What times kick off?


Chris Spivey


I am sorry to tell you that I now have all the evidence that I need to prove to you that the King family ARE involved in the (non) story that has dominated the headlines this week – which obviously is the King family’s alleged kidnapping of 5 year old terminally ill, Ashya King.

Once again the nation has been duped into giving their hard earned away – shame on you all.

There is no excuse. I realised that things didn’t add up by the early hours of Monday morning, having only started looking into the old fanny a few hours previous to that.

I shall begin documenting that evidence shortly, which amongst other evidence will include the following information provided to me by a genealogist who has been doing some digging for me.

Moreover, I asked him to do this digging as a direct result of what I was beginning to suspect and sure enough my suspicions were quickly confirmed.

I have not included all of his findings or the screenshots he mentions below, but everything will be included in the finished article:

1. Brett King was born and registered as Brett G Davison in Portsmouth in Jan-Mar 1963 and must have changed his surname at a later date (see attachment named ‘BGK BC’). I have no idea what the M65 next to his record means.

2. Brett G King married Naghmeh Mehregan (spelt Naghmeh, not Naghemeh as reported in the media) in Cambridge in October 1998. See attached screenshot named ‘BGK NM WR’. There is no image available of the actual certificate.

3. There is no record of a Naghmeh/Naghemeh Mehregan or associated alternative surname being born. That is not to mean that she wasn’t, it would just need further research to corroborate.

4. Naveed Paiman King was born Jan 1994 in Milton Keynes – mother’s maiden name Mehregan. Please see attached screenshot named ‘NPK BC’. No actual image available of the birth certificate.

5. They have an eldest son named Danny Jake King, born Jun 1991 in Milton Keynes – mother’s maiden name Mehregan. Attached screenshot named ‘DJK BC’. Again no image of the certificate is available.

6. There is absolutely no record of an Ashya King, Ashya Mehregan, Ashya anything related to the first or surname, being born – ever…

And as I say, that is just the beginning as well as the mass of evidence that I have uncovered myself.

Course, no doubt that once again I shall be vilified for reporting the truth… Just sayin’.

Never the less, the story was without a doubt – amongst other reasons – used as a distraction from what our world governments are about to unleash on us.

And with that in mind, the following two YouTube videos and an article stating why WW3 will start in Syria are well worth a watch & read in my humble opinion.

The article states:

Control of Ukraine and its gas shipments through the country are the key to swinging the balance of power on the planet.

If Ukraine comes under the complete control of the Russians, energy blackmail and the eventual disintegration of NATO will occur.

If Russia moves to take over Ukraine, what options does the United States have?

It is not likely that at this point in time that NATO has the ability to keep Russia out of Ukraine.

Where is Russia most vulnerable? 

The clear answer is in Syria. Syria has both economic and military significance to Russia.

If Syria were to fall to the United States, the military and economic loss would be catastrophic, not the least, would be the loss of Syrian ports.

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Okay, now the first of the two videos is a Press TV studio debate on the forthcoming invasion of Syria and is debated by Ken O’Keefe and an apparently well know – but unknown to me – puppet of the American government.

Ken O’Keefe easily wipes the floor with him, after all, there is no justification for the US & UK to invade Syria, and in doing so O’Keefe reinforces/confirms what I have been saying for a long time – Namely that the conflict will quickly escalate into the Puppet Masters long term plan for a third world war.

Do not let it happen… We are the real power, not those elected self important puppets and their masters.

The second video is a CNN news report in which retired American General Tom McInerney (a NWO puppet) implies that a major event is going to take place on September 11th 2014.

Could be nothing, but then again…

However, make no mistake, the war is coming and the only winners will be the puppet masters… STOP THIS MADNESS NOW.

Before it is too late… And as always, just stating the facts as I see em.