Who Is Meghan Markle


 Christopher D Spivey


In light of today’s announcement that Prick Ginger Pubes & his “wife” Renault Meghan are quitting the not-so-royal family I thought it prudent to republish my very long article “Who Is Meghan Markle“. 

You see, I was convinced when I first wrote that article that Meghan Markle is merely just a construct and does not really exist… I have seen or read nothing since to change my mind.

In fact, I am more convinced than ever that I am right.

Course, if you want an even more detailed, up to date analysis you can always buy my book: Meghan Markle Exposed found HERE

However, before you embark on this long journey, I will remind you that in the Satanic world of the elites, everything, but everything has to connect.

I mean, take the following photo courtesy of Greg Hallett.

Just sayin’.

So who is Meghan Markle?

Now that may sound like a daft question since nigh on the whole population of the planet will know that Meghan Markle is an American actress who is engaged to Prince Harry – a member of the British Royal family.

Indeed, if you believe the world’s press, then Meghan’s story truly is a real-life Princess fairytale.

However, by the same token that makes you akin to a zombie: Someone who appears to be alive but is brain-dead.

After all, fairytales just don’t happen… No ifs, no buts, they don’t happen.

You see, Meghan Markle, like her deceased mother-in-law (to be), Princess Diana is a construct – a made up persona.

Or put another way, Meghan doesn’t exist outside of newspaper reports, faked photos, forged documents and a series of actors who appear in public as and when is necessary… And you would not believe how easy it is to pull off a deception of such great magnitude.

In fact, the deception is made all the easier because it is so unbelievable which is reinforced by the Nazi master of propaganda, Josef Goebbels who said:

” The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed

A truer word never spoken from a man who was also a creation… Indeed, NOTHING from before the dawn of the 20th century is as we have been led to believe.

Therefore, read on with an open mind and hopefully by the time that I am finished you will see just how blatantly you have been mugged off.

And first off, to get you in the mood to read this long article, have a song:

Now, what you need to bear in mind is that the idea of the construct, Meghan Markle marrying Prince Henry of Pubes-Ginger will have been formulated an awful long time ago and if I was to guess when, I would say probably back in the early 1990’s.

However, if a person isn’t a real person then that person’s family cannot be real either, can they?

Of course they can’t. So let’s start there.

And straight away I can tell you that Meghan’s half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr is definitely a wrong-un… And not because of the following infamous [fake] news story either:

THE Markle family have been thrust into the international spotlight thanks to actress Meghan’s engagement to Prince Harry. 

Here’s what you need to know about Thomas Markle Jr, the half-brother of the Suits actress who, earlier this year, was accused of putting a gun to his girlfriend’s head during a row. 

50-year-old Thomas Markle Jr shares the same father as Suits actress Meghan, who is dating Prince Harry. 
It’s been reported that he’s close to his half-sister but friends have disputed this, saying they have not spoken for some time. 

When Meghan was born in 1981, Thomas Jr was living with his father, sister Samantha and step-mother Doria. 

He recently moved to Oregon in the US after separating from a partner. 

He was married for 11 years to Tracy Dooley, with whom he has two sons – Thomas and Tyler. 

His ex-wife, Tracy, said he has alcohol issues. 

He was arrested on January 12 in Oregon for allegedly holding a gun to a woman’s head during a drunken argument. 

He was later charged with menacing, pointing a firearm at another person, and unlawful use of a weapon. 

According to court documents, he pointed the gun at Darlene Blount in an attempt to get her to leave. 

He has since apologised and said he is “seeking help”. Source

PHOTO: Thomas Markle Jr & Darlene Blout – the bird he allegedly threatened with a gun

A total, total bollox story designed to give Meghan credibility in the same way that the persona, the Duchess of Cambridge AKA, Kate Gold-Digger-Smith was allocated a drug-dealing uncle named Gary Goldsmith.

PHOTO: Gary Goldsmith ‘covertly’ filmed cutting up Cocaine

And indeed it would seem that Goldsmith – like Markle Jr – also likes threatening birds:

Gary Goldsmith was spotted thrashing tennis balls days after he punched his wife with a ‘left hook’ and knocked her out, MailOnline can reveal today. 

The Duchess of Cambridge’s uncle was in court on Tuesday where he admitted knocking Julie Ann Goldsmith unconscious during a drunken row outside their house on October 13. 

He was due in court on October 31, after being charged with assault by beating but his defence lawyers went instead to ask for ‘caution’ for the offence could be considered – which was eventually rejected. 

Exclusive pictures reveal that the following day, November 1, he was out playing tennis in his local park in London. 

At times Kate’s Uncle, whose sister Carole is her mother, looked tired and was seen holding his back and knee. Source

PHOTO: Goldsmith and his wife – the bird that he punched in the head

Course, Uncle Gary’s wife, Julie Ann Goldsmith is played by the same actress who plays Julie’s sister-in-law, Carole Middleton… Who is of course Gary Goldsmith’s ‘sister‘ and Kate Gold-Digger-Smith’s mother.

PHOTO: Goldsmith & Middleton comparison

Goldsmith-Middleton is also Tracey Wilkinson, the bird who was supposedly murdered by her foster-son, Aaron Barley.

PHOTO: Tracey Wilkinson compared to Carole Middleton

However, I will be discussing that fake news story in detail in one of the installments of “How the west was won” sometime in the near future.

Nevertheless, what you have to understand is everything has to connect in the Satanic world of the ‘elites‘ AKA Monsters.

So with that in mind, I will tell you that there is a high-class jeweler’s in America called “Thomas Markle” although the flash-bling-retailer is supposedly nothing at all to do with Meghan’s dad or brother, both of who are obviously called Thomas Markle.

However, take a look at this next photo:

PHOTO: Thomas Markle – Jeweller

You see, as the caption says, the fella in the photo is Thomas Markle the jeweler and if you are paying attention you will instantly notice that he is the splitting image of Uncle Gary Goldsmith:

PHOTO: Thomas Markle & Gary Goldsmith comparison

That last touch-in photo isn’t the best that I have ever done but you get the general picture… Literally!

However, there is more… There is always more don’t cha know.

You see, I am also very suspicious about the bird in the photo below.

Her name is allegedly Salice Sanders – a made up name if I ever heard one – and she is doing a promotion for ‘Thomas Markle‘, the Jewelers.

However, Sanders looks far too much like Meghan Markle to be a coincidence in my humbug opinion:

PHOTO: Meghan & Salice comparison

I have changed no angles on the photos either which when you think about it must make the odds fantastical!

But here, have a second opinion:


So, straight away – before we have even got to Meghan herself – there is a huge Elephant in the room.

And then there is also this:

PHOTO: A Thomas Markle employee

And whilst I am not stating for a fact that the bird in the photo serving behind the counter at Thomas Markle Jewelers is Mental Meghan, it certainly looks like her and once again is just a little too coincidental for my liking.

Nevertheless, getting back to Meghans half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr; and I can tell you that his jail mug-shot matches the jail mugshot of John Wayne Gacy perfectly… And by “perfectly” I mean, 100% spot-on perfectly:

PHOTO: Thomas Markle Jr & John Wayne Gacy comparison


And the following is from Wikipedia:

John Wayne Gacy Jr. (March 17, 1942 – May 10, 1994) was an American serial killer and rapist. He sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978 in Cook County, Illinois All of Gacy’s known murders were committed inside his Norwood Park ranch house. Source: Wikipedia.

Want more proof?

Of course you do:

PHOTO: A second Markle/Gacy comparison

Now obviously what we have here is a Satanic Connection as it would be impossible for Markle Jr to be Gacy… Or at least it would be in theory.

Course, those of you not familiar with my work will no doubt think that it is just a coincidence whereas my regular readers will know different.

Indeed, in one of a series of articles that I have written entitled “How The West Was Won” I prove that Gacy & Lee Harvey Oswald’s mug-shot also come from the same source.

PHOTOS: Gacy – Oswald comparison

Mind you, I doubt very much that any of the trio are real.

So best we cross-reference then:

PHOTO: Oswald/Markle comparison

Now to be fair, on first glance you wouldn’t think that they were a match.

However, it is all a matter of shadows… As in where they are added and where they are taken away and as you can see, the photos match a lot better than they first appear to.

Moreover, I would guess that on average, 85% of the time there are also other faces mixed in – the reason for which isn’t to muddy the waters; they do it for connection purposes.

And of course, the fact that Oswald & Gacy’s photos originate from the same source considerably ramps up the chances of Markle & Gacy matching, not being a coincidence – even more so when you learn that Meghan’s dad is called, Thomas WAYNE Markle and Gacy’s full name is John WAYNE Gacy.

Now I will say before going any further that of course the above sounds like bollox when taken on its own. Indeed, that is how the Monsters get away with it.

However, when you realize just how wide spread this practice of theirs is and that everything has to connect with everything else (the bigger picture), only then will you become aware that the chances of it all being coincidence are zilch.

Course, since these actors are often following in their mother & father’s footsteps (career wise) it was necessary for me to compare Markle Snr with Gacy since – in theory – they really could be one and the same, if Markle Jr is the splitting image of his father when he was in his fifties… Understand?

Of course you fucking do:

However, I am severely hampered by the lack of decent/compatible photos for comparison purposes.

Nevertheless, this is what I could come up with:

PHOTO: Thomas Wayne Markle in comparison to John Wayne Gacy

See what I mean about the photos?

Mind you when you look at the bottom photo with the back-lighting you can see that their features do line up very well.

And here are a couple more:

PHOTO: Thomas Wayne Markle in comparison to John Wayne Gacy

And I have to say that to my mind, the pair being one and the same isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

Nevertheless, I would say with much more certainty that Markle Snr is also Guillermo del Toro:

PHOTO: Thomas Wayne Markle compared to Guillermo del Toro

And Wikipedia has the following to say about the Mexican film director:

Guillermo del Toro Gómez (Spanish pronunciation: [ɡiˈʝeɾmo ðel ˈtoɾo]; born October 9, 1964) is a Mexican film director, screenwriter, producer, and novelist. In his filmmaking career, del Toro has alternated between Spanish-language dark fantasy pieces, such as the gothic horror films The Devil’s Backbone (2001) and Pan’s Labyrinth (2006), and more mainstream American action films, such as the vampire superhero action film Blade II (2002), the supernatural superhero film Hellboy (2004), its sequel Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008), and the science fiction monster film Pacific Rim (2013). His latest film, The Shape of Water (2017), has received critical praise and won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. 

And of course, Thomas Markle Snr was in the film industry (strange then the lack of photos) and he now lives in… Wait for it, wait for it… Mexico.

Certainly Toro is very Satanic, as are his ‘creations‘:

PHOTO: Toro’s Satanic creations

Course, I feel sure that the diehard, “you-talk-bollocks-Spivey” brigade and the Paedo-Trolls will still not be convinced of the Gacy connection, so let me silence their dumb-fuck attitude once and for all.

Now to do that you need first study the photo below:

PHOTO: L-R – Thomas Markle Snr, Grandson Tyler Dooley, Thomas Markle Jr and Markle Snr’s eldest Grandson, Thomas Markle the Turd.

Strange photograph don’t cha think? Actually, you probably don’t because you will doubtlessly have not studied it the way that I have.

Therefore, let me tell you that it is photoshopped to fuck and very strangely off center. In fact the reason that the photo is copyright of the Daily Mail (hence forth known as ‘The Chimp’ and the shit rags journalists copy-writers known as either the Monkey-Boyz, the Monkey-Kuntz or the Monkey Nutz) is because they have knocked it up… It is not a real photo.

Now why the fuck would they do that if all was above board & legit?

And the answer that you are looking for is “they wouldn’t“… Well done to those of you who answered correctly.

So now let me show you the give-away, piss-poor workmanship involved in faking that photo; starting with the left-hand bottom half of the composite:

And if we then go to the center section:

And finally, the right-hand section: 

Now you also have to ask yourself why – at his age – Thomas the Turd has a teddy in the photo… Moreover, you have to ask yourself why Markle Jr also has hold of it.

And I imagine that you are now thinking that I am being pedantic… I’m fucking not.

You see, I think that the teddy is either a message of some kind that only the Monsters are privy to or else it is symbolizing something.

Now the reasoning behind my thinking is not just the fact that it is strange that a boy of Thomas’ age is carrying around a teddy, but also because he is carrying teddies in every ‘childhood‘ photo that he is in… And every one of the teddies is different – like in the photo below:

PHOTO: A screenshot of the ‘Markle’ family

Now I have taken a screenshot of the snappy-snap above rather than use the actual photo because the Chimp caption beneath it is quite telling – especially since the photo comes courtesy of Tommy the Tit Jr.

You see, it MUST have been Tommy the Tit Jr who told the press recipients that Renault Meghan was 11 years old when the photo was taken… Which would mean that Thomas the Turd-Dooley (who is gay apparently although that is not stated in the article that the screenshot is taken from) is ONE year old in the photo and Tyler Dooley is at best, a new born baby.

Markle Jr also appears to have his children mixed up as that surely must be Thomas the Turd on the right (holding the doll), and not Tyler as stated in the caption.

And just to clarify the above, Gay Thomas the Turd Burglar observation; the article does not state that he is gay, but does state:

Eldest son Thomas is a 26-year-old store manager for Domino’s Pizza and lives in Mammoth Lakes, California, with his husband Ronnie, 41.  Source

Now it also clearly states in the above report that Thomas the Turd is the eldest of Markle’s two boys at twenty-six years of age and his brother, Tyler is twenty-five.

However, as I was writing this exposé another article appeared on the 29th of December 2017, in which Thomas Markle Jr gives an interview to the Chimp hacks following a controversial statement made about his & his half-sister, Meghan’s family, by her pretend-fiancé, Prick Henry of Pubes-Ginger.

And once again the same photo as above accompanied the interview/article, which – like last time – I have taken a screenshot of so as you can see for yourselves the accompanying text.

Yet despite the text being different on this one to the other one, the writer is still insisting that Meghan is 11 years old in the photo, which as I pointed out last time makes her nephew, Thomas the Turd one year old in the photo and her nephew Tyler a new born baby.

Furthermore, the article also included the following photo (screenshot):

So, Thomas the Turd is definitely Tyler now… Although that isn’t actually as blatant a mistake as you would first think – as you will find out shortly.

And keeping with that new article, I have also taken a screenshot of some of the text to show you:

So there you apparently have it, a previously unmentioned niece and Tyler & Tom have exchanged birthdays and must be a lot younger than they look.

Just sayin’… Next photo purrrleaze:

PHOTO: Meghan, Daddy Markle and Thomas the Turd or Tyler. The boy changes so much it is hard to keep track of who he is.


Although not half as fucking strange as the following Chimp article released on the 4th of February 2018. However, before you read it let me remind you that Meghan is 10 years older than Thomas the Turd (who is sometimes Tyler) and 11 years older than Tyler (who is sometimes Thomas the Turd).

Moreover, according to Meghan’s brother, Thomas Markle Jr who supplied the above photos to the Chimp, his half-sister Meghan was 11 years old at the time which of course would have been impossible if you believe this shite.

We have also read how Meghan’s Nephews – The Turd & Tyler – became part of the Christmas routine in the Markle household… As told by Thomas Markle Jr.

And as a last reminder, we also see Tracey Dooley – mother to the Turd & Tyler an ex-bird of Markle Jr – in some of the above photos – supplied by Thomas Markle Jr… Are we all quite, quite clear on that?

We are? Good, then have a read of this old bollox:

Now I am a bit kinda speechless!

Nevertheless, I am now going to repeat the original family snappy snap because it puts the icing on the cake in exposing this family as a fraud… That or it takes the right fucking piss:

PHOTO: Repeat of an earlier photo for reference purposes

Okay, let me tell you three things about this knocked-up photo.

Firstly, ‘Grandpa Tom Wayne Markle‘ is looking very much like the ‘Clown, John Wayne Gacy‘.

Secondly, the two boys are the same person.

Thirdly, the boys are taken from a photo of one of John Wayne Gacy’s alleged victims.

Not convinced? Well then let’s have a closer butchers: 

PHOTO: Markle Snr/Gacy Comparison

Now with the photo of Tom Markle being so shite (strange for an ‘Emmy Award’ winning ‘Lighting Director’), it means that Markle/Gacy are the weakest link of the three things that I have pointed out… Although added to all of the above evidence with more still to come, makes it none the less, very compelling.

I mean take a butchers-hook at the following photos:

And no angles were altered!

Yet we are supposed to believe that the Chimp’s Monkey-Kuntz didn’t know that? Of course they fucking did.

After all, that is not the only example of a fraud taking place… Check-out this next photo batch:

PHOTO: More proof that the same photos have been used time and again to make up different photos

Want more proof oh yee of little faith?

Of course you do. After all, we live in a world where “lies are truth and the truth is perceived as fake“.

So first take a careful look at this next photo batch:

PHOTO: Four different photos showing Thomas Markle Snr, yet his head is taken from just the one source photo

Okay, those four images all have the same photo source – a fact of which we have already seen in regard to the 1st and 3rd photos.

Nevertheless, let’s have a look at how the other two photos fit in:

Fuck me, you can hardly see the join in that last one!

And as for the Dooley Duo being one and the same, well there can be no doubt about it… At least that is as far as the pair go in the aforementioned photo:

PHOTO: Thomas & Tyler comparison

Course, that is not to say that two separate boys do not exist. It just means that in this particular hybrid photo, the same boys head has been used to represent both brothers.

Now I say that because in the following photo, the two young fellas are [apparently] clearly different.

Although the difference is probably artificially created since Thomas III looks as though he is having a stroke. In fact, that is the more likely explanation given the fact that in the photo below, taken/knocked up immediately after or before the one above, the boys are back to being identical twins: 

PHOTO: The boys are back to being ‘twins’ again and Meghan got fat as fuck

Cut the crap Spivey and just fukin‘ tell em“.

Okay. Cheeses sliced! … Can’t a man even build up a bit of suspense anymore?

Now, if you are paying proper attention you will already have sussed what has been done to the two boy’s (boy) faces in the photographs.

However, for the benefit of those who haven’t, let me show you and also say: Up ya fucking game because this is serious shit that is going on here with the Monsters… They ain’t doing it for fun.

Okay, study those photos closely and even the dumbest of you will be able to see how – at least – some of the boy’s face was made into two boys faces.

However, don’t worry if you can’t, ya blind fuckers because I am going to show you anyway… Fuck me I don’t half look after yous lot:

In fact Tom now looks a lot more like his ‘father‘. However, I do have to say that I believe Tyler has a lot of the former child-actor, Macaulay Culkin in him. 

No angles have been changed… Just sayin’.

And at the risk of becoming boring: Everything has to connect to everything for the Satanic-Monster-Majik to work.

Nevertheless, to get back on track, check the following photos out:

No angles of the photos have been changed and I see no point in touching in Tom’s face, being as if you cannot see how the faces have been made up by repeatedly overlaying pieces from 2 or 3 source photos (including Macaulay Culkin’s) then mate, you just don’t want to see it.

And indeed, this fakery carried on with the Dooley boys into their adult photos – well it would have to wouldn’t it since they do not really exist.

PHOTO: Comparison of the Dooley brothers in adulthood.

So, we now have Meghan’s nephews as fakes, as well as Meghan’s dad and brother… Course, as I say, the Chimp and the other shit-rag purveyors of bull-shite would have known that from the start.

And what’s more, I am even going to go out on a limb and suggest to you that Meghan’s first cousin, Jaffa Burrows – or summat like that anyway – also has a hand in forming Tyler & Thomas the Turd’s faces… Despite Jaffa being orange black:

Do however bear in mind that I am just speculating here.

Nevertheless, swiftly moving on and we have that third anomaly, namely; the Drooley brothers being the John Wayne Gacy victim, Michael Marino… Which obviously reinforces the Satanic connections that I have already shown you.

And so, with the Gacy/Markle connection in mind, consider this: Gacy knew Rosalyn Carter, the wife of former US President, Jimmy Carter – who was in office at the time:

Gacy was a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party, eventually becoming a Democrat precinct captain. In this capacity, he met and was photographed with Rosalyn Carter, wife of Democrat president Jimmy Carter. Carter posed for pictures with Gacy and autographed the photo “To John Gacy. Best Wishes. Rosalyn Carter”. Source: Wikpedia

PHOTO: Gacy & Carter 

Here, have another one:

PHOTO: Gacy & Carter

Anyone else find that a tad too coincidental?

In fact it is the same old bollox as always and very much in the same way that George Bush Snr knew John Hinkley Jr, who attempted to [fake] assassinate, the then US President Ronald Raygun – Bush being Raygun’s Vice-President at the time.

And obviously George Wanker Bush later followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming the 43rd President of the USA.

Now here is a thing: George Wanker has been married this long time to wife Laura.

PHOTO: Laura & George & Bush

And I’ll bet that you have never noticed how alike the former First Ladies, Rosalynn Carter and Laura Bush are, have you?


And once again I will ask: Am I the only one who finds that suspect?

Well if I am, then shame on you… I mean as suspects go, they don’t come much more suspect than Rosalynn Carter. In fact check out this next batch of photos for starters:

PHOTO: The Turd compared to the Carter boy

And of course it works with the Tyler Herbert too:

PHOTO: Tyler/Carter boy comparison

How damning is that… Not to mention insidious.

After all, besides the blatantly obvious fraud, on the face of it the unidentified boy is in a photo taken in the 1970’s… Long before Tyler & the Turd were even thought of.

And of course, if you have read my article on the Raygun fake assassination attempt (found HERE) you will already know that Jeb Bush – son of George Bush Snr, brother of Wanker – provided the face for John Hinkley Jr (the would be Raygun assassin).

PHOTO: Magazine article about John Hinkley Jr with Jeb Bush (inset)

Or maybe BFF’s always look identical… They certainly seem to be in the world of monsters, that is for sure.

Swiftly moving on and now you need to have a butchers at the following snappy-snap:

PHOTO: Olga Sweet of New Canaan presents former President, Jimmy Carter with a portrait that she painted of him, watched by husband, Robert and sons William and James.

And now look again:

PHOTO: Same as above with added inset photos

Okay, I have had to allocate the people in the inset photos a number each because their many ties to each other – mostly Satanic connections I hasten to add – are so wide spread that to not do so would become really confusing for you.

Moreover, all these ties lead to other ties with other people, places & events, because at the risk of repeating myself too many times: Everything has to connect to everything in the Satanic lives of the elite.

So, let’s start with the ‘artist’, Olga Sweet (B)… And she is not a particularly good one either in my book.

However, as coincidence would have it, one of her paintings that kept coming up whilst I was looking into her was of Prick Henry of Pubes-Ginger:


I mean just look at it! It is shite and clearly not finished… So I had a bash at it myself:


Not a masterpiece granted, but you can’t polish a turd and it is still 100% better than Olga’s bodge… Especially now that I have fixed the shoulder which she had drawn far too wide.

Moreover, look at this next master-piece-of-shit:

Now what we have here is Olga holding her painting of Ignacio Figueras – a model & polo player apparently – who is stood next to her… I thought that I best clarify that fact since the portrait (sketch) is hardly a good likeness.

Nevertheless, I have a feeling that art is not really Olga’s thing. You see, I believe that she is Patti ‘cake’ Davis (No2 in the Carter photo) – the drug-addled, wayward daughter of former US President, Ronald Raygun.

And as you no doubt know, Raygun followed Jimmy Carter into the Whitehouse.

Course, Patti Reagan/Davis is not an artist – as in a painter – and indeed she describes herself as being an “actress” and “author“… Although she was hardly Meryl Streep and when you are born into the Hollywood elite, drawing inspiration from your own life experience is always going to make for an interesting book to those saps obsessed with celebrity.

Therefore it is hardly surprising that Davis is best known for being her father’s daughter and for stripping off in Playboy Magazine:

PHOTO: Davis in Playboy – ‘Davis’ being Nancy Reagan’s maiden name 

Although to be fair that is a cracking pair of nipples that she has on her. 

PHOTO: Gratuitous nudity because of the cracking pair of nipples

Indeed she could very well have someone’s eye out if she isn’t careful.

Nevertheless, I’m being a tit so best we just go compare Olga Sweet with Patti Nipples Davis.

Looks spot on to me.

However, before you go forming an opinion, you need to keep an open mind until I have finished telling you who all those people in the Sweet/Carter photo are.

Now, Sweet ‘n’ Davis are also Darlene Blout – who you will remember is supposedly Thomas Markle Jr’s bird… You know, the one that he put a gun to her head.

Here, check-out this comparison of Davis & Blout:

Now you have to understand that this type of close-lookalike does not randomly continue to occur. I mean, sure everybody knows someone who looks a bit like someone else, but nowhere near to the degree that we see in ANYTHING connected to the Satanic elite.

I mean even if we – as some “scientists” claim – all have 7 people in the world somewhere that looks like us, that would still be one person in more than a billion. Sadly, most people do not have any idea of how big a number a billion is, because if they did they would be absolutely outraged that when talking in terms of the rich nowadays we are talking in terms of multi-billionaires as opposed to not so long ago when the words multi-millionaire preceded their name.

In fact to put a billion into perspective, If you could count continuously in perfect rhythm, one number per second, without breaks for sleeping, eating, and you know LIVING… It would take 31 years251 days, 6 hours, 50 minutes, 46 seconds to count to a billion (Source)

Therefore, you are looking at 64 years to count to 2 billion if you did so continuously and if you took tea-breaks and sleep-breaks while doing so, even if you were born with 2 billion pound, you would be dead before you could count it to make sure that it was all there.

And as such, the chances of finding one of your seven lookalikes in your life time are practically zilch, yet in the world of monsters, doppelgangers interact with each other on a daily basis!

However, the one-in-seven theory is just total and utter bollox, since commonsense should tell you that even if everybody had ONE single double then one half of the worlds population would look exactly like the other half. Therefore, as I published in an article on here, a segment taken from a respected journal (I can’t remember the article or the source – my bad), the chances of one person looking exactly like another is thirty billion to one (30,000,000,000 – 1).

Now think about that for a moment or two and then look at this next photo batch of Hollyweird lookalikes:

Now those are just some of those lookalikes that appear in a YouTube video found HERE

Yet even ALL of those shown in the video only make up a fraction of the many doppelgangers to be found in the cult of celebrity… Thirty Billion to One remember.

So, best we do another comparison of Blout & Davies just to make sure:

PHOTO: Blout & Davis comparison

And I did notice that in an effort to give the Markle’s some legitimacy – by portraying them as a family of rednecks – a story has now appeared about Blout being arrested for beating up Tom Tit:

Meghan Markle’s future sister-in-law was arrested on New Year’s eve in Oregon after an altercation with Thomas Markle, potentially dashing her brother’s hopes to attend the royal wedding in May.

An law enforcement source with the Josephine County Jail told DailyMail.com that Tom’s fiancée ‘Darlene Blount was booked on January 1st. She was charged with fourth degree assault.’ Source

 In turn, Sweet-Davis-Blout are also in all probability Tracey Dooley – mother to Tom-Tyler Dooley and Markle Jr’s ex-bird: 

Although Tracy appears to have changed heads with someone – kinda like they replace characters in soap operas with a different actor:

Nevertheless, shall we cross reference Tracey Mk 2 with Patti Cake-Davis?

Yeah, why the fuck not aye:

PHOTO: Patti Davis – Tracey Dooley comparison

Now as I say, Davis wasn’t a very good actress but she did feature in a 1981 made-for-tv-movie called “For Ladies Only” – a kinda low budget “Midnight Cowboy” meets “Boogie Nights” production starring Gregory Harrison.

And just for the ladies & gay boys here are some stills from the pile of old shite showing Harrison doing the do: 


Now Gregory Harrison also starred in the TV series “Trapper John” – a spin off from M.A.S.H which ran on CBS from September 23, 1979, to September 4, 1986 and in which Patti Davies also briefly appeared: 

PHOTO: Harrison & Davis back in the day 

And Gregory Harrison is our number 3 in the Carter photo (reproduced below for your covinience). 

Course, the reason for Harrison’s inclusion in the photo is the fact that he is associated with Patti Davis and he looks very much like Olga Sweet’s husband, Robert (he is ‘A. in the photo)… Robot to his friends… Probably.

However, before I go any further I should also tell you that the Carter photo is fake. I mean just look at Olga Sweet/Patti Davis’ hand for starters! (below)

Moreover, as you can see below, the photo was supposedly ‘taken‘ on or before the 30th of September 2013 – over 4 years ago.

However, this next photo was taken on the 13th of May 2017  

PHOTO: Robert & Olga Sweet

Did ja’clock it?

Olga is wearing the exact same dress as in the Carter photo, minus the left sleeve and Robert is the EXACT SAME Robert as in the Carter photo… Literally!


PHOTO. Overlay of half a Robert taken from the Carter photo and overlaid onto the photo below it

In fact the overlay matches in so well that I best repeat the photo outlining where the overlay is:

PHOTO: Repeat of the above with the overlay outlined in yellow

And that is how these fake people are given lives.

Indeed there are very, very few photos of Olga and her ‘husband‘ on the interwebb.

In fact the only other one that I could find was the one below:


PHOTO: Robert & Olga at some bollox show or other

And do you see what I see? 

PHOTO: Overlay of Robert onto errrr… Robert

Of course you fucking do… ‘Robert’ from the Carter photo matches exactly… In fact I think that he has even borrowed Carter’s tie… Fucking wankers.

Still, we best just cross-check with the other photo I suppose:


PHOTO: Robert overlays onto himself perfectly

You couldn’t make it up don’t cha know. I mean just look at the line on his trousers.

And once again the overlay matches in so well that I best repeat the photo outlining where the overlay is:

PHOTO: Repeat of the photo above with a red outline showing the overlay

So, it is now safe to say that “Olga & Robert” are not a real couple and Jimmy Carter is as bent as the rest of them… And just so as y’know, y’know; no angles were changed on any of those three photos other than reversing the Carter fake.

Now, notice the sparkly silver dress that Olga/Patti is wearing in the photo where Robert has Carters tie on and then look at this next photo batch:

PHOTO: Overlay of Olga onto herself

Not that that is the only instance you understand:

Very, very naughty… But far from the full extent of things… Not by a long fucking chalk. 

I mean just have a butchers at this next batch:

As I say: Olga & Robert Sweet do not exist… They are made-up personas and these photos have been knocked up to give them a past life.

Want more?

Of course you fucking do:

That will do for now but let me tell you that I can prove that every single photo of Olga’s is a fake.

Therefore, the fact that the photos are all fraud straight away adds credence to what I have already shown you and what I am about to show you.

So, to get back to it, what follows is a comparison of the actor, Gregory Harrison (no 3 in the Carter photo) and Robert Sweet (Letter A in the Carter photo):

PHOTO: Sweet/Harrison comparison

It all gets too easy… And quite tedious when you have been doing it as long as I have.

However, you will like this next bit. You see Gregory Harrison is also psycho killer, Ted Bundy (Number 1 in the Carter photo):

Theodore Robert Bundy (born Theodore Robert Cowell; November 24, 1946 – January 24, 1989) was an American serial killerkidnapperrapistburglar, thief, and necrophile who assaulted and murdered numerous young women and girls during the 1970s and possibly earlier.

Shortly before his execution and after more than a decade of denials, he confessed to 30 homicides that he committed in seven states between 1974 and 1978. The true victim count will forever be unknown and could be much higher than the number to which Bundy confessed. Source: Wikipedia

PHOTO: Dead Ted

Shall we go compare?

Of course we fucking shall:

And I’m not even going to bother touching the two halves in, they match up that well.

Shall we have another bash to make sure that wasn’t just a fluke?

Of course we fucking shall.

Fuck me, what with the above and Jeb Bush in comparison to John Hinkley Jr it would appear that the Monster-Minions were even more blasé back in the day about being discovered, than they are today!

Mind you, the masses didn’t have the interwebb back then although like the fake Raygun assassination attempt; I am surprised that no one has picked up on the Bundy Bollox since.

Yet all of a sudden, the fact that the Markle’s are at the very least Satanically connected to John Wayne Gacy doesn’t now seem so far-fetched does it? And I am a long way from being done yet.

So moving swiftly on and as most of you know – because I have fucking told you enough – these fake personas are always played by at least two actors and in the case of really high-profile fictions such as Princess Diana, there can be half a dozen or more playing the role.

Now, I don’t know if people were cottoning on to Bundy being played by Harrison back in the day, or whether the Minions were just being cautious in case they did, but the press at the time all ran stories about Bundy’s ever-changing appearance:

PHOTO: The many faces of Bundy

And I best point out that the above photo is actually a screenshot because I wanted to keep the newspapers comment rather than just copy & paste it.

Moreover, you will notice that the “many faces” are all shown in technicrap so some things never change.

But nevertheless, some eagle-eyed members of the public have picked up on the fact that in one of his many guises, Bundy looks very much like George W Bush… Unfortunately, that is all they have picked up on.

You see, at the very least it is another Satanic connection.

PHOTO: Bush/Bundy comparison

And I stress that it is a “Satanic connection“, at the very least.

Okay, so in order to do the job properly, we now need to see how Bundy shapes up in comparison to Robert Sweet: 

PHOTO: A Sweet-Bundy comparison

Fuck me those coincidence things just don’t know when to stop do they? Indeed, once again I see no need to touch the two halves in as it is quite obvious that we are looking at the same bloke… In fact this article is turning into an American version of my epic exposé: Book-Ends

Which is no bad thing, and all of this is relevant to Meghan Markle… You just wait and see.

Now at this point, we once again need to refer to the faked Carter photo:

Okay the fella that you now need to look at is number 2, the actor, Tom Hollander. And as far as I can make out, Tom is the littlest man in the world… Indeed his surname ought to be Thumb.

However, I am sure that you can see where this is heading – at least in part – but since Tom was born in 1967 he cannot possibly be either Bundy or Harrison… Although a clone is a real possibility.

And as for the made-up Robert Sweet; well I can’t say because I don’t know how old he is since there is little to no information about him on’t thinternet.

However, Tom Thumb-Hollander is in all probability just a Satanic connection, albeit an extremely important one.

Shall we go compare?

Of course we fucking shall:

PHOTO: Hollander-Harrison comparison

Pretty conclusive if you ask me.

But what about Dead-Ted Bundy & Tom:

PHOTO: Ted-Tom comparison

You really couldn’t make it up, but please try overlaying the photos for yourself if you think that I am using some trickery or other… That is the Monsters game, not mine. And if you don’t know how, I give you a tutorial in my article ‘How The West Was Won‘.

Course, I should also point out that the side profiles of Harrison & Bundy are a good match too. Here, have a butchers:

PHOTO: Greg Harrison & Dead Ted in profile

Now I did in fact really struggle to find the above photo of Harrison as it would seem that he is not very enamored with his side profile… Although fuck knows why the big nosed cunt isn’t keen on being photographed from the side.

And as it happens, I also found a Tom Hollander on ‘Linked In‘… You’ll like this:

PHOTO: Tom Hollander, Linkedin profile picture

Now what would the chances of that be? I mean you do know that the fella in the photo claiming to be TOM Hollander is without doubt really TOM Markle Jr, don’t you?

Of course you fuckin’ do, but best we confirm it all the same:

Fuck me, I should be a millionaire instead of living hand to mouth like I do.

Moreover, I also found the following Thomas Hollander – a sound engineer apparently – living in Iowa, who just so happens to bear an uncanny likeness to the grown-up Thomas the Turd.

And whilst not a great match you have to remember that Markle the Turd’s face is photoshopped to fuck, yet there are still many areas where the overlay meets the photo below to suggest that the two images quite possibly have the same source photo.

Moreover, Iowa Hollander has the look of a Markle and apart from the lobes, their ears are an excellent match. Furthermore, Markles lobe is faked and Iowa Tom has different ears in each of his two photos… Just sayin’.

Mind you, having said that Iowa Hollander also looks an awful lot like the chap in the photo below:

Who is he“, I don’t hear you ask.

But despite that fact, I think that it is important to still tell you. You see, as far as I can make out he is meant to be Renault Meghan’s mother’s bodyguard.

Shall we have a closer butchers-hook?

Of course we fucking shall:

Personally, I would say that they are the same person without a doubt.

However, the Chimp video that the above screenshots came from is as fake as fuck:

PHOTO: Proof of the Chimp video being fake

As I say, fake as fuck… But why would they need to fake a video?

Yet it doesn’t end there as I also found a Paul Hollander on my travels… Check him out in the photo below because he looks an awful lot like Thomas Wayne Markle:

How bizarre! 

And I also found the following photo during my travels.

Which I found a tad too coincidental when you take the following photo into account:

PHOTO: Thomas Markle Snr sat on a sofa with a young Meghan.

And whilst it doesn’t prove fuck-all (as if there isn’t enough proof already), it is still worth a mention.

Nevertheless, getting back to the actor Tom ‘thumb‘ Hollander and I can tell you that he is very well socially connected:

PHOTO: Tom ‘thumb’ Hollander with Gorilla Parker-Horseface 

Hollander must be standing on a box in that photo. And you should know that Parker-Horseface is the actress Mary Berry… After all, I would imagine that Prick Charles is incapable of having a relationship with any woman.

PHOTO: Gorilla & Berry comparison

Now I can do that all day long with photos of Mary-Mary-Quite-Cunt-Hairy & Gorilla because they only have around half a dozen source photos from which their images are derived, in the first place.

Mind you, most of the [not-so] Royal family are actors and not of the “elite” bloodlines. Indeed if I was to theorize I would say that the ‘Windsor’ bloodline is the weakest of the 12 or 13 bloodline families and is probably on the verge of extinction.

This would be down to a catch 22 scenario caused by inbreeding. You see, the royal bloodline was so polluted by the turn of the 20th century that they were continually giving birth to mentally retarded, physically handicapped offspring inflicted with hereditary medical conditions.

And that is where the catch 22 comes in. You see, forget what the press write about them marrying commoners such as Kate Gold-Digger-Smiff (another created persona) or Renault Meghan, because as far as I can make out, the true-bloodline-families cannot breed outside of those carrying their own genes.

Therefore, they have no one to breed with.

Nevertheless, as I say, that is just a theory and the actors such as Little Bald Willie (Rothschild) & Henry of Ginger (who is possibly of the Windsor bloodline) keep the £Millions of Pounds flowing in.

And just so as you know, Prick Henry of Pubes-Ginger is most definitely not Jimmy Hewitt’s son… That is just another conspiracy theory started by the Monsters themselves and allowed to flourish.

Mind you, Gorilla’s son, Tom Parker Horseface, the ever-smug-looking, coke-snorting FOOD-CRITIC did a stint on “Masterchef” in 2015 and knows Mary Berry very well… Which he would do wouldn’t he given as she doubles up as his ‘Ma’:

Tom Parker-Horse-Face – what a lot of Toms there are in this report – is certainly a chimp-of-the-old-block.

PHOTO: Andrew Parker Bowles (top photo) & his son Tom (bottom photo)

Although I am not sure why Tom is married to the Queer of England’s Grandaughter-in-law, Autumn Phillips:

Mind you, Tom’s daddy, Andrew Parker Bowles has had a long running – sordid – affair with Princess Ann (mother-in-law to Autumn Phillips), which is said to be on-going although to be fair that is also probably just a fake story put out by the monster-minions:

PHOTO: Andrew Parker Horse Face and a horse

It is however quite suspect that the Chimp put out an article calling Mary Berry the “The Queen Of cakes” which included the following photoshopped image:

PHOTO: Mary Berry wearing a crown, pictured with her family.

Course on the face of it, the photo is innocent – the Chimp wasn’t hiding the fact that the crown is photoshopped onto Berry’s head – until you know all of what I have just told you and then it becomes quite, quite sinister.

Mind you, the Chimp calling Mary the “Queen of Cakes” made me titter, although I suppose calling her the much-more-fitting “Queen of Tarts” would have been a bit too provocative for some.

Nevertheless, also in that last photo is Mary’s son & daughter. And guess what? Her son is also called TOM.

Mind you, it is a good job that he looks fuck all like the pint-sized actor, TOM Hollander because if he did it would surely put my case for Satanic Connections beyond doubt wouldn’t it?

PHOTO: Hollander/Berry Comparison

Shall I take a bow now or wait until the end?

No problem, I can wait.

Shall we cross reference then? After all, Since Berry looks like Hollander he should also look like Greg Harrison shouldn’t he?

Of course he fucking should:

PHOTO: Berry/Harrison comparison

And I can tell you that Berry will also fit together perfectly with Ted Bundy and Robert Sweet.

However, I should also point out that Tom Berry is actually, called Tom March… At least he is according to Wikipedia – although fuck knows why when his ‘father’ is called, ‘Paul John March Hunnings’.

I mean surely Tom should be a Hunnings too, although surname anomalies are extremely common when all is not above board.


But to get back on track; and not only is short-arse Hollander friends of Cunt-Hairy-Horseface, he is also friends with – drumroll please – Renault Meghan:

PHOTO: The pint-sized Tom Hollander & the construct, Renault Meghan

Now what you have to understand is that when I say that they are “friends“, I don’t mean in the normal sense of the word. I am in fact talking about them being “friends” in the illusionary world that most people live in and where nothing is real.

Indeed the photo is a fake – like most photos that are not ordinary peoples snapshots – and is only in existence to form another Satanic connection with all of the above.

I mean you cannot form a friendship with someone who does not exist and Renault Meghan most certainly does not as I will PROVE to you before I am done writing this exposé.

However, Tom Thumb is also illusionary-world-friends with Emilia Wickstead, the *ahermaherm, ‘dress designer’ to the rich & famous – who amongst others includes Kate Golddigger-Smiff… Allegedly:

PHOTO: Wickstead & Dickhead

The image is obviously photoshopped and indeed ‘Getty Images‘ have a lot to answer for.

In fact here is another of the shysters images which I will use to point out some of the photoshopping:

PHOTO: Wickstead & some old sort

Indeed you may have noticed that the above photo and the one where Emelia is posing with Tom look remarkably similar, don’t cha think?

Course, Getty Images sell their photos for hundreds of pounds… Thus they are committing multi-million pound fraud.

Not convinced yet?

Well have a look at this next batch then:

PHOTO: Proof that Getty Images are selling fake photos

And the next: 

PHOTO: More proof

Mind you, Emilia Wickstead is no better: 

PHOTO: Six different photos of Wickstead originating from two source photos at the most

Now you are probably thinking that of those 6 photos the top four come from one source photo and the bottom two come from another… But you would be wrong because in all likelihood all six come from the same source photo.

Moreover, the bottom two photos are from the source photo that then went to make the top four and not vice versa.

You see, what they have done is a common tactic of theirs, which is pretty much as below, albeit mine is a very quick, basic example and I do not have the sophisticated software programs that the intel-services have at their disposal.


PHOTO: How Wickstead’s head was turned to make other photos

I also have a feeling that Emilia could also be Darlene Blout – the bird that Thomas Markle Jr put a gun to her head – although it is a bit hard to tell what with that great big photoshopped gob that Wickstead sports in all of her photos:

PHOTO: Wickstead & Blout photo comparison.

She is at worst a Satanic connection.

And if you hadn’t already noticed, Wickstead also looks like Patti Davis: 

PHOTO: Wickstead/Davis comparison

Course, the above is exactly what I meant when I said about where the problem lies in getting an accurate comparison. Therefore you need to look passed the silly photoshopped mouth and notice how all of the other features line up.

Okay, let’s get back to the Carter photo:

Now Number 5 and Letter are Oslo’s children and since she does not exist then it follows that neither do her children and as such, ‘C’ is just a repeat of ‘5’. 

However, James – the elder boy – does appear in some photos with his ‘mother‘: 

PHOTO: Gaaayyyyy.

For instance he is seen in the above with ‘mum‘ on the 12th of July 2015. 

PHOTO: Still Gaaayyyyy

And here he is in another – looking remarkably similar and wearing nigh on identical clothes – a year later with ‘mum‘, on the 19th of June 2016.

Moreover, the younger fella also appears in a couple or so photos with ‘mum‘:

PHOTO: Olga and her younger son

And I notice that Mum is in her trademark silver dress whilst the boy’s hair has changed colour… Perhaps she has painted it. Meantime, I like the way that her hair blends in with her shite scribbles.

However, to be even fairer still, both lads do appear in another fake photo together with their ‘mother’.


PHOTO: Olga & her two boys

And what a surprise, she is in that silver dress again… Nevertheless, below is the proof that the photo is fraud:

PHOTO: The two boys are the same as the two boys in the Carter photo… Literally

Same photo sources despite the apparent difference in the younger fellows appearance. Yet all that involves is turning the black dots in his eyes and making his hair shorter… Piece of piss really.

As for Number 6 in the Carter photo (alleged Gacy victim, Michael Marino) and Number 8 (Thomas Markle the Turd), well we have already seen how alike they are, and with that being the case their likeness to James Sweet (Letter D) should come as no surprise to anyone:

PHOTO: James Sweet & Michael Marino comparison

Course, the fact that Marino disappeared in October 1976 when he was 14 years old means that he had around a 35-year head start on James Sweet. Yet that age anomaly crops up time and time again throughout history with these monsters.

However, I am not going to dwell too much on this because I extensively cover the topic in the as-yet-unreleased “How The West Was Won Part 6“, and I have already shown you earlier on that the Monsters are by and large doppelgangers for someone else

And more often than not, they involve criminals. For example John Wilkes Booth who fake assassinated President Lincoln and Albert Einstein:

Could be coincidence I suppose.

However, it becomes increasingly hard to make a case for coincidence when you take into account the following photo of Edgar Allen Poe (born January 19, 1809 and died October 7, 1849).

In 1835, Poe, then 26 did a ‘Jerry Lee Lewis by marrying his 13-year-old cousin Virginia Clemm. They were married for eleven years until her early death.

Nevertheless, I am sure that you instantly knew where this was going when you saw the above picture.

You can also add Tesla to that mix:

PHOTO: Poe-Tesla comparison.

PHOTO: Booth-Teslas comparison with a very quick match in because I couldn’t be arsed to take my time.

Course, if you look at that photo of Tesla that I have used, you may notice that he looks very like Addy One-Ball… Which would be because he is… At least he is in that photo, here, have a butchers below.

Now I can tell you – or bet you if you prefer – that the Tesla & Hitler photos above come from the same source photo… One hundred percent indisputable once you view them together on Zoner Photo-Editor, using varies overlay sections and back-lighting.

Course, Hitlers nose tip has been replaced with [ridiculous] ‘moustache’, but there is nothing to stop you investigating the fact that they are one & the same yourselves as I would need to publish a minimum of five different photos to do so and proving it does not warrant the time.

However, as I say, I will bet anyone a minimum £100 that they are the same photo so if you doubt my claim and you are a lazy fucker with more money than sense, feel free to email me.

So why would Tesla be Hitler – as is Walt Disney? And my answer to that is: Your guess is as good as mine but what was going on back then is still going on today.

And by way of example, you need look no further than American politician Jared Polis and former New Zealand Prime Mincer, Don Key – or whatever the fuck the sexually perverted weirdo’s name is.

PHOTO: Jared Polis & former New Zealand Prime Mincer, John Key

Indeed, the Monsters should not be let anywhere near children because the very same excuse that our sick-fuck, psychopath social-workers use to take children from innocent parents i.e a danger of future emotional harm applies exactly to the rich-things.

For instance, let’s put the actress Demi Moore under the spotlight.

Moore’s story goes that she was born in 1962 although her father – who was a [red flag] airman* – supposedly split with Demi’s mother before she was born. Demi’s mother – an alcoholic with a long criminal record, or so the story goes – then married an advertising salesman which meant that the family was constantly on the move… And as such, Demi Moore has no check-able past… That is how easy it is to create a person from thin air.

*There are countless knob-ed celebs whose parents were in the military especially those who were teenagers by the mid 1960’s and I will remind you that the ‘M’ in MI5 & MI6 stands for Military.

So, whilst I can only speculate I would guess that Demi Moore was either born into MK-Ultra captivity or she is a clone. Mind you, according to Kevin Hart, everyone who is anyone – including himself – has a clone.

Certainly, if Demi Moore is cloned she came from the same factory as the “Friends” actor, Courtney Cox:

PHOTO: Various comparisons of Demi More & Courtney Cox.

Now there is officially 2 years difference between the pair (Cox allegedly being born in 1964) and Cox, like Moore has a dubious past.

Indeed, her story goes that her mother & father (who was a “business man” whatever that means), separated when Cox was a child. Her mother – tellingly – then went on to Marry “businessman“, Hunter Copeland – the Uncle of Ian Copeland… At least that is according to Wikipedia.

And here is where you have to wade through the confusing tentacles of whose who. You see whilst most people of 50 and younger will never have heard of Ian Copeland, many of us will know who Stewart Copeland – the drummer of the band ‘Police’ – is.

Now Stewart’s father/Hunter’s brother, was Miles Copeland.

And according to Wikipedia, Miles Copeland was an American musician, “businessman“, and most importantly a high wanking CIA officer. In fact to quote Wikipedia:

According to Copeland’s biographer, there is nothing in Copeland’s CIA files to suggest he was ever a “professional musician,” but “several relatives and friends have testified to his musical ability.

So he was first and four-most a CIA agent then and Courtney Cox is the [step] 1st cousin of multi-millionaire drummer, Stewart Copeland… Yet to put it that way would have been too easy for Wikipedia.

Now, a lot of you will know that Cox rose to fame in 1984 (apt year) after being at a Bruce Springsteen concert where she was supposedly chosen at random by the legendary musician, to go up on the stage and dance with with him whilst he sang his big hit “Dancing In The Dark“.

PHOTO/GIF: Courtney Cox dancing with Bruce Springstein

And looking at the above Gif, Courtney actually appears to have a penis, which would not surprise me and in line with the way that the Monsters like to make mugs of us, would explain her name: Courtney Cox (cocks).

However, that is just another fairy-tale and as I told you right at the start, fairy-tales do not happen. I mean what would the odds be of Cox – randomly by good fortune & being in the right place at the right time finding fame – when she is so closely related to Drummer, Stewart Copeland who in 1984 was at the height of his fame… My point being that there are very, very few knob-ed celebs who come from a normal, Joe-Average background.

Indeed, most come from your Joe 90 background.

Mind you, they are still using the same formula today as they were in 1984:

The Foo Fighters performed for a crowd of 52,000 at Brisbane‘s Suncorp Stadium on Thursday night.

And while fans were thrilled to see the six-piece rock act, there was an unexpected performance that simply stole the show.

Mid-way through the night, the band’s front man, Dave Grohl, saw fan Joey McLennon holding a placard in the crowd and signalled for him to come up on stage for a jam.

The Foo Fighters fan and 22-year-old amateur guitarist was more than willing to oblige, rocking out for the sold-out stadium with a performance that has now gone viral. Source

Yeah, yeah, whatever.

So let’s get back to Demi 90 and it is worth noting that she was a doppelganger for Elizabeth Short AKA ‘the Black Dahlia‘:

Elizabeth Short (July 29, 1924 – January 14 or 15, 1947), known posthumously as “the Black Dahlia”, was an American woman who was found murdered in the Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Her case became highly publicized due to the graphic nature of the crime, which entailed her corpse having been mutilated and severed at the waist. Source: Wikipedia

In fact Short could have been a prototype for Demi’s mother what with her cavorting and marrying servicemen:

And like Demi’s mother, Short was well known to the plod:

Personally I think the story is fake, but Short supposedly ended up like you see in the following:

Indeed, knowing what I do about faces and photos, the fact that you can do the following without changing any angles is highly suspect:

And the following photo of Dead Dahlia & the living dead Dahlia more or less ends any doubt that the story is bollox:

Furthermore, the story is far too “Jack the Ripper” for my liking. In fact I did a Google-Image search for “Jack the Ripper victims” and the following is what I came away with:

PHOTO: Google image search for Jack the Ripper victims brings up Elizabeth Short “related Images” 

PHOTO: Taunting letter sent by Dahlia killer in keeping with the taunting letters sent by Jack the Ripper

And now I am going to overlay a section of a Ripper victims face over that of the dead Dahlia:

Now that is indisputable evidence that the Black Dahlia is fake… And the Ripper victims name is LIZ stride… Only a short stride away from LIZ Short in fact.

However, I do like to leave as little room for doubt on anything so have a butchers at these next photos:

And if we then straighten the same two photos up, we get the following:

And if we now go and compare the Ripper victims; Eddowes and the first bird we compared the Dahlia with (Liz Stride), we get the following:

Moreover, Eddowes is also Ripper victim Alice McKenzie:

No angles changed.

Which I had to do for Ripper victims, Frances Coles and Alice McKenzie as you can see below:

But they are nevertheless, the same bird. And I can do the same with the rest of the victims too.

So, we now have Jack the Rippers victims all being duplicated – a practice still used by the Monster Minions today. And since that is another case that I have cracked, tell me again why I am not a millionaire?

But all the same, whether the story be true or fake, Short is most definitely a ringer for Demi Moore.

And what’s more is that you really want to pay attention here because I am going to show you how the Satanic Majik really works.

So, below are two screenshots that I TOOK, of a youngish Demi Moore giving an interview. Now I wanted one with her mouth open and one with her mouth closed so as I could compare her to Courtney Cox:

So bear in mind that it was me who decided where to stop the video to take the two random screenshots and indeed that could have been anywhere throughout the course of the interview.

However, a little later on I discovered that Demi Moore looked exactly like the Black Dahlia and as ‘luck‘ would have it, the photo that I have used above the Demi screenshots to compare the living Dahlia with the dead Dahlia looked to be the perfect photo to use as a comparison photo with the second screenshot of Demi giving that interview.

And in fact luckier still, all that I had to do in order to make the comparison was reverse the photo of the living Dahlia… I did not have to change the tilt of their heads or fuck all, which is rare enough in itself if the photos are not from the same source – which of course, with Demi’s photo being a screenshot of moving film footage, they could not have possibly been.

Now have a look at the results:

And whilst that is pretty impressive in itself, it does not convey the true picture of that Satanic Majik – no pun intended.

You see, to get the full impact, you have to add back lighting to Demi’s colour photo with the B&W half overlay of the Black Dahlia overlaid on top… And when you do, you get this:

Now the overlay is set at 0% transparency and the transparency that you can see is in the Dahlia photo itself meaning that it has been altered. But that is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the photo is spot on with Demi’s features, right down to where their nostrils sit… And that really is fucking Majik because the odds of all that being coincidence are incalculable.

I mean, I was blown away with the Diana CCTV footage, and if you don’t know what I am on about then you will have to read my epic Night Of The Living Dead, But the Black Dahalia/Demi Moore overlay sent a very real, very slow, chill down my spine.

Nevertheless, just to silence the nonce-trolls, below is another Demise More & Liz Short comparison and once again no angles have been changed:

Moreover, just so as y’know, y’know, below is the same half ‘n’ half comparison with back-lighting:

Now it was necessary to mark where the overlay was as it was almost invisible in the hair. Nevertheless, notice how you can see both Demi’s & Liz’s eyebrows in the overlay. That is a mark of how well you can see both photos. Now look how the features match up, particularly the eye… Just sayin’.

And in the same way that Demi Moore & Courtney Cox are doubles of each other, so are Katie Perry & Zoey Deschanel:

PHOTO: Katie Perry & Zoey Deschanel comparison

Course, as you may have just noticed, those two defy the 30 billion to one odds and are dead-ringers for Demi Moore & Courtney Cox – and must surely be the next generation of clones:

PHOTO: Courtney Cox & Katie Perry comparison

PHOTO: Demi Moore & Katie Perry comparison.

Yet people still put all this shit down to coincidence and trot out the well worn old mantra: “People do look like each other“… No they fucking don’t, you deluded robots!

Nevertheless, Demi then went on to marry “heart throb”, Bruce Willis… A deeply perverted homosexual, and as a consequence of that union we are told that they had three children.

PHOTO: Bruce & Demi

And those three children, allegedly female: Rumer (born August 16, 1988), Scout (born July 20, 1991), and Tallulah (born February 3, 1994) are all fuck-ups:

PHOTO: Tallulah Willis

And it appears that all three were beaten with the ugly stick at birth:

PHOTO: Bruce, Demi and their three daughters.

The pretty woman on the far left is Bruce’s ‘bird’, just so as you know, you know. Yet none of the trio of daughters look like Bruce or Demi.

Nevertheless, Bruce & Demi split in 1998 and after a series of dalliances Demi Moore took up with, Ashton Kutcher – who was and still is 15-years-younger than her.

PHOTO: Demi & Ashton Villa in 2011 – allegedly

So now lets play “Who’s The Daddy“:

PHOTO: Bruce, Demi & daughter Tallulah, with Ashton Kutcher inset

Photo: Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore with Tallulah & Katie Perry inset

Course, if Tallulah was the daughter of Kutcher, that would mean the Demi Moore was shagging him when he was 15 years-old… Just sayin’.

Moreover, in the months to come I am going to give you a lot more examples of knob-ed celebs fucking with their kids minds and bringing up children who are not theirs.

And I can assure you that what I know about these Monsters is proper scary shit.

Now, as a quick aside, whilst bringing that section to a close, I took a tea-break in which I had a quick look at the Chimp-Online website. And as coincidence would have it, they are running the following  story:

You really couldn’t make it up!

Mind you, their pile of shite included the following photo:

And if that is the Dahlia then she has been rearranged and her face has healed up nicely. Not that the above was the only contradictory photo included in their old bollox.

You see, they also included the following:

Now how the fuck is that the same Liz Short as the one we saw higher up – reproduced below:

Course, the longer these things go unchallenged the more history is changed. I mean, does she still look like Demi Moore? Does she fuck. Will she still match Jack the Rippers victims? Will she fuck.

Nevertheless,, moving on and luckily a large proportion of these carbon copies are just made up people and obviously photographs are in the main, ageless in that respect.

However, if they are not just photographs or clones then they are Holograms… Yes Holograms, such as the Elvis hologram dueting with Celine Dion as seen in the video below:

Ironically Celine Dion’s husband, René Angélil is reported to have been Elvis Presley, and before you dismiss the idea as nonsense let me tell you that I have checked it out and indeed it could very well be true… Although the hard-of-reading-words should take note that I am not saying the fact is true.

Nevertheless, to show you how it could be true is quite a time-consuming endeavor and since the subject doesn’t really tie in with Meghan Markle – at the moment – I will have to show you another time… Unless I get time to do so or it becomes a necessity later on.

However, bear in mind that I have shown you in my article “How The West Was Won Part 1” how the stories on the Chimp’s news-feed always connect from top to bottom in order to form a Satanic connection and that Google-Image does the same… Well I can tell you that I was earlier looking into [young] Lisa Marie Presley (hence it might be necessary to explain the Elvis theory later on) and when I clicked on a [Google image]photo of her sat with her dad (Elvis) and his bird at the time, Linda Thompson, the following “related images” also came up:

And as you can see, the second of those “related” images is of Celine Dion and her husband Rene… Yet I ask you, how can a search for “young Lisa Marie Presley” overtly connect to Celine Dion and her husband?

Course, if these doppelgangers from history are not clones or holograms then the only other explanation is that they are time travelers… Again, I would urge you to keep an open mind on everything because these Monsters do not religiously bow down to Satan if there is fuck all to be had from it.

After all, the fourth possibility, namely sheer coincidence just doesn’t come into play I’m afraid. Especially so when you take into account the huge number of doppelgangers that there are of current prominent people looking exactly like prominent people from the past… And in particular, those prominent in Nazi Germany and historical Heads of State.

Nevertheless, to add to the anomalies Markle the Turd, Michael Marino & James Sweet all look like Ron Raygun Jr (Number 7 in the Carter Photo) –the son of former US President Ronald Raygun and brother to Patti Davis.

PHOTO: Ron Reagan with mum & dad

Now once again there is the problem with photo compatibility for comparison purposes. Nevertheless, take a butchers at the following:

PHOTO: Raygun-Sweet comparison

And that comparison is pretty darn near the mark and at the very least; a Satanic connection… As you are about to find out shortly.

Moreover, you see the orange tint on the top colour photo of James? Well I can tell you that there is a setting on Zoner photo edit (the photo editor that I use) called “lighting” and what it does is turn black & white photos into colour when you overlay them on a coloured background. However, in doing so you tend to get orange patches – EXACTLY like Sweet has on his hair – on the B&W overlaid section.

Nevertheless, those orange patches are a piece of piss to match in.

Therefore, it is blatantly obvious to me that a B&W photo has been used as an overlay on the original colour photo… Just sayin’.

Now, it isn’t just Raygun’s looks in relation to the trio of Sweet, Marino & Markle that implicates him in the fraud.

You see there is also the following snappy-snap:

PHOTO: Raygun Jr has a haircut as dad Ronnie looks on

Shall I give you a minute to study the pic or do you just want me to gerron wi-it?

I mean ignore the fact that the image is photoshopped to fuck, it is the barber that you want to be looking at because he looks to me, very much like John Wayne Gacy:

Course, Ron Reagan Jr was born in 1958 which would mean that the photo – if it was genuine – would have been taken in the mid to late 1960’s… Or in other words, before Gacy started his killing spree.

However, the image isn’t genuine because it is most certainly a photoshop and as such, just another example of the Monsters taking the right fucking piss.

Here, have some more comparisons:

Course, apart from the obvious photoshopping in the Raygun haircut-photo, there is also the fact that Raygun Jr has had his head imported from elsewhere: 

PHOTO: Two images using Rayguns head taken from the same source

Indeed you only need look at the sheen on the hair to know that they are from the same source. And again I will ask: Why do that if everything is above board?

Yet that is not even half of it where Ron-Son-Of-Ron is concerned… And I am not even talking about the fact that he used to be a ballet dancer:

PHOTO: Ron Jr is a proper Nancy isn’t he?

I am sure that there is a joke in that caption somewhere… Here have another photo of Nancy Jr:

Mind you, he has some neck on him doesn’t he.

But as I say, I am not referring to Ron Jr’s gay-a-days. You see, the following is a photo of how Ron Reagan Jr looks nowadays:

And the following photo is of Robert Piest – one of John Wayne Gacy’s alleged victims:

And if we line Pist up next to Ron-Son-Of-Ron we get the following: 

Tell me again why I am so poor?

Forget that… I know why.

But anyway, take a look at this next photo:

PHOTO: Comparison of Raygun Jr & Robert Sweet

So, if we are to believe that the above comparison is just a coincidence then we would have to also believe that the two youngest children of the 40th President of the United States (Ron Raygun Jr & Patti Davis) look exactly the same as the husband & wife (Robert & Olga Sweet) seen meeting the 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter in the photo higher up… Not to mention everything else that I have shown you.

And remember, although they fit together like two things that fit together, that could just be for the purposes of a Satanic connection, made possible with a lot of photo manipulation on the part of the monster-minions.

Therefore we need to look at how Raygun & Gregory Harrison match up:

PHOTO: Harrison & Raygun Comparison

And of course a Satanic connection is no less of a wrong doing than one actor playing two people with the intention of deceiving the populace for nefarious purposes.

Nevertheless, I suppose we best check how Raygun Jr also compares to Dead Ted Bundy whilst we are at it:

PHOTO: Raygun/Bundy Comparison

Now I changed no angles there and as you can see the two heads are facing different directions. Moreover, should you attempt to do that with two obviously different looking people you would end up with someone who looks like Quasimodo with a migraine from hell.

Yet Raygun and Bundy – like Raygun & Harrison – fit together perfectly, which when taking everything else into account, can only mean that the photos have been played with by the monster-minions in order to form a Satanic connection.

And for those of you who are a bit Jimmy Quick or hard of learning, I will remind you that EVERYTHING has to connect to everything else in order to make work, whatever it is that the monsters do when performing Satanic Majik.

Furthermore, with the photo of Raygun being in colour and the Bundy overlay being in Black & White, I can now show you exactly what I meant earlier when telling you about the orange in James Sweet’s hair being a result of a B&W photo being overlaid on top of a colour photo and applying the lightening enhancement:

Mind you, I thought it best that I leave the fuck-up ear well alone… I mean have you ever seen anyone with an ear like that?

Nevertheless, just so as you know it wasn’t a fluke, have another:

PHOTO: Bundy/Raygun Jr comparison

In other words, game, set and match.

Indeed, not even the Boy-Bundy is exempt since he looks like Thomas the Turd:

PHOTO: A young Bundy compared to a Turd.

I think that the arrowed ears give the game away more than anything else.

However, it gets better. Here have a gander at this next batch of photos starting with President Carter, his wife and his three sons… And take note of those that I have arrowed because it is obvious that the James Sweet that we see in the well referenced Carter photo is actually made up from one of Carter’s sons :

PHOTO: Sweet overlaid on one of Carter’s sons

It just gets harder and harder for the paedo-trolls to pour scorn on it let alone debunk it… Short-arsed, no-nothing, creepy-crawley, sewer-dwelling, kiddie-fiddlers, that they are.

Mind you, I am glad that I now know what those strange lines behind James Sweet’s shoulder are because it is little things like that which keep me awake at night.

Okay, now, let’s once again play “What’s-In-A-Name” by taking a peek at this next photo… Which is actually a screenshot, but let’s not split whatsits: 

PHOTO: A screenshot of a fella called Michael Marino’s twitter profile

And of course you will recall that Michael Marino is also the name of the Gacy victim that has cropped up time and again in this report… Although as it happens, it turns out that Moreno isn’t a Gacy victim after all:

A mother from Chicago has been waiting nearly 40 years for answers about her son. 

Michael Marino is listed as one of the 33 victims of John Wayne Gacy, but his mother, Sherry Marino, always had her doubts. 

She had his body exhumed for DNA tests. 

The DNA test came back and showed the body is not that of her son Michael, which means there may be another unidentified Gacy victim. 

Michael was 14 when he disappeared in October of 1976. 

His mom always doubted he was in Gacy’s crawlspace, or buried underneath the tombstone bearing her son’s name. 

However there was a possibility that Marino’s body had been switched with another Gacy victim, Kenneth Parker, who was a friend of Michael’s. 

Attorney Steve Becker wants the Cook County Sheriff’s Department to respond. They will enter Michael’s name in a missing person’s database, and will contact Sheriff Dart to let him know that after 40 years,  there may be another unidentified victim of John Wayne Gacy. Source

But that is what they do you see? The Minions are constantly keeping these high-profile serial killers in the news with stories that are mostly very farfetched – for example the story of how the Yorkshire ripper and Soham child-killer Ian Huntley play chess together in prison.

In fact one of those high-profile prisoners that the press like to keep in the news is the recently deceased, Charles Manson, although when you see some of the later-in-life photos of the midget hippie guru looking tanned and hair transplanted it becomes obvious that he hasn’t been in prison at all.

Moreover, Manson’s face – like Gacy & Bundy’s – was used for other people and in Charlie’s case one of those people was death-row prisoner Robert Kraft:

PHOTO: Kraft/Manson comparison

Nevertheless, this other Michael Marino does his bit for good causes:

PHOTO: Marino’s just-giving

But did you clock who he looks like? 

PHOTO: Michael Marino/Ron Raygun comparison

And as I pointed out earlier; like all serial killers that get an overkill of articles in the press (because they are all fake), their victims are a mix & match of each other as well as photoshops of famous people all presented in photos taken in Techni-Shite Deluxe… And Bundy’s & Gacy’s are no exception: 

PHOTO: Gacy’s victims – there is a maximum of three people there.

I mean some of Gacy’s victims even went to visit him on death row after he had already killed them, for fucks sake:

PHOTO: Gacy gets visited by his dead victims

And as for the victims being repeated? Well take a look below and bear in mind what I showed you earlier in regard to Jack the Rippers ‘victimds’:

PHOTO: Proof that the murder ‘victims’ are repeated

Mind you, Greg Godzik in the above photo looks fuck all like Greg Godzik in the following photo:

But of course you can cross-reference the victims because Gacy victim, GREG Godzik in the above photo is the Ted Bundy actor GREG Harrison:

Good that innit?

Now as it happens, the photos of Bundy’s victims are not too bad as victim pictures go: 

However, if there are 3 different people there then I will be surprised because like I say; all that the monster-minions do is take a crisis actor (or celebrity) and slightly alter their features to make a load of created personas – or if not a celebrity then an actual murder victim or someone who has died with the same name – although for some unknown reason the Minions are not allowed to alter their victims features so much that the person becomes unrecognizable.

So, by way of an example take the two girls that I have circled who are without doubt one and the same.

Indeed, all that the Photo-Editor-Minion has done is add a chunk onto both cheeks of the girl in the left hand photo, reversed the imaged, slightly altered the hair and given the girl in the right hand image a closed mouth smile.


And what follows is another photo exactly as it appeared in the press, that really takes the piss… But then again, the cunts do like to take the piss:

You see, they are all the same bird:

Now to save time I will just do a comparison of the two who appear most unalike. After all, if you can’t see that the bottom left and the top right are the same bird then you are never going to see it:

Moreover, when you look at Bundy victim Lynda Healy you quickly realise that she is Patti Davis:

What a surprise! Not.

And while I’m at it, we will just have a very quick peep at another Gacy photo.

Now the bird with Gacy is supposedly one of his Attorney’s, named Karen Conti… And it would seem that Conti is just about everyone.

Including Linda Thompson:

PHOTO: Linda Thompson/Karen Conti comparison

And if you have being paying proper attention you will know that Linda Thompson was the long time girlfriend of Elvis Presley – up until November 1976.

PHOTO: Elvis & Thompson

He’s looking fucking well in that photo isn’t he?

But here’s a thing; Thompson is loosely related to the Satanic Kardashians, having married Bruce Jenner in 1981 – long before Bruce  pretended to be a Transylvanian… Or whatever it is that he is mincing about as these days.

PHOTO: Bruce & Linda

And in turn That means Thompson is also related to OJ Simpson:

PHOTO: Bruce Jenner, Kris Jenner, OJ Simpson and a bird

And I did clock that there is a strong likeness between Kris Jenner and Laura Bush.

PHOTO: Kris Jenner/Laura Bush comparison.

You do of course have to look beyond Jenner’s thick eye make-up and Bush’s artificially widened nostril.

Nevertheless, the marriage between Bruce Jenner and Linda Thompson produced two children, Brandon & Brody Jenner – both boys, thus making them half-brothers of Kendall & Kylie Jenner and step-brothers of Kim Kardashian and her Satanic siblings.

PHOTO: The Jenners

And the above photo was obviously taken before Kendall & Kylie were born.

Small world isn’t it?

I will however return to the photo very shortly because first I need to tell you that Linda Thompson then went on to marry Peter Foster, who is step-father to the top-models Gigi & Bella Hadid – a pair of wrong-uns without a doubt.

PHOTO: Bella & Gigi Hadid pose naked together in a photo that smacks of incest

But then again what do you expect. These things are filth… Scum. And in fact their alleged old-man has just been accused of rape as I type:

Now, interestingly enough Brucella Jenner also has another daughter Cassandra – his 2nd oldest child –  who calls herself Casey and can be seen in the above photo. Casey was the product of Brucella’s first marriage to Chrystie Crownover… Crownover? Interesting surname.

PHOTO: Bruce & Chrystie (strange spelling)

Does anyone else think that Brucella’s 1st wife, Chrystie looks exactly like his 2nd wife Linda Thompson?

PHOTO: Linda Thompson/Chrystie Crownover comparison

That’ll be just me then.

Therefore it follows that Chrystie will look fuck all like John Wayne Gacy’s lawyer, Karen Conti won’t it… Big yawn:

PHOTO: Chrystie Crownover/Karen Conti comparison

Okay, now it may appear that I am drifting but all this is important because you have to be able to understand the elaborate network of far reaching tentacles built on deceit, involved that have allowed Meghan Markle to be created. So getting back to Cassandra/Casey ‘Jenner’; and her and her husband made Brucella a Grandmapa for the 3rd time in October 2016.

However, you will never guess what Cassandra’s surname is? You see she actually uses her married name which in itself is a rarity for the monsteress’s, although that could be to do with the fact that she is married to MICHAEL MARINO… Now how the fuck is that for a shit-pie coincidence?

PHOTO: Michael & Cassandra Marino with ‘their’ children

Course, Michael Marino is really just Brody Jenner – Cassandra Marino’s half brother – playing the role:

PHOTO: Brody Jenner/Michael Marino comparison

They really could make it up… As they do on a daily basis.

And unsurprisingly the pair (Michael/Brody) look very much like Tom March – Son of Mary Berry:

PHOTO: Marino/March comparison

Even if they are only Satanically manipulated to do so.

And talking of which, Kim Kardashian – Brucella Jenner’s step daughter – like Patti Davis-Raygun, also did a nude photoshoot for Playboy:

PHOTO: Kim Kardashian Playboy photo

“So what”, you say?

To which I would answer that the two photoshoots are linked:

PHOTO: Davis/Kardashian Playboy shoot comparison

And of course I am not saying that Patti Raygun is Kim Carcrashion, but that naked photoshoot was certainly no accident.

But then again Patti Cake does like getting her tits out as she stripped off again back in 2011:

What’s more, neither was the fact that Elvis Presley & Celine Dion did that duet that I gave you a link to earlier, a coincidence.

PHOTO: Celine Dion & Elvis the hologram Presley duet.

You see, Celine Dion is the double of Elvis’ ex-bird, Linda Thompson – mother to the two Jenner boys, Brody & Brogan.

PHOTO: Dion/Thompson comparison

PHOTO: And again

PHOTO: And again with no angles changed

Course, Celine Dion (born March 30 1968) is too young to be Thompson (born may 23 1950), but nonetheless she ties in with the conspiracy theory about Dion’s husband, the probable paedophile, Rene Angelil and the known paedophile Elvis.

The following is from Wikipedia: René Angélil, CM, OQ (French pronunciation: [ʁəˈne ɑ̃ʒeˈlil]; January 16, 1942 – January 14, 2016) was a Canadian musical producer, talent manager and singer. He was the manager (1981–2014) and husband (1994–2016; his death) of singer Celine Dion.

PHOTO: 13-year-old Celine Dion & her ‘manager’ Rene Angelil

Now I am not going to go to deeply into whether or not Elvis is Angelil because I am not altogether convinced that he is myself let alone trying to convince you lot. However, I am more than convinced that they are Satanically connected and just for the record Elvis was only 7 years older than Angelil.

Moreover, in defiance of the thirty billion to one odds, they have exactly the same face:

PHOTO: Elvis/Angelil comparison

… And ears!

Course, there are other comparisons in their lives such as Elvis shacking up with 14-year-old Priscilla and Rene shacking up with the 12-year-old Celine.

PHOTO: Elvis & his 14-year-old-bird

Although that photo is blatantly photoshopped. I mean just look at Elvis’ left eye, along with Priscilla’s ear shadow. And then there is Elvis’ hand particularly the area between his finger and thumb. Not to mention the ruffle of his shirt where Priscilla is nestled into him or her extra long arm.

And therein is an example of how far the Monsters are ahead of us since such alterations to photographs wouldn’t have been dreamed possible back then.

I hate writing about Elvis, because I am going to have “The Wonder Of You” stuck in my head for the next few days now:

So here ya go, you can suffer with me.

Nevertheless, it looks almost as if Elvis and Celine Dion had the same mother:

PHOTO: Dion/Gladys comparison

How coincidental is that?

In fact the more you look at Presley’s life the more unreal it becomes. I mean for a start he wasn’t drafted into the army until he was 23-years-old.

Furthermore, he looked far too much like the actor, Rock Hudson when he was young for my liking:

PHOTO: Elvis/Rock Hudson comparison

PHOTO: More Elvis/Rock comparisons

Rock Hudson supposedly died of AIDS sparking a classic joke at the time:

Fella 1: That AIDS epidemic is getting serious isn’t it?

Fella 2: Yes it has reached Rocks bottom.

Not that you would be able to retell it nowadays of course.

And indeed, just like the Google image search for Lisa Marie Presley came up with a ‘related’ photo of Celine Dion and her old man, a Google Image search for Rock Hudson brought up a ‘related’ photo of Elvis.

PHOTO: Google Image search for Rock Hudson.

You therefore once again have to ask yourself; why on earth a Google-Image search for Rock Hudson would bring up a link to Elvis?

Nevertheless, the reason that I was searching for Lisa Marie Presley in the first place was because of the following photo of Ronnie Raygun and a very young Patti Davis:

PHOTO: Young Patti Davis with her ‘mom & dad’ and Lisa Marie Presley (inset)

And although – as you can see – the search turned out to be a dead end, both girls do have abnormally high foreheads.

PHOTO: Lisa Marie/Patti Cake comparison

Least I am fairly sure that they are not each other.

Moreover, the last bird that Elvis was with before he died was called Ginger Alden and she bore an uncanny likeness to Priscilla Presley:

PHOTO: Ginger/Priscilla comparison

And what follows is an older Priscilla in comparison with Ginger although you have to allow for her plastic surgery:

Yet there is more. You see the other woman associated with having an affair with Elvis was the actress, Ann Margaret:

PHOTO: Ann Margaret

And she too is a carbon copy of Priscilla:

PHOTO: Priscilla/Ann Margaret comparison

And another:

Both photos were taken in 1963.

Course, Priscilla’s daughter, Lisa Marie was famously married to the nonce, Michael Jackson who had three supposedly surrogate kids of his own – the youngest of who was named ‘Blanket’.

PHOTO: Wacko-Jacko’s trio from L-R, Blanket, Paris & Prince

And indeed those old enough to remember will recall that Michael Jackson caused outrage by dangling Blanket over his hotel balcony in front of 1000’s of his fans.

PHOTO: The Fruit-Loop Jackson dangles Blanket over his hotel suites balcony.

But as I say, in my opinion these so-called elites should never, ever be allowed anywhere near children.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Blanket is actually a girl:

PHOTO: A very feminine looking Blanket

Nevertheless, the point of bringing Blanket up is the fact that he looks so much like Celine Dion’s son, Rene Charles:

PHOTO: Celine Dion with her son Charles-Rene. Inset: Blanket Jackson.

Mind you, as the boy got older he also became a ringer for Prince Jackson:

PHOTO: Prince Michael Jackson compared to Charles Rene Angelil 

Moreover, Celine Dion is a ringer for John Wayne Gacy’s lawyer, Karen Conti

PHOTO: Celine Dion compared to Karen Conti

As well as looking like this next bird:

PHOTO: This next bird circa 1980

She is in fact the singer, Louise Dorsey – the daughter of Englebert Humperdink.

PHOTO: Louise Dorsey & Englebert Humperdink

Louise’s aunt – Englebert’s sister – is called Celine, which you can put down to coincidence if ya like.

PHOTO: Dorsey/Dion comparison

PHOTO: And again

Indeed, doppelgangers may be thirty billion to one for us mere mortals but appears to be nearer three to one for the knob-ed celebs. Nevertheless, shall we go for the hatrick?

Of course we fucking shall:

PHOTO: Louise 1992 & Celine 1990

PHOTO: And again

And of course Louise matches all the other suspects:

PHOTO: Louise Dorsey/Linda Thompson comparison

And if you want proof of the others then you will just have to do them for yourselves, but what is already very clear is that there is a Satanic connection here at the very least… Which I am now going to build on considerably.

So let’s start with Louise’s mother, Patricia Healy:

PHOTO: Englebert & Patricia Healy

And as you can see, she too slots nicely into the doppelganger gang:

PHOTO: Patricia Healy/Celine Dion comparison

Now I shouldn’t have to keep saying it, but I do because some factions for some reason are more intent in proving me wrong rather than being greatly disturbed by what I am showing you. So I am not saying that Celine Dion is Patricia Healy, but they most definitely have a connection of the Satanic kind… As do Patricia’s husband and the fella some claim to be Celine’s old-man:

PHOTO: Elvis & Engle had parallel lives

Moreover, there are indeed similarities between Humperdink & Rene Angelil:

Only a fool would dismiss the possibility out of hand.

And then there is Vernon Presley – Father to Elvis. You see, Vernon is  a ringer for the Raygun barber and at least one of his photos almost certainly originated from the same source photo:

PHOTO: Vernon Presley/Barber comparison

Which of course also ties in with Celine Dion’s mother looking exactly like Gladys Presley… They are all Satanically connected to each other. Indeed we are told that when Elvis was born his parents were dirt-poor, yet they have more photographs of themselves than most parents of that era.

And that makes me very suspicious because poor ‘white-trash’ certainly didn’t have the money to waste on what at the time was a very expensive hobby.

Furthermore, the fact that Rene Angelil’s death was deserved of so many international headlines makes me suspicious.

I mean he was hardly a house-hold name and he had cancer when I first heard about him which must have been around 20 years ago… Neither does Celine & the boys look crushed, when you consider that she called him the “love of her life” when he died in 2016 yet a year later Dion had got herself a toyboy named Pepe Munoz – allegedly one of her back-up dancers.

PHOTO: Celine Dion & Pepe Munoz

Yet crucially Munoz is a doppelganger for BRODY JENNER – see how it all falls into place:

PHOTO: Brody Jenner & Pepe Munoz comparison

Yet more disturbingly still is the fact that Munoz also looks like Dion’s son Charles-Rene:

Which I gotta tell’ya; I find rather disturbing.

But swiftly moving on and Cassandra Marino also needs closer scrutiny.

You see, she is in fact a ringer for Sarah Murdoch, daughter-in-law of the media mogul, Rupert the bear Murdoch… Which makes sense since none of this deception would be possible without the full cooperation of the worlds media – which is more or less controlled by 6 families.

PHOTO: Cassandra Jenner/ Sarah Murdoch comparison.

And indeed Casandra’s teeth are everybit as weird as Sarah’s ears! Just sayin’.

Now, Sarah is married to Lachlan Murdoch and looks very, very similar to her brother-in-law, James Murdoch’s wife, Kathryn:

PHOTO: Kathryn Murdoch compared to Sarah Murdoch

And doesn’t Kathryn also have a set of very strange teeth?

Course, whilst it isn’t uncommon for brothers to share the same taste in things, having such similar looking wives is just plain fucking weird.

Mind you, that weirdness should mean that Kathryn also looks like Cassie Jenner shouldn’t it?

Of course it fucking should:

PHOTO: Kathryn Murdoch & Cassie Jenner comparison

And it is also worth mentioning that the Murdoch-Jenners look a lot like Greg Harrison’s daughter, Lily Harrison:

PHOTO: Jenner-Murdoch-Harrison comparison

And of course Brucella Jenner pushes the Transsexual Agenda for all its worth:

Indeed it looks more like a case of father (in drag) & daughter to me but isn’t it amazing how pretty these transgender birds are, especially when he supposedly went from this to this:

Yet to me he-she looks like all the usual suspects:

I rest my case m’lud.

And John Wayne is dodgy as fuck as you will find out in articles of mine still to come… Not that John Wayne ever said that of course.

Nevertheless, I am now proper starting to drift away from what this exposé is about so to get back on track let’s have a butchers at Meghan’s mum, Doria Raggan-Boneman – or whatever the made up persona’s name isn’t.

PHOTO: Meghan’s ‘mother’ Doria Rag-Tag

Now if Meghan isn’t real and neither are her dad, brothers and Nephews then it follows that Doria – daft name – isn’t real either.

Course, that would explain the need for faked photos:

PHOTO: A clearly faked photo of ‘mum & daughter’.

Moreover, the Doria in the photo above should really be called Doria II since she clearly isn’t Doria the 1st:

PHOTO: Meghan & her mum, Doria the 1st

Shall we compare Mk I & Mk 2?

Of course we fucking shall:

PHOTO: Doria compared to Doria

Close call… Not!

In fact Meghan looks more like her ex-sister-in-law, Tracey Dooley in that photo than Rag-tag looks like herself:

Despite them not being related by blood.

However, Doria II does looks quite like the feminist activist, Dorothy Pitman-Hughes to me:

PHOTO: Ragland & Pitman

Now admittedly they are not a great match although to be fair Ragland is photoshopped to fuck and is probably a mixture of people.

However, the two old buzzards did look a lot more similar to each other when they were younger:

PHOTO: Young Rag-Tag & Pitman.

I should also point out that no angles were changed… And I am actually pleasantly surprised that the two halves matched so well.

However, there is still more to my suspicion that Rag-bag is also the Pits-Man. You see, the Pits-Man has that large Mole on her upper cheek which is kinda like the mole that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has… Sirleaf being the 24th President of Liberia up until January 2018.

They do like to dish out those Knob-Hell-Piss-Prizes to the bad guys don’t they… And of course we now see another President involved in the Markle manipulation.

Nevertheless, best we check that we are not barking up the wrong tree before we go any further:

PHOTO: Pitman & Sirleaf comparison

It’s certainly going well isn’t it?

So, while we are on a roll we best compare Raggady Ann Doria with Shirtlift or whatever it is the criminal calls herself:

PHOTO: Ragland & Sirleaf comparison

It looks good to me although I suppose that I best do another just to appease the Doubting-Thomasisisisisis… Don’t cha just hate those words/names that you can never end!

PHOTO: Ragland/Sirleaf comparison

And funnily enough, Sirtealeaf has just been replaced as the President of Liberia by the former footballer George Weah… Proof positive then that you don’t need brains to be a President.

Mind you, the timing couldn’t be better as no longer being President will free up another couple of hours per week to allow Harvard educated Sirleaf to play the part of Doria Ragbag.

However, I also feel the need to tell you that Sirleaf has a [camera shy] step-son who no one in the press appears to know how to spell his first name; so, I am not sure if it is Fombah or Fumba or a variation of.

However, that fact is rather strange given that he was apparently the head of the Liberian secret service, as well as the step-son of the President and he is implicated in a major multi-million (some say a billion) pound fraud.

Nevertheless, I cannot help but think that Chumba-Fumba looks very much like Meghan Markle’s cousin – who we saw earlier on – Joffrey (couldn’t be Jeffrey obviously) Ragland:

PHOTO: Joffrey & Fombah comparison

Take a look at the ears! The ears – which are unique to each individual person – are the same… And they do like to keep it in the family, don’t cha know.

Moreover, if you have read my “How The West Was Won” series of articles you will know that these High Profile, with Low Profile people usually have a historical blast from the past and in Raganbone’s case I would image that her doppelganger is Patrice Clarke – the first female air captain for an international airline:

PHOTO: Patrice Clarke compared to Doria Ragland

Okay, returning now to the feminist Dotty-Doria Pitman-Hughes and here is a thing: Pitman is known for her iconic photograph taken with the Feminist, Gloria Steinman (below), in 1972:


PHOTO: Pitman-Hughes & Steinman’s iconic 1972 photograph

Mind you, Shirtlift is also all for a bit of air-thumping too:

PHOTO: Shirtlift doing her tub-thumping thing and looking very much like Doria Ragland in the process

And indeed the pair of rug-munchers – Pitman & Steinman -posed for a recreation of that air-thumping photo in 2014:

PHOTO: The 2014 version

Somehow, it just doesn’t have the same impact as the original does it?

Although the pair have milked the pose for all its worth:

PHOTO: Milking their moment of glory

And as a quick aside, Gloria Steinman was referenced in my series of articles called, “How The West Was Won” as one of those surrounding Prick Henry of Pubes-Ginger who has a doppelganger from the past:

However, that t-shirt of theirs proved very revealing to me. You see, on my internet travels I came across the following photo of a fella wearing the same one:

PHOTO: Fella in the t-shirt

And apparently the mush in the photo is the quite well known American actor, Rainn Wilson – strangely spelled name again.

Wilson is supposedly most famous for his role in the American tv version of “The Office“.

Mind you, I have to say that the above photo looks to be a fake with the two women superimposed on his shirt. Moreover, his shoulder appears all wrong and he also looks too wide on that side.

In fact I would imagine that the photo was knocked up specifically in order to form a Satanic connection.


Good question, let me show you. Now Wilson does in fact look exactly like Scott Rasmussen in some photos… “But who the fuck is Rasmussen“, I don’t hear you yell.

Nevertheless, I will tell you that Scott Rasmussen is the created persona of Meghan Markle’s ex-brother-in-law, who was created in order to give Meg-Head a past life:

PHOTO: Scott & Rainn comparison

Shall we double check?

Of course we fucking shall:

PHOTO: Scott/Rainn comparison

Rasmussen is also without doubt his ex-brother-in-law, Thomas Markle Jr:

PHOTO: Rasmussen/Markle comparison

Indeed you only need look at the ear to see that the photos are from the same source.

Young Thomas Markle Jr also looks a lot like young Rainnnnnn Wilson:

PHOTO: Thomas Markle Jr & Meghan with Rainnnn Wilson inset

Moreover, I believe that Rasmussen-Markle-Rainn are the fella in the comparison photo below:

Photo: Rasmussen & Harold Lovell comparison.

So who is Lovell?

Well it would seem that Harold WAYNE Lovell was originally thought to be a 1977 victim of John WAYNE Gacy until he turned up alive and well in 2011:

CHICAGO – Siblings who feared that their brother was one of serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s eight unidentified victims were amazed and overjoyed to learn that he’s been living in Florida for decades.

Tim Lovell and Theresa Hasselberg hadn’t seen their brother, Harold Wayne Lovell, since he left their family’s Chicago home in May 1977 in search of construction work. At the time, Gacy was trolling for young men and boys in the area. He was a contractor, and he lured many of the 33 young men and boys he killed by offering them work. Source

You couldn’t make it up y’know!

Shall we cross-check?

Of course we fucking shall:

PHOTO: Lovell/Rainn comparison

And again it is also worth playing ‘What’s-In-A-Name‘ since I found a photo of a fella called Butch Rasmussen whose image most certainly provided (or came from) a source photo for Thomas WAYNE Markle Snr:

PHOTO: Markle-Rasmussen comparison

Now because the two photos are so crap I have set the overlay at 40% transparency so as you can see just how EXACTLY they match up.

And then there is the following Scott Rasmussen:

PHOTO: Scott Rasmussen

Now this Ragamuffin-Rasmussen is interesting for several reasons, not least because he looks quite like Alaister Crowley & Victor Rothschild:

PHOTO: Rasmussen/Rothschild Comparison

PHOTO: Ramussen/Crowley comparison

Course you would need to read my article ‘How The West Was Won‘ to get the full significance of the fact.

Moreover, Rasmussen  looks like the fella in the following photo, whose name I do not know:

PHOTO: The unknown fella compared to Rasmussen

And whilst they may or may not be it gives me a chance to once again bring up Clones.

You see, the unknown fella was interviewing an alleged clone of M&M – or whatever the Rapper’s name is – on ‘live’ tv, when the clone appeared to malfunction:

PHOTO: The M&M clone malfunctions.

The footage is strange to say the least.

However, another thing that connects this TV pundit, Rasmussen to the Meghan Markle deception is the following photo:

PHOTO: Rasmussen in a TV debate.

Now I don’t know who the other fella is either but he is the spitting image of Michael Raygun… The adopted son of former US President, Ronald:

Photo: Raygun – Mystery Man comparison

I mean obviously the mush could indeed be Michael Reagan but the point is, it is another Satanic connection coincidence.

As is the photo below:

PHOTO: (main) Celine Dion, Rene Angelil & Mystery man (inset) Michael Raygun

The nose certainly looks right… Just sayin’.

Likewise I believe that there is a Satanic connection between the Markles et al and the fake Las Vegas shooting… Although obviously there would be since everything has to connect.

Mind you, I am pleased to say that only the really, really daft are buying into that hoax.

Nevertheless, let’s get the connection between the fake shooter, Stephen Paddock and those mentioned above out of the way first.

PHOTO: Paddock & Thomas Markle Jr comparison

Pay close attention to how their t-shirts match up and the likeness of their ears.

PHOTO: Paddock & Rainn comparison

And like Markle Jr, Rainnnnnn Wilson also fits the bill well.

But there is more… A lot more. Have a butchers at this next batch:

Now the nose don’t fit but then again it wouldn’t would it given the larger smile of Paddock’s bird and the different head angles… Not to mention the photoshopping that has been done.

And then there is this next bird of Paddocks:

Who does in fact look a lot like Thomas Wayne Markle’s alleged first wife:

And I’m not even done yet. You see the Vegas hoax like most hoaxes had the usual police orifficer killed:

She is Rachael Parker and she traveled an awful long way for a 2 bit country-music festival.

However, she does look an awful lot like Ted Bundy victim, Lynda Healy:

And you will of course remember that Linda Healy is/was a doppelganger for Patti-Cake Davis:

PHOTO: Davis & Parker comparison

There is however no point in trying to match the two half faces together as they would make someone who looks even more demented than Parker does already.

Mind you, you would have to be demented to take that cuntry-music festival seriously. I mean the festival is meant to be an annual, 3 day event – think about that fact – that started in 2014 (plenty of time for planning the fake shooting then) with the headline acts, according to Wikipedia being as follows:

The following country music artists were the major acts in the respective years:

So, for instance if we take the first festival I would imagine on day 1 you had Jason Aldean. On day 2 you had Blake Shelton headlining and on day 3 Miranda ‘who the fuck are you‘ Lambert being the star of the show… Now I know that the Americans are big on cuntry-music, but none of them are household names so who were the support acts? The Eagles of Death Metal probably.

Indeed if you research those headliners some of them do not even appear in the US top 100 country music acts!.

Moreover, it is also interesting that Jason Aldean (by far the biggest name amongst that motley crew) was the headline act for the FIRST ever show and was on stage for the LAST show to date when the shooting allegedly began.

Therefore, it would be prudent to take a closer look at Aldean, would it not?

Of course it fucking would:

PHOTO: Jason Aldean performing at the Route 91 festival before the shooting started

Now personally, I think that Aldean is either Garth Brookes or a clone of him.

PHOTO: Aldean/Brookes comparison

Course, that is as I say, just my opinion and relatively unimportant. However, what is important is the [relative] likeness between Aldean and Thomas the Turd… Or Tyler… Which is all academic anyway since they are in all probability, one and the same.

And the likeness between Aldean’s bird, Brittany Kerr and… Well see for yourselves:

PHOTO: Casey Marino AKA Cassandra Jenner & Brittany Kerr comparison

And to close this Vegas segment it is worth looking at Paddocks high school photo:

Indeed they too are a motley crew… I type in rhyme all the time.

However, there are a couple of three or four things to point out about Paddocks yearbook photo:

No angles changed.

No angles changed.

No angles changed.

PHOTO: Raygun-Paddock-JFK


And that is how their Satanic majik works… Want more?

Of course you fucking do:

PHOTO: Stephen Paddock & Jimmy Carter

PHOTO: JFK/Carter comparison


And whilst there is little doubt that those Presidents really existed the same cannot be said for Paddock whose class-photo was derived from one of the above photos of Kennedy:

Paddock is without doubt a fake persona.

However, the American Presidents have been fucked around with from the word go which I will be covering in future installments of “How The West Was Won” and as such I am not going to do so here. Nevertheless, what follows is a taster of what is to come from me in the future:

PHOTO: THOMAS Watson and US President number 3 THOMAS Jefferson


PHOTO: Actor Alec Baldwin & US President number 13, Millard Fillmore

But I will leave it there for now.

Which just leaves two more Markle relatives to do before we get to the main event, Meghan Markle:

And I really am trying desperately to ignore the fact that Henry & Meg have the exact same side profile.

Nevertheless, the first of those two last ‘relatives’ is Meg’s half sister, Samantha Grant… Although I can find no reason that she should have ‘Grant’ as a surname.

PHOTO: Megan & Sister Sam

Now to me Sam looks very much like the washed-up actress Melanie Griffiths, who was being shagged at 15 years old by the much older Don Johnson:

PHOTO: (main) Samantha Grant (inset) Melanie Griffiths

And last but not least, Meghan’s uncle, Fred Markle:

Or Uncle Fat as he is affectionately known… By no one.

Mind you, that photo of Uncle Fat isn’t photoshopped is it… MUCH!

However, to be fair, Uncle Fat could be any of the usual suspects so I am not going to dwell on him too much… Our old friend Tom Hollander for instance:

No angles changed but study the overlay and you will see how perfectly it joins… Just Sayin’

So who is Meghan Markle?

And the answer to that is she is everybody and she is nobody.

However, let’s get Potty Pippa Middleton out of the way first with a photo batch of Harry & Meg at the Invictus Games compared to Potty Middleton at various locations:

And of course if you reverse the 2nd from bottom photo of Potty you get the following:

Which is extremely coincidental. Indeed it is extremely suspect in the way that Meghan goes from a relatively rounded jaw like the one seen in the above to a very sculpted, thin jaw:

PHOTO: Shows difference in jaw lines

Indeed, the Minions are still faking photos & videos of Henry & Meg together such as we saw last week at an alleged awards ceremony held in the first week of February 2018:

PHOTO: The ever changing in height, Meg 

PHOTO: Fake video

I should also point out for the doubters that Meghan’s hair is not tucked into her coat.

Moreover, she was also alleged to have handed out one of the awards at the ceremony and indeed there is video of her doing so.

There ya go… Want a closer look?

Of course you fucking do.

I can’t wait until we live in a digital age where high definition film footage is available.

And of course, despite most people being positively underwhelmed about my revelation that the Chimp’s news-feed having to Satanically connect from top to bottom, the link to that awards ceremony article is a perfect example of how:

PHOTO: The Chimp’s link on their news-feed to the awards ceremony article

And now have a closer look (below) at the photo that I have circled:

I mean she isn’t manipulated to look like Doria Rag-Tag is she… Much!

You can of course take the easy option and tell yourself that it is no more than coincidence… It is after all, easy to bury your head in the fucking sand.

I mean you can tell yourself that you know Meghan is real because you have seen photos of her starting out in showbiz as a game-show glamour girl:

Cept Meghan can only wish that she had tits like that:

But that would just be wishful thinking.

It isn’t however hard to see where the game-girl photos originated from:

Moreover, the internet has been sanitized of the seedier shows that ‘Meghan’ took part in:

That is all a bit quick. Here let me slow it down for you:

And you really think that the blood-line Windsor family would let that join their wranks?

But all the same, like I say, Meghan – as we have already seen – is played by many, not least ‘Lil Waynes‘ bird, Sarah Vivan:

What would the odds be of being able to do that with two different people?

No angles changed.

Remember, they are just photos. Like the following of Meghan anf her ‘friend‘, Jessica Mulroney:

Again, what would the chances be?

PHOTO: Meghan (aged approximately 6 months old) and Karis Jagger – daughter of Mick & Marsha Hunt

PHOTO: And again

PHOTO: Meghan and Marsha & Karis – take ya pick of who is who

Now I say “take ya pick of who is who” because of the following:

Get that picture? Or are you still being a dumb cunt?

After all, there is nothing more cringe worthy than a dumb cunt being taken for a mug… And if you believe that Meghan Markle is for real, then that description fits you to a ‘T’… For TIT.

You see Renault Meghan is also Natalie Suleman AKA Octomum… Mother of 8 babies, which carries odds – according to Google of 1 TRILLION to 1.

And to put that in context, for a person to count to a trillion, allowing for no breaks let alone sleep it would take, 31,709.79 years.

Therefore, what would the odds be of a woman having octuplets and looking exactly like Mental Markle?

No Angles Changed… Natalie does porn don’t cha know:

And that Ladies & Gentliebobs is your Princess Meghan Markle:

Thank you for reading and please donate generously… Dog knows, I deserve it.