Who let the Nonces out?


The Daily Express

It would seem that previous governments were just as easy on paedophiles back in the day as they are now. The article which follows this foreword  is from Saturday the 28th of July 2001 and deals with the subject of dangerous paedophiles being released early from prison.

That would make it Tony Blair’s nonce infested government in power at the time.

Therefore the Home Secretary would have been David Blunket who had only been in the job a month before this article was published. Fuck me, if Blunket cannot see how wrong this decision was, he must be fucking blind silly.

On the other hand, the decision could easily have been made by the previous Home Secretary Jack Straw. Straw served in the post from the 2nd of May 1997 until the 8th of June 2001.

It wouldn’t surprise me Whichever one of  two made the decision. Like all MP’s they are both sex maniacs, self serving, greedy and corrupt.

Jack Straw appears to have positively panicked when it was announced that MP’s allowances were going to be made public:

Two months after learning that MP’s expenses were to be made public, Straw wrote to the fees office to confirm that he had over-claimed on the Council Tax for his constituency home. He attributed this to an oversight – he had been entitled to a ‘non-occupancy’ discount of 50% for four consecutive years, but had continued to claim expenses for the full rate of Council Tax. Included with the letter was a cheque for the amount he believed he had overcharged, which itself turned out to have been miscalculated, leading Straw to send a further cheque with a note saying “accountancy does not appear to be my strongest suit” Source – Wikipedia.

An oversight indeed. Robbing Cunt.

More interestingly still is that his first born child died. The following is also from Wikipedia:

Straw’s first marriage, in 1968, to teacher Anthea Weston, ended in divorce in 1977. They had a daughter, Rachel, born on 24 February 1976, who died after five days because of a heart defect.

If you have read my article Camerons Closet, you will instantly know the significance of that fact. If you don’t and you haven’t then tough.

As for Blunket?  Well, it seems he was forced to resign from the cabinet twice.

The first time after he abused his position to assist his ex-lover’s Filipina nanny, Leoncia “Luz” Casalme, by speeding up her residence visa application and later using his influence to ensure that she successfully obtained an Austrian tourist visa. (Wikipedia)

He also gave the same bird a  a taxpayer-funded railway ticket (reserved for MPs’ spouses) to the value of £179. Blunkett had already admitted that he had broken the rules, saying that he had made an honest mistake, and repaid the sum in question. (Wikipedia)

He also had a very public paternity battle with another ex, which got very, very embarrassing.

The second resignation came about after he was caught out buying shares in a company that he had an interest in. This obviously breaks Parliamentary rules as it is considered a conflict of interest.

I had to laugh at the fact that in 2009, just after marrying yet another bird, he was walking across a field in Derbyshire when he was hit by a ‘charging Cow’. Fuck me, he must be blind slow moving if he can’t get out of the way of a mad Cow.