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I really hope that this Tony Breeze didn’t kill himself because of his debts. It was certainly an extreme way to go about it if he did. And, by that, I mean I hope that it was an accident.

But what if he did mean to kill himself? Which, to be honest wouldn’t surprise me.

After all, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a nation of people brought up to be selfish, needy, inconsiderate and most importantly, devoid of any back bone.

When things get too much, and lets face it, it doesn’t take much to get the British Wimps feeling sorry for themselves, it is too easy an option to take the selfish, cowardly,  easy way out.

Fuck me, we really are doomed.

Tony’s phone was ringing day and night apparently, with debt collectors ringing for money… Poor fella… Say ahhhh.

So what were his options? He had two really. He could get rid of the harassment by getting rid of himself, or he could grow a pair, educate himself and tell them to fuck off.

Alas, in this nanny state country the first option is the easiest way. Fuck those he leaves behind, including his 5 year old daughter who now has no man to protect and keep her safe.

Five or six years ago I purposely let myself fall into debt to see if it was really as easy as I had read to get out of.

The debt came about because I had a minimum 24 month contract with T-Mobile which after 36 months was up for renewal again. Course, as you will probably know, unless you actually tell a company that you don’t want to renew a contract, the company goes ahead and renews it anyway – A fucking liberty in my book.

A couple of months prior to this renewal with T-Mobile they had pissed me off anyway. So, what I did was start a contract with Talk-Talk, cancelled my direct debit for T-Mobile and let them find out themselves that the contract  that they had kindly renewed without asking me, wasn’t getting paid.

That didn’t stop them trying for 3 months… Three fucking months to take their DD payment from my bank. Course, I had, had one or two letters from them, which I had filed in the kitchen bin.

By now, the £25 per month DD was at £85 since they had kindly added a £10 charge for their inconvenience.

And then the Debt Collectors got involved and they love to ring you up and write you letters threatening to fuck your wife while being force fed your bollocks… All scary stuff… Not.

Course they too had added on their bit to the £85 I allegedly owed T-Mobile. £60 odd quid if memory serves… I wasn’t that interested to be honest.

I simply put the Debt Collecters on notice. It really is as simple as that. After doing so, I received one more letter from the debt collectors… Count it… One. And no more phone calls.

A month after that I received another letter from T-Mobile themselves.  And that was the end of the matter. No payments, no court case, no setting myself on fire.

And all it took was a little bit of backbone and a lot of educating myself.

Since then I have had Rochford District Council going to ruin me because I refuse to pay a £90 bill they say I owe. I have had the same bunch of ‘give its’ threaten me with a 50 grazillion pound fine for not going on the electoral role… Check it out, you won’t find my name there.

And I have had the Census police knocking at my door. Remember them. “You dont fill out the census, its prison for you chummy”.

Their knuckles wore out knocking long before my bum, sat in my chair did. In any event, I couldn’t fill the Census form in. I had used it to put my paint pots on while I decorated.

And then there’s the Water bills, the TV licence the Blah, blah, fucking blah. I paid them 13 years ago. See how these grabbing cunts are? You pay them once, they always want more.

And guess what?

Never once have I so much as thought about leaving my daughter to fend for herself. Then again, I never bought into the crap that everyone else seems to think is ‘the real world’.

If you want to know how to get out of debt, the following link is as good as any. Veronica: of the Chapman family – http://www.fmotl.com/HowToGetOutOfDebt.htm

I really hope that Tony Breeze did die by accident. Sadly I fear he didn’t. And by doing so, confirms what I know to be true.

Fuck me, we are doomed.

Man set himself on fire after being pursued by loan sharks

A father doused himself with petrol and set himself alight after being pursued by loan sharks, an inquest has heard.

Antony Breeze, 36, told his partner and five-year-old daughter to stay at home while he went to buy petrol to fill up the lawnmower.

Half an hour later he was seen screaming and running out of an alleyway on fire.

Horrified onlookers called the fire service and tried to put out the flames, but Mr Breeze, from Bolton, died the next day in Wythenshawe Hospital. He had suffered 73 per cent burns.

Bolton coroner’s court heard Mr Breeze, who worked for engineering firm Webster Drivers, had debts amounting to £1,600 and his phone was “ringing day and night” with calls from various debt collectors, loan sharks and pawnbrokers.

He had been to see a debt counsellor and lost a stone in weight in the weeks before his death last August. But deputy coroner Alan Walsh declared an open verdict, saying he could not see how this would drive him to take his own life.

Mr Breeze and his partner of nine years, Amanda Lowe, were planning to get married.

They had a five-year-old daughter Amy and had hoped to have another child, the inquest heard.

The couple, of Watts Street in Horwich, had a supportive family and Ms Lowe’s father bought the family a Ford Fiesta when they couldn’t afford a car.

Mr Walsh said: “He was anxious to provide for his partner and his daughter, and he was a good man who provided for them. He was a man who had everything to live for and he was always looking forward to the future as a family unit.

“Money is a natural concern of any family man and father at some point. His debts were not at a very high level, therefore I cannot understand why his debts would lead him to harm himself.”

Mr Breeze spent the morning playing with his daughter and relaxing with the family before he set out to buy an electricity top-up card.

But the card he bought was not enough, so he went out again and told his partner he was going to the supermarket.

He went to buy £3 worth of petrol in a can from Texaco on Chorley New Road and headed into a secluded wood, off Gooch Street, acknowledging two garage workers as he went.

Paul Tunnah, one of the workers, described seeing Mr Breeze ablaze moments later. He said: “The fire was high and vibrant. He was conscious throughout. I was trying to talk to him all the time.”

Mr Tunnah told investigators last year that Mr Breeze said he was in debt and had “had enough”.

Firefighters praised Mr Tunnah for his “heroic actions” in taking off his shirt to put out the fire – sustaining severe burns himself.

A spokesman for the family said after the inquest: “We are all deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic and untimely death of Antony. He was a warm, friendly, caring and patient man who loved his family very much.

“The lives of those people who loved him will never ever be the same again. He is deeply missed and long-remembered by everyone.”

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