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Well Stuart the nonce chucked in the towel easily, didn’t he?

You might like to take note that I said a couple of weeks ago that the only one who would do Jail time is Stuart Hall, since he seems to have been nominated as the fall guy.

Memo to all those who bleated about me accusing him of being a nonce before he had been to court.

Fuck you… You are part of the problem.

Memo to Operation Yewtree Detectives

Both the first article about Stuart Hall and the second article about Bill Roache have one thing in common.

They both carry photos of the person whose door you should be knocking on.

If I was photographed with everyone arrested so far, I am absolutely positive that you would have been at my door long ago.

Or does the fact that the vast majority of sex pests arrested in this operation are all photographed with the person in question and her paedophile family of in breeds not trigger any suspicion in your naturally suspicious minds Detectives?

You do know that no one is above the law right?

Do the fucking job you get paid for. By not doing so, you are breaking the law yourselves. Or do you not give a fuck about your own children either?

‘An opportunistic predator’: Former BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall admits 14 counts of indecent assault against girls aged between nine and 17 as even his solicitor admits ‘his disgrace is complete’

  • Stuart Hall’s barrister says ‘he is only too aware his disgrace is complete’
  • Broadcaster, 83, admitted sex attacks at a hearing last month
  • Former It’s A Knockout star carried out assaults between 1968 and 1986
  • Prosecution describe veteran broadcaster as an ‘opportunistic predator’
  • BBC say the shamed presenter will never work for them again


PUBLISHED: 10:18, 2 May 2013 | UPDATED: 13:41, 2 May 2013


Veteran BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall has admitted indecently assaulting 13 girls aged as young as nine, it can be revealed today.

The 83-year-old pleaded guilty to carrying out the attacks between 1968 and 1986 when he appeared before a judge at Preston Crown Court.

Following a hearing today, the disgraced television star’s barrister said that Hall was ‘only too aware his disgrace is complete’.

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Guilty: Stuart Hall arrives at Preston Crown Court today, with solicitor Maurice Watkins, where he has admitted historic sex allegationsGuilty: Stuart Hall arrives at Preston Crown Court today, with solicitor Maurice Watkins, where he has admitted historic sex allegations

Although he admitted the 14 indecent assaults at a hearing last month, his guilty pleas can be revealed today for the first time after a reporting order was lifted.


An additional charge of rape will lie on file after prosecutors decided not to pursue them following the other guilty pleas.


Nazir Afzal, chief crown prosecutor for the North West, described the broadcaster as an ‘opportunistic predator’.

Hall had fiercely denied all the allegations and read out a strident condemnation to reporters in which he labelled the claims as ‘pernicious, callous, cruel and above all spurious’ after he was charged last year.

Denials: Stuart Hall described the allegations as 'pernicious', then weeks later pleaded guilty
Guilty: When he denied the offences, Hall said he had endured 'a living nightmare' and but for his 'very loving family' may have considered taking his own life

Denials: Stuart Hall, pictured today, described the allegations as ‘pernicious’, then weeks later pleaded guilty to 14 charges of indecent assault

Guilty: Stuart Hall, of Wilmslow, sits in the dock at Preston Crown Court today as it was revealed that he pleaded guilty to the indecent assaultsGuilty: Stuart Hall, of Wilmslow, sits in the dock at Preston Crown Court today as it was revealed that he pleaded guilty to the indecent assaults

He said he had endured ‘a living nightmare’ and but for his ‘very loving family’ may have considered taking his own life.

But when he appeared before a judge on April 16, he calmly and repeatedly answered ‘guilty’ when the charges were put to him.

During that hearing, he was sat in front of the dock with his legal representatives and confirmed his full name of James Stuart Hall to the clerk.

He then stood up as he uttered the single damning word which has now ruined his reputation.

The Recorder of Preston, Judge Anthony Russell QC, told the former It’s A Knockout presenter he would be required to sign the Sex Offenders Register. He was told a notice which he needed to fill in would be sent to his home in Cheshire within days.

Following a court appearance today, Hall was granted bail until his sentencing on June 17.

Judge Russell told him that all sentencing options remain open including immediate custody.

The BBC said Hall, who was a regular contributor to Radio 5 Live prior to his arrest, would never work for them again.

Honoured: Stuart Hall is presented with an OBE by the Queen at Buckingham Palace last year. After his guilty pleas were revealed today, his barrister said his 'disgrace is complete'Honoured: Stuart Hall is presented with an OBE by the Queen at Buckingham Palace last year. After his guilty pleas were revealed today, his barrister said his ‘disgrace is complete’

A brief outline of the abuse suffered by three of his victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was outlined at an earlier hearing at Preston Magistrates’ Court.

In the 1980s Hall molested a nine-year-old girl by putting his hand up her clothing.

He also kissed a 13-year-old girl on the lips after he said to her: ‘People need to show thanks in other ways.’

On another occasion in the 1970s he fondled the breast of a girl aged 16 or 17.

Hall was charged with those three offences on the same day as was arrested by Lancashire Constabulary on December 5 last year.

He was subsequently charged with historic sex offences against 10 more girls and the rape of a 22-year-old woman.

TV beauties: Stuart Hall with It's A Knockout score girls Jean Kelly, Tracy Dodds and Roz Tranfield in the 1980sTV beauties: Stuart Hall with It’s A Knockout score girls Jean Kelly, Tracy Dodds and Roz Tranfield in the 1980s

Family: Stuart Hall and wife Hazel in the 1970s. His indecent assaults happened between 1967 and 1986Family: Stuart Hall and wife Hazel in the 1970s. His indecent assaults happened between 1967 and 1986

Hall’s barrister, Crispin Aylett QC, said: ‘The defendant is, of course, sorry for what he has done. Through me he wishes to apologise to his victims.


The guilty pleas of Stuart Hall came as a surprise given his previous vociferous public denials of any wrongdoing.

Two months earlier he told the country the then allegations he had committed historic sexual offences against a number of young girls were ‘pernicious’, ‘callous’, ‘cruel’ and ‘spurious’.

Those well-chosen words were replaced by a simple answer of ‘guilty’ when the majority of the same claims were put to him by the clerk at Preston Crown Court last month.

Following his arrest on December 5 and when he was charged later the same day with three counts of indecent assault, Hall, 83, was quick to use the media to protest his innocence.

A statement from his solicitor was issued which read: ‘Stuart Hall is innocent of these charges. He is unable to comment further at this stage.

‘It is a matter of concern that in the week following publication of the Leveson Report there appears to have been systematic, measured leaks to the media which have given a misleading impression of what this case is about.

‘Stuart Hall was not afforded the opportunity to attend voluntarily at the police station. In due course the decision that he should be arrested will be the subject of some scrutiny.

‘Stuart Hall is innocent. There will be a trial and his defence will then be in the public domain.’

The stance continued when he made his first appearance in a courtroom in January.

But earlier this month he admitted the sex attacks.

‘He is not a man easily moved to self pity but he is only too aware his disgrace is complete.’

Reporting restrictions were put in place to avoid prejudicing a possible future trial on rape that Hall denied.

But Peter Wright QC, prosecuting, said the Crown was satisfied those four counts could lie on file after it was given consideration at ‘the most senior level’ of the Crown Prosecution Service.

The decision on the rape charge was met with the ‘full approval’ of the complainant, he added.

Outside court, Hall was described as an ‘opportunistic predator’ by Nazir Afzal, chief crown prosecutor for the North West.

He said: ‘We prosecuted Stuart Hall because the evidence of the victims clearly established a pattern of behaviour that was unlawful and for which no innocent explanation could be offered.

‘His victims did not know each other and almost two decades separated the first and last assaults but almost all of the victims, including one who was only nine at the time of the assault, provided strikingly similar accounts.

‘Whether in public or private, Hall would first approach under friendly pretences and then bide his time until the victim was isolated. He can only be described as an opportunistic predator.’

He added: ‘We have this week met with the woman who alleged that she had been raped by Stuart Hall, a charge which he has denied. The welfare of complainants is a top priority for us and we always take their concerns into account.

‘In light of the guilty pleas already entered, the complainant no longer wishes to give evidence on the allegation of rape, and we have concluded that it would not be in the public interest to take steps to make her give evidence in court. As such, we will not be proceeding with this charge.

TV heyday: Stuart Hall holds his co-star Faith Brown in 1989 as they prepare for a new series of QED on BBC OneTV heyday: Stuart Hall holds his co-star Faith Brown in 1989 as they prepare for a new series of QED on BBC One

Lancashire Constabulary thanked Hall’s victims for their ‘bravery’ in reporting what had happened.
Detective chief inspector Neil Esseen, of the force’s major investigation team, said after today’s hearing: ‘The admissions of Mr Hall will at least spare his victims the ordeal of having to recount their abuse at a trial.

‘They have lived with what happened for a long period of time and it cannot have been easy for them to come forward, especially as when they did so, they did not know there were others who had also suffered abuse.

‘I would personally like to pay tribute to the victims for their bravery in coming forward to report these crimes.

‘The fact that these convictions have come a long time after they were committed shows that we will always take any allegations of sexual abuse extremely seriously and will investigate them thoroughly no matter how long ago they happened. We will always strive to protect our communities, no matter the status of the alleged perpetrator.

Media scrum: A large group of reporters, photographers and cameramen outside Preston Crown Court today where Stuart Hall was appearingMedia scrum: A large group of reporters, photographers and cameramen outside Preston Crown Court today where Stuart Hall was appearing

‘I would encourage people with any information about sexual abuse or who has been a victim of sexual abuse to come forward and report their concerns confident in the knowledge it will be investigated appropriately and with sensitivity.’

Hall has been a familiar face and voice in British broadcasting for half a century and was awarded an OBE in the 2012 New Year Honours.

His eccentric and erudite football match summaries made him a cult figure on BBC Radio 5 Live.

He also wrote a weekly sport column for the Radio Times magazine up until his arrest.

He did not comment on the case as he left court accompanied by his legal team, saying only to waiting reporters that he had a ‘terrible cold’.

He was surrounded by a media scrum as he was led into a waiting taxi.

However, his lawyers said in a statement: ‘Mr Hall deeply and sincerely regrets his actions. He wishes to issue an unreserved apology to the individuals concerned. He now accepts his behaviour and actions were completely wrong and he is very remorseful.

‘Mr Hall also wishes to apologise to his family, friends and supportive members of the public for whom he has high regard and respect.

‘The last five months have been a strain and an ordeal for his family, who are standing by him. He asks for privacy during the next few weeks and he emphasises that he is contrite and faces punishment with fortitude and remorse.

‘Mr Hall will not be making any further comment at this stage.’

‘He’s going to get what he deserves’: Victim speaks of moment Hall attacked her in hotel after she auditioned for It’s A Knockout

Stuart Hall forced a 17-year-old hotel worker against a wall and tried to force himself upon her after she had an audition for It’s A Knockout.

The shamed broadcaster kissed the young worker as she struggled to get away – and he only stopped when he heard someone approaching.

The victim told how was reminded of her ordeal 40 years ago every time he has appeared on television since.

Victim: Stuart Hall's victim who he attacked in her hotel when she was a 17-year-old more than 40 years agoVictim: Stuart Hall’s victim who he attacked in her hotel when she was a 17-year-old more than 40 years ago

She first met Hall, 83, at the It’s A Knockout Auditions in her hometown – and then bumped into him again at work a few hours later.

Following the audition, she was chosen as a cheerleader.

The victim, who cannot be identified, told ITV News: ‘I was just walking through the lobby and up the main stairs and I was just about to turn the corner into the doorway that led to the staffrooms and as I was walking up the stairs, I got to the top and I heard this voice behind me and it was him.

‘He started talking to me. Obviously if you work in a hotel you talk to the residents. And he then, as I went to go through to touch the door-handle, he pushed me up against the wall and he tried to force himself onto me, he grabbed hold of me and he started kissing me and then he tried to force himself on me.’

She added that she managed to escape his clutches when he heard someone approaching.

Veteran broadcaster: Stuart Hall in the BBC Radio 2 studio in 1984 with boxing starts Muhammad Ali and Henry Cooper

Veteran broadcaster: Stuart Hall in the BBC Radio 2 studio in 1984 with boxing starts Muhammad Ali and Henry Cooper

‘I struggled, I tried to push him away and it was only the fact that there was someone walking along the corridor and the floors creaked that he stopped and I managed to get away,’ she added.

Hall’s victim said after the Jimmy Savile scandal broke last year she was certain that the veteran broadcaster would be shamed.

She added: ‘Over the years every time I’ve heard his voice on the television, on the radio, I just think “how can you do it, how can you be like that?” in full view of everyone after everything you’ve done.’

She called for her attacker to be given the strongest sentence possible when he is sentenced next month.

‘He should now get a truthful sentence. They shouldn’t treat him lightly. He’s got to be shown that these things should not being going on and that in the future that men think twice before they do these things to women.

‘It shouldn’t happen and he should get the strongest penalty that should be given out to him.’

The report will air on ITV News at 1.30pm, 6.15pm and Ten


Slick performer: Stuart Hall was famed for his colourful football commentariesSlick performer: Stuart Hall was famed for his colourful football commentaries

When national treasure and broadcasting legend Stuart Hall was asked about the news he was to be honoured with an OBE, he responded with his trademark booming laughter.

The stories flowed and, with ‘a goblet of Keats’ and ‘a tincture of Oscar Wilde’, the radio raconteur recounted numerous tales from a career spanning half a century.

It was a career which saw him not only become an established sports radio reporter and broadcasting maverick but also a television star, thanks to madcap gameshow It’s A Knockout.

But dropped into the middle of all the tales of television and radio times past was a throwaway comment which now appears both revealing and sinister following the revelations that he sexually abused girls.

Hall said: ‘My first reporting job was Sheffield Wednesday versus Leicester City and when I went along to Hillsborough it was shrouded in fog.’

Hall, adopting his broadcasting voice, continued: ‘The score was … Sheffield Wednesday 4, Leicester Fosse 4.

‘I didn’t see a goal! I described them all in greatest detail. I didn’t see … nobody saw a thing. It was fog-bound.’

Then, he added: ‘But I just lied my way through it and I have been inventing stories ever since.’
Hall, then 82, spoke proudly of his achievements, his career and his impending meeting with the Queen after his OBE was announced in December 2011.

Talking in the kitchen of his detached house in affluent Prestbury, east Cheshire, Hall, wearing an open-necked striped shirt, was welcoming and keen to speak.

His home was immaculate and his study and hallway housed a large collection of antique clocks.

On the wall behind him in the kitchen were numerous gold-framed black and white photographs of great sporting moments and no doubt significant moments in his own career.

Asked how he felt about the OBE, he was quick to mention his worldwide fanbase.

He said: ‘I am very proud that I have made a contribution, it’s been acknowledged and lots of people around the world will be very pleased, as my family is and I am too. Very, very pleased indeed.’

Did Hall think, all those years ago when he started out, that he would end up as a ‘national treasure’?

Modestly, a ‘humble’ Hall said that was one thing you ‘never think about’ when doing a job like his.

‘If it’s acknowledged you are very lucky because lots and lots of people do great jobs throughout the world and receive no acknowledgment, so for a humble guy like me – Hadfield born and bred – to receive an honour is a great accolade.’

Hall, who also ran his own travel business for many years, became a familiar figure to viewers of regional news programmes on the BBC with Look North, Look North West and North West Tonight, as well as ITV, when he switched to rival Granada Reports.

He was also the launch host of BBC quiz A Question Of Sport during its early days as a regional show.

The broadcaster was renowned for his verbose and theatrical football commentary.

He famously described a performance by Manchester City’s Georgi Kinkladze as, ‘Tippy-toed. Tumultuous. Only one word will suffice – terpsichorean.’

In 2009, the BBC hosted a celebration at the City Of Manchester Stadium to mark not only the 50th anniversary of his broadcasting career but his 80th birthday.

Among the friends who contributed were football legend Graeme Souness and stars of yesteryear from his beloved Manchester City, Mike Summerbee and Francis Lee.

His career might not have been over then, but it certainly is now.

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Coronation Street king Bill Roache says he is ‘horrified by the last 24 hours’ and vows to fight rape allegation as TV chiefs rework scripts to write him out of the hit soap

  • Roache, 81, charged with raping a 15-year-old schoolgirl in 1967
  • Offers ‘sincere thanks’ to supporters as he awaits trial later this month
  • He will not appear in the ITV soap while investigation continues
  • Charge not connected to Operation Yewtree investigation into sex crimes


PUBLISHED: 11:08, 2 May 2013 | UPDATED: 13:24, 2 May 2013


Coronation Street star Bill Roache today said he was ‘astounded and deeply horrified’ at being charged with raping a schoolgirl more than 45 years ago.

The actor has been suspended from the ITV soap while his trial is ongoing, and producers have been rushing to write out his character Ken Barlow, who has been in the show since it started in 1960.

The 81-year-old was taken into custody following a breakfast-time raid at his home in Wilmslow, Cheshire, yesterday, and charged with twice raping the 15-year-old girl in 1967.

Bill Roache arriving home in Cheshire after it was announced that he has been charged with rapeBill Roache arriving home in Cheshire after it was announced that he has been charged with rape

He said in a statement today: ‘I am astounded and deeply horrified by the extraordinary events of the last 24 hours.

‘I strenuously deny the allegations and will now focus my full attention on fighting to preserve my innocence in the challenging times ahead.


‘I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all those people who have offered me their support and good wishes at this difficult time.’

Roache was due to appear in an episode of Coronation Street to be broadcast tomorrow, so bosses are rushing to re-edit the footage to remove his character.

Bill Roache MBE arrives home after being charged with two counts of rape against a 15 year old girl in 1967Charged: Bill Roache was arrested by police in a swoop on his home yesterday morning

Twice-married Roache, the world’s longest serving soap actor, is one of the best known stars to be held over child sex allegations in the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Fellow Coronation Street star Michael Le Vell, who plays mechanic Kevin Webster, is also currently off air after being charged with 19 sexual offences against a child, including rape, indecent assault and sexual activity.

He denies the charges, which are not linked to Roache.

Roache arrived home late last night looking tired and stony faced.

The actor, wearing an open-necked shirt and jumper, was driven through the gates of his home in a dark coloured Ford Fiesta at about 9.45pm.

He made no comment but his driver later left the property saying Mr Roache would make a statement today.

Police officers stood guard outside the gates of Bill Roache's home in Wilmslow, Cheshire, todayPolice officers stood guard outside the gates of Bill Roache’s home in Wilmslow, Cheshire, today

Roache’s marriage to his first wife, Anna, ended in divorce in 1974. His second wife Sara died in 2009.

Earlier this year it was revealed he ended his two-year relationship with TV weathergirl Emma Jesson, 44, so he could explore a ‘mystic message of love’ linked to his membership of the Pure Love Movement, a religious group.

Pin up: Bill Roache in a 1970 fashion shootPin up: Bill Roache in a 1970 fashion shoot

In a TV interview last year, Roache said he had slept with up to 1,000 women.

In the interview with Piers Morgan, he told of his regrets at regularly cheating on his first wife.

Last night, a statement issued by the Crown Prosecution Service said: ‘The CPS has today authorised Lancashire Police to charge William Roache with two rapes allegedly committed against a 15-year-old girl in 1967.’

Nazir Afzal, chief crown prosecutor for CPS North West, said: ‘We have carefully considered all the evidence gathered by Lancashire Police in relation to William Roache following allegations of rape.

‘We have been reviewing evidence and providing early investigative advice to Lancashire Police since March 1, 2013.

‘Having completed our review, we have concluded that there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest for Mr Roache to be charged.

‘Mr Roache will appear at Preston magistrates’ court on May 14. Mr Roache has a right to a fair trial and it is therefore very important that nothing is said, or reported, which could prejudice that trial. For these reasons, it would be inappropriate for me to comment further.’

The announcement was made just after 8pm, some 12 hours after his arrest.

News of his arrest spread quickly after two police officers were seen at the gates to the driveway of his secluded £650,000 Wilmslow home.


Star: Roache playing Ken Barlow on Coronation Street with his on-screen wife Deirdre, played by Anne KirkbrideStar: Roache playing Ken Barlow on Coronation Street with his on-screen wife Deirdre, played by Anne Kirkbride

Police teams searched the property as Roache was taken to a police station to be questioned over allegations that he raped a 15-year-old girl in Haslingden, near Bury, between April and July 1967. 

Roache would have suffered the indignity of being DNA tested and  finger-printed, and of having to pose for a police mugshot.


Producers have been forced into a desperate re-editing of one of tomorrow’s episodes of Coronation Street following Bill Roache’s arrest.

The actor had been due to appear in two scenes but these will be taken out. He was last in the soap on Monday.

Insiders suggested the scenes were not  crucial to the storyline.

It is understood they were filmed not long before he left for New Zealand to appear in a play.

Shortly before 4pm, officers could be seen placing brown paper evidence bags inside an unmarked police car, which left shortly afterwards.

It was followed by two more unmarked police cars, each with three plain clothes officers inside.

Near neighbour Gill Chibnall, 73, said: ‘I’m absolutely shocked, I just can’t believe it. I’m very sorry because he seems a nice chap, I can’t really believe he would do anything like that.

‘I haven’t seen him this week, I only know him as a neighbour. He stops to say hello or chat about the weather.

‘He is part of the community, when anybody wants anything opening he’s always willing to help out.’

When told about Roache’s arrest, another local, who asked not to be named, said: ‘What’s he been up to? It’s all rubbish, he’s a lovely man.’

In March, Roache issued a public apology after claiming sex abuse victims brought it upon themselves and were being punished for sins in a past life.

He was interviewed for a New Zealand television news programme and discussing the Savile sex abuse scandal.

Meeting: Roache, one of Britain's longest-serving TV actors, with the Queen in Preston in 2002Meeting: Roache, one of Britain’s longest-serving TV actors, with the Queen in Preston in 2002

Roache said the public should not be judgmental but be ‘totally forgiving’ of people who had committed child sex crimes.

Asked to clarify whether that meant victims brought the abuse on themselves, he said: ‘No, not quite, and yet I am, because everything that happens to us has been a result of what we have been in previous lives or whatever.’

He also called for the same anonymity for those accused of child sex offences as alleged victims are given until conviction because of the stigma they faced even if subsequently found innocent.

‘These people are instantly stigmatised, some will be innocent, some will not, but until such time as it’s proven there should be anonymity for both,’ he said.

But his remarks were condemned by abuse charities –  and Roache later issued a statement apologising, saying he was ‘sorry for any offence that has been caused as a result of my comments’.

The controversial comments came a week after a senior CPS prosecutor warned of a new wave of celebrity arrests in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Relationship: Roache in January 2012 with his then-girlfriend, weather presenter Emma JessonRelationship: Roache in January 2012 with his then-girlfriend, weather presenter Emma Jesson


Max Clifford
Rolf Harris

Investigation: Max Clifford, left, and Rolf Harris, right, are among the well-known figures to have been arrested on suspicion of historic sex offences; Clifford has now been charged with 11 counts of indecent assault

Other celebrities recently arrested – but not charged – over historic allegations of indecently assaulting under-age girls include entertainers Rolf Harris and Freddie Starr.

Both have denied any wrong-doing in interviews with police.

Comedian Jim Davidson and ex-Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis have also been arrested over alleged historic sex offences by officers on Operation Yewtree, the Scotland Yard probe launched in the aftermath of the Savile scandal.

The claims against them do not concern under-age girls.

Last week PR consultant Max Clifford was charged with 11 indecent assaults of girls and young women, including a 14-year-old.

The charges, which he denies, relate to offences allegedly committed between 1966 and 1985.

Last night none of Roache’s four children from his two marriages would comment. His publicist did not return calls.

A Coronation Street spokesman said: ‘Given that a police investigation is under way it would not be appropriate for us to comment.’

Lancashire Police said: ‘We take all allegations of sexual abuse extremely seriously and would encourage people with any information about sexual abuse, or anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse, to come forward and report their concerns confident in the knowledge they will be investigated appropriately and with sensitivity.’


DJ Jimmy SavileCrimes: The investigation into Jimmy Savile’s sexual abuse has led to the arrest of other celebrities

3 October 2012: ITV documentary revealing that Jimmy Savile, right, molested a number of young girls is broadcast.

9 October: Metropolitan Police launches Operation Yewtree to investigate historic sex allegations against Savile.

19 October: Investigation widened to include allegations involving public figures who are still living.

28 October: Singer Gary Glitter, 68, a convicted paedophile, arrested and bailed.

1 November: Comedian Freddie Starr, 70, arrested and bailed.

11 November: BBC producer Wilfred De’ath, 75, arrested; he was later told he would not face any charges after the complainant withdrew her allegations.

15 November: Former Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis, 67, arrested and bailed over allegations not linked to to Savile.

29 November: Entertainer Rolf Harris, 83, questioned by police; his name was not initially publicised.

6 December: Publicist Max Clifford, 70, arrested and bailed.

2 January 2013: Comedian and television presenter Jim Davidson, 59, arrested and bailed.

11 January: Report into Savile’s crimes is released, revealing that he took advantage of up to 450 victims.

13 March: Travis re-arrested and bailed once again.

28 March: Harris re-arrested and bailed; he was identified in the media the next month.

26 April: Clifford charged with 11 counts of indecent assault against girls and young women.

1 May: Coronation Street star Bill Roache, 81, arrested and charged.


Twice-married father with love of New Age spirituality

Bill Roache was born in 1932 and joined the cast of Coronation Street as Ken Barlow when the soap made its debut in December 1960.

He first emerged on screen as a fresh-faced, idealistic student in his 20s.

His character – the world’s longest-serving soap star – has had an array of professions and relationships over his half century in Weatherfield.

In the show, Ken has been quite the lothario, with more than 25 women, including three wives, under his belt.

Veteran: Ken and Deirdre on their wedding day in 1981; Roache will not appear on the soap for the time being

Veteran: Ken and Deirdre on their wedding day in 1981; Roache will not appear on the soap for the time being

The Ken, Deidre and Mike Barlow love triangle in the 1980s proved to be one of the stand-out storylines of his career on the show.

Off screen, his first wife was actress Anna Cropper, with whom he had a son, named Linus, who has also played his onscreen son Laurence.

The couple divorced in 1974 after 13 years of marriage, and Roache went on to wed his second wife Sara in 1978.

They had two children, Verity and James, as well as another daughter who died when she was just 18 months old.

James Roache, 27, has appeared in Coronation Street playing Ken Barlow’s grandson James, Laurence’s son, and also portrayed his own father in BBC drama The Road To Coronation Street.

Sara Roache died unexpectedly in February 2009 aged 58, after which her widower started dating local weathergirl Emma Jesson, although they are believed to have split up last year.

He is known for his strong interest in spirituality, and has spoken in support of astrology and other New Age practices.

The actor has taken part in Druid rituals, and apparently used to tell the fortunes of his Coronation Street co-stars using their astrological charts.

Roache has also told interviewers that he believes in reincarnation and predicted a slew of natural disasters at the end of 2012 owing to ‘the vibrational level of the Earth’.

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