Wake me up before you go go

Christopher Spivey


It would seem – going on the comments – that I need to address a few issues.

However, first off here are the links should you wish to purchase my Ebook about Meghan Markle:

UK customers should click HERE

USA customers should click HERE

In my opinion, well worth buying since NO ONE can debunk it.

Okay, let me address some of the comments that have been left recently, firstly those left by you in a tizzy about the lack of them… As in the lack of comments.

What the fuck are you worried about?

I mean, should it not be me who is worried – i’m not – about the drop off?

Indeed, the very fact that the subject has been broached cannot fail to have a negative impact and leaves room for speculation and criticism… As is evidenced by the responses.

Course, I kinda suspect that is why the subject was brought up in the first place… As in by doing so, allowing for a lot of little digs.

So, please allow me to retort because I am fucking mustard at putting the boot in.

Now the reason for the drop off in comments could be something to do with the fact that I have the most expensive, hard to access site on the internet. Indeed I think that England is just about the only place in the world that it isn’t blocked, either for security issues or political reasons.

Mind you, that fact alone should tell you that what you read on here is not bollox… Which a lot of those who do comment seem to think that I write… Which kinda makes me suspicious.

You see, the main bleat or whine seems to be about facial comparisons… As in facial comparisons in general… Or put another way, no one singles out a specific facial comparison… Because they can’t.

Now the reason that they can’t is because if I am not certain that the two people that I am comparing are the same person, I fucking state the fact. Therefore those silly billy’s who think that I have lost the plot cannot use them as an example… After all, since I state on those comparisons that I am speculating then to slag me off for speculating would make them look proper dopey cunts wouldn’t it?

Say yes Chris.

I mean by way of example, when I brought up Brucella Jenner’s first two wives, Linda Thompson and Chrystie Crownover and their obvious likeness in appearance, I was speculating:

And only a paedo-troll would claim that they do not look alike. Therefore, given the tentacles spawned by the fact that the two women lookalike are vast and compelling (please tell me exactly where if you disagree so as I can make a proper cunt of you) the FACT was very important because it demonstrates how EVERYTHING is connected and run by the Satanic Arseholes with too much money and 100% too much power.

On the other hand when I know for certain that one person is most definitely another – at least photo wise – I state it as a fact.

For instance, the barber in the mocked up Ronnie Raygun photo and Vernon Presley:

And once again, anyone who claims that the top two photos are from different sources are paedo-trolls because the fact that they are not is indisputable… Take note, I did a lot more verifying than what you see above.

Likewise it is an indisputable fact that the following photos of Tesla & Hitler had the same photo source:

And once again, I did far more verification than what you see above.

However… Please prove me wrong you total fucking idiots who tell me that I have lost the plot… After all, to not be able to do so having dismissed such things as nonsense makes you either a total fucking idiot or a nonce troll.

Course, the fact that neither category will be able to do so makes the fact that World History is a proven fake is very worrying to me as it should be to each and every one of you.

Mind you, I kinda wonder why these extremely sad cretins who continue to dig at the photo comparisons continue to read this site… Fuck off… Go away… Go molest your kids or whatever it is you do in your spare time. Only a proper queer cunt would continually read something that they think is nonsense.

Go read David Icke’s website… I mean he isn’t part of the problem is he?

Alright, granted there is a tiny clue in his name to suggest that something untoward is going on there: Davidic ke.

But like I continually ask: What’s in a name?

So what, he does a bit of spell casting now and then… But who doesn’t? Well I don’t but that is besides the point.

And just because he is a ringer for Robert Webb

Well that doesn’t make it so does it:

And he is definitely not part of the Rockefeller clan:

Probably not anyway.

So fuck off over there because all you got to look forward to here is photo comparisons.

And as for the articles being too long… Beam me up Scotty.

In fact that claim is so pathetic I am not even going to address it. However, here is a link to a website more suitable for those of you with ADHD.

That’s all… I hope that I haven’t been too long winded… I have tried not to be and as such I have only presented you with a fraction of the evidence that I hold on Icke & his like, so do not slag me off for it.

Have a nice day… And remember; I love you.