Where do we go from here?


Christopher Spivey.


I’ve been really poorly. Only half a dozen or so trusted people know that because I thought it best not be broadcast the fact what with the court case being on the 23rd (Friday just gone).

Indeed, you may have noticed that I wrote the following at the top of my last article, ‘Above The Law’: ” Apologies for any errors, I feel like shite with a stinking head cold”. 

However, I was being a bit economical with the truth as I had actually intended to write a fair bit more into that article, but I became so ill that I wasn’t able to.

Never the less, when I wrote it, I thought to myself that I was getting the flu – something I have only ever had once before in my life and never wanted again to be honest… There is after all, a big difference between a cold and flu.

Yet by Tuesday night I would have settled for the flu. I cannot in fact ever remember feeling so ill in all my life… Strange timing what with the court case anall, don’t cha think?

By Wednesday I really just wanted to die. My head, neck and back hurt so much that I just couldn’t get comfortable whether I was sitting up or laying down. The light hurt my eyes and my internal organs felt like they were turning to mush. Stacey was terrified and wanted to call an ambulance… Something that I wouldn’t let her do.

You see, whether it was because of whatever my infection/virus was or maybe it was just paranoia, I really don’t know, but I kept having the same vivid recurring dream that if I went into hospital ‘they’ would kill me.

Indeed, as I sit here typing this; thinking that even seems a bit silly to me now, but at the time I knew beyond all doubt that if I went into hospital, I would never walk out of there again… But of course, debilitating illness can make you feel like that.

Of course,as far as I could see it was a win, win situation for the ‘opposition’.  I mean on the one hand, if I went into hospital and ‘died‘: Problem solved.

After all, it was blatantly obvious how ill I was and had a doctor been called he would have without doubt have called an ambulance. Therefore I would have gone into hospital with plenty of witnesses to confirm how ill I was. Mind you, the government would never stoop so low as to murder someone and let the death be passed off as some mystery virus would they?

On the other hand, if I didn’t go to hospital – which means that no doctor would have been called, as was the case – I was that ill on thursday that I wouldn’t have made it to court and as such I would have been convicted in my absence, what with having no medical certificate as a defence to my non show: Again, problem solved.

Course, it would be easy to think that “he has man flu” or “yeah, yeah, we get cha, you’re a wimp”, but I think by now that it is quite obvious to any reader of this site that I do not have the time to laze around feeling sorry for myself and anyone who has brought a child up on their own, without a support network to rely on, will tell you that being a wimp to illness will get you nowhere.

So, I was blatantly aware of the fact that I was caught between a rock and a hard place and the only option was that I attend court, meaning that Dogman had to drive the 400 mile round trip to carry me there if necessary.

In the event, I woke at 4 AM on the 23rd (my court date), forced myself to get up and took the dogs to the park. The fresh air did me a world of good and despite feeling like I had been run over by a Scottish Dustbin Lorry, I was able to walk into court under my own steam.

And as it happens, I went to the doctors after the court case and apparently I have a “nasty throat infection”…  Yep, my throat is apparently red raw and my glands are swollen which is pretty fucking amazing because never once throughout the week had my throat hurt (still doesn’t) and I am able to smoke perfectly fine… I do however now have 4 or 5 very loose teeth, although quite why is anyone’s fucking guess.

Never the less, it is probably just a coincidence that I became ill with a “throat infection”, which nearly killed me just prior to one of the most important days of my life.

So, what happened in court?

Well, as you will know if you have been a reader of this site for a little while that I didn’t have a solicitor to attend court with me… They have all been warned off and for anyone who doubts that, I should inform you that I was told that fact by a barrister.

Now, if you read my last article “Above the law”, you will know that I received the court summons by way of “postal requisition”.  

Course, the fact that I had bail conditions attached to my [illegal] arrest meant that I shouldn’t have qualified for a “postal requisition” summons which as you should also know was sanctioned by the Essex Chief Constable, Steven Kavanagh on the 17th of December… Two days after receiving an email from myself accusing him of corruption:

A postal requisition is the new name for a Magistrates’ Court summons. It tells you when you need to attend Court for a criminal charge. It can cover serious criminal charges or routine traffic matters.

As the Police look to save money, a number of cases are dealt with outside of the formal arrest/charge procedure. If a voluntary Police interview is conducted an individual is usually told they will be reported for a charging decision. This means that the Police/Prosecution will decide whether to charge someone with a criminal offence.

If an individual is arrested and bailed (without conditions) to return to the Police Station, they may also be told that a postal requisition is being considered.

If a decision is made to charge the postal requisition process is used if the following criteria are met:

  • the alleged offender is over 18 years of age

  • the alleged offender was assessed as being able to read and write during the initial arrest/interview stage

  • the alleged offender must have committed a summary or either way offence

  • there are no requirements for bail conditions to be imposed

  • the alleged offender is not considered to be a Prolific Priority Offender Source

So, the summons was malicious. Yet that wouldn’t have been so bad had the corrupt arseholes sent me everything… Which obviously they didn’t.

You see, the postal requisition should have contained all of the evidence that they intended to use against me in court, yet the file was still being added to on the 10th of January:

If the offender is required to answer bail and return to the police station as further enquiries need to be made or further evidence obtained the Postal Requisition process will not apply at this point. Source

Now, there is a copy of my postal requisition in the article “Above the law” which clearly states that my police bail has been cancelled and that I do not have to attend the police station, therefore, there should have been nothing added to the prosecution case following the 17th of December… But fuck it, justice and fair play does not apply to everyone in this country.

Never the less, I am not one to bleat and as I fully expected, the prosecution case against me was ready and waiting when I arrived at court.

Now, article 6, paragraph 3, clause b, of the European Convention on Human Rights clearly states that a person has the minimum right to have adequate time and the facilities for the preparation of his defence.

Yet this is what greeted me at court on Friday.


Indeed, it would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

Course, the fact that the front page states “INITIAL details pros case” did not go unnoticed.

Never the less, all that paperwork – given to me what could have been minutes before I was called, legally undefended into court – is what greeted me.

Yet all of that paperwork only makes up FOUR summary charges. Or put another way, 4 misdemeanours.

Now, since I went through those charges in “Above the law”, I see no reason to do so again here. However, if you haven’t read the aforementioned article then I suggest you do and you will see for yourself just how ridiculous those 4 lots of charges really are, yet they must have cost the taxpayer Dog knows how much to put together.

Never the less, I booked in to see the duty solicitor on arrival at court, although I really had no fight in me and just wanted to go home to bed to be honest. Indeed, the comment left on “Above the law” by Paul White – who made the effort to turn up and support me – bears testament to how ill I was:

Chris – It was a real privilege meeting you yesterday. I hope you can have a few days rest to recover physically as you were so ill – I don’t know how you got through the day. Glad I was able to help in some small way by taking Stacey to get your medication. Now I have met the lovely Stacey and Clayton I understand why you are doing this and why you could never give up. I would again like to thank you on behalf of my own grandchildren who will grow up in a better world because of you. Paul

Course, my aim in seeing the duty solicitor was so as she could plead “not guilty” for me and get the case put in front of a jury at Crown Court. Once there I KNOW that I can “walk it”.

How very naive of me!

You see, because the charges are all ‘summary offences’ they will not allow them to be put before a jury. How convenient, how coincidental.

Yet each one of those four charges carries a maximum 6 months imprisonment… How convenient, how coincidental.

The duty solicitor, a Ms Paula Fell then informed me that it was not a magistrate sitting today, it was in fact a district judge (how convenient, how coincidental) whom – Ms Fell further stated – wouldn’t be happy that I was pleading “not guilty”… And there was me thinking that this was a court of law.

Ms Fell (in what to me seemed like a concerted effort to get me to plead guilty) also told me, and my companions; Dogman, Pongo and Paul White, that “I wouldn’t be allowed to win, no matter what”.

Never the less, in her opinion she didn’t think that I would get anymore than the 6 to 18 weeks that I would receive if I pleaded guilty “today”, rather than being found “guilty”  – regardless of the evidence – at a later date.

So, forget the fact that I was illegally arrested etc, etc, and that I am totally innocent of any crime whatsoever, I can look forward to spending a couple of months in prison around about Easter time… Course, I can do that standing on my head. Indeed prison is a bit like going in the Big Brother house without the TV cameras but that isn’t the point. The point is, why the fuck should I go to prison for something that I haven’t done?

Would you be pissed off about it? Course you would, just the same as I am.

Never the less, Ms Fell could clearly see that I was far from well and as such she said that she would have a word and try to get my case moved to the top of the list.

So what happens? I get seen last.

Indeed, I think I am right in saying that it was gone 3PM when I finally entered the dock after spending over 6 hours sitting around, feeling like death warmed up – just for 5 minutes of old bollocks that I couldn’t hear a word of.

Still, nice of the judge to give me 4 weeks to find a solicitor who then has to wade through the mountain of old fanny pictured above, all by February the 20th… I can’t see that happening somehow.

So where were you all?

I mean, I ended my last article with the following words:

Course, it comes to something when your own MP, the Essex PCC, and the IPCC choose to ignore an extremely serious complaint of wrongdoing in high office. However, it totally beggars belief that a county’s Chief Constable can not only ignore that evidence, but can by way of response authorise a summons full of laughable charges.

I would therefore appreciate your support on this matter and would ask that you ALL email Kavanagh, Duddridge, Alston and the IPCC asking them in no uncertain terms just what the fuck is going on.

And I would appreciate the support of those who live near enough to me to turn up at court on friday the 23rd because obviously they are going to try and tuck me up… A film crew wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Once again, you have a chance to make a difference… Lets go to war.

Yet 5 people turned up. One, two, three, four, five.

Strange when you consider that between the 17th of January and the 23rd of January I posted two articles, one on the 17th and one on the 19th, yet in that 7 days there were 76295 visits to this site.

That is an average of 10,899 people every day despite me not posting since the 19th.

In fact to date there have been 9,094,418 visits to this site in 3 years, 3 weeks and 3 days. Yet only 5 people turned up on Friday.

Would it have been a different scenario if there had been mass support there for me on Friday?

Well, had there been I doubt very much that I would have still been doing an impression of Casper the ghost at 3 PM for a start.

Do you understand that this old bollox is not just about me being in court because I have a big mouth? Having a big mouth is not a criminal offence… Not yet it isn’t anyway but come Easter it could very well be just that.

Therefore it doesn’t matter if you cannot stand the fucking sight of me. What matters is that if the cunts are allowed to get away with crucifying me then where does that leave us… You… Me… All of us?

What this boils down to is if I am convicted then independent thought and opinion becomes a crime… We are totally fucked.

It is bad enough that we are three-quarters of the way there already, but 5 people?

I mean I wasn’t expecting people to fly in from Australia or New Zealand. Neither was I expecting car shares from Scotland. But five people?

The establishment must be quaking in their fucking boots.

I have in fact risked everything… Everything, just to have 5 people turn up to a court case that WILL shape your futures.

And as it stands now, I can’t even present you with further evidence that I hold on the Woolwich fraud to help you make up your minds as to whether or not it was a hoax… Not that you should need anymore evidence of course.

But now I no longer have the right to free speech.

And how many of you fired off emails to Kavanagh, Duddridge, Alston and the IPCC in order to let them know that their criminal conduct is being monitored and will not be tolerated?

Half a dozen of you?

A dozen?

You have no fucking idea how let down I feel right now. Do you think that I do this shit for me? For gain?

I came within a gnat’s whisker of having my grandson taken into care because of this shit… Imagine that.


I’ve had my home invaded by violent thugs who stole my property and stooped so low as to plant child porn on my computers because of this shit… And then they came back to hassle me some more.


Fixed now… Finally.

And I certainly don’t do it for the money.


I live in a fucking damp ridden, 2 bedroom poxy flat housing 3 generations of one family!

Have you seen my furniture?


I should be a fucking millionaire with the risks I take and the shit I have thrown at me, yet I haven’t had a working oven since Christmas…

I do have five fucking people willing to stand up and be counted… But not for me – for themselves and their future. As it should be… There is fuck all in this for me, I can promise you that.

So where were the other 10,000 of you… No lets narrow that down, where were the other 2000 of you?

This aint a fucking game but the stakes are certainly very fucking high. Without support, I’m wasting my fucking time and I am no longer prepared to do that.

Am I going to quit?

If I do, where will that leave you?

The Coleman Experience has disappeared so that leaves Aangirfan as the only other AM site with any integrity.

I suppose that you could always go and read the Kent Kunt Freedom Bowel Movement. They are on the ball aren’t they?

Indeed, through sheer pissistence, determination, masturbation, and good old detective defective work, Eddie Boyce (not nearly as funny as his brother Max), the KBM’s man with his finger on the pulse has just today proper “outed” me as a wrong un.

You all need to get your arses over there where you can read the following kind of cutting edge information.


Now whichever way you look at it, that is a funny fucking photo… And my much missed Jasper is in the background to boot.

But before I say more, here is that bastion of truths full text:

Chris Spivey is not just the male version of degenerate filth, he is also a coward.

Talks tough on his keyboard and hides behind his “helpers” while they abuse the KFM mercilessly with no basis in fact.

We ain’t taking his shit no more.

Got news for you Chris Spivey we are coming for you with FACT not fiction.

You are toast, your days are numbered.

Just saying.

Here’s one photo the Frankfurt school inspired twat posted up on his face book page. (the unedited version)

Sorry Max, but to be any good – which you certainly are not – you need to look a lot deeper to uncover real truth.

However, on this occasion, you wouldn’t have needed to look much deeper at all since there is a whole photo album on my Facebook called Mrs Spivey MK2… Mrs Spivey MK2 is in reality just me in a dress and not my twin sister.

Course, the clue to there being no secret about the photos is the fact that they are on my Facebook and were taken in December 2010, after me and the wife split up.

You see, my friends were – at the time – posting all those maudlin “hope you are okay mate, if you need anything just ask”, type comments on my Facebook wall and me, being me i.e. not buried deeply up my own arsehole, responded to these maudlin comments with a series of photos telling my friends not to worry about me because I had already managed to replace the recently departed Mrs Spivey MK1… And offered proof of the fact with 22 photos of Mrs Spivey MK2 doing various household chores, like a proper woman would.

It’s actually called humour… And could be described as being delivered by someone who; “is not anally retentive enough to take themselves too seriously”.

But don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story… Here, have another couple or three “incriminating photos”.


And yet you say that “you’re coming for me”, ya fucking joker… You know where I am Max, Dog knows my full address is plastered all over the internet so I’m not hard to find… Lets see who the coward is, boy.

Course, there is no surprise to be found in the fact that Max and his thing “Debs” like to bully women as you will see if you head on over to their facebook page.

And of course, Max Boycie is obviously friends with that other Joker Jimmy the creeping weed Jones… Who I always thought was a London comedian.

You really do have to laugh at good old lil Jim. He writes a mediocre article made up entirely of easily found information, gets 35 comments on it – 33 of them about what I’m writing about – and the soppy midget thinks that he’s my rival… You couldn’t make this shit up.

Him and that fake fuck sidekick of his, Jane Rubble, also think that they have discovered some deep dark secret about me, in a series of videos that I made around the same time as Mrs Spivey MK2… You know, the videos that are all still on my Facebook as I type.

The even bigger joke is that they describe me as badly miming to songs whilst wandering around in bikini bottoms… Yet it is me actually singing to karaoke backing tracks… See, more talent in my little toe than those no-marks have as a collective.

Indeed, the videos used to be on this site before the layout was changed… Yet their dirty, seedy little, narcissistic, mentally deficient minds choose to try and make something funny into something seedy… Urg, they make my skin crawl.

You can watch me make a prat of myself by clicking HERE if ya like.

So, to get back to it, is that what you want? Your daily dose of truth (I did laugh as I typed that) delivered to you by a bunch of short arsed Welsh comedians?

If ya do, then feel free to go and join the other half-dozen or so cretins who read their made up shit a couple of times a week.

Or you could always stick with the big hitters… Alex Jones… An extremely rich man with a Welsh name. He will look after you… Probably.

You see, if I do not have your backing – and I don’t mean financial, money means fuck all to me – I will not hesitate to quit. And then your choice of reality really will be from the likes of deluded Jones, Jones & Boyce

And as a better man than me once said: “Fuck that for a game of soldiers”.