UK Police do not have CRB disclosures/ Bent Coppers named and shamed.

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On the 2nd March 2012 i did a Freedom of Information request on to the local police regarding Criminal Records Bureau checks. I asked various questions, as i wanted to know if they had CRB disclosures as the UK police have been in the media quite a lot for what they have been doing to the UK public….1] How long has <WMP> been bypassing Criminal Records Bureau Checks who have wanted to be <police officers> ?Reply: WMP do not ‘bypass’ CRB checks for those wishing to be police officers. CRB checking is not a requirement of the vetting process for police officers. The vetting process for police is provided above and is more extensive than CRB checking as they are for different purposes.

I did a Freedom of Information request to Northern Ireland police asking if they had CRB disclosures, they replied saying yes their officers do have CRB disclosures”. WHY THE DIFFERENCE TO THE UK ?

Police officers who have committed crimes are reinstated back into the UK police forces, but members of the public do not have second chances on there CRB disclosures as we are posed a threat”.

The past few years we have seen a steady increase in the number of police officers committing crimes, as a result they are either reinstated or sent to other police forces as this was the case in the Ian Tomlison case…

False/unproven allegations on CRB disclosures destroy peoples careers and the police are Judge and Jury with regards the public’s CRB disclosures, this is not what i have to come to expect of our police forces, this needs to be changed as it is not in my opinion legal….

The UK Police commit serious crimes and it is shown on the attachment/link:

The UK police should not be employing people without enhanced CRB disclosures to be police officer as the public have enhanced checks and these are very thorough.

Members of the public who have criminal records are more likely to be employed as police officers as their is definitely no Criminal Records Bureau checks done regardless of the police in house vetting procedures, this is not good enough” Standards in the UK police forces have become substandard and continue to be lowered, resulting in a severely compromised police service” needing to be raised in line with CRB disclosures that the UK public have.

People in the UK not working as police officers are easy pickings for our unaccountable police forces, (personal grudges for instance) the system needs a rethink and at no time should the UK police have the right/authority to be judge and jury on innocent law abiding people

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