Who the fuck are you?

Chris Spivey


What if?

A question to begin asking a question… And indeed, there are far more questions than answers.

And it is pointless asking me for the answers to what follows because I am fucked if I know them… Well I’m fucked if I know all of them anyway.

Indeed, all I can do is report on what I see.

I am of course talking about those shaping our future – leading us like sheep to a place that we really do not want to go to… Who are they?

I certainly don’t know and indeed it gets so confusing and mind bending I sometimes wonder if they even know themselves.

Now of course I get some of it, such as the fact that Diana: Princess of Wales never existed – except on photo paper, where one of her ‘stand ins’ is photoshopped into scenarios that we took for granted as being real… Or in video footage that is as fake as a ten bob note… Or even the odd public appearance where crowds of adoring idiots waved at someone portraying an icon.

“I-Con” being a very apt word.

Course, of those various people who played Diana most of them were at least relatively well known, as I pointed out in my major article about the “Princess”: “The Night Of The Living Dead”.

And although it was rather elaborate to fake a 36 year long life I can even see why ‘they’ would go to such lengths.

I mean, since her ‘death’ Diana has generated Millions if not Billions of Pounds for those faking her life – as I pointed out in the aforementioned article.

And indeed, when she was alive there were more Billions paid out in ‘Royal Protection’ Costs, the Civil List payments, Travel Costs, Staff Wages, Dress Designers in fact the list is endless not to mention the profits generated for the likes of the dress designers, the book writers, the endless monthly magazine publishers.

And then a heir to the throne was needed for which Prince Charles Bigears either wasn’t up to the job or wasn’t wanted for the job.

So like I say, I can understand why Diana was created and really, when you think about it, it really wasn’t that much of a fete.

I mean, as I have become acutely aware of over the past few months – the mind sees what it wants to see. For example, I believed wholeheartedly that Diana was murdered in an accident that was made to happen.

And because I was sure that the accident had happened, when looking at the photos of the car wreckage I saw nothing remiss about it at all. However, once I became aware that the accident didn’t take place, I can now hardly believe that I did not clock all of the easy to spot evidence that go to prove that no such accident took place.

Therefore, anyone believing that Diana lived – which is just about everyone – would not have taken any notice whatsoever of her ever changing features. Likewise, anyone meeting her or even just waving a silly little plastic flag in her direction as she walked or rode by would have no doubt in their mind that they had just seen “Princess Di” – but “Corrr she dun arf look different in real life”.

Course, the reason that our minds trick us into seeing what we think we see rather than actually seeing what we see is all down to conditioning.

For instance take a gander at the following photos


Now I do not expect that anyone would disagree that the two evil bastards in that photo are Jimmy Savile and his one time pal The Duck – sometimes referred to as Phil the Greek… But usually only by me.

Savile was in fact introduced to the Duck by the Gay-Lord Louis Mountanything and in turn the Duck introduced Savile to his son Prince Buggerlugs of Charlesworth… Before the King in all but name fell out with the Knob Jockey… Or was it Disc Jockey? Whatever.

Course, I have often questioned in print how the pair of Satanic Monsters could have possibly fallen out.

I mean as far as I was aware you were either “in favour” with the ponces or you wasn’t and if you wasn’t you didn’t get invited round for tiffin anymore… End of.

Then again, having said that I have always questioned just what the fuck the eccentric, OTT, DJ and the stuffed shirt Princes could possibly have in common… Apart from their perverse love of Satan & Children obviously.

Okay, now go and have a look – a real look – at the pair in the above photo again before we move on.

Did ya clock it? I’ll betcha didn’t.

Neither is there any easy way to break it gently to you; what you have missed.

Moreover, what you missed you did so because instead of looking at what you see in that photo, you looked at what you ‘think’ that you see – namely a colour photo of Jimmy Savile, which in all probability is a screen-grab taken from footage of a Top Of The Pops tv show and an old B&W photo showing the Duck when he was little more than a Duckling.

And that was despite me twice telling you to look at the photo, which logically should have alerted you to the fact that there is something remiss about it… And there is.

You see, what you were looking at was not a photo made up of two photos with each photo containing the image of a fella who together are two of the most recognisable men in history – what you were actually looking at was a photo made up of two photos bearing the image of one of the most recognisable men in history… Or put another way, they are the same fuckin’ fella in both photos.

Jimmy Savile is – or should I say ‘was’ – Prince Philip, the Duck of Edinburgh… Or at least he is on photo-paper and video footage… Betcha didn’t see that coming did ya?

Moreover, that FACT is not based on my opinion, it is based on errr… Well, it is based on fact as it happens, ere, have a butchers.


Good that isn’t it?

Not convinced? Want another?

Oh yee of little faith.


One or two or three or four more?

Why not aye.

In fact, now then, now then, hows about guys ‘n’ gals, some old and young action?


Strange how the Duck has those big, big bushy eyebrows yet no nasal or ear hair. I mean if he was vain enough to be groomed then surely they would lop the eyebrows off too?

Course, people don’t really notice nose & ear hair but big, big bushy eyebrows are right in your face.

Also notice in this next photo of the Duck how the back of his head comes in on the same line as the dark grey background and runs in line with his ear yet then sort of reappears and juts back out to the extent that it also overrides his shirt collar.

As for his right cheek? Well would you really see that in a photo taken at that angle?

Savile meanwhile always keeps his eyes wide, wide open to change his appearance yet look at his forehead in this next photo of him. There is like a lump over his left eye. Is that really there? Or are photos routinely photoshopped whether it is required or not?

The answer to that is yes of course they are.

When Louis Met Jimmy TV programme April 2000 Sir Jimmy Savileaa

Course, right now you are probably trying to make sense of all this. I mean, the Duck is all posh and grumpy whilst Savile was just a common as muck, right fuckng dickhead.

There is however another alternative but I am not going to go into that for the moment. Instead I am going to show you just how easily the Duck could be Savile because although I realise that I am addressing like minded people in the main, there are those who will read this and think that there is no way on earth that Phil & Jim could be one and the same… And that really is not the case.

Now first off, it would be easier for a commoner – say from West Yorkshire, where both myself & Savile hail from – to put on a posh voice rather than a posh cunt put on a northern accent. And who is to say what the Duck REALLY speaks like.

I mean he isn’t fucking English – or British – by any stretch of the imagination.

The Duck was in fact born in [Greek owned] Corfu in 1921, as a member of the GREEK and DANISH Royal families – neither of which are English speaking countries.

Indeed, to give him his full title he was born: Philippos, Prince of Greece and Denmark

It is therefore safe to assume that his family – his barmy mother & perverted father, along with his 4 sisters – spoke Greek. Philip was in fact the 5th and last child to be born and was said to have been doted on by his four much older sisters – who presumably spoke GREEK to him.

However, in 1922 whilst still no more than a baby his virtually penniless family were forced to flee Greece and take sanctuary in France – where people tend to speak FRENCH.

Philip then remained in France until 1928 when he was then sent to England to live with his paedophile uncle, George Mountanyfuckingthing. Therefore, for the first 7 or 8 years of the Duck’s life – a time in which a child learns to talk and usually takes on the accent of his parents & siblings – English wasn’t even his 2nd language.

Now, the fact that his mother was sectioned into a mental hospital at that time and played no further role in his upbringing, whilst his bisexual father fucked off to Monte Carlo with a young trollope and his 4 sisters all married members of the German Nazi-Party, leaving 7 or 8 year old Philip to be shipped to England where he was left in the clutches of a notorious paedophile, MUST HAVE had a serious fucking effect on the boy… I mean how could such an abhorrent start to his life not possibly have deeply affected him?

Nevertheless, he was only in England for 3 years before he was packed off to live in GERMANY, where people tend to speak GERMAN.

And at this point the waters get muddied – no surprise there then.

You see, it is a matter of debate as to how long Greecy Phil remained in Germany. Some reports have it that he remained there until 1933 others have it up until 1937, which if correct puts the Duck at around 17 years old with only 3 of those years having been spent in an English speaking country.

Therefore, to assume that Philip didn’t speak English with a marked European slant would be very naive indeed.

Nevertheless, it would seem that in 1937 Philip was enrolled in the tough, brutal, foreboding, public school, Gordonstoun in Scotland by which time his arsehole must already have been the size of a small paddling pool.

Interestingly enough, Gordonstoun is a well known breeding ground for spies.

However, Philip appeared to positively thrive at the Bugger-Me-Backwards school where he was noted for his good looks, his fitness & skill in sports and his ACTING ability.


Okay, I confess, I did slightly change Adolph’s hairstyle to make him slightly more Hitlerish… But at least I tell you when I get up to stuff and nonsense.

So anyway, we now have an athletic, penniless, misfit with a foreign accent who loves to act, as I am told a lot of abused children like to do. It is called escapism, or something like that… See how easy it is to bring these things together?

Course, The Duck’s hugely warped, child raping, uncle – touted by the sick fuck elite’s as a national hero Lord Louis Mountanything D’Younger De Better had his eye on the the British Crown and with his now 18 year old fractured-minded nephew, Philip there to do as he wished with, there was never a better time for Louis the paedo-nonce to put his plans into action… Cue the 13 year old Princess Elizabeth.


You couldn’t make this shit up, that is for sure… And I most certainly haven’t made this shit up that is for sure.

Then again, someone in Phil & the wife’s position could indeed make it all up.

For instance, the following old photograph is mighty suspect and extremely telling.


You see, this photo taken sometime in the 1930’s and showing Queen Elizabeth (later becoming the Queen Mother), Princess Elizabeth (later becoming QEII) and Princess Margaret (later becoming Slaggy Maggie) has been ‘photoshopped’ is so much as their legs have been ‘moved’  as have the girls skirts etc, etc, so that the photo as a whole is able to ‘pyramid up’ (you will know what “pyramid up” means if you have read my article on Diana: Princess of wales).

That is the case with EVERY Single Photo taken of the ‘Royal Family’ since the invention of photographs in the 1820’s and there is obviously a Satanic meaning to this pyramiding up which we are not privy to.

However, there is also much more to this photo than just the hidden Satanic capabilities and image manipulation contained within it.

You see, the person depicting Princess Margaret is without doubt also the person depicted as being Anne Frank – an icon of the fabled Holocaust.

frank4 frank5 frank6ma

Now, as well as Young Slaggy Maggie being Anne Frank, Maggie’s mother, the Queen is also Edith Frank, mother to Anne.

frank9 frank8

And Philip’s queer old fella, Prince Andrew of Greece is in all probability, Otto frank.

frank14 frank10 frank11 frank12

The elongated, banana face of Dandy-Daddy-Andy (a technique still being used today) preventing a 100% match with Otto Frank.

And for anyone who does not know the truth about the Fraud-Frank-Fable, then I suggest that you do a bit of research.

I also believe that the Duck’s mother, Alice Barking is Sweaty Betty’s grandmother Mary Teck.


Course, they both look like men to me which isn’t as out there as you would think… More on that later.

Mind you, that is still not the end of everything that can be gleaned from that one single photo, which I will reproduce below to save you having to scroll up and down.


You see, it is also quite obvious – at least it is to me – that Margaret & Young Bizzy Lizzy are the same person in the photo.

However, young Liz has had her shoes altered and her socks taken off. She has also had a necklace added or Margaret has had hers removed and one of their hats has been altered.


I also notice that Mother Liz has had a broach added although that fact is not particularly relevant to this article. The broach has probably been added to try and hide the photoshopping around and on her shoulder. For instance, the black outline that has been added to try and form a window [???].

But all the same, just on the matters that I have pointed out the photo can no longer be regarded as an accurate depiction of history.

Further evidence that our history and in particular Royal History is not as it should be comes in the form of the following photo.

Elizabeth II (Before She Was Queen) (13)

Once again the two girls are dressed identically and in the exact same style as the other photo – which they would be since they are once again the same person. And as such they – once again – also have the exact same hairstyles.

Indeed the photo like the other one above it has been photoshopped just about everywhere.

I mean, look what happens when you spin Slaggie-Little-Maggie around and increase her size.

Elizabeth II (Before She Was Queen) (13)dtrump

I could in fact overlay Margaret onto Lizzie and their bodies would match exactly – Lizzie’s hand is photoshopped, just check out the finger.

However, to prove my point would be going even further off track – that point being to demonstrate how The Duck could be Jimmy Savile. Savile, like Philip was also very fit and tough and indeed the reason that Savile was killed off could well be that playing multiple characters is now getting too much for the old monster.

Shall we have some more snappy snapz? Yes, why the fuck not.


Or maybe it isn’t just confined to boat jumping… And I still haven’t found a photo of Diana out and about that hasn’t been photoshopped yet.

It is in fact quite astonishing how much shit gets repeated through the generations where these monsters are concerned.


It is just a shame that nothing is ever repeated that is to our benefit.

Nevertheless, you have to ask yourself how Savile, if indeed he was just a Deejay could wield the influence that he did.

I mean there have been many tales of that influence come to light since his death, stretching back to long before he became a household name.

The pervert DJ boasted that “senior police” in the West Yorkshire force protected him by ignoring people who accused him of abuse and disposing of any evidence.

He said: “We always get something like this coming up for Christmas because we want a few quid.

“Normally you can brush them away like midges and it’s not much of a price to pay for the lifestyle”.

A full transcript of his only police interview in 2009 has been published under Freedom of Information Laws by Surrey Police.

Child protection detectives accused him of abusing three young girls in a children’s home.

Savile, who died in 2011 aged 84, is believed to have abused hundreds of children.

He had a bedroom at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, an office and living quarters at Broadmoor, and widespread access to Leeds General Infirmary.

Bragging to police in the interview which he had arranged by appointment to be in own his office at Stoke Mandeville, he said: “I own this hospital, NHS run it. I own it and that’s not bad. Seeing I started off life down the pit”.

In a series of rants Savile went into detail about how on-duty police officers went to weekly “breakfast clubs” at his penthouse flat in Leeds.

West Yorkshire Police detectives went to a so-called “Friday Morning Club” where Savile served up coffee and cake and laughed at what women and children accused him of for decades.

“Well, in 50 years in showbiz, we showbiz people get accused of just about everything,’” he said. Source

Course, if Savile was indeed the Duck then it is far easier to understand why he – as Savile – could get away with telling the police to “fuck off”.

You also need to take into account that the media wasn’t anywhere near what it is now – especially between say 1930 and 1960.

I mean, there was no TV as such and newspapers didn’t carry the photos that they do now – and that is if the average working man even read a newspaper back then. You see, what you have to remember is that even in the early 1970’s the best that you got in your daily shit-rag was a grainy B&W picture.

Therefore, the chances of anyone back in the day piecing the same things together that I am doing now is somewhere around zero.

Course, it is quite obvious that if Philip was to play someone else as a kind of parallel life persona, interacting with his own life – more for convenience value than anything else I hasten to add – then that person would best off be a complete opposite to himself… Someone such as the flamboyant Savile for instance.

So now you need to ask yourself just how long has this subterfuge been taking place? After all, I have just demonstrated with that photo of the Queer Mother & her two young daughters that you cannot trust pictorial history and who is to say that Phil the Greek’s background is as described as above?

In fact I will go out on a limb and say that Phil & Liz are no more of a couple – in the sense of the word “couple” – than any other double act, say for example like: Morecombe & Wise, Cannon & Ball or Ant & Dec.

And lets face it, the Royal Ponces have far too much time on their hands because they do not work and as such they all have the time needed to play the role of someone else up to as many as half a dozen times each… I repeat; people simply do not question what they see even when it is in their face… Literally!



Now are you going to tell me that the *aherm, aherm Royal Couple didn’t know about this little quirk of nature?

I ask that question you see because this extraordinary enigma happens an awful lot.

Wanna see another example?

Of course you do.

99e5ea5d327ab38b72ddef1b4972af16 (1)99e5ea5d327ab38b72ddef1b4972af16 (1)r207c8869ad42ae1e09029dc0b1b6c9387

Good that innit?

Who would have thought that THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND AND HER CONSORT were the same person until AT LEAST 1951 yet they didn’t bother to mention the fact that they were taking you, or your parents or your grandparents for proper cunts… Still, what’s done is done and I feel sure that you can laugh about it now.

I mean they say that after spending years together couples begin to look like each other but the Duck & Liz managed to do so from the off.

Now, we have also seen the similarities between Mary Teck & Slack Alice – which reminds me: Further to my last article, A Frank, Unacceptable Diary Of Deception a bit more has come to light regarding Holohoax fraudster, Gina Gobshite & the House-Wife Martin.

Here, have a reminder.


Well, you will like this new bit of info because it only turns out that the Bitch-Frauds are Virgina Woolfe.


That is another Holohoax fraud called Barbara Stimler in the bottom right photo. All these women look evil for no other reason than they are.

And in turn Woolfe is the ACTRESS Maggie Smith.


Indeed there is much, much more to George Martin’s wife, Judy Martin AKA Judy Lockhart Smith… As there is George Martin.

And right about now you should be asking yourself what is in a name?

I mean on paper all looks above board with the Martin’s marriage. The story is as follows:

George Martin, whilst serving in the Navy was married on his 22nd birthday to Sheena Chisholm, a 19 year old WREN. The couple had two children, a daughter Alexis Martin and a boy, the actor Gregory Paul Martin.

Born in 1957, Gregory is the double of his father.


Although clearly they are two different people – as you would expect from father and son.

Martin then began an affair in the early 1960’s with his PA, Judy Lockhart Smith, whom he went on to marry and they too had two children – a girl, Lucy and a boy Giles.

stream_img (2)

PHOTO: George Martin with John Lennon and his future wife Judy Lockhart Smith

Sir George Martin, pictured in 2007 with his wife Judy and son Donald

PHOTO: George, his wife Judy and their son, Giles whom according to the photo blurb is called Donald. But there ya go.

Nevertheless, we know that Judy Martin is dodgy, having posed as Holohoax ‘survivors’.

And here is where “What’s In A Name” comes into play because Judy Lockhart-Smith is also half American, half English Actress, June Lockhart – who is best known for her role as Dr Maureen Robinson in the long running TV series, Lost In Space.


Could you put June Lockhart looking exactly like Judy Lockhart down to coincidence? Could you fuck.

Course, things do not end there because June Lockhart is JUDY Garland… Yes you read that right.


And with that being the case, that should mean that JUDY Garland is JUDY Lockhart shouldn’t it?

Well, not necessarily as it happens because these people are well covered inasmuch as there are usually a minimum of 2 players for each character.

The other problem I have is that Judy Lockhart supposedly wasn’t famous what with only being Mrs George Martin – which means that there are no photos of any merit of the young Judy Lockhart-Smith which I can use to compare.

I can however do a young & old photo comparison.


But that of course is not really very conclusive.

Nevertheless, the fact that Judy Lockhart is also June Lockhart who was married to a doctor at one time – aren’t there always doctors involved – along with the fact that Mrs Martin also masquerades as Holohoax survivors is more than enough to make her a proper, proper wrong-un.

Moreover, take a butchers at the following photo.

robert gant

The photo is of June Lockhart with a couple of mushes, one of whom is Robert Gant (on your right) whoever the fuck he is when he is at home.

And who does Robert Gunt remind you of?

Sir George Martin, pictured in 2007 with his wife Judy and son Donald

Indeed Gunt very much reminds me of Giles Martin whom like I told you earlier is called Donald in this photo.

So let us have a closer look.


Fuck me, I really did not think that it would be that easy! In fact it kinda makes me wanna go do it again.


And to think that it is the eldest son Gregory who is meant to be the actor… Not that there looks 10 years between them.

I mean, suppose Giles/Donald was Gregory and the Gunt?


I will let you decide.

Now funnily enough, George Martin died on the 9th of this month although at the time of writing the shit-rags are very quiet about the fact… Especially in comparison with Paul Daniels who the shit rags haven’t shut up about.

Indeed the fact that they haven’t shut up about Paul Daniels makes me suspicious about his death.

However, from the photos that the Chimp included in their article about the record producer’s death, it quickly dawned on me that Mr Martin was also Mr Mountbatten.


I imagine that it’ll be that coincidence thing again, although George Martin also spoke with a plum in his mouth despite supposedly coming from humble beginnings.

It is also worth having a quick look at Martin’s first marriage to Sheena Chisholm. You see there is a Scottish MP called Malcolm Chisholm who was born 14 months after Martin married Sheena.


And in that top photo Chisholm has a fake neck on… Why the fuck would that be?

Nevertheless, I am not going to dwell on these “add ons” used to change apperance for too long in this article because they don’t play a major part.

However, it is these latex add ons that allow these greedy fuckers to take on a whole new persona and I will say that they can be applied so well that you don’t even notice them… As I know from personal experience, although it all comes back to what you think you see rather than what you actually do.

Indeed, I remember thinking “what the fuck is this all about” in regard to the TV program Bo Selecta in which comedian Leigh Francis donned fake oversized jaws and huge glasses to become celebs but he actually looked fuck all like the celebs he was portraying.

However, I now know that what Francis was doing was taking the piss out of our stupidity because donning false jaws is exactly what the cunts do.


Now once you start to notice these ‘masks’ – and you will now that you know they are there – you start to understand the grand scale of deception.

AP120112066945-590x620katiehopkins (1)

And it is even simpler to get away with when you are only dealing with photos.  The monsters do get away with appearing in public with these changed faces. I know because I have seen them with my own eyes.

Therefore, if I can be fooled then the vast majority of people can… No wonder the Monsters are so carefree when it comes to mugging us off.

Now it would have been nice to compare the Duck and Savile as youngsters but no matter how hard I look I cannot find a photo of the deejay when he was a boy.

Indeed, the nearest that I can get is his nephew.

0 s

So for want of the real McCoy,  the nephew above – who claims that “Uncle Jimmy” took him to sex parties will have to do.


Although if Marsden was taken to these “paedophile parties” when he was 13 years old, what is the point of publishing a photo of him when he was an 8 year old?

Now the reason that I mention this is because there were some telling results to be had from the comparisons between Savile’s nephew & the young Duck, which I double checked with the “twins” website.


I mean obviously I was expecting the nephew to get a conclusive result when compared to the Duckling.

However, although a long way from surprised I wasn’t expecting the result to be so conclusive where Savile’s nephew and the young QEII were concerned.


Course, with that being the case, the same should also apply where the Duck and his future wife are concerned, especially given that they were each other when they were in their twenties.


There ya go.

So what is going on? I mean, given the Duck’s age and that of Savile and George Martin, they are unlikely to be clones.

Mind you, I don’t doubt the existence of clones specifically ‘created’ to become knob-ed celebs.

Take 31 year old Blake Harrison of “Inbetweeners” fame for instance.


I hope no one believes that they are Blake’s real front teeth? I mean you can even see the gum join.

Nevertheless, from where I am sitting I would wager that Harrison is definitely a clone and that claim is not just based on the following photos.


Although if it was just based on the snappy snapz you still wouldn’t want to bet too much would you. But all the same, before I tell you what else I know to add credibility to my clone theory lets have another comparison.


Now don’t do what you normally do and just glance at all of these photos which allows your brain to tell you what you think you see. Look closely at them. Because when you do you will be amazed at what you miss… Especially on TV these days.

You see, Stacey had the TV on last week and was watching the film  “The Inbetweeners”, which obviously had Blake Harrison in one of the four leading roles. If you have never seen “The Inbetweeners”, it was a successful, Channel 4, comedy show about four sixth-form schoolboys and the usually antics that boys of that age get up to.

Now such was the success of the TV series made up of half hour episodes which ran – I think – into 3 series’s; two fairly big budget films were also made and the one that my daughter Stacey was watching the other week was the first of the two which had the four sexually frustrated boys going on a ‘lads’ holiday to Spain.

Anyway, after the usual getting into bother and embarrassing themselves, the film comes good in the end with all four boys copping off with a girl each.

The only thing is that the bird Neil (Harrison) cops off with is himself (who is credited as being Jessica Knappett)… Indeed the days of blokes playing women and looking like ridiculous men in drag are long gone… And isn’t breaking down the sexes part of the aim of the Monster’s game?


Jessica Knappett, Ladies & Gentlybobs… Clone or Drag-Queen?

Then again it could be just coincidence of course although if you watch ‘Neil & Lisa‘ getting it on in the film – once you are paying proper attention there is little doubt that they are one and the same… In fact the pair being two separate people is about as coincidental as the American actress Blake Harrison not being somehow caught up in this sinister agenda.

You see, not withstanding that American Harrison hails from ORANGE COUNTY (Americas equivalent to Bristol) and is apparently only 5′, 3″ tall, compared to Brit Harrison who is a six footer, their likeness to each other is too close for it to be a coincidence.


Now remember, this is not an April-Fucking-Fool-Joke. The two Blake Harrisons and Jessica Knappett are posing as three independent, totally unrelated people… Why? … Apart from the double fees of course.

And whatever happened to Ralf Little? I mean fuck me, he was in everything 5 years ago and now he appears to be a “has been”.

Mind you, coincidentally enough Ralf is 5 years older than Blake the Flake and an inch taller.

ralf litttle

But it doesn’t end there because there is the “blogger” named Riyadh Khalaf who is also a ringer for Harrison.harrisson

And of course Riyadh Khalaf – strange name for an Irishman – has his offshoots too.

Mohammed Khalaf for instance:


Very fucking odd, don’t cha think?

Now the thing is, Savile was suspected of being the Yorkshire Ripoff:

A dentist made a cast of Jimmy Savile’s teeth to check against the bite-marks found on the bodies of the Yorkshire Ripper’s victims, it has emerged.

It is now clear that detectives went to some lengths to find out if Savile was connected to the shocking serial killing spree in the 1970s.

His teeth were examined in 1980, a year before Peter Sutcliffe, now 66, was convicted of murdering 13 women and attempting to kill seven others  Source


And I totally agree that it was right to have Savile down as being Peter Sutcliffe since they certainly look the fucking same.

Here, have a butchers.


The trouble is, there are so many photoshopped photos of Sutcliffe with his black beard and strange black hair that it is always going to be a major job trying to find a decent comparison with the bleach blonde paedophile and the cleanly shaven bald headed Duck.


I mean if the Duck is Savile and Savile is Sutcliffe then in theory the Duck is also Sutcliffe… Which would explain things like the following:

image (1)

Another problem when trying to get a comparison between Savile/ Philippos and Sutcliffe is that more than one person plays the ripper which becomes obvious when you study the photos above.

However, never let it be said that I am not a tryer.


Hmmm, it isn’t fucking easy don’t cha know!


Okay, I am going to wrap things up here because there is far too much more to tell you about all this and there is already a lot to take in.

Now, just to spoil the trolls day let me make it quite clear that I am not saying that the Duck is Savile and they are both Peter Sutcliffe… Indeed, they quite possibly could be and I have advanced a theory on how it would be possible.

Remember this though, I did not alter the photos to make the Duck look like Savile or George Martin or anyone else who looks like someone else that I have mentioned in this article. I have just reported what my eyes can see.

Also bear in mind what I have just said: “I am going to wrap things up here because there is far too much more to tell you about all this”, before you go accusing me of being conkers bonkers.

Mind you, that is not to say that I have figured it all out, because I haven’t, although I am certainly getting there and let me tell you this, these monsters are evil, sick vermin and HAVE to be stopped.

Indeed, I have noted various sources stating in regard to the ‘mass awakening’ of the Earth’s population, that it is definitely going to happen and when it does the truth will be far too surreal for most of us to take in… And I am now in full agreement with that.

However, most of those ‘Gurus’ who have trotted out the news of this mass awakening have – for reasons known only to themselves – made it appear that for those with a heightened sense of consciousness and/or who are more unlikely to fall for the smokescreens projected by the insidious elite (who do without question rule the entire planet), this new perspective will be something beautiful to behold… Will it fuck.

The change will come because it will be forced upon us by the inception of the NWO… And then you will all see how it was achieved… Achieved by HUMAN’s I  hasten to add.

You see, these Monsters are not reptilians or even genetically different from us (although they are all snakes)… And having said that, I am not saying that we are not originally from elsewhere, in fact I haven’t a scooby-fucking-do how we got here but I do know that it wasn’t down to a randy monkey with a high IQ.

Therefore, however it was that those ultra rich, thieving nonce cunts with a mistaken belief that they have a divine right to rule, first came into being – be sure that we got here the exact same fucking way.

However, to put things in perspective we are the human equivalent of mongrel dogs whereas they are all finely bred pedigrees.

Course, if you know anything about dogs you will know that pedigrees are inherently flawed and a great deal of their lives are spent in pain which they have no choice other than to learn how to deal with until it becomes nothing.

I mean clearly they have answers to things that we don’t know and that is what sets them apart from us… Knowledge is indeed power and extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. Therefore, if the monster cunts were a different species to us – Supermen if ya like – then they would not need to keep secrets from us because we would be no threat to them.

And if they were Supercunts then they would not have needed to play their thousands of years old waiting game, where things are changed and changed again so slowly that only now – in the last half century are some of us finally beginning to cotton on that things are not as they should be… Neither would they be terrified that it is all going to go tits up.

So I repeat, they are not lizards who change their spots, they are not even aliens from Saturn who look the same… Not unless we all are. They are humans with knowledge which is what gives them their power.

And that is why they ‘keep it in the family’ breeding wise, which isn’t very wise at all as any pedigree hound would tell you if they could talk.

In fact, it is us, the mongrels who are evolving quicker which is why we are all being poisoned by our food chain, water supply and the very air we breath. Logic dictates that you can only evolve (change) if you add new ingredients.

Using the same ingridients changes fuck all and only leads to tradition… Not evolution.  And fuck me, the cunts are steeped in tradition but they have not evolved.

They do however know of things – secret evil things – not of this Earth and again, logic dictates that they would not continue their Satanic Rituals (tradition) if there was nothing to be had by it.

And to stop that secret coming out they have to stick to their own kind –  their own pedigree – who can be trained from birth by incomprehensible, abhorrent, sick, sick, sick methods which they obviously cannot teach us to do to our own children… Although mark my words, they are working on it.

Now just think about this for a moment: You never see the police, the armed forces, security firms etc, etc with mongrel ‘attack dogs’… Dogs that will – without hesitation – tear another living creature to pieces, on a single one word command… And then wag its tail once they return to their handler.

You see, pedigree dogs are much easier to train, are bigger & stronger and people in general pay far more attention to a pedigree dog than they do to an old mongrel.

Most importantly, the evil is within the breed and that evil – should you wish – is easy to tap into in the way that they are brought up. The Monsters are not Reptilians, they are Pedigree Dogs… In just about every way as it happens.

For instance I have two Rottweilers and a Golden Labrador – therefore my furry friends are all pedigree chums.

All three have been raised by myself without any real discipline, but lots of love, yet there is a marked difference between the two Rottweilers and the Labrador that only I get to see, whilst to everyone else they are just three friendly – if somewhat in ya face – lovely, lively dogs.

And indeed, although you HAVE to be constantly aware of what a dog – any dog – is capable of, they are just three big ol softies for no other reason than they have been brought up with oodles of affection and without being subjected to the intense ‘Carrot & Stick’ training, involving extreme violence that attack dogs have to endure.

Nevertheless, I know that my Jessica (my female Rottie) would have made an excellent ‘attack dog’ had she been brought up that way.  It also goes without saying that all three like to be the ‘top dog’ and any given one of them will shag one of the other two if they have bested them at something (usually Benny [lab] shagging Buster [rottie] or vice versa – but only because Jessica is getting on now and is not anywhere near as agile as the two, much younger boys.

However, as it happens, the other night whilst over the park, Buster, whilst being pursued by Benny, ran too near to Jessica resulting in her catching Buster, thus claiming the victory shag… Jess shagging Buster obviously, not Jessica saying: “I won , you have to shag me now”… Typical of the elite’s behaviour in fact, where someone else does all the hard work whilst the monsters jump in and take the reward.

Nevertheless, the ‘victory shag’ has fuck all to do with sex and everything to do with dominating their conquest, whilst it matters not one jot in a dogs world whether the shagging victor and the raped conquest be either male or female, young or old, clever or thick as fuck … Sound familiar?

Course, like all dogs my three are greedy fuckers – given the chance – and always want what the other has got, even if it is something as pointless as a piece of wrapping, one of them has liberated from the bin… And of course, all three want to be adored more than the other two, by me  – or anyone who pays them any attention for that matter. In other words, if Buster nudges my hand to pat his head, the other two will be over in a flash trying to muscle in on the action.

Therefore, if you want to know what species the monster elite can be most likened to; then I would say they are finely bred, dirty dogs.

And as a footnote to those comparisons, my Buster only needs to scratch himself or have someone say hello to him and straight away, the randy git gets a hard-on.


I still miss Jasper every day… He was funny as fuck.

Still, just for the record; ‘history’ really is the future written in the past.

And since we are running out of time yet I am here waffling on about dogs and shite, instead of getting on with the next installment, I guess that I best fuck orft.

However, just remember that nothing is real in their world… All of their ‘real‘ news is made up:

My name is Ian Cutler. Now in my late 60s with little remaining of my career, other than an explosive inside knowledge of the newspaper industry and the many famous names exposed by it,

In this book I reveal all about the sleazy, dirt digging and dishonest goings on within the media business.

The general public would not believe how many news stories are fake, and how many sex and sleaze activities exposed by the press were regularly indulged in by the very same two-faced journalists who had blown the lid off them.

Is it any wonder that journalists are now rated by the general public on the same low footing as lawyers, the police, politicians and pornographers?

The newspaper stories detailed in the following press cuttings were all bent in some way, yet they were put out by the editors of each respective newspaper. In this chapter I give the real, inside story on on many tall tales published as the truth… Source

Never a truer word spoken and worth remembering, especially when it comes to Terrapins and the [not so] royal family.

I mean at this rate they will have you believing that Little Bald Willie is a super fit angel of mercy, flying to the rescue of those in peril with his big yellow chopper.


Meantime, the half dozen royal protection nonces are following behind on their pushbikes.

Moustache… Byyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee