Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Chris Spivey


♫ Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf ♫

Just so as you know, don’t cha know, I’m not singing about Wolfie, my tech guy who is both big and bad in a good kind of way… I’m talking about the government, the powers that be, the establishment, the elites, the authorities, the ruling classes or whatever name you want to use to describe the big bad wolf who eat sheep for breakfast, dinner and tea.

And unless I am mistaken – which I’m not – the answer would be; most of you.

Either that or five minutes of your valuable time is too much to spare to inform the big bad wolf that you know what he is doing and you want an explanation as to why, which is nothing other than what you are entitled to be given since you are one of the millions who pay for the big bad wolf’s upkeep.

I mean as far as I can work out, the lack of emailing by you lot has to be for one of those reasons, so if you are not a Jellyfish then it must be a case of you can’t be arsed, in which case you have no right whatsoever to whinge about anything bad which befalls you, your family or anyone at all for that matter – because your apathy in the form of silence on matters of great importance is acquiesce to the big bad wolf to keep on keepin on.

“Gerron with it Spivey, are you askin’ us for more money”?  


“Well you must be asking us t’do summat to elp you out of an ‘ole… There is after all, allus summat that you want us t’do for ya… Me, me, me all the fuckin’ time me”.  

No… Well not really ‘No’, as I want you to do something for your own benefit which I won’t say will not be of any help to me whatsoever, but you will certainly be doing yourself a lot more good than any small benefit to myself.

So, just to avoid any confusion I am talking about me asking you ALL to email – note, you don’t even have to put pen to paper, envelope it up, buy a stamp and walk to the post box – the Essex Chief Constable, Stephen Kavanagh, the Essex PCC, Nick Alston, your MP, Essex Police, the National Newspapers or any single one or more of them to register your complaint and demand an explanation as to why nigh on a million pound of public funds has been spent on an investigation carried out by the Essex Criminal Investigation Department (CID) into controversial, PUBLICLY WELL KNOWN images, to ascertain whether or not they are child pornography and concluding that; yes, indeed they are CAT:C images of child pornography, when they are in fact clearly not.

Worse still, this awful, totally incompetent, grossly unprofessional and in fact, criminal conclusion, reached following an inept, illegal, totally unnecessary, eleven month CID investigation headed by the incompetent, corrupt, useful idiot, Detective Constable Adam Coombes, leading to a criminal, fantastically huge misappropriation of public funds was reached for no other reason than to prosecute just ONE man, who had previously displayed the LEGAL (now re-classed as illegal) images which were investigated 2-3 years previously by DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR GARY BIDDLE, who took no further action and who put in writing that the point of displaying the photos was to bring awareness to the public of the horrors of child abuse and to highlight those monsters who carry it out.

“Told ja it were to help him out ov an ‘ole”!

No, wrong again. You see, just having Class C child pornography on your computer is an indictable offence which gets even more serious if you share it, followed by worse still if you distribute it, right up to the possible life sentence handed out to those heading & profiting from a child pornograpy ring.

And since these images were found on my computer – which I fully admit that they were, the reason for which has already been stated – I am entitled to a trial by jury, which tellingly the prosecution unsuccessfully tried to prevent.

And because it is a trial by jury, there is no prospect of me being convicted and very little advantage to myself by you emailing those people listed above. Indeed, if anything it will just antagonise the big bad wolf all the more, leading him to seek even more vengence… Let me explain further.

Now the photos in question include:

  • The Led Zeppelin, Houses of the Holy Album cover, re-issued in 2014 which is freely available to buy on Ebay, Amazon, Record Shops and advertised on Google, earning Led Zeppelin, millions upon millions of pounds.
  • A Nan Goldin Photograph, owned by Sir Elton John and deemed legal in a British law court.
  • A photo of a painting hung in the world famous Tate Modern Art Gallery, which I saved from the Tate Modern catalogue on their website.
  • Various paintings from various websites, painted or photographed by Graham Ovenden, which I accessed via a very quick Google search, all of which have never been declared illegal by a court of law although some of them have been declared legal by a British court of law, and many of which were once owned, displayed and sold by Sir Alastair McAlpine.
  • Photographs of Brooke Shields in a bath which although controversial, are not deemed illegal by various law courts, and which are immediately accessible by a Google search, but which I in fact stumbled upon by accident on an ICONIC PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE 20th CENTURY website, whilst researching a non-related child abuse matter.

All of which the Essex CID have somehow classed as Category C: Child Pornography Images and the CPS – who decided that despite overwhelming evidence, it was not in the public interest to charge Lord Greville Janner with Child Rape, have decided it is in the public interest to charge me with having the photos on my computer, even though there is no dispute that I had them for no other reason than to highlight the horrors of child abuse.


Of course, being an indictable offence my Barrister will be able to show the following exhibits to the Jury:


My Barrister will then go on to patiently explain to the jury the reasons that I am standing in the dock looking so unconcerned, before asking them to consider why, Led Zeppelin, The Tate Modern board of directors, various world famous photographers, Sir Elton John and his Furniture, the CEO’s of some of the biggest corporations in the world, along with their shareholders, and millions of workers who are equally as guilty as me – and in many cases, more so – are not on trial with me, or for that matter even being investigated by the police despite the police having been made aware of all those people being involved in the Child Pornography business.

And since they are not being investigated, there is no case to answer… I do not need your help on that trial – unless the jury is made up of policemen – and as such the purpose of the emails are nothing to do with the court case.

The reason for the e-mails are for the purposes of you starting to take back your own lives from those who believe that they can do whatever they want, to anyone they want, anytime they want.

We are ruled by megalomaniac monsters who have to be removed. Using my case as the catalyst for doing so, you now have an excellent opportunity to do just that – or at the very least set the wheels in motion… After all, something has to do that.

And make no mistake, this is a massive case of national importance which will largely help seal your fates should they be allowed to triumph.. You are only helping me out by backing my stand because I cannot get rid of the monsters on my own.

After all, the abominable actions perpetrated by these Monsters against me and my family are far from unique.

You only have to look at the babies being stolen from innocent parents, the money in your pocket increasingly becoming less and less, the draconian laws being introduced to curb our freedom and incarcerate innocent people made possible by the Monsters propaganda wing – the MSM.

You need to realise the kind of monster these sub-human shit-heads are and what kind of country you live in.

For instance, how can it be that an innocent, responsible, loving, married mother of four, after being faced with her youngest daughter telling her that her older brother had been making her do ‘things’, leading to the mother seeking advice from the GOVERNMENT body set up to help struggling parents: End up with the mother having no marriage, her eldest son – having never before been involved in crime and innocent of any wrongdoing – now serving a long prison sentence, her two daughters living in long term foster care and her YOUNGEST SON who was nothing to do with the allegation now DEAD, murdered by the State?

And it is for reasons like that and other unbelievable cases that I have been told about that you ALL need to be emailing the big bad wolf… Because do not ever think for one moment that it will not happen to you… That you will not become an innocent victim of the evil, cruel, vindictive State.

Indeed, you only have to look through the archives on this site to read stories like that of a respectable, middle class gentleman out shopping with his wife, when he accidentally bumped into a woman coming out of a shop that he was going into… No ones fault, it happens hundreds of times a day, except on this occasion the woman – playing the victim – launched a foul mouthed tirade of abuse at the man, whose wife then retaliated with her own verbal volley… And in doing so, the couple ended up losing everything as well as the wife receiving a criminal record, just because the ‘victim’ happened to know a person who knew someone else and so on and so on.

So why the fuck are these emails not flooding the inboxes of the people and/or organisations that I have asked you to email in support my efforts?

In fact some of those organisations are promoting Class C: Child Porn on their very own pages… The Monkey Boyz for instance.

I have published the evidence of that below so as to let you read that at your leisure, although given the evidence above, there can be no doubt whatsoever that the UK’s second biggest selling newspaper is distributing Class C: Child Pornography.

Is it not a crime to witness a crime and not report it?

Or are you far too afraid of the big bad wolf to do so?

Solved: Mystery of the iconic Led Zeppelin album cover and its golden-haired children


Last updated at 21:19 08 December 2007


Led Zeppelin’s surreal cover for their Houses Of The Holy album, featuring golden-haired children crawling across an apocalyptic landscape, is one of the most iconic images in rock history.

But while the sleeve design is familiar across the globe, what no one knows is that the young boy who appears in the photo montage is now a well-known television presenter.

Stefan Gates, of BBC2’s Cooking In The Danger Zone, was just five when he and sister Sam were innocently snapped in the nude for the shoot on the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.


His role is revealed as Led Zeppelin prepare for their historic reunion concert at London’s O2 arena tomorrow night – which has seen one million fans battle for 20,000 tickets.

Stefan, 40, has travelled to some of the world’s most dangerous regions fronting his show. But the photoshoot over ten rainy days in County Antrim remains prominent in his mind.

He had followed Sam, now 42, into child modelling after she was spotted by a talent scout. They posed together for knitwear patterns and appeared separately in commercials and TV dramas, including Poldark.

Stefan said: “We only got a few quid for the modelling and the chance to travel to places we had never been before.

“Our family wasn’t well off, we certainly couldn’t afford holidays, so it worked out great for us.

“For the Zeppelin cover we went to Ireland during the Troubles. I remember arriving at the airport and seeing all these people with guns.

“We stayed in this little guest house near the Giant’s Causeway and to capture the so-called magic light of dawn and dusk we’d shoot first thing in the morning and at night.


“I’ve heard people saying they put wigs on several children. But there was only me and my sister and that’s our real hair.

“I used to love being naked when I was that age so I didn’t mind. I’d whip off my clothes at the drop of a hat and run around having a great time, so I was in my element.

“My sister was older so she was probably a bit more self-conscious.”

The cover art was the brainchild of Aubrey Powell and Storm Thorgerson of legendary album-sleeve designers Hipgnosis. They took several multiple-exposure shots of Stefan and Sam to create the image of more children clambering over the rocks.

There is endless debate among rock fans over the significance of the image.

Powell has claimed he was inspired by the science-fiction book Childhood’s End by Arthur C Clarke, in which children climb off the end of the world.

Stefan – who lives in North London with wife Georgia and daughters Daisy, four, and Poppy, two – is sceptical of all the theories about the artwork’s meaning, including Powell’s.


He said: “In a lot of cases with graphical design work it’s an evolving process and they think up the explanation later. I personally have no idea what it means.

There’s something about it though that is disturbing and haunting, perhaps more so because I am in it.”

Although a fan of Led Zeppelin, Stefan confesses he has never listened to Houses Of The Holy, which was released in 1973.

“It carries too much significance for me,” he said. “A part of me wants to go out to the Giant’s Causeway with a big pair of speakers, strip naked and play it just to see if I have some kind of great epiphany.”

Sam moved to Cape Town, South Africa, four years ago with husband Andrew Hamilton Barr and they have a daughter, Tallulah.

The screenwriter, who also features on the inside sleeve as the child being sacrificed at the top of a mountain, said: “I remember the shoot really clearly, mainly because it was freezing cold and rained the whole time.


“We were naked in a lot of the modelling shoots we did, nothing was thought of it back then. You probably couldn’t get away with that now.”

Stefan has just finished filming the third series of Cooking In The Danger Zone, which included a visit to Palestine.

He believes shooting the album cover 35 years ago has subconsciously played a huge role in his life.

He said: “Although it’s just my naked behind you can see, perhaps being a part of something like that at a young age made me seek out more ambitious and adventurous experiences.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-500606/Solved-Mystery-iconic-Led-Zeppelin-album-cover-golden-haired-children.html#ixzz3fC5apyO4
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