Wat Dah Press Sez




Just a very, very quick one – no time to say hello

The following was posted on Twitter by Clive Peedell in regard to the Sun Shit-Rag and just about sums up everything that is wrong with the MSM.

sun 1

Max Bygraves springs to mind as it happens… He’s was a wrong-un too by all accounts.

Nevertheless, Matt the Twat followed up that [dis] honourable request made on behalf of Britain’s biggest selling shit-rag with the offer of financial gain to any cunt willing to publicly spout proper old bollox.


So basically we have become a nation where evil, manipulating, nonce protecting, walking blubber are prepared to pay some self-serving, egotistical, slimeball – of whom there are plenty – good money to sell out their fellow countrymen, whom are mostly gutless robots, merely existing and gullible enough to believe the old shite.

Thanks for the info Joyce.