Was 9/11 in the planning for quarter of a century?




How many years do the elite plan things in advance? 

I have read a credible report that lists Princess Diana as being  earmarked for Big Ears almost from the time she was born.

Certainly, there appear to have been many clues dropped that 9/11 would happen many years before the event took place.

So, is this photo advert for Pakistan International Airline from 1979 a clue or a coincidence?


Le Point, March 19, 1979




New York via Pakistan International. One of the companies offering scheduled flights to New York. Departure from Orly Sud, offering best flights to the cities in provinces. A new proof of PIA’s efficacy.

PIA is an international company expanding business successfully: 3 000 000 passengers this year, a departure every 6 minutes.

Success thoroughly built on customers’ satisfaction. For having an excellent flight to New York or 60 other metropolises in the world travel via PIA.



The 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan galvanized bin Laden. He supported the Afghan resistance, which became a jihad, or holy war. Ironically, the U.S. became a major supporter of the Afghan resistance, or mujahideen, working with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to set up Islamic schools in Pakistan for Afghan refugees. These schools later evolved into virtual training centers for Islamic radicals.

Source: FBI

And after this in 22 years