UK Republic challenges BBC over Prince William documentary


Press TV

I think it’s disgusting the way the BBC are still promoting paedophiles… Thank fuck I don’t pay my TV licence…

Britain’s anti-monarchy campaign group Republic has challenged the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) over its role to represent a member of the royal family as a hero through a new TV documentary series.
Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, will appear as a Sea King pilot in a BBC documentary about the Search and Rescue service.

The “Helicopter Rescue” programme, which is planned to be aired on BBC One Wales in April, will show Prince William serving with C Flight of 22 Squadron at Royal Air Force (RAF) Valley on Anglesey since 2010.

The campaign group called on the corporation to deal with the royals “in an impartial and dispassionate way” instead of serving as “propagandist-in-chief” for the UK monarchy.

“It is not appropriate for the BBC to commission a piece of PR that will promote the image of the royals in an uncritical manner, putting William in the role of the hero,” said Republic chief executive officer Graham Smith.

Last year, anti-monarchy activists criticized the BBC for its pro-monarchy policies as the state-run broadcasting corporation produced a “pro-monarchy propaganda” documentary to mark the 60th anniversary of UK Queen’s reign.