Where do the children play?


Chris Spivey.


Well I think it’s fine, building jumbo planes,
Or taking a ride on a cosmic train.
Switch on summer from a slot machine.
Yes, get what you want to if you want, ’cause you can get anything.

I know we’ve come a long way,
We’re changing day to day,
So tell me, where do the children play?

Well you roll on roads over fresh green grass,
For your lorry loads pumping petrol gas.
And you make them long, and you make them tough.
But they just go on and on, and it seems that you can’t get off.

Oh, I know we’ve come a long way,
We’re changing day to day,
So tell me, where do the children play?

Well you’ve cracked the sky, scrapers fill the air.
But will you keep on building higher ’til there’s no more room up there?
Will you make us laugh? Will you make us cry?
Will you tell us when to live? Will you tell us when to die?

I know we’ve come a long way,
We’re changing day to day,
But tell me, where do the children play?

Having had a scout through the stories on the Chimps website I felt compelled to break off from writing Part 2 of the Glasgow bin-lorry hoax and address some of the shit that the Monkey Boys are busy peddling as fact on behalf of H.M Government.

Indeed, I fear that I could be in a foul mood by the time that I am finished.

So on with it and first up I see that Essex Social Services are in hot water again:

A 12-YEAR-OLD girl who was raped at least four times was let down by social services, a damning report into failings in care has revealed.

The schoolgirl, who has learning difficulties, was not protected as social workers, medics and school staff failed to recognise she was being regularly sexually exploited.

Named only as “Julia”, a serious case review discovered she had sex with up to 20 men and was given contraceptives by her school nurse. Source

Perhaps if they did their fucking jobs properly instead of targeting the innocent and stealing their children then they wouldn’t have such a bad name… Cunts the lot of them. My anger rises at the mere mention of the corrupt slags.

I do hope that you are keeping up the pressure on them.

It was also nice to see that Maggie Tuttle was asked to comment on the article which was published in the Southend Echo. Course, as you probably know Maggie is very seriously ill yet the woman never stops working… She truly is inspirational.

I saw her earlier on tonight as it happens (29/01/15).

She is only just out of hospital having had a massive tumour removed from her stomach, so understandably she looked far from well. However, she tells me that she is doing okay and she has a friend staying with her so she is in good hands.

I am going to pop around to see her next week as we have a massive scandal to break… I can’t say too much at the moment though… Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.

Maggie Tuttle… Front and Centre.

Mind you, talking about the Southend Echo, I must say that under the circumstances they were all in all quite fair with the way that they reported on my court case last friday (which appeared in the paper on Monday).

However, for some reason the report hasn’t appeared on their website despite over half a page being given over to the story in Monday’s issue.

In fact the only real gripe that I have is that Helen, the Echo reporter who wrote the story, did not include my website’s address after telling me that she would.

However, despite not appearing on the Echo’s website the article is available online although my bail terms are so vague that I am not sure that I wouldn’t be breaching them by publishing the link to the article… Therefore, if you want to read it in the Halstead Gazette you will have to find the story for yourselves.

And if you do, I will just point out that the reason that I look like Casper the Ghost in the photo is because I was ill as ya fucking like.

BA103493_027 E04 AU SNATCH.jpg-pwrt2

Anyway, getting back onto the subject of children since they are predominantly what this article is about, and it would seem that now TV Boffin, Stephen Fry has married his toyboy, Ellie Spencer, they want to emulate Elton John & his Furniture by adopting a baby:

Stephen Fry has revealed he would like to start a family with his husband, Elliott Spencer.

The QI host, who married his 27-year-old partner last week, has hinted that becoming parents is next on the cards for the loved-up couple.

Speaking to The Sun about the prospect of having children, Stephen said: ‘Well that is peeping into Volume 2.’ Source

Proud:  Stephen Fry shared a snap of his wedding with his 8 million followers online

No problem Stephen, have a word with Essex Social Services and I feel sure that they will steal you one to order… No doubt even two if ya fucking want.

I mean fuck me, just looking at the pair instantly tells me that they are made for each other.

And of course I feel sure that despite babies now being removed from mothers who have suffered with depression in the past, the exact opposite will never the less apply to Fry and his turdish delight.

In fact I would imagine that any “adoption agency” will fall over themselves to give the blissfully happy newlyweds a Baybeeee:

A mother has told how social workers turned up while she  was giving birth in hospital to say they would be taking her baby  into care.

Without consulting her, social services chiefs had decided Kelly McWilliams was unfit to look after her baby because she had suffered from depression five years earlier after her ten-year-old son was found hanged.

The officials arrived without warning to say the baby would go straight into foster care as they were concerned about Mrs McWilliams’s mental health. Source


But as I have just stated, I envisage the exact opposite happening to lovey-dovey Steve & Frank… Despite the fact that old Clever Clogs, Smug-Fuck, Stephen Upimself is a notorious manic-depressive with suicidal tendencies… He has tried to top himself at least twice in the past don’t cha know; once in 2012 and then again in 2013… Much less than 5 years ago:

Mr Fry, who suffers from bipolar disorder, revealed that in 2012 he tried to commit suicide with a cocktail of vodka and pills, and was only saved by a producer who discovered him.

Friends have credited Mr Spencer with putting a smile back on the actor’s face following a crippling battle with depression.

One friend said: ‘We’ve got the old Stephen back. He has found new hope in Elliott and they thrive off each other.’

Mr Spencer, who is 30 years his husband's junior, has been credited with helping him in his battle with depression

What’s 30 years age difference make?

Course, if it does all go tits up, will Fry try fry again in his quest for true love or will he result to form and try top himself? … The possibility does need consideration as I was only joshing about them being made for each other.

And where is that going to leave young Gainsborough or Casabian or whatever the fuck name is that they give to their new purchase… Paid for at the expense of some poor serf’s devastated life, what with them having just had their baby stolen by the SS.

But then again, on reflection I doubt very much that Fry’s tendency to try and top himself every time he has a mini crisis will even be a consideration in the deal… Depression only counts to the SS when taking, not when giving.

In fact I feel sure that Elton & the Furniture will be able to vouch for that. As they will no doubt also be able to reassure Fry & Frank that former Public School boy Fry’s Class A drug addiction will not be a problem in the baybee bargain:

Last year he [Fry] also spoke openly about his battle with drugs and claimed he took cocaine at Buckingham Palace.

Opening up about a 15-year addiction to the Class A drug, the comedian details dozens of respected institutions where he says he took it. The list included the House of Lords, the House of Commons and BBC Television Centre.

In his latest autobiography, More Fool Me, published in September, Fry wrote: ‘I take this opportunity to apologise unreservedly, to the owners, managers or representatives of the noble and ignoble premises and to the hundreds of private homes, offices, car dashboards, tables, mantelpieces and available polished surfaces that could so easily have been added to this list of shame’.

Following on from 2010’s The Fry Chronicles, which touched on his drug use in its closing pages, his new book sees the presenter speak in detail about the habit that cost him hundreds of thousands of pounds.

It also reveals his brushes with the law and how he narrowly escaped drug charges after being stopped by police while in possession of cocaine.

New venture: The TV pilot will be a first for Elton, who has previosuly dabbled in theatre with Billy Elliott

And of course, little Tristan will be brought up to know that Homosexuality is right, and heterosexuality is just plain wrong and against the laws of nature:

Mr Fry campaigned in the past for gay marriage to be made legal, slamming its critics by saying there were 260 species of animals which suggested homosexual tendencies. 

‘At least 260 species of animal have been noted exhibiting homosexual behaviour but only one species of animal ever, so far as we know, has exhibited homophobic behaviour — and that’s the human being,’ he said in the video for Out4Marriage.

‘So ask which is really natural.’ 

Mr Spencer's parents previously told of their joy over the couple's engagement, saying they were 'over the moon' their son was to marry the QI star

Anyone else got a problem with that cunt or is it just me. And no I am not fucking homophobic.

But as I say, I feel sure that at least the 30 year age difference will not be a problem… Probably.

After all, 30 years is fuck all in terms of the 57 year age difference shared between 25 year old Cathy Schmitz and her new, 82 year old husband, Richard Lugworm – or whatever the deluded old fuck is called:

A couple with a 57-year age gap have insisted that they married for love but admit that they both have concerns about their relationship. 

Richard Lugner, 82, wed German TV presenter and former Playboy model Cathy Schmitz, 25, last September after a brief courtship that lasted just seven months.

Richard Lugner, 82, married Cathy Schmitz, 25, last September. The Austrian billionaire has been married four times before. German TV star Cathy says her husband's wealth isn't important
Let me hear you say “ahhhhhh”… Let me hear you say “coooooooo”.

Course, if you do both the noises too close together it will sound like you’re sneezing so be careful.

Nevertheless, you must all be wondering how on earth these two wonderfully matched lovebirds got it together:

The successful businessman had previously sworn off marriage forever after his fourth divorce, but admits that Cathy managed to change his mind after they started dating last February. 

The couple were engaged in August and married a month later. 

He said: ‘I had been married four times, and when I met Cathy I had been divorced for seven years. I didn’t want to get married ever again.’

Ohhhh gotcha, she loves him for his business acumen and his experience of life… And the fact that he played hard to get of course.


Cathy looks the sort to enjoy a challenge:

Despite his misgivings, Cathy managed to change his mind, but Richard admits that he is still very fearful that his new wife is more interested in his bank balance than his personality. 

 He said: ‘I am always worried. 

‘Ladies are very dangerous  – to be married is dangerous. ‘(But) I like to fight with the young ladies. It’s better for me.’

Aren’t they just Richard Iron-lung, aren’t they fucking just.

Still, I see that he has a few bob and money is an aphrodisiac for some women… Never the less, I still cannot see the attraction… For her obviously, not the coffin dodger:

Cathy, who was trying to make her name as TV presenter in Germany before she crossed paths with the billionaire, admits that she loves the luxury lifestyle that comes with being Richard’s wife, but that it isn’t the reason she married him. Source

Ohhhh. Billionaire… Now I see the attraction.

Hmmmm… She could easily as end up dead being married to him as he could being married to her then.

I dunno. What the fuck is the world coming to?

Course, I blame extreme online porn myself… So does John thomas – Judge John Thomas to you:

Extreme online pornography is fuelling rape and murder, the country’s most senior judge warned yesterday.

Lord Thomas said vile internet material undoubtedly encouraged sex fiends to turn their fantasies into reality.

His hard-hitting comments, given in evidence to MPs yesterday, add huge weight to the Mail’s Block Online Porn campaign.


Judge Roger Thomas

Fuck me! Did you tell the devient cunts in the Commons to stop watching it then John thomas?

Michael Ellis, a barrister and Tory MP, said the Lord Chief Justice’s evidence was significant because judges knew better than almost anyone about the driving forces behind offences.Source

What a load of old bollox!

Just where do these nonce ponce fairy cakes get off?

All that we have here is another crack at internet censorship… And the internet is not theirs to fucking censor.

Indeed, I have not met a bird yet who has watched porn and then had the urge to go out and kill some mush or other… And I have met some dodgy birds in my time.

I mean c’mon, do they really think that violent sex assaults will decrease by banning online porn? Think about it logically.

Was porn hard to get hold of before the internet?

And as far as I am concerned, anyone who watches a porn film and then goes out and commits rape or whatever couldn’t have been right in the fucking head to begin with… We are adults for fucks sake, not children that need telling what we can or cannot do… Or view as the case is.

We are letting ourselves be taken down a very slippery slope here. The saying don’t cut your nose off to spite ya face, springs to mind.

And in other news:

Jeffrey Epstein breaks his silence over Prince Andrew ‘sex slave’ scandal  Source


And elsewhere it would seem that Nigel Rothschild Farage has had his thinking cap on this week:

Ukip is planning to overturn the ban on smoking in pubs and introduce a 35p tax rate as part of its 100 election promises in advance of May’s poll. 

The party will release a new promise each day until the the date of the general election on May 7. 

As well as reintroducing smoking in pubs, Ukip claims it would overturn any legislation introducing plain packaging on tobacco.

Course, that 35P tax rate and an overturning of the fag ban, not to mention the National Fronts UKIP’s proposed immigration policy will obviously blind the dumb as fuck electorate to the fact that Rothschild Farage also intends to abolish the Human Rights Act… And then we really will be in trouble.

Mind you, the Cunt Cameron and the Right Orrible Homo Secretary, the Transvestite Terry May have been trying to do away with the Human Rights Act for fucking years so its 6 of one and far too many of the other nonce ponces.

Course, there should never ever have been a smoking ban put in place anyway. I mean it should be up to a pub landlord if he wants to allow smoking in his hostelry or not.

And just look at the fucking damage that the ban has caused since it was enforced!

In fact, according to The Commentator,  over 5,800 pubs have closed down in the past 4 years – a rate of 18 a week… Furthermore, according to their figures, the year that the smoking ban came into force (2007), 1,409 pubs went out of business, whereas the year before (2006), only 400 had gone to the wall – a number which had been a consistent figure for 3 years running… And still people continue to smoke.

They just have to stand outside in the cold now, shivering like they are an unwelcome fart whilst the ‘right on’ cunts stand lording it over them in the warm.

In fact, I would wager that the one main reason for people quitting is that they can’t fucking afford to smoke. Banning things does not make them go away, it just increases crime.

Which of course is the aim of the game for the self serving fat cunts who make up the cast of the Westminster puppet show.

Moreover, the smoking ban came into force halfway through the year 2007  and the year 2008 saw a record 1,973 landlords go out of business…  Or are we going to put that down to Coincidence?

And that 18 pubs a year figure was taken from last January! Things have obviously got a lot worse since then.

Indeed, just yesterday The Independent reported that 29 pubs per week are going out of business in this Dog forsaken Cuntry. Source 

Never the less, in the world of you really couldn’t make this shit up, that Independent newspaper report states that it isn’t the smoking ban that is causing those 29 pubs a week to go out of business… You are going to fucking love this… It is the Muslims fault:

A Liberal Democrat minister has accused political rivals of “manufacturing a race row” over comments where he suggested an influx of Somali immigrants were causing pubs to close.

Stephen Williams, a communities and local government minister, was speaking in the House of Commons on Monday on new laws making it harder for pubs to be demolished or converted when he made the remarks.

“A blanket protection for every single public house in the country, which is what the new clause envisages, would protect pubs that for various reasons are no longer enjoying the patronage of the community,” he said.

“In my constituency, lots of pubs have closed, but it is usually because of demographic change. Some parts of my constituency, which had a ‘white working-class community’ 20 or 30 years ago, are now populated primarily by recently arrived Somalis and other people.

Now, obviously the cunt didn’t use the word Muslims, opting to call them “Somalis and other people” instead, but what he means is Muslims for fucks sake.

Yet, the official line from the government is that everything is Tickety Boo with our Muslim brothers and there is no ongoing agenda to start a race war via a disgusting, sustained, vile, MSM racial hatred shit-stirring, campaign, which once again the thick as fuck electorate is buying into hook line and fucking stinker.

Indeed, according to the Zionist controlled media it is the poor Four-be-Two’s who are being victimised… World fucking wide… Again… After the last 6 million, the world is apparently looking for the same number again if the hysterical hype spouted by the MSM were to be believed.

Poor Benny Net.

Them there bastard Palestinians are fucking relentless aren’t they?

Indeed, the above cartoon would be funny if it wasn’t 100 percent accurate.

Here, have another one:


Course, cartoons are okay but they change fuck all.

So fuck the cartoons and have the real thing… And whatever else you do, do not skip the following photos.

People need to see… They need to be shocked into action. So no matter how ill the photos make you feel, or how upset even… Look at them and look at them properly. These are children for fucks sake… Not terrorists. CHILDREN:

Imagine if that was your little girl there… I don’t mean “Oh yeah, thats awful I couldn’t stand it… What do you fancy for tea”?

I mean look at the fucking photo,look at your precious child and try, just try to imagine that little girl is your little girl.

Or have you got sons?

No problem, there ya go.  The fucking human race disgusts me.

Depicted in those two photos is what WE ARE SUPPORTING and will continue to support. Because as long as we allow nonce, ponce gangster scum like the Cunt Cameron, the Weasel Willieband, the Thief Clegg and yes, the dirty racist Rothschild love-child Farage to ‘lead us‘; sweet, innocent, beautiful children like those above will continue to be blown to fucking pieces and that is not acceptable.

That little boys life has no less value than my Claytons. That little girls life – that she is clinging on to by a thread – has no less value than my Stacey’s had at her age, or any age for that matter… And neither do their lives have any less fucking value than your childrens.


What kind of evil low-life walking, talking piece of dog shit does that to a child?

What the fuck have these children done to deserve that? What the fuck has that poor man ever done to have to lay his fucking child down knowing that the back of his head has gone… How will he ever get over that?



Why do you think that you do not see these images on British TV ? Why are we not reading about this genocide in the newspapers?

I will tell you exactly why… In photos, not words. DO NOT SKIP THEM.

Gaza dispute_Obama_Netanyahu_i_2515609bFrench President Hollande, Israel's President Peres and Prime Minister Netanyahu hold a robot snake in Tel Aviv7 (1)TOPSHOTS-PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-CONFLICT-GAZAgirl

How do you feel about that?

I mean, at least the Americans can say that Gay Barry & Benny Net don’t like each other.

Whereas Cameron, Hague, Blair & Willieband fucking love him.

I could have picked a lot more photos, but I was beginning to let my feelings interfere with my thinking.

What kind of fucking people are we that we let this go on. Right now I can almost taste the evil… There is no room for evil in a civilised world.

Evil has to be removed.

Yet whilst that very real Palestinian Holocaust is going on unreported, we are this very week having the money spinning Holohoax rammed down our fucking throats.

I mean, have a fucking read of this sick old fanny:

They are the dwindling few who know, truly, what it is to go to hell and back. Seventy years on, they were there again yesterday.

On this very spot, they had seen their loved ones for the last time.

Next to this bleakest of buildings, millions of families had been torn apart forever in a hysterical bedlam of beating, whipping, attack dogs and random execution. Has anywhere else endured such misery?

Yeah its going on right now in Gaza you fucking moronic cunt.

And then there is the early 1980’s Bosnian Holocaust… That was worse… Much fucking worse.

Bosnian Genocide in 1992

Now, I have to say that there was some controversy over whether or not the above photos were faked.

However there is no such controversy  over the following photos which were taken at Dachau – said to be one of the worst Nazi concentration camps – on Liberation day:


Moreover, it was the same at Baron Munchausen Gladback or whatever the fucking camp was called.


liberation day at Mauthausen

And the story is exactly the same around all of the camps that the advancing allies had not cut off the supply routes to, thus still giving them access to food & medicine:

1389.3 Holocaust C

Never the less, carry on digging a hole for yourself the Daily Chimp:

Yesterday, it was the dramatic backdrop to the desperately poignant, emotionally-charged international ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

That event is now enshrined as Holocaust Memorial Day in honour not only of the 1.1 million Jews murdered here but of all six million Jews and five million others executed at all those synonyms for cruelty – Bergen-Belsen, Treblinka, Sobibor, Buchenwald, Disney Land…

Neither the passage of time nor the erection of a gigantic marquee over the entire tower and the temporary arena for 2,000 people – including 250 survivors and dozens of world leaders – could diminish the ghastliness of the ‘Death Gate’ of Birkenau. Its brief transformation into theatrical scenery made no difference.

So, there was just as many ‘others’ murdered, mostly due to starvation, disease and the cold in the final months of the war; as there was Jews ‘murdered’… More so in fact because the 6 million tally rammed down our throats for the past 70 years is hugely overestimated.


Course, had there only been 600 Jewish deaths it would still have been touted by the Zionists as that magical 6 million figure.

Indeed, the 6 million magical figure had IN FACT been touted by them long before they dreamed up the gas chambers old bollocks:

Yet the indisputable fact is that after the war, Auschwitz was purported to have been a ‘human extermination factory’ which saw 4 million deaths.

That figure was then quietly reduced to one and a half million people before just as quietly being reduced further to one million.

So straight away we have an overestimation of three million Jewish deaths… Hmmm.

I told you Sarajevo – the Bosnian Holocaust – was worse.

Yet even then, that isn’t the end of the garbage that we are being unwaveringly force-fed about the Jewish Holocaust.

Yet “garbage” is undoubtedly what it is. Indeed, the post war Red Cross records tell a VERY Different story to the one our corrupt government peddles on behalf of Israel:

Sealed and guarded since the end of WWII at Arolsen, Germany, the Official IRC records reveal the actual Concentration Camp total death toll was 271,301

For years, people around the world – “the West” in particular – have been told that “six million Jews were systematically murdered by Germans in ‘Concentration Camps’ during World War 2.”

Thousands of honest people disputing this claim have been viciously smeared as a hateful anti-Semite. Several countries around the world have jailed and heavily fined people for disputing the claim that “6 Million” Jews were killed.

Provided here is a scanned image of an Official International Red Cross document, proving the so-called “Holocaust” [the long-and-often-claimed-6-million Jews] is just plain wrong. Jews around the world have intentionally exaggerated and perpetually lied for the purpose of gaining political, emotional and business advantages for themselves.

They committed willful, criminal FRAUD upon millions of trusting people around the world! Source

A quarter of a million in total!

Now, I am sure that dredging this up again will no doubt offend a fair few people. However, the fact that my government is perpetuating the Jewish Holocaust myth grossly offends me… And if the truth hurts, fucking tough.

Never the less, you are getting angry at the wrong person by copping the hump with me. Indeed it is the government that need taking to task.

And the fact is, I could only personally read a small portion of the Chimps old bollox – found HERE –  before finding myself becoming nauseated… But that could always be the remains of last weeks virus of course.

However, you need only ask yourself how there are so many survivors still able to propagate the myth – with seemingly total recall – on an event that took place SEVENTY years ago… Even more so when you take into account that time and again we are ordered to believe that on arrival at Auschwitz two queues were quickly formed… Women, OAP’s, the sick and CHILDREN one way, those deemed fit enough to work the other.

It was after all, supposedly the FINAL SOLUTION and the object was to kill as many as possible – not overcrowd the already overcrowded barracks. I mean, the Germans were fully aware that the war was lost so the last thing that they wanted was malnourished corpses laying about spreading disease which the guards and doctors were obviously not immune to either.

Naturally, the Cunt Cameron is in on the fraud as is the not so royal family of inbreds.


Prince Charles shakes hands with Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis at the Methodist Central Hall in London

And since the Holohoax is so easily proved to be a get rich quick money making scheme, which is still a massive industry generating MULTI-Millions of pounds year in, year out, the £50 million quid OF OURS, that the corrupt Cunt Cameron is giving over to the Holohoax old bollocks is nothing more than theft of public money and/or misappropriation of public funds:

It was announced the Government is to put £50million towards the construction of the ‘striking and prominent’ monument in central London, as well as the establishment alongside it of a ‘world class’ education and learning centre. Source

What a dirty, low-down, no good, thieving arsehole our Prime Mincer really is.

Indeed, there are record numbers of children in temporary housing in this country at present due to the fucking Zionist arsewipe and his gang of paedo-gangsters, systematic theft and deliberate destruction of the nations economy.

Yet still seemingly unsatisfied, he is stealing a cool £50 million quid from us just to keep a cash cow going… A cash cow based on a lie to boot and at a time when he is threatening to have another raid on the poor and sick’s purses.

Indeed, make no mistake that there are people slowly starving in this country, whom that £50 million could have benefitted… Most of those people/families – now living well below the poverty line – were at one time or another tax-payers and are entitled to that money… IT IS NOT THE GOVERNMENTS MONEY TO FRITTER AWAY.

And I would wager that if asked, the taxpayer would have a whole list of fucking things to spend that stolen money on right now, rather than a fucking pointless fucking monument in tribute to an event that never happened… Or at least never happened anywhere near on the scale of horror & numbers that we are ORDERED to believe it did.

Course, good old Dave the rave won’t mind me saying all this – what with the thieving, nonce protecting cunt being a fan of free-speech anall.

So since he has no problem with someone who uses that right to justifiably criticise someones religion… OR A MASSIVE LIE IN CONNECTION WITH RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION… I shouldn’t have any problems should I?

And no, this is not a tribute to Cameron. It is a quote taken from “the traitor within”

Worse still, we also have a freezing cold spell on the horizon… And with this alleged “big freeze”  just around the corner, how many OAP’s lives would that £50 Million pound save?

But “fuck-em”, lets have another focal point to ongoing tyranny commissioned at massive cost to ourselves instead!

Indeed, the sick cunt gave away nearly £2 million quid of OUR MONEY to the Holocaust hoax in September 2013 – in what the thieving arrogant cunt called at the time a “very personal decision”:

David Cameron announces cash boost for Holocaust education

By Marcus Dysch, September 17, 2013

A new group will investigate ways for future generations in Britain to commemorate the Holocaust, David Cameron has revealed.

The Prime Minister announced the creation of the cross-party, multi-faith commission at the Holocaust Educational Trust’s 25th anniversary dinner in central London on Monday evening.

The group will be led by Jewish Leadership Council chairman Mick Davis, with Mr Cameron hosting its first meeting later this year.

A further £300,000 for Holocaust education will be provided by the government, bringing its total funding of HET’s Lessons from Auschwitz programme to £1.85 million.

PM said a new cross-party commission would look at ways to commemorate the Holocaust

Speaking to the JC, Mr Cameron said setting up the commission had been a “very personal decision” and that there were “vital questions” still to be answered about keeping the memory of the Shoah alive for future generations.

He said: “I want my children and their children to learn about what happened in the Holocaust. But they won’t have Holocaust survivors with them sharing their memories first hand. And for them, the history of the Holocaust will feel increasingly distant and remote.

“This is an issue for Britain’s Jewish community. But it is also, vitally, an issue for our whole society. We have a national duty to fight antisemitism — and to ensure that Britain always remembers and learns from what happened in the Holocaust. That’s why it’s right for me as Prime Minister to take this leading role.”

The commission will look at the possibility of creating a “permanent and fitting” Shoah memorial.

In his speech at the dinner, Mr Cameron said: “It is sickening to have to say this, but today — even in the face of survivors going through the pain and suffering of retelling their stories — there are some who try to deny that it ever happened.

“There are some who try to make excuses for it, who try to draw completely inappropriate parallels with other political causes, or who try to suggest it somehow wasn’t quite as bad as others have said.

“And there are some who, probably with much better intentions, fall into the trap of using loose and lazy language, bandying around the term Holocaust when talking about other things.”

Praising HET’s work, including its collaboration with the Football Association, Mr Cameron said it was important to become “ever more imaginative” in keeping survivors’ stories relevant for British schoolchildren. He held a private meeting ahead of the dinner with four Shoah survivors and also met all 30 survivors who attended.

The Prime Minister said he would visit Auschwitz next year. He will ask the new commission to report back to him ahead of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen in April 2015 following consultations with Jewish communal groups, including the Board of Deputies.

He asked: “Should we do more to record the memories and the testimony of the survivors? Can we learn anything from the memorials and commemorations in other countries — like in America or Germany?

“Earlier this year on a visit to Berlin, I sat in the shadow of the Holocaust museum with my family and first tried to explain to my children the enormity of what happened.”

Mr Cameron concluded: “I believe that remembering for the future is vital for us all. When I visited Yad Vashem in 2006 I wrote that: ‘We owe it to those who died — and those who survived — to build a world in which this can never happen again.’

“That is my pledge. That is why Britain will remember. That is why Britain will never stand by. And that is why I stand here as Prime Minister and say to the survivors here tonight: the past will never die and your courage will never be forgotten.”

Read More

Course, this year the MSM have really excelled themselves.

You see, whilst milking the ‘Jewish Holocaust’ for all its worth yet still managing to fit in made-up stories specifically designed to vilify Muslims – there are in fact FOURTEEN ‘news’ stories on the race-hate spreading Chimps website as I type – the press are as usual turning the truth on its head by reporting a huge rise in anti-semitism.

Indeed, Maureen Lipman has not one, but two stories in yesterdays Chimp, both promoting the myth that anti-semitism is sweeping the nation… The implication being that anti-semitism swept through Nazi-Germany in the 1930’s and look what happened there… A quarter of a million Jews died over a 14 year period… Although that isn’t the answer that you are meant to come up with.

Lipman – whose limited career ended with the advent of mobile phones for all – is apparently that worried that she is thinking of quitting the UK… Well fuck off then. Do it instead of spreading your Zionist propaganda.

I am not even going to publish the links to Mo Lips articles. She disgusts me.

And besides, there’s more than enough old bollox about fabricated anti-semitism to be read in the propaganda being spread by the Cunt Cameron and his gay-boy-gangsters:

As the world pays tribute to the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust, Prime Minister David Cameron has urged Britain to stand together to stamp out prejudice and anti-Semitism.

While survivors of the Auschwitz Nazi death camp marked the 70th anniversary of its liberation in Poland, political leaders, the Prince of Wales, prominent Jews and cast of stars of stage and screen gathered in London amid tight security.

Mr Cameron told those in attendance that modern Britain must ‘not allow any excuses for anti-Semitism’ as he unveiled plans for a national memorial to the victims of the Holocaust.

A great pity that the Zionist arsewipe isn’t trying to stamp out anti-Islamic race crime… Not that Camercock is serious about stamping out anti-semitism.

After all, to further this particular agenda the wanker needs anti-semitism to be rife.

Still, nice to see the Monkey Boys playing their part… Carry on ya scumbag:

Scotland Yard assistant commissioner Mark Rowley has warned there is a ‘heightened concern’ about the risk to the Jewish population in Britain since the French slaughter at the hands of an accomplice of the Charlie Hebdo killers.

So, here we have a case of a hoax being used to back-up a hoax… It isn’t hard to get the measure of their tactics if you keep your eye on the ball… Carry on ya useful idiot:

‘Today we stand together – whatever our faith, whatever our creed, whatever our politics,’ Mr Cameron said after he, Labour leader Ed Miliband and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg all met with Holocaust survivors.

‘We stand in remembrance of those who were murdered in the darkest hour of human history. We stand in admiration of what our Holocaust survivors have given to our country.

‘And we stand united in our resolve to fight prejudice and discrimination in all its forms. We will keep Britain’s promise to remember today, tomorrow and for every generation to come.’

Prince Charles, who with the Duchess of Cornwall also mingled with dozens of survivors, described the Holocaust as not just a ‘Jewish tragedy’ but a ‘warning and a lesson to all of us, of all faiths and in all times’.

He said the memory of the ‘Nazis’ diabolical enterprise’ was relevant to today’s conflicts and should help people reflect on how to respond to events in the Middle East. Source

In other words, Prince Doughnut Bigears is using a hoax as justification to attack millions of innocent men, women & children because they are Muslims… Kind of hypocritical don’t cha think Dobby?

Course, silly me always thought that the royal nonce-ponce parasites were not meant to get involved in politics.

Okay, nearly done although whilst counting the anti-Islamic stories on the Chimps website I did notice 2 or 3 stories that could do with a bit of commenting on.

Never the less, I need to get back to working on part 2 of “Behind the Flag”.

So, to end I will leave you with the following.

Now, whilst looking back on the articles that I have written or commented on about one of the biggest lies in history i.e. The Jewish Holocaust, I came across a Chimp article about a Polish Jew who was held prisoner in Auschwitz, named Wilhelm Brasse… A Pole with a German first name and French surname then… Okay:

Wilhelm Brasse was forced to take photographs of frightened children and victims of gruesome medical experiments moments from their death at the extermination camp where some 1.5million people, mostly Jewish died in the Holocaust. Source

According to google proof reader that should be “mostly Jews” as opposed to “mostly Jewish”… Naughty Chimp.

Never the less, the following is a photo of Billy Brasse (one meaning of the word “brasse” being “to clean or shine”, just sayin’).

Mr Brasse never picked up a camera again after the war because when he picked up a camera he 'saw the dead'

Funny that the Chimp used an “Associated Press” photo for the article… You see, I am always suspicious of any AP story or photo because in my not inconsiderable experience, anything with the initials AP attached that appears in the MSM means that the publisher has been ORDERED to print the story and/or the photo.

Never the less (why use 1 word when you can use 3), with the article appearing on this website way back in October 2012 I had totally forgotten about it… Incidentally, you can find all of the conclusive, indisputable proof that you will ever need, of the Jewish Holocaust being not much more than mostly fabricated Zionist propaganda by typing the word “Holocaust” into the site search bar.

And when I came across the article last night whilst reacquainting myself with the facts, I was instantly struck by the thought that Billy Shoeshine is the splitting image of someone else in the above photograph… Any ideas who – and as a clue I can tell you that I am not thinking Karl Maldon or W.C Fields.

Any idea who I am thinking of? Yes? No?

Another little prompt needed maybe? Fair do’s, I do this shit all the time so it comes easy to me. Look at the straight lines at the top of the bushy eyebrows – totally unnatural for wild growing bushy eyebrows – and then look at the way that the nose appears false & seemingly stuck on before being blended into the fellas own nose about halfway up the bridge.

Okay, I will at this point add the usual disclaimer so as the wannabes trying to make a name for themselves off of my back because they have no chance whatsoever of making a name for themselves any other way can ignore it… “No Good Dirty Cunts” would be an appropriate name as it happens.

Never the less (see what I did there) what I am now going to put to you is not me stating a fact, it is merely me stating a possibility and throwing it open for discussion – which obviously translates in the improperly formed brains of the No Good Dirty Cunts Brigade as saying “Now take note of this fact”… You all know who you are ya useless, tossers who can’t write for shit.

Now, I have to tell you that I am doing this little experiment that I am going to show you as I write, hence me not being able to state what I have got to tell you as being fact… However, I have done this job long enough now to know when I am on to something… And as ‘somethings’ go, this could be quite a big something… Or something else completely.

So here’s the thing, when I rediscovered this Auschwitz article, I was immediately struck by the striking similarity between Billy Bullshine and the Israeli Prime Mincer, Bennie Net-A-Yahoo… I mean to say, I have looked at enough Ben-Net photos whilst putting this article together to know what I am talking about.

And of course, this is exactly the kind of sick-fuck trick that these ‘elites’ love to pull so as they can piss themselves with laughter at our gullibility.

Do I think that Benny & the wets would stoop so low as to pass themselves off as a character from their play act? Yes I certainly do.

Indeed you only need to look at Netanyahu’s smug, all-knowing smarmy smile in the photos included in this article to realise what a conceited, arrogant,  piss-taking arsewipe of a fella he is.

For instance in the following video (of which there are much longer edits to be found on YouTube), Ben10 boasts about how easily he can manipulate the American government and how he deliberately sabotaged the Oslo Peace Process:

Moreover, I am not nearly as naive as I was in 2012, when to be honest, I would have scoffed at the very suggestion that the fella in the photo was Nellie Yahoo and not Bill Shiner.

Unfortunately, Nellie is also very vain and likes to be photographed from the side, with all blemishes airbrushed in order to make him appear much younger than he looks in reality.

Indeed, in the comparison photos that I was able to get, Nellie looks to be wearing make-up.

Never the less, have a butchers at this.


And that is it. If we don’t act very, very soon I will be dead and you won’t be far behind me. Indeed, I would imagine that this article has put me in very grave danger.

I mean, the Holohoax is a very well protected story and generates a huge amount of cash. However, the old fanny is so, so, so much more than that. In fact I would go further still by saying that if the lie becomes publicly known & acknowledged, it is then all over for the cunts.

Lets put an end to this madness… We owe it to the children to do so.

The photos in this article alone should be all the motivation that you need.

Or do you need to lay the wrecked body of your own child to rest before you say enough… No more..

The cunts have to go.