Vile: Jimmy Savile molested teen moments after being pictured with her in her parents’ home – then sent sick note


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Leering into the camera as he smokes a trademark cigar, predatory paedophile Jimmy Savile locks his arms around a teenage girl moments before sexually assaulting her.

Sylvia Pontin had made the mistake of innocently sitting alongside Savile when he called in at the family home to see her jazz ­musician father, who was pals with the TV presenter.

But shortly after this snap was taken, Savile callously betrayed the trust of the 18-year-old and her parents Stanley and Phyllis by attacking her as she gave him a lift in her car.

When disgusted Sylvia begged him to stop he simply turned round and launched himself at her friend in the back seat, groping and fondling her in the same way.

Then, after he’d left Sylvia shaken and traumatised, the shameless star sent her a postcard calling her “Sylvie” with a chilling picture of his face.

It said “Eye love Sylvie, so there says Jimmy xxxx”.



Jimmy Savile sent this card in 1966 to Sylvia Pontin
Jimmy Savile sent this card in 1966 to Sylvia Pontin


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Details of the attack are the latest to emerge of Savile’s sexual depravity which saw him allegedly abuse scores of young girls and some boys.

The assault on Sylvia took place in 1966. She has since died.

But today her daughter reveals how she is now seeking justice for her mother and plans to report the incident to police.

Artist Jacqueline Hammond told the Sunday Mirror: “My mum told me about what an appalling man he was as soon as I was old enough to understand properly what he had done that day. I was horrified and disgusted.

“If she was still alive she would have wanted this out in the open, along with all the other attacks on young girls so that no one can be left in any doubt what Jimmy Savile was all about.

“He covered it up as though it was all a bit of jokey fun.

“But in reality he was a dirty old man who promised to introduce my mum to the Rolling Stones and The Hollies to win her trust.

“It makes my stomach turn. He was simply a nasty pervert. I’m talking about it now because mum can’t,” added Jacqueline.



Jacqueline Hammond
Today: Jacqueline Hammond’s mum was molested by Jimmy Savile


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Savile had been a regular guest at Sylvia’s parents’ home in Devon in the run-up to his attack.

But his evil side emerged as Sylvia and a young female friend agreed to give him a ride in her Triumph Herald so he could get to a gig in Teignmouth after his visit.

Only a few miles into the short journey he leaned from the passenger seat and without ­warning put his hand under her mini-skirt.

When disgusted Sylvia shouted at him to stop he simply turned round and launched himself at her 18-year-old friend in the back seat and tried to grope her the same way.

Rebuffed by the teenagers, he found the vile episode funny.

Sylvia never told anyone of the abuse at the time because she did not think anyone would take her word against a huge celebrity like Savile.

He was hosting shows including Top of the Pops and had an “untouchable” reputation.

Sylvia died of cancer 13 years ago, aged 50, without even telling her husband what Savile had done.

Jacqueline, 39 and a mother-of-two, said: “I can’t look at that photo now without thinking just how sinister it looks. He is grabbing my mother so tightly, and with that horrid look on his smug face.

“When he thrust his hand up mum’s skirt she was shocked and traumatised but she told me she was determined to give him a piece of her mind and fight him off.

“She demanded he get his hands off her but he just went for her friend in the back of the car instead. She also told him to get off.

“Luckily they were slightly older than some of his other poor young victims and were able to stand up for themselves.

“Mum never reported it but she made sure she never got in a car with him again. Now we know she was just one of the many to suffer from his wandering hands.”

For years afterwards Sylvia would never watch Jim’ll Fix It. When she did catch a glimpse of Savile she referred to him as “that awful man”.

Eventually, when Jacqueline became a teenager herself, her mum told her the truth about Savile.

Jacqueline, who discovered the old pictures and postcard among family heirlooms in the attic, is now planning to report the alleged abuse to Sussex police in the wake of the rising number of women claiming Savile sexually assaulted them.

“Reporting him would be some kind of justice for mum,” said Jacqueline.

“It was almost five decades ago but I feel so angry at the way he treated her, an innocent, trusting young woman who was simply happy to have a big star come to the house.

“She died not knowing this would all come out in the open but she would be delighted that it is all ­coming out at last.

“It has been a dirty secret ­between me and my lovely mum for far too long.”