charged £18.40 per week for the ‘spare bedroom’ used to store Reuben’s medical supplies.


Here is Luis Rennie, who suffers from cerebral palsy and is registered blind. He has faces eviction from his family home — specially adapted at a cost of £60,000 — if his mother refuses to pay for the room used to store equipment such as wheelchairs.


And it’s not just the Bedroom Tax which is putting the squeeze on families with disabled children.

A flavour of the impact of austerity on services provided directly by local authoritiesis given in an analysis of London boroughs by Ambitious About Autism:

  • Cuts to transport services for children with special education needs
  • Cuts to children with disabilities teams
  • Charging for non-statutory services
  • Provision of statutory services at a reduced level

Charities working with deaf and blind children are reporting cuts in specialist services.

Then there’s Universal Credit, which — if Iain Duncan Smith’s team develop the competency to actually implement the policy — will leave 100,000 disabled children worse off by more than £120 per month.

Young people’s charities also face public funding cuts of almost £405 million over the five years to 2015/16 — a greater proportion than the rest of the voluntary sector.

Respite for carers is being slashed, with 8 out 10 family carers telling Mencap that “they have reached breaking point due to a lack of short breaks”:

“When you care for someone 24 hours per day and you know it’s going to be forever, sometimes a short break is your only hope.”

It’s also worth remembering what the Tories have in store for disabled children when they reach adulthood: Source


(7) Ahh yes, the disabled adults…. As far as the Cunt Cameron is concerned, they can continue to drop like ninepins:

Prime Minister David Cameron, the man who once told us a government should be judged on how well it treats the most vulnerable in society, showed us all exactly what he meant in his interview with Andrew Marr.

It means he is quite happy for them to die, as punishment for failing to attend an interview at the Job Centre. Grilled over his attitude, he made it clear that he was perfectly happy to allow the continuation of a system that kills – if it saves money…

“If you are asking me, is it right that people who are asked to turn up for interviews or asked to fill in a CV or asked to apply for a job should have to do those things before getting benefits then yes – it’s right that we do have that system in place”. Source

And a Freedom of Information document from the DWP has revealed that rather than an average of 32 deaths per week occurring as a result of Welfare Reform, that figure has now risen to an average of 73 deaths per week! Source


(8) For over quarter of a century Cameron was very good friends with one of the most violent, dangerous paedophiles that the country has ever known… His Satanic in-laws even longer.

Yes I am talking about Derek Laud. This is what the nonce monster had to say about the nonce protecting monster:

I can remember it as if it was yesterday, but in fact the year was 1996. The envelope was pristine white and the handwriting unmistakable. When I opened the invitation to David and Samantha Cameron’s wedding I was overjoyed, doubly so because I had known Sam’s family for much longer than I had known David’s. This was the wedding of the year.

I first met David Cameron in 1988. He was working in the Conservative Research Department and there he was spotted early as a rising star. I was working in the House of Commons and was not spotted for anything other than for the fact that I was black. David and I hit it off instantly. In those days he had a good sense of humour and we shared many politically incorrect jokes of the kind that we might be sent to the ‘tower’ for today. In those days we joshed each other more often than we ever discussed anything particularly seriously. He was such fun and we had more than politics in common. We both loved the country and rural pursuits. We shared a love of good food and wine.

On one occasion in the fashionable Caprice restaurant, Jeffrey Archer passed our table, held his nose and opened his lungs and at the top of his voice said, ‘Ah, the workers: how can you afford to eat here?’ David laughed, but I told Archer to ‘sling his hook’. It turned out this was one of the essential differences between David and me, -. He was always careful to get on well with those in a position to prefer him. Through me, David met some future cabinet Ministers and my revolving table included the likes of Michael Portillo, Francis Maude and Peter Lilley. I cued them all and told them all the same thing, ‘This is the future’, a phrase that David was to use years later and effectively against Tony Blair…Read more

And after reading that you have to ask yourself just why the fuck the references to Cameron have now been removed from Laud’s Wiki page although the fucking answer is obvious to me, what about you?

Or perhaps David would be so kind as to enlighten you?

So, you won’t be surprised to learn that Cameron was on a paedophile protecting Select Committee. Source

(9) Cameron is an awful judge of character and is a weak, easily led, cretin of a man hamster.

Indeed, like the whole perverted lot of them, Cameron couldn’t be faithful to his wife if he tried.

“Does that matter, after all his private life is his own business”?

Of course it matters, we are not talking about Don the digger driver who drinks down the Dog & Duck. We are talking about the country’s Prime Mincer and if he can’t be trusted to keep his marriage vows how the fuck can he be trusted on anything:

David Cameron was accused of withholding more than 130 text and email exchanges with Rebekah Brooks yesterday – as Downing Street insisted it didn’t possess a single one.

The row came as details emerged of  intimate exchanges between the Prime Minister and Rupert Murdoch’s former right-hand woman.

Two messages between the PM and the former News International chief were leaked yesterday, laying bare the cosy relationship between the pair. 

In one, Mr Cameron thanked Mrs Brooks for letting him ride one of her family’s horses, saying it was ‘fast, unpredictable and hard to control but fun’. 

She is the wife of racehorse trainer Charlie Brooks, who was at Eton with the Prime Minister, and was a member of his exclusive circle of Oxfordshire friends known as the Chipping Norton set.

In another message, Mrs Brooks praised Mr Cameron’s Tory Party conference speech in October 2009, saying: ‘Brilliant speech. I cried twice,’ and pledged: ‘Will love “working together”.’ 

The texts were among those handed to the Leveson Inquiry by News International, but were never published because they were regarded as irrelevant to the focus on the attempted Murdoch takeover of BSkyB.

Continue Reading


And of course there can be little surprise that Dave the Rave’s brother, Alex Cameron headed the legal chambers defending Brooks in the phone hacking scandal… Which of course Alex the Rave denied:

When approached by The Drum asking whether he had represented Mrs Brooks, Alexander Cameron QC responded by simply stating: “You are misinformed.”

If that is a no, why didn’t he say no?

Then again, I would imagine that if you asked Judge Graham Cottle if he was lenient on the sick-fuck paedophile Graham Ovenden, he too would reply; “you are misinformed”. Source

And then there was that photo which was supposedly only meant to be seen by 8 people:

It has now been seen by millions, but David Cameron’s sister-in-law’s snap of the Prime Minister taking a nap was only meant for eight people.

The photograph was taken by Emily Sheffield as her sister Alice prepared for her wedding day and posted on Instagram, apparently not realising it could be seen by anyone.

And there in the background is the Prime Minister – barefoot, fast asleep, one hand behind his head and with his red dispatch box full of ministerial correspondence on the bed next to him Source

Putting his feet up: David Cameron is pictured snoozing next to his red box behind his sister-in-law on her wedding day

And here is what I had to say on the matter:

Is the photo as innocent as the cunt Cameron’s sister in law Emily Sheffield is making out?

I have lived with various women and none of their sisters would have dreamt of coming into the bedroom if I was asleep.

Not without knocking first.

And especially not with a glass of wine and the intention of taking a photo.

In fact, had a photo like that turned up, all of those ex girlfriends would have wanted to know what had been going on.

Neither have I ever seen anyone sleep in that position.

As for the question of whether or not the cunt Cameron forgot his Captain Scarlet lunch box potentially containing sensitive information on the train… It wouldn’t surprise me. He once forgot he had his daughter with him when he left the pub.


(10) Cameron approached the election with the same devil may care attitude that he has used for the past 5 years.

In other words he showed little interest because he knew the outcome.

You see, according to the Chimp, former government guru, Steve Hilton said that David Cameron only learns about government decisions when they are reported by the media.

Course, Downing Street played down the report by saying that it was just “Steve just being Steve”… Oh, that’s alright then.


However,  Cameron’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Oliver Dowden, in his first interview with The Telegraph a few years back expressed concerns that the Prime Minister’s office is “dysfunctional” and admitted that ‘The first thing I do in the morning… is turn on the Today programme and hear what’s going on. Hopefully, we will have some sense of what’s coming up anyway, but often you’ll get surprised.’… Oh! Not so all right then.

Course, for years I have been asking the question; “just what the fuck do our government ministers do for a living”?

I mean, we know that they spend a lot of time in Parliamentary Lala Nonce Land.

We know that they are wholly corrupt and we know that we are made to suffer by them in the form of their ‘austerity measures’.

And I still maintain that if the country was run properly, then we wouldn’t need austerity measures. Neither am I the only one: http://www.chrisspivey.co.uk/?p=4156.

We could in fact all be enjoying an infinitely better life than we are.

Nevertheless, as it stands the ever tightening, unnecessary measures are having a catastrophic effect on the country with people now actually starving… And to think that you only thought that happened in Africa didn’t you?

Course, the obvious problem that we have in exposing these unforgivable situations is not being privy to accurate, up-to-date facts & figures – of which if they are not to the government’s liking, they are buried or heavily ‘massaged’ before release.

However, according to the Institute of Opinion:

“The Government’s austerity measures are hitting the country hard. According to Trussell Trust, Britain’s leading food bank network, almost every day sees emergency food parcels being given to parents who are going without meals to provide decent staple food for their children. In 2008, the Trust supplied food parcels to 28,000 people. Last year (2012), the numbers increased to 128,000. Quality meals are handpicked from 1,225 tonnes of food donated by the public, schools, and businesses (Take note, not the ‘caring’ government – Spivey).

The trust estimates that about half a million people will benefit from being recipients of food parcels by 2016 (1,084,604 people were given 3 days’ emergency food and support in 2014-2015 – Spivey). Trussell Trust started out modestly in 2004 with only one foodbank, which has now grown to a staggering 255 (over 400, revised figure as of 2015 – Spivey). Figures have shown that two foodbanks on average have been opening up every week to accommodate clients, mostly working families going through difficult circumstances, due to low incomes or because they are on benefits”.

Now we know that the Government Civil Servants do fuck all for their hefty wages – which Steve Hilton appeared to confirm whilst being interviewed by the Chimp:

He [Hilton] became so frustrated by the civil service that he tried to persuade Mr Cameron to slash the number of Whitehall officials by two-thirds – only to be blocked by the Cabinet Secretary.

Also, again according to Steve Hilton:

”ministers spend only 30 per cent of their time dealing with the Government’s priorities, with 40 per cent spent handling diktats (an order which must be obeyed) from the European Union and the rest on ‘random things

They don’t do a fucking lot then!

Now, taking the above mentioned figure of 40% of their time spent on European Union Diktats, it is interesting to note that according to the Daily Express last year:

BRITAIN’S membership of the European Union is costing every household in the country an average of £750 a year, new research reveals. Figures released last night show nearly £20billion from UK taxpayers is being poured into Brussels coffers annually.

So our politicians spend nearly half their working week  – which really does not amount to anywhere near as many hours as you would think – following orders and costing every family in the UK £750 a year, which could rise up to as much as £1000 per year according to UKIP.

Leaked Whitehall documents estimate that EU energy regulations designed to cut carbon emissions were alone costing the UK between £5billion and £11billion a year.

Course, it was the Paedophile, child killer, and Ex Premier Dead Heath who on January the 1st, 1973 took us into the EU – or as it was called back then, the Common Market.

It has since emerged that Heath was Blackmailed into taking the country into the Common Market under very ‘unfavourable terms’.

Not that Heath was the UK’s first bad manager. Our Governments have been totting up a fraudulent debts for nigh on a Hundred years. We are now at a point where Grant Thornton (an accountancy firm) has estimated that debt interest will cost £58 billion, exceeding Government spending on education in England and almost as much as the Treasury raises from VAT.

Note that £58 Billion is the cost of interest repayments and not the cost of the debt.

Now as I just stated, with all government spending figures, the real totals are hard to find out until they are years old. However, taking the following figures from 2009 published in the Telegraph, you can still get an idea of what I am on about:

 This year, motorists will pay £26.6 billion in fuel duty. At the same time, the Government will pay out £27.2 billion debt interest to the investors who hold Treasury bonds. 

And therein lies the main source of the problem, i.e. the Banking Cartels AKA the Banksters. The Bankster and large Corporations own our government lock stock and barrel. By voting Cameron back in you have allowed the systematic destruction of our country to continue.

Indeed, it is now obvious that Cameron was going to be re-elected by hook or by crook.

In an article from Eyre International published last July 2012 Peter Eyre stated:

The financial King of the world himself Baron David de Rothschild who runs the Rothschild Banking Business today and who sees a New World Order in Global Banking Governance – Yes Folks that’s what he said – His Exact Words – The Rothschild’s have helped the British government since financing Wellington’s army to fight the French in 1815 and continue to pull the strings of the world today. The true Axis of Evil – the City of London.

Unsurprisingly the article – which I republished – is called: Austerity measures to remain for decades whilst politicians carry out massive fraud… The clue is in the title and can be found by clicking HERE

Course, the Cunt Cameron would deny such a thing, but you only have to look at how he professes to despise anyone involved in tax avoidance to realise that he is full of shit.

Indeed, the hugely obnoxious Gideon Osborne is of the same ilk.

The following is from the Independent:

In 2010 protest group UKUncut mounted a campaign against high street tax avoiders and by 2012 Conservative Chancellor George Osborne was also on board, promising to crackdown on “aggressive tax avoidance” in his Budget speech.

Since then, the press have outed high-profile tax avoiders at regular intervals including top level civil servants, mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone, musician-turned-activist Bob Geldof and comedian Jimmy Carr, whose K2 tax scheme David Cameron branded “morally wrong”. But if everyone agrees these schemes are wrong, why are they still legal? Source

The newspaper then goes on to give a few facts on tax avoidance:

1% – Income tax rate reportedly available to members of the legal K2 tax scheme used by Jimmy Carr.  Source: The Independent

98 – Number of FTSE 100 companies operating out of tax havens. Source: ActionAid

£25bn – Estimated annual cost of tax avoidance, according to 2008 research. £13billion of this is lost to individuals and £12billion to the 700 largest corporations. Source: Tax Research UK and the TUC

10% – Average rate of tax paid by top earners, according to a confidential HMRC study seen by George Osborne. Source: The Telegraph

Did you clock that £25 Billion tax avoidance figure?

Course, there is a world of difference between ‘Tax Avoidance’ and ‘Tax Evasion’ and tax avoidance in turn is small fry when it comes to tax evasion. The following is  from the Public and Commercial Service Union:

The current government is attacking the welfare system by cutting £18 billion from welfare, while giving away more than £25 billion in corporate tax breaks over the same period. It is emphasising the cost of fraud when £1.5 billion is lost in this way, but turning a blind eye to £120 billion of tax lost through evasion, avoidance and non-collection.

That in turn is loose change when you consider the £13 – £20 TRILLION hoard hidden away from the taxman by the Global Elite – Source

The Global Elite are of course mainly made up of the Banksters and Corporate big wigs.

So it isn’t really very difficult to conclude that the cunts in Parliament are taking the right fucking piss. However, it is hardly surprising that Cameron hasn’t got a fucking scooby doo what his Ministers are up too.

I mean, despite all of our Politicians being supposedly well educated it is still not easy to educate those who are inherently thick as fuck. Perhaps that is why whenever I think of Politicians, I always get a mental image of either ‘Tim Nice But Dim’ or ‘Tory Boy’  flash through my mind.


Course, that is hardly surprising, when you take into account that under David Cameron, Civil servants tasked with reducing Whitehall bills found ways to save £159 Million.

£159 Million! That’s fucking brilliant. Nothing wrong with that at all.

And that would of course be true, if it hadn’t cost £1.4 Billion to find the ways to save £159 Million… Useless Cunts.

And let’s not forget that for all the money that our political incompetents waste, they still want paying top dollar for doing so. Moreover, on top of their high wages the robbing cunts claim on average between, £90 Million – £110 Million per annum between them in expenses – for things that the majority of us have to pay for ourselves.

Never the less, despite falling wages throughout the country and the odious cunts Ian Dickhead Smith& Mr Bean-Osborne plotting together to cap benefit rises at 1%, the useless robbing bastards still wanted a 32% wage rise for themselves:

Parliamentary survey shows majority believes £86,250 would be fair, with third saying final-salary pensions should be retainedRead More

So, taking into account all of the above, whilst bearing in mind that Belgium once went 17 months without a government – yet still outperformed most other European countries including the UK – I will repeat what I said at the beginning of this article:

Whoever voted for Cameron in the election – or any of the shower of shite as far as I am concerned – wants a good swift kick in the bollocks… Just saying.