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Well once again it is becoming abundantly clear of the way the Monsters misuse the Judiciary to further their insidious agendas… In this instance, the prosecution of Thomas Mair for the [fake] murder of the [non-existent] MP, Jo Cox.

And with that being the case I think that I will do something that I haven’t done in a long time, namely use an entire Daily Chimpanzee article to highlight the fraud. 

Now, the *aherm, aherm trial started on Monday the 14th of November 2016 with the article that I intend to use – after I have clarified one or two points for you – having been published on Wednesday the 16th, although for some reason the Monster Minions appear to have had a day off on Tuesday the 15th.

Nevertheless, the case is quite obviously following the usual path that the monsters use when staging these ‘show’ trials, as I documented in my last article “Let’s Go Play With The Astors”, in which I wrote the following:

Indeed, by way of a great example you need look no further than the Jo Cox fraud trial that started on the 14th of this month.

And by that, I mean it is the same old, same old.

For instance, Richard Whittam is leading the prosecution of the “Terrorist”, Thomas Mair:

Whittam has worked with the UK intelligence agencies and other government agencies. 2 Bedford Row Barristers advertises that “he is security cleared to the highest level and has considerable experience in complex cases and leading teams of lawyers, investigators and regulators. (Source: Wikipedia).

And according to Whittam, the facts are not important:

‘Witnesses had different viewpoints, saw different parts of the attack, whether from the outset or part way through.

‘It matters not in what order the injuries were inflicted. It was a sustained attack with a firearm being fired and a dagger like knife used to inflict multiple stab wounds.’Source

But surely by contradicting each other makes the witnesses unreliable!

Yet their Hear Say evidence was presented as fact and reported on in the MSM as if these unreliable witnesses were there in the courtroom in person.

Moreover, as a general rule – unless you are Christopher spivey of course – Hear Say evidence has to be agreed by both sides before it can be admitted into evidence and by the defence agreeing to it, they have condemned Mair to be being found guilty before he has even stepped into the dock

Take the following Hear Say evidence admitted as FACT:

Care worker Shelly Morris, who was first to dial 999, said she heard ‘a loud bang like a popping sound’ and a ‘loud piercing scream’.

She then saw a man holding ‘what looked to be a large steak knife with a jagged blade … swing the knife in a stabbing motion’ before firing a gun twice.

So, by the Doris, Morris account Mair shot Cox, then stabbed her with a jagged edged steak knife before shooting her twice more!!!

Nevertheless, according to Whittam the order is of no importance. Yet why did Mair even bother with the knife if he had a gun? Indeed a gun that he had supposedly modified yet did not know if a single shot to the head with a 22 Calibre bullet would be enough to be fatal.


Now I am no expert and I may be wrong but that looks like a single shot gun meaning that Mair would have had to reload for every shot he fired and the “sawn off handle” would make it very tricky and uncomfortable to hold.

And if I may just interrupt myself for a second here.

You see, since writing the above in my article,’Lets Go Play With The Astors’ I have since found the following snippet in an article published by the MI5 controlled, Telegraph Newspaper on the 17th of June 2016 – the day after Joke Ox’s ‘murder’ – which apparently makes my suspicion about the gun correct:

Police arrested a 52-year-old former psychiatric patient named locally as Tommy Mair. According to witnesses, Mrs Cox’s killer used either an antique or a home-made gun which he calmly reloaded between shots. As she lay bleeding to death, he repeatedly kicked her before walking away, having stabbed a 77-year-old man who tried to intervene. Source

Carry on me:

Below is a photo of that “bloodstained”, jagged blade, steak knife:


You couldn’t make that shit up… And I like the way that the CPS must have wiped the blood off before displaying THE PHOTO to the jury.

And notice the difference in how the two weapons are presented.

The old fanny then continued:

He [Mair] then headed down the road, calmly throwing a white baseball cap in a garden and discarding his jacket in an effort to change his appearance.

The coat, with a US confederate flag badge in the pocket, was found nine days later.

NINE DAYS LATER! Where the fuck did he hide it if the old bill picked him up within minutes?

Interrupting myself once again, according to the Monkey Boyz Mair hid his coat under a car parked outside the Library.


Hmmm, carry on me:

Within minutes, Mair was confronted by two police officers, telling them ‘it’s me’ as he dropped his bag, turned out his pockets and raised his arms, the jury was told.

The officers found the German-made Weihrauch bolt action gun, blood-stained dagger and ammunition in his black holdall.


That gun has certainly shrunk since it came out of the bag and with far too many other anomalies to mention here, the trial is an affront to justice which should have every right minded person in the country up in arms…

And I should also just add that the original bag was mostly grey and not at all like the one that he was carrying in the cctv footage.


And the gun had a taped handle when it was in the bag.


Meaning that it should have had a taped fucking handle when it was presented to the jury… Oh but hang on, it wasn’t presented to the jury was it… They got to see a photograph.

Yet surely the bag should have been photographed unopened at the scene in the place where he dropped it, and then photographed again – still at the scene – but opened up showing the full contents.

I mean, where is the Machete, come 12 inch serrated knife, come 7 inch dagger? Not to mention the stuff in the photo below.


However, despite those items being photographed on the road they can’t have been done so where Mair dropped the bag… Here, have a butchers:


Oh, and I forgot to mention that in the smaller left hand side photo which shows Mair without all of his bags, he appears to have on a two tone t-shirt… Just sayin’.

Now, stranger than the fact that at 12:32 PM, Mair was waiting to cross the road from the market square into Market Street (where the library is), arriving at 12:09 PM (as seen in the photos above) was the following:


Total, total bollox.

So let me re-cap:

In the cctv screenshot above we see Cox’s car travelling up the hill towards the library at seconds short of 12:51 PM. That CCTV timestamp must be accurate.

Sky News then showed a video of Mair walking down the road, away from the Library at an undetermined time, stated as being “moments after” Cox had driven up the hill, meaning that Cox – or her driver – must at the very least have been parking as Mair passed them.

However, for some reason Mair did not attack Cox as he walked past and neither is he looking back as we see him in that Sky News video walking down the hill… In other words he does not appear to have any intention of doubling back on himself to do the do.

Moreover, as Cox’s car drives up the hill at 12:51 PM there are two white vans clearly parked – one in front of the other – on the left of the photo.


Yet when we see Mair walking down the hill “moments after” Cox drove up it, one of the vans has gone.


It is therefore a pretty safe bet that the time Mair is nearing the bend at the bottom of the hill must be at least 12:52PM.

The Sky News video then ends with the caption “within minutes he shoots her three times and stabs her multiple times”.

Therefore, at best Jo & Co must have been proper dithering about outside the library for Mair to be able to double back on himself “minutes later”.

However, the Police – note, the police – categorically state that they took their first 999 call at 12:53 PM:

West Yorkshire Police said in a statement: “At 12.53 today, police were called to a report of an incident on Market Street, Birstall, where a woman in her 40s had suffered serious injuries and is in a critical condition. Source

Now remember, for the filth to receive that call, someone had to witness Cox being attacked, take out their phone, dial 999, relay what is taking place and where after which the call is put through to the police… And that is after Mair has doubled back on himself and returned to the library which strangely he has never been shown doing despite the fact that he MUST HAVE been caught on the same cctv doing so.

And that police statement was issued at 2:31 PM – 43 minutes after Cox was alleged to have died at the scene at 1:48PM by Dee Collins of West Yorkshire Police in a press conference held at 5 PM… So why at 2:31 PM did the police statement say that she was in critical condition?

The statement continued:

“A man in his late 40s to early 50s nearby also suffered slight injuries.

That will be Bernard Kenny who is 77 and with the best will in the world doesn’t look to be in his 40’s or 50’s on a good fucking day, let alone after being stabbed in the guts… Yet Kenny by his own admission was conscious and alert so why is it that at least an hour and a half after Kenny had been stabbed, the police still didn’t know how old he was and were at best 27 years out in their estimation?

Moreover, there can be no mistake by Sky News that Mair had not already done the do when he was caught on the CCTV walking down the hill sometime after 12:51 PM because the owner of the cafe next door to the library states the following:

Tearful Hichem Ben-Abdallah, owner of the nearby Azzuro restaurant, rushed to the scene after the first shot.

She didn’t have to rush very fucking far:


She told the Yorkshire Post said: “They’ve taken the victim to hospital – she’s in a bad state. I had customers. I was just serving them drinks, then all of a sudden we heard screaming.

Now she couldn’t have been mistaken about Cox being taken to Hospital and Cox’s *aherm, aherm, husband, Brendon says himself that Jo died in hospital yet the police categorically state that Joke Ox died at the scene at 1:48PM

“I saw a river of people rushing down the hill. They were screaming – and pulling something behind a car.”

Fuck knows what they were pulling behind a car… But still, she then continues:

She added: “A lady was down on the floor. The man pulled a gun – it was a makeshift gun, not like something you see on television.

“After the second shot I turned and ran. He walked away very calmly, down the steps. Nobody stopped him – he had a gun. It’s like I’m dreaming.”  Source

Note that she makes no mention whatsoever about Mair stabbing Joke Ox 15 times between the 1st and 2nd gun shot. Neither does she mention a third gunshot, but she cannot have been mistaken about him ‘walking calmly down the stairs’ – which can only be the stairs between the library and her cafe…


Or the steps that lead into the carpark on the other side of the road:


In other words, conclusive evidence that Thomas Mair did not kill Jo Cox. Therefore, you have to ask yourself why the fuck the cafe owner wasn’t called as a defence witness and Mair’s barrister didn’t run with the defence of ‘mistaken identity’.

Course, the answer to that is the Joke Ox killing was just another in a long line of frauds perpetrated by the security services at the behest of our Sovereign and her government.

And I should also add that in these fake events careful camera angles are applied so as to start conspiracy theories such as the bag is in the road and now its gone whereby it could be argued that the bag hasn’t gone it is behind the police car… Except it isn’t, because you would still be able to see it if it was.


However, I should also add that despite those films of Mair in the road appearing to have been filmed by 3 or 4 different people, they were actually only filmed on 2 cameras at the most.

Now as an aside, as coincidence wouldn’t have it the prosecutor Richard Whittam – a favourite of the Men in Tights – works out of Chambers based at 3 Bedford Row… The very same Barristers Chambers that Tony Abell works out of.

And as you may know, Tony Abell is the top rated Barrister who led the prosecution in that affront to Justice that masqueraded as a trial which saw me somehow – although fuck knows how – convicted of “Harassment”… My appeal is now finally being heard on January 17th 2017 at Chelmsford Crown Court – all welcome.

My barrister on the other hand does not work out of 2 Bedford Row… He works out of 3 Bedford Row.

Still, let’s gerron wi’it:

‘Get away, let him hurt me not you’: Jo Cox’s assistant describes MP’s dying bid to protect her staff as jury see CCTV of ‘far right extremist attacker arrived at the library where she was shot and stabbed’

  • The Labour MP, 41, had already been shot once and repeatedly stabbed 
  • She told colleagues Fazila Aswat and Sandra Major to protect themselves
  • Thomas Mair, 53, then returned to her side and shot her twice, court told
  • Mrs Cox’s mother and sister wiped away tears as final moments were relayed  


Jo Cox used her final moments to warn her female colleagues to move away from her alleged killer shouting ‘let him hurt me, not you’ as she lay bleeding to death.

And this is the first time that that this has been announced in the MSM, making Jo Cox a real hero. I mean, at the time of the shooting Cox’s assistant Frazil Atwat or whatever her name is, stated that Cox last words were: “I can’t make it, I’m in too much pain” – in response to Atwat telling her to ‘gerrup & run’.

The following is a statement from Atwat’s old man confirming that fact:

The MP left the car first, and when Miss Aswat followed her shortly afterwards she was confronted by a horrific scene.

‘When she came out to the other side (of the car) she saw Jo lying on the floor, full of blood,’ Mr Maniyar said.

‘She was in shock. When she saw the blood, she tried to help. And she says: “Come on Jo, get up.”

‘And Jo said – these are the last words she spoke to my daughter – she said: “I can’t make it, I’m in too much pain.”’

Mr Maniyar said the gunman had stepped away – possibly because passers-by were trying to tackle him – before coming back.

‘My daughter tried to hit him with the bag and he pointed his knife at her, but he did not attack my daughter,’ he said.

‘But he shot Jo again, in front of my daughter.’He added: ‘Jo was in a terrible condition. My daughter said she could tell she was very seriously injured.

He told ITV News her attacker ‘must [have been] waiting outside where the surgery happens’.

Describing his daughter’s desperate efforts to help, he added: ‘She could not do anything else. She tried to comfort her.‘Then the police came, the air ambulance came, they took her to hospital.

My daughter was a witness and her clothes were full of blood.’

Mr Maniyar said: ‘She is coming to terms with what happened but it will take time. They were very close, like sisters. But it’s not just my daughter who’s upset, the whole community is upset.

‘The beauty about Jo – I’ve been in this country for 55 years and I’ve seen many MPs in this area, but she’s unique. In one year she won the heart of the community. As a mother of two to do this job as well, she was a wonderful woman.

‘She was always smiling, I’ve never seen her angry. If somebody was angry, she would calm them down. That’s the type of person she was. I just think about her two beautiful children.Source

So, someone is fucking lying. Mind you, you have to hand it to Mr Atwat… He does put himself about a bit.


Carry on Monkeys:

The Labour MP had already been shot once and repeatedly stabbed when she shouted at Fazila Aswat and Sandra Major to protect themselves from her frenzied killer, the Old Bailey heard.

Sandra Major being Cox’s other assistant/case worker, who has curiously gone unmentioned until the court case began!

Seconds later, Thomas Mair – who had started to move away from the scene – returned to Mrs Cox’s side and allegedly shot her twice in the face at point-blank range.

With a sawn of shotgun… Roger that, carry on:

The mother-of-two – who supported the campaign for Britain to remain in the EU – then bled to death in front of shocked passersby.

So, shot 3 times, twice in the face at close range, stabbed multiple times… But she bled to death!

You couldn’t make that shit up. Indeed you can understand why Frazzle Atwat had to get her dad to speak for her can’t you… I mean, how do you get over seeing your boss shot twice in the face from close range with a sawn off shotgun – not to mention the trauma you would suffer over not knowing if you were going to be the killers next target.

Indeed, it is not unfair to say that poor Frazzle took nigh on two days to get over it before she could resume to normality.


PHOTO: Cox was brutally murdered at around 1PM on the 16th of June 2016. By 3:30PM on the 18th of June 2016, the badly traumatised, Frazzle Atwat and Cox’s devastated mother, John Leadbeater finally felt ready to have a laugh and a giggle.

Cue the short-arsed, downcast, dribble-lipped, ill-equipped, nonce-loving, shit-box-shoving, sewer-dwelling, foul-smelling, cowardy-custards, yellow-as-mustard, unwiped-arseholes, government-bitch-trolls – all bleating in unison: “Everyone handles grief differently Spivey, you cunt”… Four years later and not a single keyboard warrior has had the bollocks to knock on my door… You know where I am… Muggy Mincers.

Course, it is nevertheless true that people do handle grief differently… But no parent ever grieved for a murdered child in such a sick and twisted fashion as the Leadbeaters:


Yet if Frazzle Atwat is Joke-Ox’s assistant, then who is the bird in the following photos?


Here is what I reckon. The fatter Frazzle Atwat is the Monster’s useful idiot, Malala Yousafzai.


Malala, who despite appearances is not a Pakistani Teletubby, but is the youngest ever Nob-Ed Peace Prize winner, which she received for spreading terrapin propaganda to the gullible.

You see, when she was 12, Lala was supposedly shot at close range in the head by a Teletubby Assassin on her way to school whilst defying the Terrapin Ban on female education:

On the afternoon of 9 October 2012, Yousafzai boarded her school bus in the northwest Pakistani district of Swat. A gunman asked for her by name, then pointed a pistol at her and fired three shots. One bullet hit the left side of Yousafzai’s forehead, travelled under her skin through the length of her face, and went into her shoulder. 

In the days immediately following the attack, she remained unconscious and in critical condition, but later her condition improved enough for her to be sent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England, for intensive rehabilitation. (Source – Wikipedia)

Hmmm, Joke Ox and Lala Usedasassi, both shot in the face although you only have to look at Lala to see that is pure bollox.

The blood stained school uniform of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai is on display at an exhibition at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo on December 9, 2014. At 17-years old, the Pakistani known everywhere as Malala is the youngest ever recipient of the prize she is sharing with the Indian campaigner Kailash Satyarthi, 60, who has fought for 35 years to free thousands of children from virtual slave labour. Their pairing has the extra symbolism of linking neighbouring countries that have been in conflict for decades. AFP PHOTO / ODD ANDERSENODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images

In fact you have to ask yourself how a hitman can fire 3 shots at his victim from close range and only manage one on target.

Moreover, Lala was given maximum publicity whilst speaking out about the Joke Ox killing.

And more tellingly still was the fact that Lala was flown over to the UK – at our expense, from a country where abhorrently, life is cheap and if the MSM is to be believed, terrorist attacks are common place –  in order to be treated at the Satanic Queer Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham… Where the persona, Karl Whittle (photo below) was supposedly flown home to after being shot TWELVE times in an unbelievable attack launched on the Afghanistan army camp that he was guarding.


And as for the other, updated model of Frazzle Atwat, well she is definitely Birmingham’s, Washwood Heath Councillor, Mariam KHAN.


I wonder if the wholly corrupt, Labour Party Deputy-Leader, Fatty Watson knows about that deception? Of course he fucking does.


Ms KHAN looks very smug doesn’t she?

Nevertheless, in turn Mariam KHAN is former Birmingham Councillor, Salma Yaqoob – who is also the former leader of George Galloway’s Respect Party:


Which should in theory also make Salma our increasingly dodgy, Frazzle Atwat – although, as you should know by now that is by no means a certainty.


I wonder if Jeremy Corbyn knows about Salma?


Of course he fucking does – they are all in it together!

Salma is also without a doubt Rosena KHAN who slipped into the seat vacated by Sadiq KHAN whilst everyone was too busy looking at the Joke Ox fraud.

Cast a spell please Sadass Khan:


Thank you… By the way, Rosena looks very taken with you… Just sayin’.

So, shall we go compare Rosena and Salad?

Of course we fucking shall.


Well I don’t know about you, but it works for me.

Right, let’s get back to that bollox Chimp article:

The jury was shown CCTV images that purportedly show Mair in the area on the day Mrs Cox was attacked.

The Mail then showed the the following two photos which are not taken from CCTV footage:


And they are of course Thomas Mair and Jo Cox, of which the latter I will deal with first.

Now, if you have read my article “Seventeen” you will already know that Cox was nothing more than a made up persona brought to life by 3 or 4 different people, mainly in photoshopped photographs.

So with that in mind I would imagine that since the Chimp photo is of the older version of Cox – what a difference 3 months to a year can make – in this instance the photo will be of Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the former Danish Prime Mincer who took part in that strange, staged, selfie taking malarkey with David Cameron & Barack Obama at the Nelson Mandela memorial bash.

Schmidt is also the pretend ‘wife’ of gay Aberavon MP, Stephen Kinnock who along with his Ma & Pa, Glynis & Neil Kinnock, all played a massive part in the Joke Ox fraud.


Other versions of Joke Ox are the one played by rookie BIRMINGHAM MP, Jo Swinson.


And Valeria Bogdanova – a ‘victim’ of the Russian plane shot down over Libya fraud.


Now, like when all these show trials start a new clear photo of the defendant is released – a perfect example being the above photo of Tommy Mair.

Course, these new photos are nearly always meant to give you the impression that they are photos taken by the police except they usually aren’t and Mairs new photo is no exception.

You see, police photos are still taken with a height marker… I should know, I have had mine taken 3 times in the past two years.

Nevertheless, he looks well for a 53 year old don’t cha think? And to be fair he even looks like the fella in the overused photo issued at the time of the murder.


However, I am always suspicious of photos like the following.


Because as we know, they do like their sick jokes.

Furthermore, as coincidence would have it there is also a Thomas Mair from Germany who looks incredibly like the mentally ill Thomas Mair.


And then there is this other Thomas Mair below.


And of course with those two lookalikes being German and Austrian that fact would tie in with the Terrapin Mair’s alleged Nazi affiliation – not that I am saying that all Germans & Austrians are Nazi’s you understand.

However, I believe that the pair are red-herrings if for no other reason than they were too easy to find in terms of investigating this type of thing and neither were available when I was researching Mair back in June of this year.

Nevertheless, according to Google the fella in the screenshot below is our Thomas Mair:


And once again, he certainly looks like Rock-On-Tommy.


But shame on you Google, because the Nazi-Saluting Mair cannot possibly be our common all garden, mentally ill, Terrapin Mair for no other reason than the latter appears to be tattoo free.


Course, you have to ignore that arrest photo because it is fake – the reasons why are all in my article “Seventeen”, but as a reminder, there are 3 pigs-heads in some of the photos when you watch the video frame by frame, from which the above screenshot was taken.

355D4D6200000578-3644847-image-m-16_1466105300805 (1)

And as we know, the Monsters do like to muddy the waters of these fraud acts by throwing in a few red herrings to stir up conspiracy theories, thus diverting researchers from the truth.

The Monsters do so because their fraud acts are always littered with mistakes and continuity errors and as such they are well aware that a minority are going to cotton on to the fraud and as such, drip feeding red herrings into the public domain that will divide opinion is actually a form of damage limitation.

Now before I go any further let me enlighten you on something that I have suspected for quite a while but haven’t published because… Well basically because I didn’t think that most of you were ready for it – and still don’t for that matter.

Nevertheless, needs must, so after months and months of studying photos, I have reached the conclusion that George ‘Gideon Bean’ Osborne is Jeremy Corbyn – or at least he is in photos.

Whether or not he is he in person, or they are clones or even possibly very closely related, is another matter altogether, although I am 99.9% sure that you can rule out the latter.

But anyway, have a CLOSE butchers at these photos.


Corbyn also reminds me of Blunkett … But that is by the bye for the moment.

Now the point of telling you that was to ease you into the fact that both men are Thomas Mair and vice-versa.


However, before I show you what I believe to be true there are some things that you first need to know.

First off, Thomas Mair is older looking than he is in the above photo.

How do I know? Because I know who Thomas Mair really is and he is the same fella who plays Gideon Bean and Jelly Corbyn.

Moreover, he is someone who most of you will – at the least – know by name. Nevertheless, for me to reveal who that fella is right now would be counter productive and put me under intense pressure because trust me when I say that the consequences of my doing so will be immense, I am not exaggerating in any way shape or form.

You see by me naming him now would spark panic in other well known names and as such it is vital that I also name them at the same time as well as how they all connect through various [covert] acts of fraud which will all be backed by solid evidence of who, how and why – an enormous task you understand, for which I intend to shelve everything else and begin compiling as soon as I publish this article.

Secondly, the Mair photo is fake as fuck and not just because of the plain background. You see, the top of Mair’s head has been added from the top of his eyebrows upwards – look closely and you can still see the join.

Now below is a photo of Mair that was used in an article published 2 or 3 days after the Chimp had published the one that I am using.

Moreover, that photo does have a background.


Yet why the fuck would the Bacon-Buggers be taking photos of Mair willy-nilly?

I mean he must have been in custody when these photos were taken because he has cuts to his ear, head and chin.

Now I must confess that with me being a bit of a hot-head in my younger days the number of times that I have been arrested must be getting on close to double figures now, yet apart from the standard facing front and side photo, no copper has ever felt the need to reel a few more off here there and every-fucking-where.


Nevertheless, his eyebrows are exactly like Osborne’s. As is his eye colouring although in the photo that I am going to use of Bean for comparison with Mair, the shape of Gideon’s eyes have been digitally altered making them almost oblong shape with rounded corners.

On top of that, the creases forming Mair’s eyelids in his new photo have also been drawn in.

Moreover, both of Mair’s ears are fake which is made all the more obvious in the first photo of him by his forward gaze, yet his right ear disappears before popping out again at the lobe. In fact take a look in the mirror and see how far you have to turn your head to achieve a similar result… Total, total bollox.

Nevertheless, both Osborne’s & Mair’s noses and mouths are identical although Mairs jaw has been digitally sculpted.

As for the cheek mole on Mair’s face… That is as fake as fuck and is actually a code of sorts probably signifying to the monsters that the bod in the photo is a fraud… Course, quite obviously the reason that I have given for the mole’s presence is speculation on my part but the mole being fake isn’t… That is fact and in the coming months – If The Site Lasts That Long – I will be publishing an article which will prove that strategically placed cheek and top lip moles are regularly used on those playing the part of someone else.

And although the top of Mair’s head is fake, it is worth noting that Bean is a lot balder than what he looks… The point being that the more hair a person has, the harder it is to cover or hide it.


Vanity is a funny thing. I mean Bean will still be a slimy, ugly little slug of a man with or without hair. Although fuck knows why he has a two pronged fork drawn on his face in the photo above.

It is also worth noting that politically, Bean has been pulled back into the shadows just as the new non-blurred close up of Mair is released and Corbyn has also now becomes more high profile than ever – in fact don’t be surprised if he isn’t Prime Mincer by next summer.

After all, it was rather strange that Old Bean was given the boot even if the Right Orrible Transvestite, Terence May didn’t rate him as a Chancellor of the Exchequer – although like the role of Prime Mincer, Bean need be nothing more than a competent actor to play the C of E.

Indeed, there was no reason that he couldn’t have been given another ROLE in the Cabinet.

I mean it isn’t as if May Flower & The Bean were sworn enemies – on the contrary they are very compatible being as both are evil, both are men (sometimes), both wanted to stay in the EU and they were often seen together acting like immature spoilt teenagers.

For instance, not so long ago there was a buttock clenching fad that saw certain, easily influenced, emotionally immature men standing with their feet ridiculously wide apart and Mr Bean must have said to himself: “Hmmm, that’s a good look, I’m having me some of that”.


Talk about a monumental prized prat!

Indeed the cunt wants to try laying off the Charlie.

A quick Spiv on Sunday

Course, wanting the world to know that she has bigger bollocks than Bean, Terry the Twat thought: “Hmmm, that’s a good look, I’m having me some of that”.


Now how in the name of fuck is that a female?

So, for the MSM to even have suggested that during his budget speech Silly-Bollocks-Top was distracted by the he-she’s Silly-Top-Bollocks is just Top-Silly Bollocks… But they did.


As if!


Nevertheless, with all that fresh in your mind, take a butchers at the following:


And bear in mind that I only have basic “Paint” and “Zoner” to work with, yet the eye colour, the nose and mouth give the game away.

Moreover, their side profiles are not far out either.


I would also like to know how Mair got those nasty scratches on his head without his ear being cut to fuck. And you can also see what I mean about his ears being glued on.

I should also point out that I half suspect Bean’s coke-snorting, drug dealing, ‘brass’-loving, disgraced brother, Adam Bean to be the MP, Ian Murray… Murray certainly has the aforementioned, strategically placed mole.


Nevertheless, lets get back to it… Over to you Monkey Kuntz:

Thomas Mair, 53 is said to have dropped his bag and surrendered to officers as they approached him in Birstall, near Leeds, after Jo Cox was killed

Boring… Photo please:


PHOTO: Jo Cox’s assistant Fazila Aswat gave evidence to the Old Bailey of the MP’s final moments

I must say that the drawing looks absolutely fuck all like Frazzle Atwat… But at least she turned up in person to spew her bullshit.

This afternoon, Mrs Cox’s mother and sister wiped away tears as dramatic details of the 41-year-old’s final moments were heard in court.

That’ll be a fucking first then for the Happy-Go-Lightly-Leadbeaters.

The ‘politically-motivated’ killing, which took place outside her constituency surgery in Birstall, West Yorkshire, came at the height of the referendum campaign.

They keep saying that Birstall Library was her Cuntstituency Surgery but it fucking wasn’t. For instance, take the following newspaper snippets that I included in my article, Seventeen:

‘The full details of what happened outside Jo’s constituency surgery in Birstall this afternoon are not yet clear and until the facts have been fully established I will not comment further. Source


The 41-year-old married politician, who was shot and stabbed yesterday outside her constituency advice surgery, spoke at Whitcliffe Mount School in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, last Friday. Source

And this:

Labour MP Ms Cox, 41, was shot three times, once in the head, with an ‘antique gun’, and stabbed at least seven times as she arrived to meet constituents for her regular surgery in Birstall, near Leeds. Source

However, rather suspiciously the Library is NOT her usual venue for her ‘Surgery’ and indeed her other listed Surgery’s are all booked for the usual days of either Friday or Saturday as opposed to the Surgery being strangely booked for a Thursday… That is to say Friday & Saturday are the usual days for constituency surgeries if our MP’s can be bothered to get off their lazy fat arses and do what they are paid for:


But then again, keeping the riff-raff from getting close enough to recognise that these people are not who they are meant to be is all part of the Joke Ox agenda… See, up here for thinking, down there for blow jobs… Or something like that.

More confusingly still is the fact that Cox had her own CONSTITUENCY OFFICE to hold Surgery at.


Carry on gob-shites:

Mair – who is said to have researched right-wing literature the night before Mrs Cox died – denies the murder.

Well, technically he didn’t deny it or confirm the fact since he allegedly said fuck all. Nevertheless, Mair went to Birstall Library at 5 minutes to 5 on the 15th of June to presumably use their computers.

Interestingly, at a time when many Libraries in West Yorkshire are under threat of closure or reduced opening hours (source), Birstall Library appear to have increased the hours that they open – at least on a Wednesday when they used to close at 5 PM but now are open till 7 PM.


And of course if Mair was going to the library to research his racist shit there would be no point in him going there at 4:55 PM on a Wednesday if they shut at 5 PM would there… Just sayin’.

Yet I am amazed that for someone who used the internet so much Thomas Mair didn’t have his own computer… Very, very fucking strange indeed.

Carry on arse-wipes:

Giving evidence, Ms Aswat described the killing as the moment ‘their lives changed forever’.Describing how she begged Mrs Cox to ‘get up and run’, Ms Aswat said: ‘At that time she was talking. She said, “I can’t run, I’m hurt”.

Which as we know is proper made up bullshit… Carry on fairy-cakes:

‘But even then her voice was so moderate, so composed, even in that instant.’

Errr…Obviously! After all, everybody who has just been stabbed 15 times and been shot 3 times, twice in the face with one of the bullets going right through the old hand tends to talk in a moderate, composed tone… Derrrr.

In fact why the fuck she never started singing Amazing Grace is beyond me… Your turn again:

She also pleaded her to ‘think of her two children’ in a desperate bid to keep her alive.

Because she wasn’t dead having been stabbed 15 times and shot 3 times, twice in the face with one of the bullets going right through the old hand, don’t cha know… Very strange in the Chimps World where people die on a monthly basis after being punched once.

But Ms Aswat described how Mair walked back towards the dying MP.

Oh, that explains it… She had only been shot once and stabbed 15 times at that stage… Silly me… Carry on Buttercup:

‘Jo was in my arms. It probably only took about three or four minutes for the police and ambulance to arrive, but it seemed like a lifetime,’ she said.

Why, was the pavement cold or something?

Ms Aswat, Mrs Cox’s personal assistant, had driven her boss and friend, along with her colleague to the library in a silver Vauxhall Astra after visiting a school and care home earlier that day.

My, my, how hard they work these MP’s of ours… No time for kiddie fiddling or fuck all I shouldn’t wonder.

She said Mrs Cox was set upon as she walked towards the Birstall library, where she was due to meet constituents between 1 and 2pm on 16 June.

CCTV cameras captured the silver Vauxhall Astra in which Mrs Cox was travelling just minutes before the attack. The vehicle is seen here approaching Birstall library

The jury were shown this CCTV image of a man the prosecution claims to be Mair, taken on the morning Mrs Cox was killed. He is seen on a road just minutes from the scene of the attack

The jury were shown this CCTV image of a man the prosecution claims to be Mair, taken on the morning Mrs Cox was killed. He is seen on a road just minutes from the scene of the attack

Note the careful fucking wording.

‘In that instant our lives changed forever,’ she said.

She probably means that she reverted back to being Mariam Khan and Salma Yaqoob and every other Tom, Dick and Harry she plays.

‘The next thing I saw was Jo was on the floor and there was a man standing over her with a knife and that was when I knew something was completely wrong,’ she said.

HUH??? She saw Cox get stabbed and shot, cradled Cox in her arms as she sang Amazing Grace and the next thing she saw was; “Jo was on the floor and there was a man standing over her with a knife and that was when I knew something was completely wrong”???

See how they deliberately muddle up the reporting in order to confuse the facts? … Not to mention the reader.


Is that a link or a sub-heading… Never mind, just gerron wi’it:

Thomas Mair searched the web for ‘matricide’ two days before he killed Jo Cox, the court heard.

Well then obviously this quiet, polite, unassuming, harmless looking fella, Tommy Mair, who cut his neighbours lawns for free, wasn’t known to the police and had no criminal record was proper going for it then.


Tell us some more, tell us some more:

The loner allegedly looked for information on the internet about the offence, the murder of one’s own mother, at the public library where the MP had been due to hold a constituency surgery before she was murdered.

Cosmic… What else did he search for?

Mair, 53, also made searches for the death penalty in Japan, political prisoners and the human liver and spinal column.

He was obviously intending on going to the Far East to shoot some dissidents in the back then… The fucking terrorist bastard.

His research of matricide on June 14 stands out among his other internet searches, which were mostly related to his strong political and ideological interests, the jury was told.

But they were not told why he didn’t have his own computer… Sorry… Please do carry on.

His online search history also revealed his interest in ‘assassinations and assassins’.

Errr… Hello… They would do since he was obviously intending on going to the Far East to shoot some dissidents in the back… The fucking terrorist bastard.

The gardener terrorist made the search for matricide at the local library before he asked a member of staff there: ‘Do you have to book an appointment to see Jo Cox?’

Joinder see… Did he ask what time the next flight to Japan was too?

‘At that time I obviously panicked so I started shouting, “somebody help”. Then there was a gun and a knife and then she was on the floor.

HUH???? Oh I getcha, we are back to the lying whore horse (I don’t want to be accused of harassment), Frazzle Atwat… Roger that:

‘I can remember the hand motion. It was really fast.’

You can’t even remember her last fucking words, ya lying Horse cow (I don’t want to be accused of sexism).

Ms Aswat told jurors she was screaming out for the attacker to leave her boss alone.

“LEAVE MY BOSS ALONE” she screamed.

Ms Major, who had got out of the car just before her colleague said she first saw Mrs Cox’s attacker in her peripheral vision.

Bloody fucking strange how this Major bird has never been mentioned until the trial… Is she John’s wife because that John is a proper dodgy cunt.


‘He had a gun in his hand and he raised his arm and shot Jo in the head,’ she said.

So, she must have missed the 15 stabbings and the earlier shot to her stomach… Or chest… Or wherever the first shot went… She must have selective hearing as well a peri peri vision.

‘She fell backwards onto the ground and there was blood pouring down her face.

Presumably there was no blood from the shot to her body and the 15 stab wounds then.

‘He did shout something, it was something along the lines of “keep Britain independent” or “British independence”.’

Are you sure it wasn’t “Keep Britain Tidy” that he shouted… No, no, forget that. It couldn’t have been “Britain First” though… No one shouted Britain First let alone Tommy Night-Mair:


The witness said Mair then took a black knife out of his bag.

Knife or Dagger? There is a difference – just sayin’:

‘Jo was lying on the floor and she sort of tried to sit up a little bit using her right arm to push herself up, and then he just started stabbing her and Jo was trying to get away,’ she said.

So despite Norma – or whoever the fuck this Major bird is – completely fucking up with the order of the attack, her evidence was allowed to go unchallenged because James Bond Whittam the Barrister from 3 Bedford Row said “It don’t matter a fuck what order the injuries were inflicted, the point is that he fucked her up good and proper and that is all that counts”… Or words to that effect.

Ms Major, a senior case worker, said: ‘She was shouting, “get away you two, let him hurt me, don’t let him hurt you”.

Followed by a chorus of Amazing Grace perhaps?

Apparently not, we are having a photo instead.


PC Craig Nicholls (pictured in a court sketch), one of the two police officers who arrested Mair told the Old Bailey today that he found a bag of bullets on the defendant

I thought that he found them in the bag? Apparently not, and we are having a photo instead.


Mrs Cox’s family – sister Kim Leadbeater (left), mother Jean Leadbeater (centre) and father Gordon Leadbeater (right) – are pictured arriving at the Old Bailey this morning

Trying their damndest not to laugh if their past public appearances are anything to go by… Still, I see that Kimbo’s bird hasn’t got a crutch anymore.

‘He started to walk away, and then when Jo shouted out, he came back. He shot her twice more and started stabbing her again. She was on the floor. She didn’t get up again.’

“It don’t matter a fuck what order the injuries were inflicted, the point is that he fucked her up good and proper and that is all that counts” – James Bond Whittam, 3 Bedford Row, Monday 14th of November 2016.

The court was also told how they tried to fight Mair off with their handbags, but did not make contact.


Earlier today, the court was told how Mair had a ‘Stronger In Europe’ flyer in his bag when he carried out the killing.

Well we didn’t get to fucking see it that is for sure.

The 53-year-old was allegedly carrying the Remain campaign leaflet, along with a bag of bullets, a loaded sawn-off and a knife.

Two knives actually… And a mobile although he had no cunt to talk to.


Twenty minutes later, Mair was arrested about one mile from the scene, allegedly shouting ‘it’s me’ as he was tackled to the ground by officers.


The unemployed gardener – who is accused of shouting ‘Britain First’ as he carried out the attack – then proclaimed he was a ‘political activist’, the Old Bailey heard.

No he didn’t… I mean why would he be pro-Britain First?

After all, he got on well with his half caste brother, the improbably named, Duane St Louis – good friend of Kirk San Moritz… Probably.

And he was a nice fella too according to Duane Eddy who stated:

“He taught disabled children on a voluntary basis and did loads of community work. He even cut the grass for his neighbours.“He never expressed any views about Britain, or politics or racist tendencies. I’m mixed race and I’m his half-brother, we got on well.“He was never violent and not that political. I don’t even know who he votes for. How on earth did he get hold of a gun?”  Source

And according to his neighbour:


Course, you know who this fraud old bird really is don’t you? … No, as it happens, you probably don’t.

So I will tell you. She is Jo Cox’s assistant, Mrs Major.


Muddying the waters you see.


Oh come on, you didn’t really think that I didn’t know who the Major bird was did you?

Shame on you, what I don’t know aint worth knowing.

And he didn’t shout “Britain first” either.


And then the Chimp gave us some more propaganda photos:


This is the gun which Thomas Mair allegedly used to shoot MP Jo Cox at point-blank range. the Old Bailey heard today how, at the scene of his arrest, Mair showed officers his bag which contained the gun

Note the “at point blank range” and he never gave them his bag, they were too busy beating him up.


The jury at the Old Bailey were also shown a knife that Mair allegedly used to repeatedly stabbed the Labour MP. It is alleged that he told officers he had a knife when he was arrested

Its a fucking dagger you Numpty-Arse-Clinker… Massive difference.

He is also said to have confessed he ‘had a knife’ before revealing a bag containing a gun as he was approached by two patrol officers following the politician’s death.

Why did they wrestle him to the ground if he was being so helpful… Didn’t he offer to mow their lawns or summat?

This afternoon, the court heard from hero pensioner Bernard Carter Kenny, who was allegedly knifed by MP Jo Cox’s killer as he stepped in to ‘take him down’

No they didn’t… And how come Bernie-Bum now has a double barrelled name?

The 78-year-old, who did not appear at the Old Bailey, was waiting in his car for his wife to come out of Birstall library when he saw the woman he recognised as the Labour Batley and Spen MP.

Told ja that they didn’t really hear from him.

‘The next thing I heard was a bang. I thought it sounded like a gun, but I thought it can’t be a gun, It was like a shot. I thought a car was backfiring. Then I saw Jo Cox roll into the road,’ he said.

So the lying toerag recognised Joke Ox, thought to himself: “Oh look, its Joke Cox” and looked away despite the fact that seeing an MP out and about is rarer than standing in rocking-horse shit… And now to boot, she’s rolled into the road between the tight gap formed by two cars… Roger that.

Mr Carter Kenny said he then saw a man with a knife in his hand.

But not a gun?

‘I ran across, I was only parked two cars away. I was planning to jump on his shoulders, he had his back to me, waving a knife about.

If he was parked two cars away why did he run across whatever the fuck it is that he run across?

‘I thought, “if I can jump on the back of him, I can take him down.”

Lying old fart.

The court also heard evidence from PC Craig Nicholls, one of the two police officers who arrested Mair.

Describing the arrest, PC Nicholls told the Old Bailey how he and PC Jonathan Wright were on mobile police patrol in the area when they were told to look out for a man suspected of being involved in a shooting.

Wearing a white hat and a big coat, carrying another big coat, a big white carrier bag and a grey holdall that looks black… He may be pushing a lawnmower too?

PC Nicholls told jurors they spotted a suspect matching the description just after 1.30pm, carrying a black holdall.

… That looked grey, wearing a blue baseball hat, a grey t-shirt, no coats – hand held or otherwise – and no white carrier bag.

He said: ‘We drove past him initially. I spun the vehicle around. That’s when he disappeared.’

DISAPPEARED WHERE YOU LYING PIG-SHIT? Is he Paul Daniels by any chance?


Or were they driving a pedal car?

PC Nicholls then turned into a cul-de-sac and saw the man in the middle of the road, the court heard.

So Mair was hiding in the middle of the road in the longest cul-de-sac in the world… Roger that.

His colleague leaned out and ordered him ‘several times’ to put the bag down and show his hands.

Despite Mair offering to show him the contents of his bag and telling them that he had a knife on him.

The West Yorkshire Police officer told jurors: ‘He dropped the bag to his right hand side. He turned around and it was very quick, put his hands into his pockets.


PC Craig Nicholls (left) and PC Jonathan Wright (right) are pictured arriving at the Old Bailey. The officers rugby-tackled Mair to the ground after seeing him near the site of the killing

Those two actors are a disgrace to the human race. You see, like I said earlier the video footage of the arrest is faked.Let me show you.


Nevertheless, the Chimp then treated us to another photo:


Mrs Cox’s father, mother and sister sat in the public gallery at the Old Bailey as they listened to the prosecution’s opening

Fuck me! Do these court artists actually attend court or do they just sit at home playing a game where someone describes to them how a certain person looks and they draw a picture based on that description?


‘I just remember seeing loose change fall out of his pockets. At that point he put his arms out and said “it’s me”.’

Or did he say “it’s mine”?

The officer told jurors that they then ‘rugby tackled him to the ground’.

Why? Did they want to play a game of rugby with him or something?

Under cross-examination, defence barrister Simon Russell-Flint QC suggested Mair had remained silent during the arrest.

Wow… That must have really put the Ham-Bugger on the back foot!

I mean of all the possible witnesses that he could have proved lying, he chose to challenge a copper on a relatively inconsequential matter… Interestingly, Russell-Flint was involved in the case of the Morecombe Bay cockle-picking disaster.

Questioning the officer, he said: ‘There is a lot of radio noise. The (police) car engine is running. You are 20 yards away. PC Wright is shouting at him (Mair) to drop it (the bag). You are still in the car, as is PC Wright.

Go get’em Tiger.

‘And you are saying you could both hear something like “It’s me”?’ PC Nicholls replied: ‘He did say it.’

Damn! … I bet Russell-Flint didn’t expect that answer.

The defence barrister also alleged that Mair had not said he was a political activist.

Claims that Russell-Flint then said “Indeed I put it to you PC Pigg that my client did in fact say to you that he was a Terrorist and not a ‘political activist’ as you so eagerly claim“, cannot be confirmed.

PC Jonathan Wright, the second officer who arrested Mair, echoed his colleague’s account of Mair’s arrest.

Now there’s a surprise.The Chimp then gave us another photo:


Mrs Cox, 41 (pictured), was the MP for Batley and Spen and was seen as a rising star in the Labour camp. Her death came one week before the EU referendum

No she wasn’t, no she wasn’t and no it didn’t… Carry on:

He told the jury: ‘As we ran towards him – I cannot remember getting out of the vehicle – the next thing I remember is running shoulder to shoulder with PC Nicholls as fast as we could.

Yes, I did actually wonder where you left your pedal car.

‘As we reached the male, his arms moved towards his belt line. I was fearful because he had a loose-fitting shirt and I could not see what he had underneath so we both took him to the ground.

Now, given the quality of the evidence, I am surprised that the witness who stated the following wasn’t called:


Course, that was from an early report on the 16th of June 2016 and you have to ask yourself how Howard could possibly be able to give those details being as he could not have witnessed both the shooting and the arrest.

Moreover, Howard’s description of the arrest is accurate yet he maintains that it took place in Market Street – the scene of the crime.

Therefore, you can only conclude that Howard was working to the original storyline and had not been given a copy of the revised script.

Carry on Pig Smay Fly:

I asked him “What have you got on you?” and he told me ‘I’ve got a knife in my pocket’.’

He means a dagger… Or does he mean a “machete”?


After searching his pockets, the officer said he saw a gun in the defendant’s holdall. He said: ‘I opened the bag to have a look in it. I saw a firearm.’

Yeah, yeah, we know.

He also found a bag of bullets, he added.

Well surely then Mair deserves some credit for coming prepared?

We were then treated to another photo.


This is the library card which Mair used when he allegedly researched Nazi material at the same library where Jo Cox was killed the following day

GASP! Having now gasped I feel that I should ask why Mair’s name is blurred out on the card and rewritten at the top… In fact quite what the fucking library card has to do with anything is anyone’s guess and why he was researching “Nazi Material” when he has a bookcase full at home on the subject is most suspicious.


The book case is apparently above his bed so his bed must be just a mattress on the floor… And no one with OCD would ever store the books like that!

Mair is accused of murdering Mrs Cox while shouting ‘Britain First, this is for Britain, Britain will always come first’.


It is alleged Mair attacked the Labour MP from behind as she arrived at her constituency surgery.

Just to enforce the fact that he is a coward you understand.

The prosecution claim Mair targeted the newly-elected Batley and Spen MP because of her outspoken support for Britain to remain part of Europe.Today, during the trial, Mair’s neighbours described the alleged murderer of MP Jo Cox was a ‘quiet man with very few friends’.

In a statement read to jurors, neighbour David Thomas said he had lived in a semi-detached house in Birstall for 20 years with his grandmother but that she had died a few years ago.

He had lived their a lot longer than that and his Nan had been brown-bread for twenty years to be exact… If you buy into the official version of course… No wonder Russell Flint didn’t want him to appear in person.

He added that Mair – who he knew as ‘Tommy’ – had a younger brother and a mother who he believed was still alive.

“Tommy” had two younger brothers… Both alive.

‘Tommy was a quiet man as far as I was aware and had very few friends,’ the statement said.‘He used to do gardening as a pastime and, along with others, cut the grass in front of my house.

Mr Thomas said he saw Mair on the morning he is alleged to have murdered the Labour MP.

‘Tommy often walked to his house carrying shopping bags – I would see him two or three times a day coming and going from his house – so there was nothing unusual about seeing him on this day,’ he added.

During the opening of the trial on Monday, the court heard how Mair spent hours studying the Nazi Waffen-SS, the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist organisations in the days before Mrs Cox was killed.

Why would he do that if he had been into that shit as far back as the 1980’s… He would be an eggspert, not a novice… What a fuckin’ yolk this trial is.

Using computers at the public library where Mrs Cox’s surgery was due to take place, he also made internet searches for information about Mrs Cox, the court heard.

He wouldn’t have found very fucking much I can promise you that.Although Mair was something of a computer expert if the Telegraph is to be believed:


So, the racist Mair was helping to teach English to foreigners, not to mention how to use computers, yet he was ready to kill an MP to stop the influx of foreigners and he didn’t own a computer himself… Why are people putting up with this shite? … The government obviously, not this article… Which is fucking brilliant.

It is also alleged that he looked up Mr Hague, another prominent Yorkshire-based Remain campaigner, raising fears the former Tory MP could have been targeted too.

Because Mair was that confident that he would get away with killing Joke Ox in broad daylight, in front a at least a dozen people, in the small Yorkshire town, that he was already planning his next kill.

Mair is also accused of researching the death of Conservative MP Ian Gow – the last sitting MP to be murdered – who was killed in 1990 by a bomb that had been planted under his car by the IRA.

No he didn’t… The press just couldn’t stop themselves adding that old bollox which to any right-thinking person makes the Mair story even more of a joke, rather than add credibility to the yarn… In fact I doubt Thomas Mair would have even known who the fraud MP Ian Gow was.

And just so you know what mugs the Monsters take you for, Ian Gow – after being blown up by the IRA – became the extremely kinky, Lord Sewell.


Moreover, according to Wikipedia, Lord Sewell who lives in Dolphin Square:

Resigned as Chairman of Committees on 26 July 2015 after The Sun released hidden camera footage seemingly showing him snorting white powder (widely reported in the media to be cocaine) at a party with prostitutes. He was also filmed wearing an orange bra and leather jacket. On the following day he was granted a leave of absence from the Lords, and on 28 July 2015 he formally resigned from the House of Lords


Course, there are Lords who played a much bigger part in the Joke Ox fraud than Sewell did and they are still getting their £300 pound a day House of Gaylord’s attendance fee.This fella for instance:


His name is supposedly David Honeybell who told jurors that Mair ‘walked off without a care in the world’.

But in reality he is Lord Hanningfield who was jailed for fraud in the 2010 expenses scandal.


And these are the Monsters who shape our lives!

Today, jurors were shown CCTV footage of Mair visiting the local library the day before the alleged murder.

Which was a waste of time because it proves fuck all.

Beverley Fletcher, who works as a customer service officer at Birstall library, said in a statement she knew him as a regular visitor.

Well she would do wouldn’t she? Are they not called librarians any more?

‘As far as I knew Thomas Mair only used the IT services and I don’t remember him ever getting a book out of the library,’ she said.

Which is strange given how much Tommy likes to read.

Thomas Mair doesn’t engage in conversation and doesn’t give much eye contact, but I know he uses the computers so I don’t have to have much contact with him.’

Thats good then… Do people often go to a library to “engage in conversation”?

She added: ‘It’s my perception he likes privacy because he doesn’t engage or talk much.’

Notice the way that the fraud cunts are making it sound as if she is actually there in court. Moreover, her perception has no place whatsoever in a court of law and is nothing more than hearsay evidence.

Jurors were also shown mobile phone footage shot by a street resident showing Mair’s arrest.

They were also shown images from the scene, including the holdall containing the gun prosecutors allege was used in Mrs Cox’s murder.

Another showed a baseball cap lying by spatters of blood. Jurors were told that Mair suffered a head injury during his arrest.

Well rugby is a roughty toughty game when alls said and done – you may have noticed that I am getting bored of this silly bollox now.

A scenes of crime officer found a dagger and sheath inside the black Viking Sports bag, the court heard, and Mair’s library card and a student college card were recovered.

SPORTS BAG???? Fair do’s, carry on. And at least they acknowledge that it was a dagger now:

Another blade in a gold-coloured cylinder was among items in the road, jurors were told.Mrs Cox died on June 16, a week before Britain voted on whether to leave the EU.

Thanks for the reminder.

The court heard how Mair spent hours lying in wait for Mrs Cox, with his specially adapted gun hidden under a coat draped over his arm.

OHHHH, that is what the coat was for… So he was carrying the gun around under a coat until he shot Joke-Ox and then he put it in his bag… That clears that up then… Except how do you carry a gun under a coat draped over your arm?


Answers on a postcard to the Lord Chief Justice Office.

In the chaotic two-minute attack, witnesses saw the gunman repeatedly stabbing at the MP with a large knife.

They must have been watching the wrong channel then because our mush only had a 7 inch dagger.

Witnesses heard the attacker say: ‘Britain First, this is for Britain, Britain will always come first.’

No they didn’t.


Emergency services quickly arrived and Mrs Cox had emergency surgery as she lay in the street – but she could not be saved.

Really? How does that tie in with the following taken from my article ‘Seventeen’ then:

Brendan Cox issued a statement after it was announced that she had died in hospital at 1.48pm – about an hour after being shot and stabbed in her West Yorkshire constituency.  Source

Unsurprisingly that snippet has disappeared from the source article but then again George Orwell’s ‘1984’ was a blueprint not a story.

Moreover, had the snippet remained it would have contradicted another passage in the source article:

Politicians from across the political spectrum revealed their grief after news of Mrs Cox’s death was confirmed shortly after 5pm.

And I did have to laugh at the useful idiot, The Right Orrible Transvestite, Terry May’s statement that the Chimp quoted her as saying in that article:

‘The full details of what happened outside Jo’s constituency surgery in Birstall this afternoon are not yet clear and until the facts have been fully established I will not comment further.

Soooo, I take it that to date he-she hasn’t mentioned Joke Ox since the 16th of June.

Mrs Cox lived on a houseboat on the Thames in Wapping, east London, with her husband Brendan – whom she met while working at the charity Oxfam – along with their two young children.

Well if that is the case I think that it is about time that we turned the spotlight on Brenda then… At best he is a typical Monster Minion who thinks that he has the Dog given right to touch up any female who so much as says hello to him.

However, I think that Brenda is the yobbo lottery winner, Michael Carroll’s uncle, Stephen Mudflaps – or whatever the fuck his name is – who shot his wife dead before topping himself:

The uncle of ‘Lotto lout’ Michael Carroll told his neighbours that he had just shot his wife – moments before he killed himself in his front garden.

Stephen Muncaster, 47, was found dead in the garden of his bungalow in Magdalen near King’s Lynn in Norfolk while the body of his wife Ali, 48, was discovered inside the house.

After shooting his wife, Mr Muncaster then left his property and told neighbours what he had done – before turning the gun on himself.

His lottery winner nephew Carroll, who frittered away his money on gambling and drugs, said he was ‘sad’ to hear of his uncle’s death from a family member and said his motive is a mystery. Source


PHOTO: Michael Carroll and his Uncle Brenda Mudflaps. 

Although as an aside, I don’t think that is really Michael Carroll in the above photo. Indeed I think it is more likely to be Carol Michaels, hence the stupid pose in an effort to hide her great big tits.

But that is by the bye. It is Uncle Mudflaps that I am interested in at the moment although unsurprisingly photos of him are rarer than antique chocolate teapots.


The ears are a pretty damn good match though.

Carry on Sugar Puffs:

Former Coronation Street actress Tracy Brabin was elected Mrs Cox’s successor with an overwhelming 86 per cent of the vote at a by-election earlier this month.

Indeed she fucking was and I like the naughty Monkey’s spin on it.

However, regardless of the fact that my claim about most of our MP’s not existing and those who do are just actors playing multiple roles looking more credible by the day, Tracy Baba only won because the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and UKIP didn’t field candidates “out of respect for Jo Cox” and as such there was no credible opposition.

What’s more, the turnout of voters was one of the lowest since the second world war:

Turnout for the by-election was 20,567, or 25.78% – one of the lowest by-election turnouts since the Second World War. Source

Hopefully proving that even the electorate are losing faith with these monster minions… And about time too because it is a fucking disgusting state of affairs.

I mean, what the fuck does Brabin know about politics? Indeed her total qualification for her new acting role is being a friend to the fraud MP Jo Cox for fucks sake.

However, since she is photoshopped into the fake MP, Cox’s pictures; even that fact isn’t a certainty.


Nevertheless, basically we have another useful, useless idiot manoeuvred into position to enable the monsters to hasten our downfall.

I mean fuck me, even the brain-dead Chimp readers were not falling for the shite which is why the article about her ‘victory’ was removed so quickly from the Shit-rags newsfeed.

Yet Brabin is already an MP and just doubling up on her huge money-for-nothing salary.

Let me explain. And to do that we need to go back to the fraud MP Craig Mackinley who I exposed in that article of mine, Must Hang Sally – the reason for which will become very clear as we go along and will join mega dots in the process.

Now, it is indeed very lucrative for these 2 bit actors to become a fully paid up monster minion. And whilst I am not going to be to exacting in my estimation of what these twats are earning, I can give you a rough Idea.

I mean for starters Mackinley has his nigh on £75,000 per annum salary as a do nowt MP. You can then double that figure on “expenses”… Take no notice of office staff wages etc, they are mostly family members, but all the same the amount of work involved wouldn’t best that of a lollypop lady.

Therefore, Mackinley – as Mackinley – is pulling in £150 Grand a year for literally doing next to fuck all.

Then you have his role as a Doctor – Dr Mike Wibble Wobble – flogging dangerous hormone pills to desperate mixed-up people. Again, no real work required by himself but I will be conservative and say this must bring him in another £100 Grand a year.


So Mackinley – with a vested interest in giving the Gender Bender Agenda a helping hand – is now pulling in £250 Grand a year for doing next to nowt.

And as you will know if you read “Must Hang Sally”, Dr Wibble Wobble’s wife HELEN is the fake Isis Terrapin, Sally Jones – photos below, Sally Jones on your left, DR Helen Wibble Wobble on your right.


Now according to the Chimp it appears that Our Terrapin Sal had been murdered by a pensioner – ironically in England.

You see, reading between the lines it seems that Our Sal must have slipped back into the country under the alias of HELEN Barker.

Barker is alleged to have been multi talented (obviously) and studied Dentistry in WALES .

A pensioner has been arrested in connection with the alleged manslaughter of a former Masterchef star.

Police were called to reports of the sudden death of 38-year-old Helen Barker at 9.07am on Thursday.

Officers arrested the 78-year-old man, who was known to Ms Barker, on suspicion of manslaughter and actual bodily harm. Her body was discovered on Thursday morning at her home in Trowbridge.

But police said the post mortem was inconclusive and further pathological tests will be required to determine a cause of death.Officers released the pensioner on bail pending further enquiries.

Helen’s family released a tribute and said: ‘The whole family have been left devastated by Helen’s untimely death.‘She was much loved and will be greatly missed by us all. Source


PHOTO: Our Sal as Helen Barker.

Now obviously the picture is heavily photoshopped because WELSH trained dentist DR HELEN Barker had to obviously look at least a little different – in the very same way that DR HELEN Wibble-Wobble from WALES had to also look a little different to Our Sal from WALES Kent.

Yet like the comparison photos of the latter two, there can be no mistaking that DR HELEN Barker (made in Wales) is DR HELEN Wibble-Wobble (from Wales).


Course, if Dr Wibble-Wobble is Dr Barker, then Our Sal must also be Dr Barker too… Yes?

Well not necessarily because that isn’t always the way that the Monsters roll… However, on this occasion the answer would be yes.


However, it doesn’t end there because Our Sal, the ISIS Terrapin is also the MP Nadine Dorries:


And whilst it doesn’t necessarily follow that with Dorries being Our Sal, she must also be Dr Wibble Wobble, on this occasion she is:

Nadine Dorries (Conservative MP)25

And as I have just mentioned, our MP’s make sure that their family members get on the gravy train:

[Nadine] Dorries’ daughter was among the highest earning family members employed by MPs with a salary of £40,000-45,000 as an office manager.

This is despite the fact that her daughter lived 96 miles away from the office. Subsequently her sister was taken on as senior secretary with a salary of £30,000-35,000.

Ben Glaze, a journalist with the Sunday Mirror, was threatened by Dorries on Twitter for asking questions about the MP’s employment practices: “Be seen within a mile of my daughters and I will nail your balls to the floor… using your own front teeth. Do you get that?” Source

Dorries is also the former MP Esther McVey – who was also ont’tele before becoming an MP:


McVey was ousted at the last election which suited her fine because she had to play the role of wife to Craig Mackinley who was elected as McVey was being booted.


PHOTO: The Mackinleys – She appears too nice for him… And take no notice of his assumed height… He is really quite short, don’t cha know.

Shall we compare Kate Mackinley with Esther McVey?

Of course we fucking shall.


Hmmm… McVey from Liverpool is a long time friend of Liverpudlian, Kate McCann, and a trustee of the Madeleine McCann Fund which McVey helped to set up.

And that in all probability makes Katie Mackinlay the Mid Bedfordshire MP, Nadine Dorries… Who is allso from LIVERPOOL.


Now, Dorries claims that she was sexually abused as a child by a member of the clergy named the Reverend James Cameron – what a coincidental name.


PHOTO: The Rev Jimmy Cameron in 1991 – least it is according to the Chimp

A bit suspect if you ask me, in fact the Monster Minions love to give their characters famous names when writing their scripts for a fraud event… And was it really the time and place for Dorries to talk about it when blatantly trying to flog her books?

He does in fact look awfully familiar to me… A bit like Dr Mickey Wibble-Wobble as it happens.


And of course Dr Wibble Wobble is Craig Mackinley.

See how it all connects? Well let me tell you that you ain’t seen nothing yet.

You see, Dr Wibble Wobble is also this weird looking fella:

Michael Fabricant

Now despite him looking like a Harry Enfield character (could well be I haven’t checked) he is in fact Michael Fabricant (Fabricate?), the MP for Lichfield… Fuck me people must be desperate to vote for the likes of him.

Mick Fabricate lives in Brighton in Sussex, works in Westminster in London and is the MP for Lichfield in Staffordshire, yet people still believe that being an MP is a real job… Roger that.


I don’t need to do half & half to see that they are the same person.

In turn, Fabricunt is the vile Nottingham North MP, Graham Allen.


And of course both Fabricare and Allen are Mackinley.


So, there we have another MP to deduct from the 650 and another £150 Grand a year in Mackinley’s pocket.

And interestingly enough, in the last fraud election when Mackinley beat the [acting] UKIP Leader & Trump Trumpeter, Nigel Garbage, not many people were aware that Mackinley had once been the Deputy Leader of UKIP.

So, of all the seats to contest they both picked that one… How queer!

Mind you, it would not have taken much to persuade Niggel Garbage – odds on favourite to take the seat – to let Mackinley win for the greater good of the monsters would it?

The seat – Fanny South, or something like that – had previously been held by the he-she, Laura Sandys… A made up name if I ever heard one.


Fuck me you can still see the stubble!

You couldn’t make this shit up, that is for sure.

Laura Sandys is also Tim Waggott (pictured below) – newishly (2012) promoted to the Board of Directors of the Dover Harbour Board, who indirectly are involved with… Wait for it, wait for it… Immigration… It ain’t rocket salad don’t cha know.


Shall we go compare?

Of course we fucking shall.


In turn, TIM Waggott is TIM Loughton, the MP for East Worthing and SHOREHAM… Wasn’t there a plane crash or summat in Shoreham?


Tim Loughton is a proper cunt… Shall we go compare?

Need I even ask:


And being a proper cunt is probably why Loughton has just replaced the proper cunt, Keith Vaz as Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Course it goes without saying that Vaz is in on the scam. Indeed he is… Now don’t fucking laugh… But Vaz is also the Justice Minister, Shailesh Vara MP.

Labour's National Executive Committee meets to finalise leadership election arrangements. Labour Party HQ. Keith Vaz arrives for the meeting

And make no mistake, Vara is most certainly Vaz but to give you an indication of just how photoshopped the *aherm, aherm Justice Minister is take a butchers at the snappy-snap below.


So, there is proof of how they have the justice system sewn up… And just remember that when it comes to voting to enter into a third world war, MP’s like Mackinley will be using his other MP personas to also vote “yes” which to my knowledge, from this smarmy little shit-stain is at least 6 yes’s…Someone cast a spell please.


Thank you… Errrr… Video game used to distract the masses.

But I digress, you see Mackinley and Dr Wibble Wobble as well as their other personas are also Tim Loughton… At least on photopaper.

That takes Mackinley’s earnings to inexcess of £750,000 per year for doing very little work.

Nevertheless, the proof is in the puddin pumpkin bumpkin and as you will see below, Lout-ton also ties in perfectly with Dr Mike Wibble-Wobble.


Nevertheless, let’s do the half & halfs.


Now to say this conspiracy is vast is an understatement which has been going on for many, many years as you will know if you read my article “Lets Go Play With The Astors”.

Indeed, some of those people who believe like I do that the world is run by elite actors and their minions believe that the whole Nazi hierarchy were American actors with Hitler himself being played by Walt Disney.


However, I haven’t had chance to check the claim out but you can find out more by clicking HERE

And to be Frank, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it was correct.

Now, Mackinlay’s connection to the Gender-Bender, Dr Mike Wibble Wobble is interesting because Mackinlay is Jo Cox’s Mum, Jean Leadbeater – at least in photos.

However, to save me repeating myself the following is taken from my article, Must Hang Sally:

Jo Cox’s alleged mother, Jean Leadbeater was also playing the part of a vicar in the old fanny.


And then a bit further on in the article whilst talking about the Tool Farage I wrote the following:There’s that name again – Nigel Farage… The mush who lost the election to Craig Mackinlay, with Al Murray thrown in so as Mackinlay stuck in peoples mind… Incidentally, did Mackinlay remind you of anyone?


… And now that I look at those photos it is clear as crystal that Mackinley has had his nose altered in the photo on the bottom left.

Course, if Mackinley is Jean Leadbeater you can see why he would be so keen to push the Gender-Bender-Agenda by playing Dr Wibble-Wobble can’t you?


Course, this shite all goes to further reinforce what I have been saying for a long time, namely; why are we paying these cunts when they do absolutely fuck all for their money, at least a third of them don’t exist and far from doing what they are paid for, they are in fact working on other projects that are to our detriment.

Indeed there is not one single MP who I cannot find some wrongdoing or other about… We do not need them, kick the cunts out and put them on trial and I guarantee that we will all be far, far better off.Rant over… For now.

So, Mackinley & the vicar are a pretty conclusive match but what about Cox’s ‘mother?Well there’s only one way to find out:


Looks like a match to me… Then again I really did not expect any other result…

Good that innit?

Mackinlay is also the ACTOR, Philip Middlemiss AKA Des Barnes from Coronation Street, the program that the newly elected Tracy Brabin is from:

Phil Middlemiss pictured at Manchester Airport as the Celebrity Allstar Football Team fly out to Marbella for their annual awards dinner and football weekend.

As is Dr Wibble Wobble:


And as I said earlier, Tracy Brabin was already an MP before she took over from Joke Ox. You see Brabin is also the MP, Liz Truss.


Don’t forget that Mackinley has had her cheeks added to in that last comparison.

Course, that would all explain why Mackinley spends so much time with Liz Truss.


Except for when he plays Truss.


And I have so, so much more to tell you about these vile people but due to time constraints I need to wrap this article up.

So, moving into the final stages of that Chimp article, the Monkey-Kuntz continued thus:

Mair denies murder, possessing a firearm and possessing a dagger.

No he doesn’t he hasn’t entered a plea either way.

He also denies inflicting grievous bodily harm in relation to former miner Mr Carter-Kenny, 77. 

No he doesn’t he hasn’t entered a plea either way.

The defendant declined to enter a plea when he appeared at the Old Bailey last month and the not guilty pleas to all four charges were entered on instruction of the judge. 


His case will be dealt with as a terrorist trial because the alleged murder was ‘made for the purpose of advancing a political, religious, racial or ideological cause’ according to the Terrorism Act 2000, a judge ruled earlier this year.  

Despite him being touted as off his rocker.


Yet this is what passes for justice in this cuntry.

The trial, which is expected to last up to three weeks, continues.

And of course the trial has ended, which the MSM claim lasted 8 days… Hmmm, something not quite right there then.

However, in reality it didn’t even last 8 days because the cunts have added a weekend to the tally.

But even when you discount that, there was no action on the Tuesday so at best the trial was 5 days long which for a murder case with the defendant pleading not guilty – although he didn’t – must be the shortest case of its kind in history… Absolutely fucking disgusting.

You can read the Chimp article in its original form by clicking HERE


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