Three of the best!


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There can be no doubt, that in David Cameron, George Osborne, and Iain Duncan Smith, the UK has three of the best… Three of the best, piss taking, hypocritical, sanctimonious, corrupt, parasitic, pointless, cunts… Bar none.

Fresh on the heals of my article, ‘Flicking the Bean’, detailing the kind of hypocritical, seedy, thieving, poncing geek, George Osborne is, it appears that his apparently equally obnoxious brother Dr Bean, slipped under my radar.

In 2010, Dr Bean bought a £1million house despite being unemployed.

How can a Doctor be unemployed? I hear you ask.

Quite easy when the Doctor in question is barred by the General Medical Council from working as a doctor for six months after  prescribing unauthorised drugs to four people – two family members, a friend and a cocaine-addicted prostitute he had an affair with. In doing so, he also tried to use a false name.

Hmmm…  Only barred for 6 months?

Is that not a considerable let off?

Shouldn’t there have been a police investigation? Intent to supply and deception are criminal offences are they not?

The following is taken from a possession of drugs website:


Class C

  • Ketamine, some tranquillisers like Temazepam, the supply of anabolic steroids;
  • Maximum penalties: two years in prison and/or a fine for possession, five years prison and/or a fine for possession with intent to supply.

These penalties are given in a Crown Court. In a Magistrates Court, where less serious offences are dealt with, the maximum sentence is six months imprisonment and a £5000 fine. The actual sentence you’re likely to get will also depend on:

  • The drug involved;
  • Any previous criminal record;
  • Your personal circumstances (i.e. being a single parent);
  • The attitude of the presiding magistrate/judge.

Some other drugs are controlled by the Medicines Act. It may not be illegal to possess drugs such as prescription medicines, but supply is still an offence.


Oh! So it is a criminal matter. What about obtaining property by deception?

Yep, that’s a criminal offence too –

So why wasn’t Dr Adam Bean charged?

Who knows? Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with his brother could it? I wonder if one of the two family members Adam Osborne supplied was Charlie George?

Course, I doubt the Coke addicted Whore he supplied was Natalie Rowe. Never the less, the fact that Adam the Arsehole was having an affair with the the Junkie Brass he illegally supplied drugs too whilst he was married, means that him and his seedy, thieving, piss-taking cunt of a sister, George, sound like they are two peas in a pod.

The second article is about the sewer rat, with a head like a left testicle,  Ian Smith… I said the other day that I am sick and fed up of seeing the cunt every time I read the news. Yet he remains akin to a foul smelling fart which continues to linger and get right up your fucking nose.

What has the useless, parasitic, pointless disease done now?

Well, since you ask, it seems that Scrotum Smith is planning on spending fifteen grand on a ‘ha-ha’ wall… To be honest, I best leave Insidious Iain there for now, because I can feel my barely suppressed anger rapidly rising.

For the same reason, I will only briefly outline the third and last article. It seems that the cunt Cameron left his car parked for 3 hours in a 30 minute parking zone. This was on the same day Mr Bean left his brand new top of the range, Range Rover in a disabled parking bay…. Enough said.

Apart from to tell you that; If anyone of those three were within striking distance, I would beat the cunts to within an inch of their fucking lives right now… They have got to go people. I don’t care how. But go they must.

How the trio can even begin to vilify the unemployed when the are the epitome of everything that is wrong with the country, is beyond me.

George Osborne’s unemployed brother buys £1million townhouse

Chancellor George Osborne’s disgraced brother has bought a £1million townhouse – even though he doesn’t have a job.


Chancellor George Osborne’s disgraced brother has bought a £1million townhouse – even though he doesn’t have a job.

Dr Adam Osborne, 34, was barred by the General Medical Council from working as a doctor for six months after he prescribed drugs to four people – two family members, a friend and a cocaine-addicted prostitute he had an affair with.

The financial support of baronet father Sir Peter enabled him to buy the four-storey house in West London.

But while big brother George is making swingeing public service cuts and declaring “we’re all in this together”, his family really are in a class of their own.

Despite not working and having two outstanding mortgages on his £450,000 home in Chorlton, Manchester, Adam is settling into the four-bedroom terraced house, complete with an attic conversion, which cost around 13 times a doctor’s average salary.

Land Registry documents show the property was bought in July for £1,025,000 with the help of his father Sir Peter Osborne who has a multi-million pound fortune as head of the upmarket Osborne & Little £90-a-roll wallpaper firm, which fired 12 per cent of its staff last year. Sir Peter is named on the deeds along with Adam and his Muslim wife Rahala, a plastic surgeon for whom he converted to Islam in order to marry last year.

It is not known how much each party paid for the property, but it is mortgaged with Barclays and the bank is likely to have required a cash deposit of at least 20 per cent or £205,000. The Osbornes would also have been liable for stamp duty of £41,000 – and they have not sold their current home.

Although Dr Osborne is not working – he would normally earn around £80,000 a year – the couple could still get a mortgage of about £400,000.

So it appears likely that Sir Peter’s millions – which are kept in a tax-effective family trust – have been used to either put down a deposit of £500,000-plus, or to guarantee mortgage payments.

Dr Osborne resigned as a trainee psychiatrist at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester in May 2008 after he was accused of prescribing drugs to the prostitute and trying to use a false name.

He was later dismissed for gross misconduct. He was banned from practice but went on to work at the John Howard Centre in Hackney, East London, under strict supervision.

He was brought before the GMC in February and admitted prescribing drugs to a girlfriend, two family members and a friend.

He admitted an affair with the prostitute and falsifying information on her prescriptions. He blamed his behaviour on “considerable pressure on his public and personal life” and was found guilty of serious misconduct. He was accused of being “misleading” and “dishonest”.

Dr Osborne married Bangladeshi-born Rahala Noor, 31, in November.

The couple are thought to spend much of their time apart – Dr Osborne lives in London while his wife is based at the Royal Preston Hospital in Lancashire.

Dr Osborne had his work ban lifted on Friday after telling the GMC he had been on a “personal journey” since the scandal. A GMC panel said: “Over the last two years you have grown up a lot and taken responsibility for your actions.” They felt he was unlikely to repeat the behaviour.


The family’s wealth comes from an upmarket wallpaper firm set up Sir Peter Osborne in 1967. Osborne & Little – which sells paper for up to £90 a roll – is today worth around £20million. According to the Parliamentary register of interests, George benefits from a trust fund with a 15 per cent stake in the firm, worth around £3million. It is not known what Adam’s situation is. Sir Peter is the 17th baronet of Ballentaylor and Ballylemon in Ireland. As eldest son, George will inherit the title.


Iain Duncan Smith splashing out £15,000 on a “ha-ha” wall

The Work and Pensions ­Secretary has won planning ­approval for the wall in the grounds of the ­£2million ­mansion he shares with wife Betsy Cottesloe

Iain Duncan Smith


Iain Duncan Smith’s boast that he could live on £53 a week was seen as laughable… and now the rich Tory MP is splashing out £15,000 on a “ha-ha” wall.

The Work and Pensions ­Secretary, challenged by ­critics of his welfare reforms to live on the same ­money as the people hit by his changes, has won planning ­approval for the wall in the grounds of the ­£2million ­mansion he shares with wife Betsy Cottesloe.

Ha-ha walls are built in ditches so they keep out livestock but don’t ruin the view.

The project will involve reconstructing and extending a garden wall in the grounds of the house, building it in a brickwork style which one landscape gardener said could cost as much as £15,000.

Ha-ha walls were popular among the landed gentry in the 17th and 18th Centuries. Mr Duncan Smith’s will act as a barrier between the ­domestic garden and a grazing paddock on the Buckinghamshire estate he calls home. Details of the scheme can be revealed as the future of his flagship plan to merge a range of jobseekers’ benefits into the new universal credit remains in doubt.

Critics believe the system is doomed as costs spiral. It could now be axed after a series of rows over whether it will work.

A ­senior ­Labour source said: “Iain Duncan Smith’s plans to renovate his gardens show where his ­priorities are. It may be a ha-ha wall, but the joke is on us.”

The cabinet minister lives rent-free in the mansion at Swanbourne after he was ­allowed to move in by the previous owner, his father-in-law Baron Cottesloe.

In 2005 ownership of the home was passed over to a company run by Duncan Smith’s brother-in-law Thomas Cottesloe, Betsy’s cousin Richard Brooks and Paul Knocker, a millionaire friend of the Baron. The MP and his wife were allowed to stay on without having to pay rent or mortgage. According to the plans, Mr Duncan Smith wants to extend the ­45-metre wall by 16 metres.

He has already been granted permission for the scheme by the Conservative-run ­Aylesbury ­Council.

A council report on the plans said: “The proposed brick replacement wall will be a great improvement upon the setting of the listed ­building.”

The mansion is thought to have five bedrooms, a pool and tennis courts. Bought by the Cottesloe family in 1798, it has been passed down the ­generations.

Mr Duncan Smith married his wife in 1982 and was first given use of the home in 2001.

He claimed during a BBC ­interview on Monday that he would be able to live on £53 a week “if he had to”. A petition was later set up challenging him to back up his claims. It now has more than 445,000 signatures.

David Cameron causes outrage by parking for three hours in 30-minute spot

The PM’s chauffeur-driven Jag was spotted in the restricted zone on the same day that Chancellor George Osborne was exposed for parking in a disabled bay

 The PM returns to his car after parking regulations were broken

The sign clearly states that parking is for 30 minutes only… but David Cameron’s car remained there for almost THREE HOURS.

The PM’s chauffeur-driven Jaguar was spotted in the restricted zone on the very same day that his gaffe-prone Chancellor George Osborne was exposed for parking in a disabled bay.

Last night Labour’s vice-chairman Michael Dugher said: “Yet again with Cameron and ­Osborne it’s a case of one rule for them and one rule for everyone else.”

Mr Cameron’s vehicle was in the space for six times the permitted period while he was at his local constituency office in Witney, Oxfordshire, on Friday.

An bystander noticed that the Jaguar, and a Land Rover Discovery used by the PM’s security team, parked up just after 2pm.

He said it wasn’t until nearly three hours later that they drove off when Mr Cameron left his office at around 4.45pm. “Today of all days I just couldn’t believe it,” he said. “After what happened with George Osborne you would have thought parking ­properly would have been a priority.”

The cars were left just yards from a conspicuous sign saying: “Mon-Sat, 8am-6pm, 30 minutes. No return within one hour.”

Among the visitors to the PM’s office while he was there was Oxfordshire County Council deputy leader Rodney Rose, whose brief includes looking after transport issues.

Motorists who breach parking regulations in Witney face fines of up to £100, reduced to £50 if they pay up within a given time.

Parking sign



One eyewitness said: “I’ve actually had a ticket for parking for more than 30 minutes in this zone. I know how heavily it’s policed. Witney is ­normally ­patrolled by loads of parking attendants but none were in evidence today, not one.”

The eyewitness revealed how the PM and his ­entourage could have parked in a nearby car park where vehicles can be left free of charge for up to five hours.

The blunder happened on the same day that it emerged Mr Osborne’s chauffeur-driven Land Rover was parked in a disabled bay at a motorway service station off the M4 in Gwent while he popped in to buy a McDonalds takeaway.

His carelessness was exposed by our sister paper, The Daily Mirror.

A Whitehall source yesterday defended the decision of Mr Cameron’s team to overstay at the restricted parking spaces.

“There are legitimate security concerns when it comes to where the PM’s vehicles are parked,” the source said.