Useful Idiots


John Hamer


I am still really not feeling well don’t cha know. My get up and go appears to have got up and gone.

Therefore, it is indeed a good job that I have my friend John Hamer’s articles to fall back on.

And since I wrote about White Dee and Sammy Lou Lew the other day, this piece by John about ‘useful idiots’, would to me seem quite appropriate for now… Especially so given mind to the many useful idiots who seem intent on driving a wedge the size of a bulldozer through the alternative media at the moment.

I will however deal with ALL of those cunts once and for all once I am better.


Useful Idiots

John Hamer

We have been lied to and deceived on a truly epic scale by those who rule over us, ever since human society first saw the light of day, regardless of whether, like mainstream history and archaeology you believe that to be ten thousand years ago – or even ten million years ago. As a timely reminder, here is a quote by Dr. Henry Makow, who like myself has been researching these issues for many years and sums-up this conspiracy succinctly, thus…

“…In fact, ‘conspiracy’ is very plausible. People who control a grossly disproportionate share of the world’s wealth will take extreme measures to consolidate their position.”

This is the entire nub of the issue in two short sentences and summarises neatly the reason that humankind is now in the situation in which we find ourselves today. Everything else is just a means to this end, a method by which we can be controlled, indeed the ‘extreme measures’, to which Dr. Makow refers.

So, let us now move into the very recent past and from thence to the present day and examine the issues which confront us daily and which have as a result of the falsification of past events now become pertinent to our everyday struggle to survive. But firstly, let us examine the prominent role played by a group of people who are very important to the Elite’s plans for keeping us all in a state of ignorance of the truth.

What do I mean by this term? ‘Useful idiots’, as distinct from ‘shills’ – people who are knowingly setting-out to deceive us, are those among us who are unknowingly furthering the agenda of the Elite by acting as unwitting purveyors of falsehoods and naysayers of the real truth.

For example, when confronted with the facts, they will ask lots of questions, but never wait to hear an answer. To their minds, questions are not a search for information, but rather a tool of disruption. In this way, the useful idiot never has to expose his ignorance because he never has to enter into a meaningful dialogue with anyone who has an opposing view. All he has to do is maintain an attacking stance and this perpetuates a useless, circular argument, usually ending in utter stalemate.

Another of the most common tactics used is the injection of ‘humour’. He will turn everything into a joke, whether it is funny or not. Laughing at that which we do not understand often makes things appear less daunting, but it also makes us more passive and accepting.

The comedians that are most successful (and popular) are those that follow mainstream thinking and encourage us to laugh at anything that challenges these norms.

In Medieval times, even the most tyrannical of rulers would allow a court jester to make jokes at his expense because the jester was an inconsequential figure, a powerless and non-threatening entity.

A jokester can verbally undermine anyone to his heart’s content, but will never really change the world because although he may make us laugh, ultimately no-one really cares what figures of fun have to say about anything of consequence. It is not too difficult to imagine a whole subsection of society emulating this dynamic; millions of people deluding themselves into thinking that being a slave is not all that bad, just as long as we are funny slaves.

Whenever the useful idiot is confronted with a truth that threatens his established world-view, he will do anything to distract or derail the argument. Making poor jokes, resorting to childish ridicule, ignoring cold hard logic and facts, making threats or denying that you are qualified to present the facts, even though the facts speak for themselves no matter who is relaying them.

The list goes on and on and very seldom will he confront the truth presented on its own terms, instead, he will often make a point of making the ‘messenger’ the issue at hand and not the information being presented. For example, I have lost count of the times when in trying to present an argument that I have been cut-off in full flow by a mocking statement such as… ‘You must have too much time on your hands’. As though ‘having too much time’ somehow is an actual impediment to seeking the truth and not the opposite ie. not having enough time on one’s hands!

Is it so difficult to check information to confirm whether or not any premise is true? I have been asked many times when stating a fact to one of these people, to ‘prove it’ but when I offer to do so by pointing them in the right direction, they will often ostentatiously decline the offer on the basis that It cannot possibly be true. It obviously must be extremely difficult for some people to check information though because so many people believe absolutely everything they are told by the mainstream or figures of authority, or simply assume it must be true, without bothering to check it out for themselves.

If a so-called ‘scientist’ suddenly announced via the media that adding sulfuric acid to coffee will increase one’s desirability in the eyes of the opposite sex, would these people blindly ingest it or would a more sensible approach be to double-check the facts first?

Obviously everyone knows that sulfuric acid is deadly, but how many other poisons do we westerners ingest daily because some petty official gave the all-clear to add it into our food supply. I am speaking of such horrors here as; mercury (thimerasol), aspartame, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), fluoride, rBGH, Bisphenol-A, GMOs and others too numerous to mention and all of which appear with monotonous regularity on the ingredients list of popular foodstuffs (or often are deliberately and misleadingly omitted).

A few minutes of research via that invaluable tool, the Internet, which is available to virtually all now, would soon provide a mountain of evidence to demonstrate that these substances are far from the benign entities they are purported to be and indeed are in some cases, bordering on deadly. But are these people aware of this fact? Welcome to the world of the useful idiot.

However, having said all that, to be a truly useful idiot is not just simply a case of for example, taking part in the mass-ingestion of all this filth, but in order to qualify as a bona fide, paid-up member of the club, the really useful idiot is someone of the ilk of the official or the ‘scientist’ who vehemently propounds the purity of these substances through inexcusable, blind ignorance.

He may also be the dentist who mockingly laughs when questioned about the safety of fluoride in toothpastes or mercury in fillings (as happened to me) or the nurse who threatens to call the Social Services if you refuse a vaccination for your newborn baby or spots a tiny bruise on his / her arm.

It is often also the person who received his standard dose of academic propaganda without ever comprehending the fact that once upon a time, the first rule of ‘good science’ used to be to question everything and not just blindly accept anything laid down by someone claiming authority.

So, the useful idiot is not only conditioned himself, but is also a valuable distribution agent of that conditioning to others. When confronted with a viewpoint which falls outside of his dogmatic stance, his brain shuts down because he has lived most of his life with the ideas and propaganda inherent in a lifetime of brainwashing. To be confronted with the fact that everything he previously thought he knew and has based his entire life upon is false, is an extremely nasty medicine to have to swallow.

This is an acknowledged condition known as ‘cognitive dissonance’.

Of course, this all makes the useful idiot the prime target of Elite disinformation campaigns. Nearly all criminal actions by the Elite through their puppets in government, receive their primary support from this portion of the population exactly because they are so easily misled by authority.

These people have been conditioned to automatically disbelieve and ridicule anything that comes with the engendered label of ‘conspiracy theory’ and instead of checking facts for themselves, firmly believe that there is no need to do that because if it is deemed by those in power to be a conspiracy theory, therefore by definition, it must be utter nonsense.

But why should we bother trying to communicate with these unquestioning robots at all?

Surely they are the absolute definition of a lost cause? However, if we can demonstrate that beyond all doubt that just one of their misconceptions is totally without substance and unsupported by facts, it may just be that they are no longer able to assume that any of their other misguided views are of any real substance either.

They may eventually be shamed or forced into doing the research, which may then lead to the world-shattering realisation that suddenly they know nothing. I have been in that position myself and believe me it is not a very pleasant place to be. It appears that the whole world has suddenly fallen apart and the question then becomes one of ‘what is actually real and what is not?’ and almost like a child, one has to start re-learning how to relate to this strange new reality, over again.

Eventually though, one accepts the loss of innocence. That dupe that was so convinced of what was right and wrong and certain of his place in the grand scheme of things suddenly finds himself in a scary place, a world he must now investigate alone to determine the truth, instead of being spoon-fed the reality proscribed by faceless others in the world of academia or the media.

The empowerment and the sheer awe inherent in this process are almost unbelievable in their scope and have to be experienced to be understood. It is almost like a blind man who can suddenly see after forty years or so of blindness, never knowing what he was missing all that time because he had nothing with which to compare it. But, once the huge leap across this vast chasm has been made, it is not only impossible to go back to being the person we were before; it is absolutely unthinkable so to do.

Of course, no-one regards themselves as a useful idiot, blindly serving the interests of monsters in the cruel and heartless oppression of their fellow man, but the fact remains that many people are in just such a position. You may despise some of them or wish them ill, but please do not give-up on them all. There are some good, honest, well-meaning people amongst their ranks and confronting their unintentional ignorance is not simply just the duty of we who are better informed; it is also an act of compassion towards those who are not.