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Chris Spivey – Partly based on information provided by Dogman:


*First published and now updated, October 21st 2013

There is no denying the fact that it is looking increasingly likely that 9/11 whistleblower Philip Marshall was murdered along with his two teenage children and the family pet dog.

Click HERE for the details surrounding Phillips murder, otherwise known as AGES; the American Government “Euthanasia” Strategy… Probably.


PHOTO: Philip Marshall

Course, to most of us here that will come as no surprise given that Phillip is hardly the first and you just know that he won’t be the last in a long line of whistleblowers murdered for the heinous crime of telling the truth.

These murders must not be allowed to go unpunished.

Neither must the events & deeds that have long since been exposed as government black-ops ever be allowed to be forgotten.

To do so would be a betrayal and insult to those who lost their lives in the war on freedom… Those people are people who you can call true heroes in the proper sense of the words.

So let’s look at some of the ‘Government Truths’ that don’t stand up to scrutiny – first off a photo from an MSM news item published under the headline:

Bird strike leaves MASSIVE hole in United Airlines jet as it lands at Denver airport


Absolute bollocks! It is an official government fact that an aluminium aeroplane, little more than a very big tin can with seats & jet engines, can cut through a skyscrapers mass central core of reinforced steel girders, as easy as a hot knife will cut through butter. Although any mush with more than two or three brain cells knows that anyway.

After all, the proof is in the pudding… Isn’t it?

Indeed you only need look at film footage of the planes smashing into the twin towers and coming out the other side on 9/11 to know that “fact”.

I mean, the only other possible explanation was that the film was faked, and only a right thick cunt – ‘What? Like one of those Cunsparity fearists Conscripery feareeists Consipirate theoligists Morons who question the “true”, albeit nonsensical, “official” version of events, because they ain’t smart like us normalised persons’ – would believe stupid shit like that and stuff… Let me hear you say YEAH?

ImageProxy (1)

PHOTO: One of the WTC towers being constructed with the central core of steel girders clearly visible

Mind you, in all fairness it seems highly likely that the 9/11 planes had nose cones made of the same material as the hijackers passport one of which was found intact on the street after the planes had struck the towers – See the header photo.

And you can’t argue with science, sunshine.

In fact you mark my words, next thing ya know those pesky Cuntspieracey Feminists will be trying to tell us that Santa and the Tooth Fairy don’t exist.

Let’s have another photo.


But on 9/11 the jet fuel managed to heat the steel floor girders enough to make them bow and collapse… Its true a tell thee.

Therefore you need to ignore the experts like Robert Podolski:


I mean, the jet fuel wasn’t hot enough to burn human flesh… A fact that Edna Clinton – seen in the photos below – will testicle to… Well she would if she was still alive *yawn


Is the Richard Drew photograph of the “Falling Man” real or faked.

Now according to Wikipedia

Richard Drew (born 1946) is an Associated Press photo-journalist, perhaps most notable for his photo The Falling Man which depicts a man falling from the World Trade Center towers following the September 11, 2001 attacks. A British documentary The Falling Man about the photo premiered on the Discovery Times channel on September 10, 2007.

Drew was one of four press photographers present at the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Drew has been an Associated Press photographer for 40 years, and lives with his wife and two daughters in New York City.


PHOTO: Richard Drew and his photo of the falling man

And straight away the fact that he is a photographer for the Associated Press indicates to me that the photo is dodgy – AP are the ultimate purveyors of bollox.

Indeed, the very fact that the “falling man” is able to keep his arms by his sides and at the very least manage to keep his shirt on while plummeting towards the tarmac at free-fall speed indicates that the photo fake.

However, bearing in mind that the WTC corners looked like what you see in the photo below and not like the corner that you see in Drew’s photo…

ImageProxy (4)

It certainly would appear to be a case of photoshopping.

And of course it is also blatantly obvious that the photo could not have been taken from ground level. Therefore you have to ask yourself exactly where Drew was stationed in order to take the snappy-snap… You have to ask yourself because Richard Drew ain’t going to fucking tell ya the truth.

ImageProxy (5)

Or put another way; exactly which building could Richard possibly have been holed up in to be in the right place art the right time?

ImageProxy (6)

Nevertheless, the icing on the cake is the falling man’s pose… Just like that of the Tarot card, The Hanged Man.

ImageProxy (2)

Amongst other things The Hanged Man represents sacrifice.

And of course it isn’t the first time that the Monsters have had fake people in fake poses mimicking Tarot Cards…


Just sayin’.

Course the problem that we face is that whichever way you look at things, as they stand now the official version of events provided to a gullible, dumbed down, oppressed world population by an inherently evil American & British Government make no sense whatsoever.

Yet to tell the truth about the false flag terrorist attacks can and has got people killed… That said, one way or another; The truth will out.

Tick Tock Monsters, tick tock