Try To Remember


Chris Spivey


With this month being the centenary of WW1 there was always going to be a big propaganda campaign set in motion by the MSM… And that makes me angry.

I mean, what did those brave soldiers – of all nationalities – really die for? It certainly wasn’t to make the world a safer place because you only need look at the state it is in now to know that isn’t true.

Course, I do not know if those people in the MSM who are trying to whip up patriotism to mark the 100 year passing realise that those who died did so in vain, but the truth is that the war dead were mercilessly sacrificed in order to pursue a sick-fuck, Satanic agenda on behalf of the Monster elite.

And it made them plenty fucking richer in the bargain.

However, what I do know is that those Journalists promoting the genocide – for that is what is was –  must know that they are writing bollox.

I mean, take a look at the following:

Now, that old fanny supposedly made the news via Facebook yet if you believe that, you will believe anything. Indeed, it is nothing more than a photo opportunity designed to tug at the nations heartstrings.

Likewise, so is the story in today’s Chimp about the WW1 soldier who was saved by a pocket full of loose change after being shot by a sniper:

A remarkable tale of how a stack of coins saved the life of a Belgian World War I soldier has been revealed by his great-grandson.

Course, you have to question the timing of this story. I mean after 100 years you would think that there was nothing left to tell that hadn’t been told already.

Optatius Buyssens had been carrying some loose change in the breast pocket of his jacket when he went on a reconnaissance mission near the Belgian town of Lebbeke in September 1914.

Who carries coins in their top pocket?

The clinking noise of the metal in his pocket alerted nearby German troop, but when he came under fire, the bullet ricocheted off the coins, saving his life. Source

 What was he doing to make them “clink”? Jumping up and down for fucks sake?

Yet did he not think to himself that his coins where “clinking” that fucking loud that he was making himself a sitting duck?

Nevertheless, when you see the photo of the coins in question, you know that it is old bollox.

After all, how could coins that “clinked” so loudly stay in such a perfect cylindrical formation in a pocket? Moreover, they must have been sticking out of his pocket like a fucking long nipple.

And even then, looking at the trajectory of the bullet, it would still have entered the fellas body. Yet the Monkey who wrote the shite didn’t question the evidence, because like I say; it is all to do with the agenda and fuck the facts.

Course, there has also been much reporting on the Queer and her family of inbreds paying their respects to the war dead… How sick is that when you take into account that the Royal family are the reason that we have war dead in the first place. I mean we cannot go to war even today without the Queers say so.

What’s more, the inbreds are more German than English. I mean even if you ignore the bloodline, Prick Phil the Duck’s three sisters all married top Nazi’s and the Duck himself spent more time growing up in Germany than he did growing up in England!

In fact such was the collaboration between our Royal family and the German war machine that straight after the collapse of Berlin, the then King, Dirty-Bertie had to dispatch the nonce spy, Anthony Blunt to go and retrieve & destroy compromising correspondence.

Therefore, you have to ask yourself just who the fuck the Queer was mourning – our war dead or the Germans. And the answer to that is neither. The royal family couldn’t care less. Indeed you only need to look at the sour puss to recognize that fact.

And what is with all the Poppies? I mean disregard the fact that the Poppy is Satanic symbolism. Are they trying to out do each other with how many they can wear? Does wearing four poppies mean that you care more than someone who just wears one?

Mind you, the sale of poppies make a select few very rich I suppose.

Yet instilling a sense of national patriotism into a nation is one of the steps needed to complete a fascist dictatorship. Indeed, I have been telling you for this long time that this country is following the Nazi blueprint set out by the Queer’s ‘Uncle’ Adolf… Or do you think that it is just a coincidence that Prick Bald Willie got married on the same date as Hitler did?

Just askin’.