Who Gives A Fuck?


The Sutton Guardian.



Mrs Gloria Foster was left to starve to death cover in her own piss and shit, for 9 days. 

You may remember that I commented on this case when the story first broke. 

Course, the outcome of this sorry, disgusting case of how a pensioner was left to die, cold, alone, covered in her own shit and no doubt very, very frightened and confused hasn’t been so widely publicised.

And why not?

Because, as usual Mr Nobody was to blame.

If this was my Mother who had been left to starve, I would be absolutely fucking livid… To put it mildly.

Gloria Foster – left alone to die for 9 days – could easily be anyone of our mothers. 

But she’s not your mother who was left to die in unimaginable horror was she! So who gives a fuck?

I fucking do!


I don’t remember hearing about the Cunt Cameron or Knob Jockey BoJo attending Mrs Fosters funeral… No mileage in that is there… The pair of sick fucks.

Still, perhaps Gay Willie Hague raised a glass of his £200 bottle of wine in toast to her memory. PFFFT. I doubt the pampered three dimensional shit stain even knows who Gloria Foster is… Horrible cunt.

Nowhere near good enough people. C’mon, get fucking angry. 

No charges to follow starved Banstead pensioner Gloria Foster’s death

No one will be charged over the death of widow Gloria Foster who was left to starve in her home earlier this year.

Gloria FosterGloria Foster

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Surrey Police say an extensive investigation into the Banstead woman’s death has been carried out, but there is no criminal case to answer.

Mrs Foster depended on daily carer visits to supply her with food, water and medication but she was left alone for nine days after the agency contracted to look after her, Sutton-based Carefirst 24, was shut down by immigration police on January 15.

Mrs Foster, of Priory Court in Chipstead Road, was found in a critical condition and died in Epsom Hospital on February 4.

Carefirst 24 was contracted to look after Mrs Foster through Surrey Council. Sutton and Surrey councils, which both worked with Carefirst 24, were informed of the raid in advance and told to seek alternative arrangements for patients but Mrs Foster slipped through the net.

Surrey Police launched an investigation but announced it had been told there was no criminal case to answer by the CPS this afternoon.

Senior investigating Officer Detective Chief Inspector Mark Preston, said: “Over the past three months we have carried out an extensive investigation looking at the circumstances leading up to Ms Foster’s tragic death.

“We have received advice from the Crown Prosecution Service and we have determined that no criminal charges can be brought in relation to this case.

“The friends and family of Ms Foster have been updated as to the results of our investigation and we will now share our findings with Surrey County Council to assist them in ensuring that the circumstances of Mrs Foster’s tragic death are never replicated.”

The Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board is continuing its separate investigation into Mrs Foster’s death.