US Catholic nun book creates outrage by defending homosexuality

Press TV
Sister Margaret Farley (File photo)
A 2006 book on sexuality by a US theologian and nun has drawn sharp criticism from the Vatican, as the Holy See says it promotes masturbation, homosexuality, and divorce.

The Vatican’s orthodoxy office said Monday that the book Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics by Sister Margaret Farley poses a “grave harm” to the faithful and is in “direct contradiction” with Catholic teachings.

Farley, a member of the Sisters of Mercy religious order and emeritus teacher of Christian ethics at Yale Divinity School, says while her book has drifted away from the official teachings of the Catholic Church she considers it logically and morally coherent.

In April, the Vatican severely criticized the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, the major organization for catholic nuns in the US, accusing it of having separated itself from Catholic doctrines. The Vatican also ordered that these extremist nuns be punished.

Based in Maryland, the group has 57,000 members.