Too Little, Too Late


Spiv & the BBC


A social wanker who fabricated a story based on bollocks about a woman threatening to kill herself, her family and burn down her house resulted in an emergency order being drawn up and the innocent woman’s children being immediately stolen.

As a result of her unforgivable actions the Social Wanker, Amanda McCallum was given the sack by Derby City Council and struck off the Social Workers register by the HCPC for a year… A FUCKING YEAR!

So lets put this into perspective then:

A woman slag-cunt in a position of great responsibility decided that an innocent mother and her innocent children should have their lives torn apart – causing the mother traumatic stress & unimaginable heartache and putting the terrified, confused children at the mercy of a sick-fuck system, which will doubtlessly impact on them for the rest of their lives – based on evidence that the slag-cunt made up for financial gain and other insidious reasons… And for doing so she was punished by losing her job and not being allowed to work in her chosen profession for 365 days.


The evil trout couldn’t even be arsed to turn up to the disciplinary hearing – yet in 12 short months she could very well be back carrying on where she left off!

Personally, I think that the cunt should have been kicked to fuck, kicked some more and then slung in prison for 20 years. After all we are talking about child kidnap here – a major everyday occurrence by the social services in this cuntry that has to be stamped out, and stamped out very fucking quickly too.

As far as I can see, this should be a criminal matter and the fact that it isn’t speaks volumes about our government. I mean the harridan-whore worked for Derby Council for 3 years… So are all the cases that she handled now going to be reviewed? Because they fucking well should be.

Meanwhile I still haven’t had any news from the HCPC’s, Ms Vandenbroken on my complaint about the pair of sick-cunts, Nicole Miles & Julie Robinson whom both tried doing the same as McCallum albeit more subtly, but in a much more insidious manner.

And never forget what the cunts did to poor little Jonas.

I won’t… Just promisin’.

Social worker ‘lied about woman’s threat to kill family’


A social worker falsely claimed a woman made threats to kill her children, a disciplinary panel has ruled.

Amanda McCallum, who was employed by Derby City Council, told her manager the women made threats to kill herself, her family, and burn down her house.

The claims triggered an emergency order which resulted in the removal of the woman’s children, officials said.

Ms McCallum was suspended for 12 months after a hearing before a panel of the Health and Care Professions Council.

‘Very real harm’

This means she cannot be included on its register of approved social workers for the duration of the order.

Panel chair Nicola Bastin said: “The aggravating features in this case are the very real harm caused to [the woman] and her family.

“The registrant was an experienced social worker and did not take the opportunity given to her to correct or retract her false statement and nor has she demonstrated insight.”

Ms McCallum was employed by the city council between March 2010 and October 2013 in the children and young people department, which is responsible for child protection support.

She was dismissed by the authority after a disciplinary hearing ruled that she had committed “gross misconduct”.

Ms McCallum was neither present nor represented at the hearing before the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). It said it had attempted to contact Ms McCallum, who failed to respond. The HCPC said it was “in the public interest to proceed” without her. Source