Tom Watson: If brains were dynamite, he couldn’t blow the top of his head off.


Chris Spivey

Since publishing my article ‘Do what son’ a couple of days ago, there has been a few new developments to the NSPCC scandal – not least of all, my encounter with the man himself, the MP Tom Watson.

Needless to say, the moron showed his true colours. However, before I give you the details of our little spat, there are a few other developments that you may be interested to learn about.

First on the list is the response to the article from the lady who contacted me about grosskopf. I shall call her Sue.

Sue emailed me after I first published the article to thank me for breaking the story. However it is us who should be thanking her. The fact that she has tried for at least 9 years to get the story out, for no other reason than to protect abused children makes her a true hero in my book.

If there were more people in this country with the same amount of  backbone and dogged determination that Sue has, then I’m sure we would be in nowhere near the mess we are today.

The fact that an organisation as corrupt as the NSPCC has gone unchecked for so long is a national disgrace. To quote David Icke: “I wouldn’t trust them to tell me the time in a room full of clocks”.

As far as I am concerned, The Daily Mirror, The Telegraph and the BBC should all hang their heads in shame, after first agreeing to run the story and then backing out after having pressure applied to them from the powers that be. If this story isn’t headline news, then I don’t know what is… Wait, come to think about it, I do know! Jordan just got married for the 3rd time.

You can therefore understand why people are now turning to the Alternative media in their hundreds and thousands. You can also see why the puppet show want to close us down. They cannot control us. We are not frightened. The truth is what matters.

Now, you may recall that I make mention in the afore mentioned article that Sue was one of three women to blow the whistle on Grosskopf. The following is summary of  the witness statement taken from one of those three ladies, whom I shall call Jacky.

Jacky, a registered social worker is the first to admit that when Grosskopf was first introduced to her as her manager, she got on very well with him. At that point in time she was the only Social Worker working in the NSPCC’s Acorn Centre.

The Acorn Centre deals with grief counselling for children between the ages of 0-18. Jacky actually says that in those first couple of weeks, she thought Grosskopf ‘was the best manager that she had ever had’.

However, over a short period of time, which saw staffing levels brought up to full capacity, Jacky began to feel very uncomfortable with both his ‘approach’ towards her and and his job. she says, and I quote directly from her witness statement here:

“I was uncomfortable with his continually holding me up as an example to the other staff, who were at the time very inexperienced. I felt that this was divisive and I discussed the issue with him, which he said he was aware of and believed that the team would resolve for itself”

In other words, Grosskopf had taken a shine to Jacky, and his constant praising of her was getting on the other staff members tits. When Jacky pulled Grosskopf about the matter, his attitude was that the team should ‘get over it’.

Jacky then goes on to say that, Grosskopf was “incredibly guarded about everything”, when it came to talking about himself. However, despite refusing to talk about things such as his former jobs or family, Jacky wasn’t too concerned. She just naturally assumed that he was just a very private person. However, never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that her manager would turn out to be a cold hearted mass murderer.

Yet, cold hearted is exactly what he was. The following is from a newspaper report regarding the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) proceedings. These proceeding were held in front of a Judge in order to determine whether or not former ANC Terrorists could be granted Amnesty for their crimes.


Pretoria — A Johannesburg woman who lost an eye because of a 1987 car bomb blast was little impressed yesterday with the demeanour of the culprit.

“He looks much to happy, as if this is just one big joke,” said Alta Klaasen, 30…

Klaasen said: “I have been waiting for years to see him again, but there is no sign of remorse. He made no attempt at all to apologise to me”.

During his Testimony, Grosskopf said he saw a soldier talking to a young woman shortly before he set the time switches for the bomb to go off. 

“I was that woman,” Klassen said. “I distinctly recall him sitting in his car on the street corner, staring at me”.

In 2004 Grosskopf asked Jacky to go away on a course with him to which Jacky agreed. However, when a case supervisor asked if ‘Sue’ was going, Sue replied that she knew nothing about it and hadn’t been asked. The Supervisor obviously perplexed as to why she hadn’t been invited immediately made arrangements for her to go… Quite obvious then, what the terrorists intentions were.

It was on this course, that Jacky first began to have real concerns about Grosskopff. The following are direct quotes from her witness statement.
When Hein arrived the next day, and throughout the conference, I noticed that Hein wasn’t connecting with the other delegates and seemed unable to interact with other people. I noticed that he seemed to be getting very strange looks from others.

Without going into details about his behaviour, I began to feel more and more uneasy around him and, by the end of the 4 days, a little afraid of him…

One of my cases is a young girl from  a South African family. Hein told me that he would not be supervising me in this work, and that the family should not know his name or see his face, as they would know him from South Africa where he had been a member of the ANC.

After this revelation Jacky, Sue and the other witness did some digging and discovered the true nature of their manager.

They then reported their findings to the GSCC. Grosskopf was subsequently suspended and a major investigation was launched. Initially, the women were granted ‘Vulnerable Witness’ status. Despite this, the women were subjected to a 10 month bullying campaign by their managers Marcus Erooga, and Gorden Ratcliffe.

I can confirm that both were subsequently due to be struck off the GSCC social care register. However,10 months into the investigation the women’s Vulnerable witness status was removed and the cases dropped. Grosskopf was reinstated and allowed to read all of the witness statements, meaning he knew exactly what the women had said about him.

The rest is dealt with in ‘Do what son’ so I will not repeat it here. However, the following is what Sue had to say on the matter once that article was released:

This is one hell of a cover up at senior levels within the media, NSPCC and government.

What chance do vulnerable children have in trying to report being abused by high profile predatory paedophiles when they come up against that same “very powerful machine?”
Are we to believe that the NSPCC ‘help lines’ didn’t receive any calls reporting concerns or abuse in relation to Savile over the last several decades?

A lot of well-meaning people donate their cash to the NSPCC and they need to be better informed about this organisation. I notice other serious concerns about the NSPCC being raised on you Facebook page and I wonder if there is some way of collating the concerns and use #NSPCCFAIL on twitter to start it to trend?

Pausing there a minute. A lot of people do donate their cash. This is evidence by the screen print below which was taken by me just an hour or so ago. As you will see the ‘charity’ have had a £486.85 donation given to them by ‘Give a car’.

Give a car’ say donate your car to charity and make use of their free disposal service. Since I have never heard of anyone receiving such a precise amount for the sale of a car, it would appear that someone isn’t being entirely honest. But I digress.

Give a Car then say that, that takes the tally of donations they have given the NSPCC to a total amount of £20,877. So presumably the total was £20390.15 before this new donation… Stop it Spivey.

The NSPCC also urge you to grass on child abusers. If a child is really being abused then by all means report it.  However, you have to shake your head at the mentality of some people. Take for instance the next message down on the print screen taken from the NSPCC’s Facebook page.

Some bird is trying to report a case of child abuse perpetrated by someone stood in a queue next to her. Is she for fucking real? This isn’t a fucking game. She is messing with someone’s life. We all know the social services take kids away at the drop of a hat. I mean, what kind of child abuse can be taking place in a fucking queue of people.

Give me fucking strength, I really feel that I am living in a land of idiotic, brain dead, thoughtless twats. Even if people in the queue had been too spineless to intervene they would surely have called the Police.Not the fucking NSPCC. Worse still, some old slapper replies saying how awful and that she will save the number two… Just in case you understand. What the fuck is going on people? Rant over, back to sue:

Aside from donations, the NSPCC receives government funding for having powers to carry out statutory duties, i.e. statutory child protection investigations. This is quite bizarre as the NSPCC don’t carry out statutory child protection investigations, they simply refer information on to the police and social services and it’s they who carry out the statutory duty i.e. the investigation. It becomes increasingly bizarre at such times of austerity…….. Why does the government pay the NSPCC every year for having the power to be able to do something even though they don’t actually do it, rather they pass it on to the public services that are annually having funding cuts?

Pausing again briefly. Did you get that? The NSPCC “receives government funding for having powers to carry out statutory duties, i.e. statutory child protection investigations. This is quite bizarre as the NSPCC don’t carry out statutory child protection investigations, they simply refer information on to the police and social services and it’s they who carry out the statutory duty i.e. the investigation”.

Once again, I have taken a print screen from the NSPCC FB page to evidence this:

So, like Sue says, in these times of austerity the NSPCC is still receiving your money for a job that they don’t do. A bit like our thieving bastard MP’s then. Back to Sue:


In addition to the above mentioned income the NSPCC also receives the majority share of National Lottery Grant funding.
It’s a given that he who pays the piper calls the tune. So what happens when it’s one of the hands that feed ‘the powerful machine’ implicated in abusing children?

Peter Mandelson is vice chairman of the NSPCC. If it’s right that he was caught purchasing child pornography in 2002 by Operation Ore and was protected by Tony Blair who issued a D notice to protect him from prosecution, then the implications simply beggar belief. Kind of like asking chickens to report any concerns about foxes to ……….. well, the vice chairman of foxes. As a nation do we not have any say in getting these D notices revoked in the interest of the safety and protection of our children?

He was caught doing a lot worse than that Sue. Again, what the fuck is going on here people?

Absolute fucking madness. Right, moving on to the other bits of news that I mentioned earlier. The following is  courtesy of Jane Russell.

1/ The NSPCC, an organisation that alleges to protect children from abuse – but couldn’t spot Britains biggest paedophile, Jimmy Savile, who also championed the cause and gave them lots of big fat cheques? Hmmm really?

2/ SAFF warned the NSPCC about paedophiles in the church back in 1991, but “the NSPCC wouldn’t listen”

3/ Dame Mary Marsh, ex chief exec of the NSPCC is the founding Director of ‘Common purpose’ an organisation that many people allege is ‘cult’ or ‘quasi masonic nexus’.

Okay, turning now to my spat with Tom Watson MP on Twitter last night. I should tell you that I am relatively new to Twitter and do not go on there that much. However, while having a quick butchers last night, I spotted a tweet to some one, from Watson which said something along the lines of  “I didn’t reply to him because he was rude”. Don’t ask me how, but I instinctively knew it was in reference to me. From this point onwards, I will let the print screens do most of the talking.


I think that kinda shows the man up for what he is. He says he has a right to be busy. So how busy was he after I had finished with him? Oh yeah, he was busy making horse meat jokes and getting all outraged. What a fucking false prat that cunt is.

Lets go to war.