Trolls – small in everyway



How fucked up in the head do you have to be to spend your day trawling the internet looking for articles to pour scorn on  – usually being unsuccessful to boot?

However, they will still try their damnedest to portray the author of the piece they are attempting a hatchet job on as being a ‘sad loser’, whilst not having the intelligence to realise a sad loser isn’t someone who writes a piece of work – for whatever the reason may be for writing it.

The sad loser is a person devoid of backbone who spends his day looking for something to attack from the safety of his bedroom/living room… Or even kitchen.

And then there are the paid pieces of dog-shit.

I will leave it to adeybob to tell you more as he is at the forefront of tackling the problem and I really must get this delayed article that I am writing boxed off.

What is the #Trollinquiry?

May 2, 201
RIP-TrollsYou may be here for several reasons – tags or principles you support with your debate on Twitter, FaceBook, blogs, or commentary on blog, etc…
Please note, this page is not trying to make any similarities between a ‘real’ troll and a troll group.Real trolls usually don’t get paid, don’t usually work in groups…
…and real trolls NEVER troll debates involved with helping to uncover abuses to kids.You may be here to because you are simply bored.I welcome you all – especially the invited.
Please read on.NOTE – for the report on the troll situation over at the #McCann debate on twitter, please follow link here, when it is properly publicised – please do not expect any naming or shaming.

edit -To be perfectly clear…I am here to prepare information and evidence to take to the police, so that they can investigate and prosecute Team-Outlaw – what I believe to be an organised troll-group.
I want them properly investigated by the proper authorities; not only for the abuses they have visited, and indeed still ARE visiting, on me and others, but for the interference and confusion they have lent to entire debates – debates now concerning the coverups of child sex abuse by prominent persons; insodoing, I am hoping that, as stated in this page and elsewhere on this blog, that there will one day soon be a proper inquiry by official persons, to find a way to trace current trolls (and who pays them/why they do it),and to end the chance of troll teams causing such havoc again.

Please find here, the start of a thorough investigation into the activities of what is amounting to an organised trolling group on the internet – almost specifically, against prominent people, protests, and groups concerned with trying to expose coverups to child abuse.

It is within the remit of the investigation, to unpick what constitutes the troll models of the abuse visited on CSA protests on twitter, what abuses they visited and on whom – and importantly, what links the CSA troll model has with later trolling of the McCann debate, and what links are shared with the groups that attacked Icke and Spivey.

With all data collected and collated, it is hoped that we can then follow the money, as it were, and find who these trolling ‘guns for hire’ are being employed by, and what for.

Less specifically, there is evidence all over many forums and debates that also amounts to organised trolling. Much of this activity seems to serve no other purpose than to boost sales for red-top papers…another area worthy of, and long-overdue for, rigorous analysis.

During investigations, I have tagged certain tweets and comments on twitter with #Trollwatch or #Trollinquiry – with such tagging helping me to offer a kind of debate on there.

Within the pages tagged #Trollinquiry on this blog, you will find evidence, not only for the presence of organised trolls, but also evidence that said organised trolls were actually engaged in trying to control the whole debates – in some cases succeeding in this aim.

The impact on affected people, protests and groups has been nothing short of explosive in most cases; the level of pernicious virulent attack, abuse and violation that has destroyed lives and reputations, going virtually unchecked, and has mounted for decades…going way back to the hillsborough disaster – probably tracing back to the Jersey incident of Haut De La Garenne and before….it has been collectively horrendous.

This level of abuse goes way beyond what your ‘normal’ troll would give out. A small slice of it has been documented and explained in other parts of this blog. With observation, patterns within the attacks can be observed and lines can be followed back for years now – part of the result of which has led to the series of pages on this blog under the tag #trollinquiry.

Please consider the following:

*Spivey and Icke – CSA protesters (#paedobritain, #Warriors, #No2abuse, etc) and ‘McCann debaters’ on twitter – for many real people, lives have been turned upside-down by what is proving to be the same group.

*For all the above-named groups/tags/debates/protests reporting and experiencing same-such issues of vicious trolling, a major concern is to expose child abuse and its coverup by officials/VIP’s over long decades.

*Why would any self-respecting troll want to get into the debate about ending child-abuse in the first place, especially one that has such a strong collective opinion?

*Finally, any group wishing to expose abuse to kids is ‘untouchable’, surely? I mean to say, that such groups can be seen in much the same light as groups who would want to end the kicking of puppies…
…begging the question, “why the hell would anyone intervene in someone stopping someone else kicking puppies?”

With the above in mind, the #CSA protest on twitter – now having a common cause, is largely made up of quite level-headed people, is well defined, and has evolved to self-perpetuate a decentralised collective – is a perfect model for analysing abuse incidents by ANY person or group, as it is only as much as 3000 accounts deep, as it were…with the McCann debate on twitter being an even smaller model, about 80 maximum – after all, who the hell wants to throw their comments into the turmoil of the #McCann debate?
By extrapolating information and… Continue Reading