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Christopher Spivey

Shall we get some updates on some of the stories that I have covered over the past month or so?

Of course we fucking shall.

So let’s start with ‘Jamal’, the Syrian boy who was supposedly “Waterboarded” by a school bully.

Course, as I pointed out in my original article: “Waterboarded My Arse“, Jamal was not waterboarded at all.

In fact the closest that Jamal came to being waterboarded was having a bottle of water poured over his head for TWO seconds after which he got up and walked away unscathed. (See my article for proof)

And for that humiliation – predictably filmed in technicrap – the 16 yr old received £158,000 via “Go Fucking Fund Me You Mugs“.

Course, the press made a great deal about this ‘attack’ whilst barely mentioning that Jamal had previously, allegedly had his hair set on fire and his arm broken by bullies… Who knows, perhaps the fella who “waterboarded” him was trying to put the fire out.

Nevertheless, on the 30th of January – two months after the [non] attack – the Chimp announced that ‘Jamal’ was suing Facebook for allegations made about him on the social media site by Tommy ‘MI5’ Robinson:

The Syrian refugee who was allegedly ‘waterboarded’ by a school bully is taking legal action against Facebook over claims he attacked English girls.

Lawyers acting for 16-year-old Jamal are preparing to sue the internet giant for allowing English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson to peddle false accusations about him on its site.

In a highly unusual case, Facebook stands accused of allowing Robinson to make a series of poisonous rants about Jamal because the far-Right activist’s popularity makes the company money. The boy’s legal team says the social media company was ‘fully aware of the reckless and pernicious nature’ of Robinson’s videos and has ‘profited from defamation’… Source

You will of course note in that opening paragraph that the Monkey-Kuntz now describe the waterboarding attack as being “Alleged“, despite the constant publication of their poor quality film.

Nevertheless, this lawsuit is clearly following the agenda to censor the interweb. After all, you would have thought that ‘Jamal’ would have sued Golden-Boy Tommy for his remarks, not Facebook.

Yet by [allegedly] suing Facebook, the Monsters are making the social media giant responsible for what all of their 1 billion users write… Not the author.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that ‘Jamal’ is not using his recent windfall to finance the lawsuit.

Mind you, it has to be said that the Monsters are slowly succeeding with their agenda. Indeed, just this week the cunts have upped the anti by once again dragging up the suicide-death of 14 yr old Molly Russell:

Parents will officially be told to limit children’s screen time to protect their health.

For the first time, guidelines will state how long youngsters should be allowed to spend on video games, television, mobile phones and tablets.

Children should break off at least every two hours and avoid social media before bedtime, according to the guidance from chief medical officer Sally Davies. It comes amid concern about the harm technology can cause… Source

Now is it just me, or does 14yr old Molly (pictured below and looking very photoshopped) look very much like Amanda Todd – the 15 yr old who committed suicide in 2012, following an episode on Facebook?

Molly also has very suspect looking cheeks.

However, it is even more strangely coincidental that these new guidelines are being touted at exactly the same time that 11 yr old Ursula Keogh is also being dragged up again.

Ursula allegedly took her own life a year ago after supposedly viewing ‘self-harm’ photos on Instagram:

A novelist who blames Instagram for the suicide of her daughter has demanded a crackdown on social media sites.

Nicola Harlow says 11-year-old Ursula killed herself after viewing ‘horrific and distressing’ images on the social network.

The accusations will heap fresh pressure on the internet giant, which is owned by Facebook. MPs and campaigners have accused it of dismal failures in policing the troves of ‘suicide porn’ on the site.

Ursula leapt to her death from a bridge in January last year shortly after finishing school for the day. She sent a last text message to her mother, reading: ‘I love you, so so sorry.’ Source

How unlikely does that story sound?

However, I thought that 11 yr olds were not allowed to have social media accounts although looking at self-harm-obsessed, Ursula’s photo in which she is portrayed wearing a lot of make up (see below), I cannot help but think that her ‘mother’ ought to look closer to home rather than blaming social media:

Hmmm… Ursula also looks kinda like Holly and Amanda.

Although it will of course just be coincidence that her mother is so well to do!

Moving on, and in early December I wrote about ‘Nick‘, the fella who accused MP’s of taking part in murder, torture and pedophilia at the posh, Dolphin Square apartment complex. (see Here)

You see, after police supposedly investigated Nick’s claim, they subsequently charged him with perverting the course of justice after finding no evidence of his allegations… Well they wouldn’t would they?

Nick was then unmasked after appearing in court on December 3rd 2018, and his trial is now set for May 7th 2019:

The man known as ‘Nick’ whose claims sparked the £2.5million Westminster VIP paedophile probe was finally unmasked yesterday.

For four years, the Press has been barred from disclosing the real name of Carl Beech, 50.

But his identity was revealed yesterday after a judge lifted the reporting restriction after Beech was accused of perverting the course of justice.

His real identity was revealed after he appeared in court yesterday over allegations he invented his claims of child sex abuse and serial murder. Beech, who is accused of 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one count of fraud, attended a hearing at Newcastle Crown Court via videolink.

Judge Paul Sloan QC, the Recorder of Newcastle, lifted a reporting restriction which prevented media outlets from identifying the defendant.

No pleas have been entered and Beech has been listed to stand trial on May 7.  Source

Course, there is a lot more to this story but you will have to read my article on the subject to find out what.

However, on the 22nd of January 2019 – in an effort to further discredit him – Nick appeared in court where he was convicted of possessing indecent images of children:

A man has pleaded guilty to voyeurism and making or possessing more than 300 indecent images of children.

Carl Beech, 50, formerly of Gloucester, admitted the offences on day one of his trial at Hereford Crown Court.

The offending pictures – including 36 at Category A, denoting the gravest abuse imagery – were found on three electronic devices belonging to Beech.

The voyeurism offence relates to Beech secretly filming a boy while he was using a toilet.

In total, Beech admitted four counts of making indecent images of children, one of possessing such images, and one count of voyeurism.

The defendant, who was remanded in custody, will be sentenced at a later date. Source

That should do the trick although it is strange that the BBC – who wrote the above report – do not connect him with his up-coming court case… Although no doubt much will be made of the fact following his trial on May the 7th. Indeed you can bet your fuckin’ ass that the above story will be for the purposes of laying the groundwork for after the trial.

Now, on the 3rd of January I wrote about the murder of a Romanian bouncer who was stabbed to death on New Years Eve (see HERE). I then wrote a follow up article on the subject on the 7th (see HERE).

You see, I wrote the two articles because the murder story made no sense whatsoever. However, the most bizarre aspect of the old bollocks was that the son of hate preacher, Abu ‘hook-hands‘ Hamza has been arrested for the murder.

Now, I say that this fact is “bizarre” not just because we are presented with a scenario which has a supposedly devout Muslim trying to get into a new years eve sex party flowing with alcohol, but because Hamza’s son was only arrested for the murder following his arrest of possessing a firearm.

I mean, how the fuck did the plod tie him to the stabbing after arresting him for having guns???

It just doesn’t make sense. Course, what makes even less sense is that Hamza’s son has now been cleared of those firearms charges… You couldn’t make it up don’t cha know:

Firearms charges against the son of radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza have been dropped, prosecutors said.

Imran Mostafa Kamel, 26, of Ealing, west London, was arrested as police investigated the murder of a security guard at a New Year’s Eve party in the West End, Scotland Yard said.

He was charged with possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear or danger and possession of a firearm when prohibited for life.

But the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) announced today that the case has been discontinued.

‘We have a duty to keep cases under continuing review and, following a further review of all the available evidence in this case, we concluded that the evidential test to provide a realistic prospect of conviction was not met,’ a spokesman said.

‘The charges were therefore discontinued.’

Kamel was not required to attend the two-minute hearing at the Old Bailey this morning where Judge Mark Dennis QC confirmed the Crown decided to drop the case last Friday following further consideration. Source

So, go figure that one out because I am fucked if I can.

Finally, on January 26th I released an article asking if Meghan Markle is really pregnant (see HERE).

And of course, my conclusion to the question is that she isn’t. Moreover, since the release of that article I have received a lot of links from people to photos and videos backing my claim.

Indeed, one such video can be found HERE

However, the best photo evidence that I was sent a link to shows the following images:

And of course, that makes the whole royal family complicit in this fraud… Just sayin’.