This Day In History: Clayton’s Day.


Christopher Spivey

 If you hear the song I sing
You will understand
You hold the key to love and fear
All in your trembling hand
Just one key unlocks them both
It’s there at you command


This article is a follow on from my article: Proof of the Social Services insidious agenda to steal Clayton Spivey

It is however a lot more explosive and quite complicated to follow in parts. Never the less, do not let that put you off because this is an important article and with that being the case, I have written it in such a way so as that nobody will be left scratching their head.

Therefore I will apologise in advance to those with the sponge like brain capacity to quickly soak up facts, since the more complicated areas may come over to you as being a bit repetitive, but necessary in order for everyone to understand … After all, we can’t all be clever fuckers.

Now in this article I will prove to you that the reason for that “hidden file” being planted on my computers was not done to discredit me, but done for the sole purpose of snatching Clayton from his loving home in order to destroy me.

Following that, I am going to give you some examples of exactly what the evil Social Services are capable of doing. Course, you can read those examples at your leisure, because I then  come to the really important part – the part that proves beyond doubt that the police and Social Services colluded to snatch Clayton.

Now, I am fairly sure that Clay is now safe, albeit we are talking about the scum of the earth here who will use any trick in the book to achieve their goal.

Never the less, this child stealing HAS TO STOP AND WE CAN STOP IT TODAY… Yes you read that right. If you want to put an end to this madness the process can start after you have read what I need you to do at the end of this article.

However, first off there is a correction to be made to that above mentioned article, in which I believed that I had posted proof that the assessment being conducted by the SS (social Services) in regard to my grandson, Clayton had begun on the 30th of July, having got it into my head that I was arrested on the 31st of July 2014.

And with the 31st of July firmly lodged in my brain, I then went on to query how the referral made by the corrupt Essex police to the SS – which was blatantly malicious and subsequently proved to be as much – was submitted on information that could not possibly have been known until the plod had illegally forced entry into my home after nicking me.

Unfortunately, as I say, I got my dates in a right mucking fuddle, which came about having also got it lodged into my brain that the, shhh “secret hidden file”, which led to my 2nd arrest, was allegedly *aherm, aherm, uploaded onto my stolen computers on the 30th of July at around 3:30 AM – which coincidence of coincidences was – or so I believed – EXACTLY 24 hours prior to three of the 4 arresting Robo-thugs doing Dog knows what for 90 minutes in my front room.

And whatever they were doing in my front room, they certainly were not searching it that is for sure. I mean, that much is blatantly obvious by the way that they failed to find what would have been potential evidence as far as they would have been concerned, despite none of it being hidden.

However, it has since been pointed out to me that I was arrested the first time on the 30th of July and not the 31st, which was indeed the case – when I double checked myself only to discover that the “hidden file” had been uploaded planted at 3:30 AM on the 29th of July… But to my credit, at least I knew that the “hidden file” had been planted 24 hours previous to my arrest… C’mon, I need to salvage something don’t I!

Never the less, the fact that the SS were informed on the very same day of my arrest is still highly suspect bearing in mind that they are supposedly stretched to their limits – staff and budget wise – yet the colluding clots certainly jumped into action quickly enough, especially when you consider that I was only arrested on SUSPICION of harassment over the social media – In other words, a misdemeanor.

Yet the ‘very quick, off the mark’ plod referral, having been made to the equally ‘very quick to react SS’, which is evidenced in Picture 1 (below) which shows that the child stealers immediately opened an ‘Assessment’ on Clayton – which included identifying & contacting our family doctors (see picture 1) – and as such, kinda makes you wonder why the Social Worker Nicole Miles wanted Stacey to sign a consent form 3 months down the line – allowing her to have a gander at Stacey & Clayton’s medical files… Which consent was obviously never given for.

Picture 1


Not only does this photo prove that an initial assessment began on the very same day as my first arrest, the opening information that this photo also contains is extremely confusing, misleading and untrue, since the information clearly states that the referral relates to “allegations” of possession of “indecent images” which relates to “Chris”, yet the raised concerns relate to the fact that Clayton lives with his “Grandfather”. And it is fair to say that nowhere in the passage are “Chris” and the “Grandfather” linked as being one of the same person. Moreover, in such an official, important document, I should be referred to as being Mr Spivey. Nicole Miles neither knows me well enough or friendly enough to call me “Chris”. Furthermore, what “allegations” is Miles referring to, because as far as I am aware there are no “allegations ” in regard to the “indecent images” – unless of course Miles knows that I am going to be charged over the “indecent images” found on my PC, which if she does, she contradicts herself later on in the report and she knows a lot more than me. If she doesn’t then there are NO “allegations” of me possessing the indecent images.

And all done on the very same day as my arrest, supposedly on the basis of a totally malicious & vindictive referral without foundation or evidence – which was subsequently later proven .

Moreover, that malicious, totally fabricated police referral consisted of three allegations that even if they had all been true were – in reality – fuck all to do with the SS anyway.

Now, whilst I was mulling over the fact that I was a day out on the date of my first arrest – I fucking hate to make mistakes even if it is just getting the date wrong – I suddenly had a eureka moment which led me to the answer as to why the plod wanted my computers so badly that they were prepared to break multiple laws in order to get them.

Moreover, that same moment of clarity also answered the question as to why the SS were so quick of the mark to start an ‘assessment’, given mind to what I have just written about the fabricated old fanny.

After all, the SS must have been making themselves busy that day, long before I was even let out of Southend ‘nick’ at 6:28 PM.

And the answer to those two questions has just as wider ranging implications as what – had I been correct of course – the SS starting their assessment on Clayton on the day before I was even arrested would have had – indeed maybe even more so.

You see, it is now blatantly obvious that the allegation of suspicion of harassment – a  logical impossibility to prove with no contributing evidence to arrest the suspect on – that I was arrested for without arrest or search warrant, at 1:30AM in the morning (a totally unacceptable time which contravenes all police guidelines on carrying out house searches), refers to the alleged harassment being committed over social media i.e Facebook – although no cunt has of yet informed Muggins here of that fact.

Never the less, that is what the plod confirmed to the press as being the reason for my kidnap arrest:

“An Essex Police spokesman said: “A 31-year-old man from Rochford was arrested by Essex Police on suspicion of harassment in the early hours of Wednesday, July 30.

“He is at Southend police station helping officers with their enquires.

“The arrest relates to an allegation of harassment via social media, which has been referred to Essex Police by Greater Manchester Police.”

Neither force would confirm nor deny suggestions the alleged harassment could be connected to Fusilier Rigby’s mother Lyn Rigby and step dad Ian Rigby. Both still live in Middleton. Source: Southend Echo

You will note that is a direct quote from the police.

Now, that allegation in turn then begs the question as to why – after over 4 months – the wholly corrupt Thugs in Blue are still not done investigating a case of suspected harassment over the Social Media; a crime that Nicole Miles told me herself that her and her cronies would not normally be involved with.

After all, the half-witted, snout faced thugs must have already been told exactly what the offending comments were, which had to have amounted to harassment or else they could not legally arrest me – although the corrupt coppers went down the illegal route anyway.

Therefore, the fact that Detective Constables Dumb & Dumber from the Essex Police’s elite RCS Division (Really Clever Squad), who interviewed me on the THIRTIETH of July, didn’t show me any such comments and neither was I ordered to remove any items whatsoever from my Facebook page – or even this site for that matter, although it doesn’t fall under the terms of social media.

Moreover, had the plod ordered me to remove something that could of maybe been construed as harassment and I hadn’t done, I would then be guilty of sustained harassment.

Therefore, logic dictates that neither the Gtr Manchester Police (who apparently made the request to have me arrested) nor the Essex Robo-thugs can have had ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE with which to nick me for – thus making my arrest totally illegal, whilst logically thinking, with that being the case then the Police would also not have had any justifiable reason whatsoever to steal my computers either… That is to say the corrupt bastards had NO legitimate reason to steal my computers.

I mean, we might be fast coming a Police State but as it stands at the moment, they cannot arrest you and then steal your computers to look for evidence of you committing a crime that they had no evidence of you committing in order to arrest you in the first place… Geddit?

And indeed, I would imagine that there are not many computers about in this country that the plod could examine and not find something illegal on… Which could of course be anything from having illegal software attached to downloading a pirate copy of the latest blockbuster.

The point is, the plod – corrupt as they are – cannot just arrest a person on suspicion of a crime that they have no evidence to suggest your possible guilt for, just so as they can confiscate your computers just so as they can have a look and see if you have committed any crimes… Yet that is exactly what the corrupt arseholes have done to me… In fact, they even went one better and planted their own illegal content on there.

Now, whilst I am sure that I don’t need to over explain the illegalities in the plod’s actions to you more than I already have, I will do anyway in case we get a few proper thick fuckers popping in for a read… Such as the uneducated, law-breaking, morons working out of Southend Central Pig-Pen for instance… Evening half-wits… I’m coming for you real soon, I promise you that.

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock… Just sayin’.

But anyway, the up-shot is that the plod squad cannot just arrest any Tom, Dick and Spivey whenever they feel like it… Here, have a Butcher’s Hook at the following:

2.1 A lawful arrest requires two elements:
A person’s involvement or suspected involvement or attempted involvement
in the commission of a criminal offence;
Reasonable grounds for
that the person’s arrest is necessary.
both elements must be satisfied, and
it can never be necessary to arrest a person unless there are reasonable
grounds to suspect them of committing an offence.

Now, in regard to the 1st criteria; there was no evidence whatsoever presented to me either when I was arrested or later down at the Pig-pen. And like I have just said, neither was I told to remove anything off the internet, and likewise, nothing was forcibly removed for me either… Carry on Law Book:

2.3A There must be some reasonable, objective grounds for the suspicion, based
on known facts and information which are relevant to the likelihood the offence has been committed and the person liable to arrest committed it.

“There ain’t, there ain’t Gavnar, onest there ain’t”… Fuck me, I came over all Cockney there.

Furthermore, nearly four & a half month has gone by since my first arrest and I have had my bail extended twice, yet not once have I been questioned again since leaving the ‘nick at 6:28 PM on the 30th of July for the misdemeanor of Suspicion of harassment… And despite my bollox bail conditions, I have just carried on writing in exactly the same way and style as I have been doing ever since I wrote my first article on the subject way back in May 2013.

So, the plod were bleedin’ quick to arrest me, without warrant for a misdemeanor, but they haven’t been in a hurry to get me into court… Not that they ever will either since any *aherm, aherm evidence of any crime whatsoever found on my computers, even if they found out that I had photos of a headless corpse that I had just murdered on there, would be inadmissible in court BECAUSE THEY ILLEGALLY STOLE THE BLEEDIN’ THINGS.

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.

Therefore, apart from my accusers no one has actually told me that either – based on the evidence of Ere he’s harassed me he as”, which really doesn’t  count, there were absolutely no grounds for arresting me… As I have been telling anyone who will listen for the past 4 months or so.

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.

And in regard to the second criteria needed to arrest a mush – both of which have to be met for a plodman to nick someone in the first place – there has to be: “Reasonable grounds for believing that the person’s arrest is necessary”.

But that simply doesn’t apply to me either, since it would have been more practical given the crime to ask me to attend the police station at an agreed time… Even if the plod had a mountain of evidence as opposed to not a fucking dickie bird.

Yet I wasn’t given this option although it must be on my police files that I have attended the Pig-pen by appointment in the past.

And now take a look at this:

The arresting officer has a DUTY to make sure that there are reasonable grounds to suspect a person of committing the offence that he/she is being arrested for. AN ORDER FROM SENIOR OFFICERS IS NOT CONSIDERED TO BE REASONABLE GROUNDS IN LAW.

Or put another way, an Officer of the law who arrests someone without just cause has committed a criminal offence… Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.

And it even gets better. You see, when you arrive at the Pig-pen, the Custody Sergeant also has to have reasonable grounds to suspect that the suspect has committed the crime he has been arrested for, in order to legally authorise that persons detention.

Yet to simply accept the arresting officers word for it is not considered in law to be reasonable suspicion and TO DETAIN THAT PERSON WITHOUT REASONABLE CAUSE IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE… Tick-Fucking-Tock.

However, for a greater, more detailed understanding of the laws governing arrest, Click HERE

And at the end of the day, the uniformed gangsters did not need my PC’s to gain access to my Facebook because as I say: logic dictates that the offending comment or comments must have already been published in the first place for my accusers to have been able to make the complaint to the Mank Plod… Unless of course they are fucking psychic and as such felt harassed by comments that despite me not having even thought of writing, I will subsequently write them at some point in the future.

Moreover, Facebook does not tolerate harassment, so all that was needed was for the aggrieved to report them to the Social Media Website, whom would in turn have removed the offending comments… Had the Facebook moderator considered the comments to be tantamount to harassment of course.

And since that course of action would have been the logical route to follow for anyone being harassed, there would then have been no need for the plod to be involved in the first fucking place let alone having to illegally arrest me and steal my PC’s. Unless of course the perpetrator – me – continued to do so.

Yet the fact remains that nothing at all of mine has been removed by Facebook – that is to say except a photo of Willie ‘the dick’ Hague with a penis on top of his head, which I never uploaded anyway and in any event, that photo could not have been construed as harassing anyone but Willie… Therefore, there could not have been anything on my page that Facebook considered to amount to harassment, thus I cannot possibly be a repeat offender either.

Moreover, and as I keep saying, neither did the Bogeys tell me to remove anything at all from anywhere, let alone Facebook after my arrest and as such I could not possibly have been harassing any cunt at all could I?

Therefore, if you think about it logically the Plod cannot have had any evidence whatsoever of harassment when they arrested me, which makes the Chief Constable of Essex  and his counterpart at the Greater Manchester Police along with the 4 Robo-thugs who arrested me and searched my home, and not forgetting the crooked Custody Sergeant, as well as DC’s Dumb & Dumber,are all guilty of one or more of the following crimes:

  • Assault
  • Kidnap
  • Forced entry
  • Breaking & entry
  • Trespassing on my property
  • Theft of various items including my two PC’s
  • And ironically, harassment, fear stress and alarm

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.

And of course, what with having fuck all evidence on me, I would imagine that is why the Robo-thugs had no search or arrest warrants.

After all, NO MAGISTRATE in the land is going to grant the police an arrest and/or search warrant when they cannot come up with one shred of evidence to suggest that a crime has been committed – even more so when that crime is a misdemeanor.

So, devoid of evidence, justification and warrants, THE ONLY POSSIBLE REASON for my illegal arrest was so as the corrupt cunts could steal my computers… Now bear with me here, because this is good.

You see, having nicked the tools of my trade, the Nonce Protectors AKA the Essex Police then immediately contacted the Nonce Suppliers AKA, the Essex Social Services – and more suspiciously, far too quickly as far as I can see – in order for the half-witted bullies to report their fabricated allegations to the compliant, inept, amateurish, useful idiots at the kiddie stealing department.

And as you know, that completely fabricated Robo-thug referral that the contemptible SS should have instantly dismissed, consisted of Stacey’s bedroom being messy – which it would have been since all of the following apply:

  •  It is a very small bedroom with a bed and a cot in it
  • The room contains both Stacey’s & Clays clothes along with their personal belongings (including Clayton’s toys, nappies, changing mat and pushchair), which were all stored neatly enough until the sadistic criminal, unforgivable, aggressive scum-thugs messed the fucking room up with their finger tip search… After all, you simply would not be able to operate in a room that size if it was not normally kept tidy.
  • In the scum-thugs defence, Stacey’s clothes that she wore on the day before they made their gross invasion of privacy, may well have been laying untidily on the floor. But then again, since it was 1:30AM in the morning when the four shit stains on society knocked very loudly on my front door, both Stacey & Clayton were fast asleep in bed, which kinda justifies the outfit being on the floor don’t cha think? I mean, you don’t expect four dribbling idiots to rudely walk in and start rummaging through your knicker draw at half past fucking one in the bastard morning… TICK FUCKING TOCK YOU SMEG INFESTED ANIMALS.

And then there is Clays “Dirty cot sheet” that was clean on the day before, although fuck knows how the crooked puss filled pratty plod – who were obviously sponsored by Persil – could make out what kind of state Clay’s bottom sheet was in – what with Clay laying under a multi-coloured blanket, with his head laid on a matching multi-coloured pillow case whilst his big teddy was asleep down the other fucking end.

And especially with the cot not being situated under the 40 watt light-bulb, which casts gloomy shadows everywhere especially with the amount of thug coppers rummaging around on their hands and knees.

Nevertheless, I don’t see the useless twat Nicole Miles hurrying around to the disgusting , stinking arsed Robo-thugs homes with her assessment sheet although she fucking ought to have had, because any shit stain on society who has so little disregard for a sleeping baby and the property & privacy of a person’s home, must fuck their own kids up the arse at least twice a day… Paedophile protecting scum cunts… Yes and you too Miles.

Fuck me, just writing about these cunts makes my blood fucking boil…Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.

As for the Robo-thug’s 3rd gripe to round of their fabricated oral evidence was that charge that I was smoking in the bedroom… Which Indeed I was… Whilst stood at the big wide open window (it is very warm at the end of July), which just so happened to be the only place that I could smoke because I was being illegally held prisoner in there, by a gormless, stinking mug-thug, ginger monkey – dressed in almost full riot gear – who had invited himself into my home in the middle of the night… I will not rest until every single one of those involved are at the very least on the dole.

You see, NOT ONE of those reasons – even had they been true – merited SS involvement in the first place, and in the event were later found to be entirely without foundation, apart from the smoking which, although true; as a general rule, I don’t make a habit of spending any time at all in Stacey & Clayton’s bedroom, let alone the 2 hours that I was held prisoner in there by ginger pubes… However there is NO LAW whatsoever in this country governing where you can and can’t smoke in your own home.

So why had the financially hard pressed, vastly understaffed SS sprung into immediate action as soon as the Robo- plods had got back to their pig pen, with their stolen goods, which were not relevant to the suspected offence that I had been illegally & unlawfully arrested for, given that the trivial allegations making up the plod referral certainly did not warrant such a prompt response from the SS – yet was nevertheless acted upon BEFORE I HAD even been released from the nick (6:28PM).

After all, I am absolutely fucking positive that there are other, substantially more pressing and vastly more important cases of horrific abuse taking place, than a baby asleep on an alleged dirty cot sheet, for the power-crazed, crazed-harridans employed by Castle Point Council Social Services to attend to.

So why, given the budget cuts and staff shortages are the dysfunctional SS & Essex Plodladites (evidenced below) spending their scant resources and manpower persecuting innocent people:

Paul Fallon, chairman of Essex Safeguarding Children Board (ESCB), was speaking just weeks after Ofsted labelled Essex County Council’s protection of youngsters as ‘‘inadequate’’.

Despite this, inspectors said ‘‘significant progress’’ had been made in improving the safeguarding of services in Essex since November last year.

Mr Fallon, referring to Government cuts set to be announced today, said: “It’s a very difficult and testing time for everybody at the moment. With the best will in the world it does require some degree of resource to keep children safe. Source

And if proof were needed that the financially hard pressed SS are not spending their allocated annual budget where they should be, have a butchers at this:

A DEVASTATED mother says social services are failing her family by refusing extra care to help her look after her disabled son and husband as her own health deteriorates.

Daniella Modos-Cutter, who is herself disabled, cares for her three-year-old son Aiden who has autism, hyper mobility problems and suffers from seizures and her husband Conrad who also suffers seizures and has learning difficulties. Source

Anger after plea for extra help for disabled family is rejected

Photo: The Modos-Cutter family… Their case is far from unique as the corrupt SS continue to misappropriate public funds by hounding innocent parents.

And then there is this horrific case involving my own Essex Social Services:

Four siblings who were sexually abused by their father and uncle have received what is believed to be a record £1m in damages from a social work department that failed to protect them as children.

Lawyers say the landmark payout, which came after a 10-year legal battle, could open the way for a “hidden army” of abused children to sue over failings in their care. The “absolutely shocking” case involved a catalogue of errors by Essex county council, which failed to protect the children for seven years after it first discovered that the father had a previous conviction for indecently assaulting his children. Source

And one that involves the same SS department who are actively looking for a reason to snatch Clayton:

A NEWBORN baby was left in the care of his homeless, alcoholic mother, following a catalogue of failings by health and social services.

A serious case review into the death of the child, known only as Baby Robert, revealed the blunders by agencies involved in his care.

It found the child’s mother was not automatically referred to social services, despite having a history of personal problems.

Baby Robert was just 34 days old when he died in Southend in 2009.

His lifeless body was found in bed with his mother, who had “consumed a large amount of alcohol the night before his death”.

The review into the Southend case concluded the mother was known to social services, having been in and out of care herself. She had a history of alcohol abuse, self-harm, multiple pregnancies, terminations and criminal convictions. Source

Yet the very same SS department involved in the above are waging a campaign of harassment and persecution against my daughter and grandson, whom neither have anything to do with my arrests – both of which were blatantly illegal & unlawful and both blatantly carried out on trumped up charges.

I mean, disregarding the fact that Stacey & Clayton are being deliberately & systematically targeted by the SS, Stacey has never been in trouble with the police in her life. Neither has she ever had a social worker or needed assessing for mental health issues.

Lets face it.

From this point onwards, Stacey has been in my SOLE care (coming up 19 years now)… Yet the corrupt and hugely incompetent Nicole Miles has me marked down as being a very real danger to Clayton!

Indeed, the quality of Essex Social Workers is at best dire and I include both Miles & her Manager Julie Robinson in that number… Fuck me, you only need have a quick butchers at their assessment – which I am shortly about to create Mary Hell over – to see that fact.

Take the following two ESSEX Social Workers for example, both of whom were up in front of the HCPC in the past two months alone.

And by Essex Social Workers I do not mean Social Workers born & bred in Essex, I mean Social Workers who work – or in one of the cases, did work for Essex Social Services:

  • Christine Santry, investigated by the HCPC and unbelievably only CAUTIONED for gross misconduct on 01/10/2014 Source
  • Gloria Elaine Foster, struck of the HCPC register for gross misconduct in November 2014 Source


Indeed, Essex Social Services have been continually singled out for their woeful performance many, many times over the past 10 years, all of which has been justified and evidenced – often resulting in senior management being relieved of their duties:

We believe, as a result of the seriously adverse publicity Essex County Council has received, and the documented evidence in Jack Frost’ book the “Gulag of the Family Court” we are pleased to state the following;

Liz Railton, former Director of Childrens Services for Essex County Council is no longer working for the local authority.

Head of Childrens Services for Essex County Council, Nicky Pace, is no longer working in the County.

Marcus Johnson, Service Locality Manager for Central Essex, (whom we know was in charge of many of the cases mentioned in the media) has been moved to Service Manager Residential Units. Sadly he is still in Essex but at least in this role he can do far less damage to families lives. Source

And with that in mind, let’s return to my stitch up by the Essex Plod & SS, as it is now crystal clear to me that the plod needed to gain access to my computers for the sole purpose of planting that “hidden file” containing photos of little boys having sex – which they probably did in the privacy of my front room, which would explain why 3 of the robo-thugs spent at least 90 minutes in here basically just unplugging 2 computers, whilst back at the ranch, Ginger Goon stood guard at Stacey’s bedroom door, preventing us from witnessing the search.

However, to do that, the Senior Robo-thugs needed a trumped up charge in order to arrest me and then search my property, after which the now incriminating, compromised PC’s were stolen – hence they came at 1:30 PM when I wouldn’t expect them to come and they would expect me to be asleep and as such, drowsy and unthinking when I answered the door thus allowing the snide cunts to take me by surprise whilst at my most vulnerable… With the added benefit of there being no nosy neighbours around to piss on their parade.

After all, quite obviously, the plod did not turn up mob handed, in riot gear at 1:30 AM in the  hope that I would invite them into search and seize my computers… Indeed, if I had of done, it would have fucked them right up because the cunts needed to plant the file out of the way of mine or Stacey’s prying eyes.

That way, when the unsuspecting plod tech-guy found the “hidden file”, he would be able to unwittingly vouch for the fact that the computers had not been tampered with whilst at the Pig-pen.

However, the plod had a problem… I hadn’t committed any crime and as such, they needed one that would be thought of as being plausible by the mind-controlled general public.

I mean, it isn’t as if they could arrest me for murder, or rape – far too much would have been left to chance by doing so – and with the corrupt cunts not having so much as a shred of evidence for the harassment charge, they certainly were not going to be able to do so on a murder charge… Besides, the crime had to be one where they had a half legitimate case for stealing my computers.

I sound a bit like Columbo now don’t I?

After all, having gained access to my computers in order to covertly plant the “hidden file” they obviously had to take them away there and then, as they could hardly come and nick me again a few weeks or months down the line… Understand?

I mean, arresting me the first time was both an illegal & unlawful act with potentially serious implications, so they were not going to do it twice.

This would also explain why the 4 thugs did not so much as step foot in the bathroom, kitchen, hallway cupboard or MY BEDROOM once they had finished their ‘search’ of the living room… The fingertip search of Stacey & Clays bedroom was obviously carried out to:

  1. Add legitimacy to the scenario
  2. Wind me up in the hope that I would react, giving them an opportunity to kick the shit out of me and get me off the property.

And for those of you who do not believe that the corrupt plod would plant child porn on someone’s computer in order to frame them, then I should tell you that not only do they do so, but they even do it to their own when they step out of line.

And likewise, Social Workers do steal children from loving parents who have done absolutely fuck all to deserve it – on an alarmingly frequent basis:

When Carol Howard, the former poster girl for the Metropolitan Police, took her employers to an employment tribunal, the verdict was huge embarrassment to the pre-eminent force in the land.

The Met was found to have subjected her to an orchestrated campaign of ‘malicious, vindictive and spiteful actions’, which effectively derailed a glittering 13-year career.

Just how malicious and vindictive, however, she has only now revealed. Because, in a new legal action, 35-year-old Miss Howard says her employers not only discriminated against her, but accused her of crimes – including possession of an indecent image of a child – she had not committed to silence and discredit her. Source

Carol Howard leaves an employment tribunal.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Photograph: Rex

Photo: Carol Howard

And then there is this damming evidence:

Judges and social workers have been conspiring to remove children unjustly from their parents, a scathing High Court ruling said today.

It condemned family court judges for a ‘clandestine arrangement’ which meant that they simply rubber-stamped the demands of social workers without giving a fair hearing to the pleas of parents.

Rulings by family judges were ‘cut and pasted’ from recommendations emailed to the court by social workers, the High Court found. Source

Want more? Because I can keep going all night:

A social worker who accused an innocent father of abusing his daughter has claimed the police put pressure on her to stand by the lie.

Suzi Smith has admitted falsely accusing Jonathan Coupland, 53, of attacking his six-year-old child in an official custody case note – which led to him being handcuffed in front of neighbours and thrown into a cell. Source

Indeed, these insane dregs of society take huge delight in stealing children and in abhorrently doing so condemn those poor children to a life of misery, torture and sexual abuse… Or put another way, the mental cunts masquerading as Social Workers deliberately ruin the lives of those innocent children and in doing so, subject their loving parents to life long heartbreak:

A social worker gloated about having three children taken into care on her publicly accessible Facebook page.

Siobhan Condon, 41, bragged about the power she felt at breaking up the family and revelled in the judge giving the parents a ‘massive rollicking’.

She even referred to the solicitor in the case complimenting her ‘fine nails and shoes’ before saying she was about to ‘do the mammoth grim task’ of removing the youngsters from their home and signing off with three kisses. Source


Photo: Siobhan Condon

And for doing that, these sub-humans must be severely punished.

Remember, it was less than 70 years ago that many women working in the Nazi concentration camps were executed for crimes against humanity and as far as I can see there is no difference in mentality between them and Common Purpose trained scum, thinly disguised as Social Workers:

Photo: Female concentration camp guards get their just deserts.

Neither should you think that Concentration Camps and Foster Care are two entirely different kettles of fish… You see, the vast majority of nonce’s work in jobs that bring them into regular contact with kids and there is no doubt about the fact that a disproportionate number of children who are ‘involved’ in accidents – broken bones, bruising, burns etc – and worse still end up dead, live in Foster Homes:

Children that have died from Social Services thunderously incompetent Failures
Social services failures are so regular it is a daily occurrence and children do die and they will continue dying because social workers, the police, the government and people like the NSPCC do not listen and are often part of the failures despite having millions of pounds to protect children. Source

Neither is it just healthy children who are snatched.

You see, as uncomfortable to talk about and horrific as it is, these sick, sick, monsters who operate throughout all levels of government and positions of authority & trust, have a significant number of sadistic, warped inhumane sub-humans who have a penchant for torturing, raping and murdering disabled children.

And of course child stealing is very good for the “money-go-round” meaning other poor little souls, needlessly ripped from their loving families are placed with foster parents who are only interested in the not inconsiderable financial rewards, leading to foster children ending up dead through neglect – a crime every bit as abhorrent as those little girls and boys in Local Authority care who are sexually abused – or more often than not, grow up lost & dysfunctional.

Take the case of Jonas for example:

Jonas was placed in temporary foster care 7 months later he died, through what is so obviously neglect by foster carer and social services but no investigation has taken place and it has been decided there wont be any investigation. How can this be right a child has died in local authority care. We as parents are standing behind this family and on behalf of them we are asking for a full independent inquiry into jonas ‘s treatment which led to his death  Source

RIP my little friend, your murder will not be allowed to be forgotten about. You shall have justice. You have my word on that.

Indeed, I wrote about little Jonas myself in December last year (see HERE) and as coincidence would have it, I was contacted by Jonas’s parents via Twitter, on the 5th of this month – according to Gallows who runs my Twitter account – with a view to meeting up in the near future in order for me to tell their story… Indeed an appalling not to mention devastatingly heartbreaking story that needs to be given as much publicity as possible… What those cunt foster carers did to that poor boy upsets me every single time I think about it, and if I do get the privilege of writing up the full story, I can promise that I will get justice for Jonas – or die trying.

And if nothing else, my word is my bond.

Indeed, for the sake of humanity these monsters in government, the judiciary, the social services and the police have got to be stopped – stopped now – and given a taste of their own medicine.

We will leave that there… For now.

And as I say, no one is off limits when it comes to innocent people being stitched up as far as the security services, police and social services are concerned… Indeed, the fact that two of them both share their initials with the Nazi SS, is foreboding, if nothing else.

Yet not even judges are safe from their mischief making:

Ex Judge: ‘Secret Service framed me over child porn’

Michael Shrimpton, an outspoken critic of foreign affairs who advised Chilean dictator General Pinochet, said officers switched the memory stick, which also contained a book he was writing on German intelligence practices, Source

Michael Shrimpton on the USS Enterprise in 2006

Photo: Judge Michael Shrimpton

Indeed, all you need do is type into Google something along the lines of “police planted evidence on my computers”, to bring up page after page after page on the subject.

And if you still do not believe your eyes, just ask yourself why there are firms of solicitors who specialise in cases where the wholly corrupt pea-brained police have planted evidence on computers… Chris Saltrese for instance (see HERE)

Indeed, doctors and nurses are very often also linked to this ‘child trafficking’ and make no mistake, that is exactly what it is:

A leading psychiatrist faces extraordinary claims he deliberately misdiagnosed parents with mental disorders – decisions which meant their children were taken away from them.

Dr George Hibbert faces being struck off over his conclusions that hundreds had ‘personality disorders’ after assessing them at his private family centre.

He was paid hundreds of thousands of pounds by social services for the reports which tore children from their parents – many of them young mothers.

He is now being investigated over shocking suggestions he distorted the assessments to fit the view of social services.

In one case, he is alleged to have wrongly diagnosed a ‘caring’ new mother –  named only as Miss A – with bipolar disorder because her local authority wanted the  baby adopted. Source

Frightening… But even then that isn’t the half of it:

A couple were reported to social services for refusing to let hospital staff test their nine-week-old baby for HIV.

When their son developed a slight temperature one night, Pete and Sarka Celliers took him to hospital as a precaution.

But their visit to St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey, Surrey, led to them being investigated for neglect, treated ‘like scum’ and left fearing their baby would be taken away.

They say their nightmare began when a consultant was carrying out a blood test on their son in A&E.

As the consultant handed the needle to a nurse she accidentally pricked the nurse’s skin.

Two hours later, during which time the couple claim they were left in a bay without a bed for their son, they were asked for permission to test him for HIV/hepatitis because the nurse’s skin had been pricked with his blood.

Mr Celliers, 38, said: ‘The whole thing was very unprofessional, the first time they took about five tries to get the line into my son’s tiny hand.

‘He was screaming in pain and my wife and I were in tears.

‘It was almost 4am and they had already removed the cannula from his hand and given us no real care.

‘There was no way I was going to put my son, who had just fallen asleep after a traumatic night, through that ordeal again. It was not in his best interest.’ 

Mrs Celliers, 35, said: ‘We offered to be tested instead, whatever we have our son would have, but they declinedSource

Concerns: When the baby developed a slight temperature one night, his parents took him to St. Peter's Hospital in Chertsey as a precaution
How could they?

Very fucking easily as it happens. The Bitches of Childnick are devoid of all empathy, warmth & compassion.

Worse still, we even have MP’s advising parents under the evil eye of the SS to flee the country. John Hemming for instance:

Parents who face having their children taken away by social workers should flee abroad rather than go through the ‘unfair’ family courts, an MP has declared.

Controversial families campaigner John Hemming spoke out as evidence emerged suggesting children are being wrongly taken into care – when injuries caused by vitamin deficiency are assumed to be signs of abuse. Source

Now how in the name of fuck can that be right?

I mean, if John Hemming knows what is going on, then the rest of our MP’s including the Prime Mincer, Dave the rave Camoron also know… Yet the do nothing about it and WE ALL KNOW why that is don’t we!

Moreover, an MP is not exactly about to advise parents who are guilty of child abuse to run away is he?

Therefore, unbelievable as it may sound, Hemming is advising innocent families to flee in order to avoid persecution, separation, misery & pain being inflicted on them by the sadistic SS… Abhorrently, that sentence could just as easily have come from an article about the Third Reich.

Okay, back to my dealings with the Plod & SS and the on going battle to keep my adored Clayton safe.

Now, having illegally nicked me for the bullshit harassment bollox – and remember – they knew that I would be pissed off about it, but since the plod squad pay out millions of pounds a year in compensation they didn’t give a fuck how pissed off I was – they then contacted the SS with their fabricated bullshit trivial accusations about the level of Clayton’s care.

Course, the Robo-plod hadn’t made up these bullshit accusations in the hope that they would get a result… In fact, I do not doubt for one moment that they ever thought that they would.

However, by doing so meant that the SS had already been involved with Clayton when their unsuspecting stooge Tech-Guy finally found the “hidden file” containing photos of little boys having sex. (see picture 2 below)

And Clayton is of course… A little boy.

Picture 2



Now we are a “problem family” see?

Course, you will also note that the referral date is clearly stated as being 01-Aug-2014, yet picture 1 evidences the SS starting on the 30 of July 2014… But more on that later.

In the meantime I had to chuckle at Nicole Miles stating in Picture 2 above, that the “outcome” had been arrived at because:“the family refused for an assessment to be completed. Case was closed”... As if it fucking was!

You see, after I sent Miles packing after my first arrest on the 30th of July, without so much as letting her into my home on the 1st of August, she didn’t close the case at all. In fact what she did was go bleating to Clays health visitor, hoping to find an Allie and get some dirt on us in the process.

However, what Miles didn’t know is that I get on very well with this particular health visitor named Evelyn, who rung us after Miles had finished hassling her to accompany her on a ‘home visit’ to ours… So fuck knows where Miles came up with: “the family refused for an assessment to be completed. Case was closed”.

You see, despite Evelyn having been to our home many times when Clay was first born – Like all Health Visitors are required to do – she had never once so much as hinted at our home being dirty and neither did she have any concerns over how we were looking after Clay… In fact, she signed Stacey off two weeks earlier than she would normally sign a girl as young as Stacey off, specifically because she could see that Stacey had my help & support.

So, when Evelyn rung us following Miles contacting her – and remember this was over trumped up issues which still amounted to fuck all – Stacey handed the phone to me.

Now, the first thing that Evelyn did when I came on the phone was express her shock at these police allegations of harassment, before moving on to tell me that Nicole Miles wanted her (Evelyn) to accompany her (Miles) on a home visit, to which Evelyn had told her that she would consider it and let Miles know later.

And after I explained what the old fanny was really all about, Evelyn – obviously being wise to the dodgy tricks the SS use – told me that if we brought Clayton to the clinic so as she could weigh him and what have you, she said that she would tell Miles that she wasn’t prepared to have any further involvement in the case… So that is what we did and obviously Clay checked out fine, because he is fine.

Now, the fact that Evelyn didn’t even want to double check our home is evidence of how far fetched the Robo-plod’s allegations were.

Moreover, Evelyn stuck to her word and rang Miles to tell her that she had seen Clay – in his birthday suit – who she confirmed as being absolutely fine and as such, having visited our home many times in the past, she was not prepared to accompany Miles on a home visit.

And that was it, we didn’t hear any more from the SS until we got the letter from Julie Robinson (Nicole Miles’s boss) telling us the case was closed with no further action (NFA) being taken – which arrived on the 27th of August, or put another way 5 weeks before my second arrest.

Moreover, since Miles had turned up on the 1st of August and Evelyn had concluded her involvement by the following week, it is rather strange that we did not get that NfA confirmation letter (found below) through until the very end of August – and as such, you have to wonder what the delay was… After all, they had been quick enough to act on the referral to the extent that if the snide arsewipes were to be believed, they actually began investigating us before they even knew about the trivial allegations… And that takes some doing, I can tell ya.

Therefore, what with Miles coming round ours (on the 1 st of August) and then her initial contact to Evelyn – after which Evelyn contacted me, after which a few days later we took Clay to the clinic, followed by Evelyn contacting Miles and telling her that she wanted no part of the hatchet job – I fail to see how the SS can claim that an assessment was not started since a Social Worker only has 7 days by law to make an initial assessment before deciding whether to escalate the case to a Core assessment or take no further action.

And whilst Miles could not fail to misunderstand that she was not welcome here when she turned up on the 1st of August, she never once asked me or Stacey about an assessment for us to refuse, and even if she had have done and we had refused – which indeed we would have done – Miles still went off in search of Evelyn’s assistance, hence the explanation that she has written in picture 2 is A LIE… Just one of many more to come.

Moreover, as you can see by the photo of that NFA letter (found below), signed by Miles’s manager, Julie Robinson – who must have really horrific cases of child abuse on the go at the moment, never the less considered that the one single planted, “hidden file”, along with that horrific photo of a Led Zeppelin record cover, not to mention the other LEGAL images that I was illegally arrested for on October 6th – must have once again made us a priority case being as we have since had the ‘pleasure’ of Julie Robinson’s company twice now… I do not suspect too many other parents being assessed get that privilege!


“The assessment has been CANCELLED”!


You see, disregarding the fact that the assessment must have already been started, in order to have allowed Miles to seek Evelyn’s help – either that or Miles was ignoring official procedure – Robinson’s NFA letter (as you can see) clearly states that the assessment has been CANCELLED, which ironically is a totally different reason to the two reasons that Miles gives in the assessment; which are of course both conflicting with each other. (see pictures 2 above and 4 below – I will discuss the excuse given in picture 4 very shortly)

And this is where it gets really complicated so pay proper attention, even though I will take you through the evidence very slowly.

You see, when the Robo-Filth tried stitching me up for the “hidden file”, I pointed out to Miles, on the first proper visit, which was held on the 8th of October (see picture 3 below) following my 2nd arrest on the 6th of October, that it was only 5 week previously, that it had been decided by Robinson that Clay was safe and NFA was to be taken. Therefore, how could Clay be in danger now?

Or are we supposed to believe that after having 5 kids, one brought up entirely by myself over the past 19 years, that in a 5 week period starting in late August 2014, I developed an urge to have sex with little boys and as such had become a great danger to Clay – A LITTLE BOY – whom I adore as he adores me, and who has also lived in my home for the past 78 weeks with no harm whatsoever coming to him, despite spending a quarter of that time in my solo care?

Picture 3


Now remember, this visit – like every other visit – was being filmed; a fact that had been made crystal clear to Miles before she even set foot in our home.

Nevertheless, in answer to my question, she looked me straight in the eye and quite astonishingly told me that the only reason that the case had been closed – on film remember – was because “she couldn’t get a policeman to accompany her” (see picture 4).

Picture 4


Therefore, had there been any truth to that, then the following must also all be true:

  • An assessment MUST have been started on the 30th of July (picture 1), which then somehow became the 1st of August (picture  2), despite Miles stating that the case was closed because we had “refused to agree to having an assessment completed” (picture 3), which we were never asked to do and that we hadn’t given permission for in the first fucking place… Told ya it was complicated.
  • Miles then goes on to state that the reason for the case being closed was because she could not get a policeman to accompany her (picture 4), thus contradicting herself and in doing so making a mockery of the reason that she gives in picture 2 for cancelling the assessment, despite lying since neither are the real reason i.e Evelyn was, along with ignoring the other anomalies associated with the did we/didn’t we matter.
  • Yet despite me having never shown any violent tendencies when Miles came round after my first arrest (the occasion that I sent her packing without her so much as stepping through the door), the fact that she is now saying that the case was closed because she couldn’t get a copper to accompany her makes it sound like it was far too dangerous for her to attend our home without police protection.
  • Yet that is not true because the real reason for the cancellation was because Clayton’s Health Visitor, Evelyn had refused to attend with her and in any event, it would have been pointless having a copper come along with her for protection, because I still wouldn’t have let her in, given the trivial reasons for the visit and which – as an experienced Social Worker – Miles cannot fail to already have known that having a copper accompany her, does not give her the right to enter anyone’s home uninvited.
  • And why the fuck was she so quick off the mark to start an assessment in the first place, giving mind to the trivial reasons, maliciously reported to the SS by the 4 Robo-plod?
  • Yet despite chomping at the bit to make the initial assessment, she must have started the core assessment long after her allotted 7 days – which she then states in picture 2 that we wouldn’t take part in because we were not in agreement with the assessment, yet the evidence all points to her having started one all the same, unless she was breaking the law by still trying to make arrangements with Evelyn, long after the 7 day period had expired, and that is all beside the fact that we were never asked if we would agree to undergo an assessment in the first fucking place.
  • However, if Miles were to have been telling the truth about the case being dropped following her failure to secure a Robocop bodyguard leading to the assessment either (pick which ever one of the following choices all of which according to Miles & Robinson are true) ; never having been started, had been started but not completed, had been cancelled without ever starting and/or didn’t go ahead because we refused to take part – also bear in mind that Miles had to include her blatant lie about the cop situation in the 2nd assessment (which may well have been the first) following my second arrest, because she was fully aware that I had her on film giving the oldcouldn’t get a cop to come with her for protection bollox as the reason there was NFA taken – means that any time a Social Worker cannot get a porker to attend a case of GENUINE child neglect with them, then the case will be automatically closed and the potentially life threatening child neglect simply being allowed to carry on as before.

Which is a fucking brave thing for a Social Worker to reveal about the SS and would explain why – despite their willingness to harass innocent families – children really in need of help are simply being left to suffer until death befalls them… SO UNLESS SHE IS LYING TO ME IN PERSON – AS SHE HAS DONE MANY TIMES – AS WELL AS LYING ON THE CORE ASSESSMENT, THEN THERE CANNOT BE ANY OTHER EXPLANATION OTHER THAN GROSS MISCONDUCT FOR DROPPING THE CASE AND IF THAT IS SO THEN ANY CHILD WHO DIES OF NEGLECT HAVING ALREADY BEEN ON THE SS RADAR, SHOULD AT THE VERY LEAST LEAD TO A MANSLAUGHTER CHARGE FOR THE SOCIAL WORKER INVOLVED.

Now, hands up who the fuck thinks this incompetent, lying, manipulative harridan, Nicole Miles is fit to undertake an assessment of such importance ?(See pic 5 below) Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.

Picture 5


Furthermore, if you listen to the recordings of the phone conversations between Stacey and Miles, where Stacey pulls her about some of the problems that we have with her assessment – which can be found by clicking HERE you will clearly hear Miles “erming” and “arein” as she desperately tries to justify this totally incompetent, thoroughly shameful and at best amateur attempt at an assessment whilst at the same time clearly telling Stacey that it is a mystery as to how all the dates are fucking wrong; thus Miles trying imply that she was not responsible for writing the dates in.

Yet in truth, there is no mystery at all because Miles is responsible for the contradicting dates because she is the one who filled out the fraudulent, amateur attempt at paperwork, specifically written in such a way so as when read by a judge, her open to interpretation and deliberate mistakes will lead to Clayton being taken into care.

I therefore publicly accuse the pathetic excuse of a Social Worker, Nicole Miles – who I know for a fact scrutinises my site because she states that she does in the assessment -of conspiring to kidnap a child.

Now fucking sue me, or watch me take this case all the way to Strasbourg if that is what I have to do to make sure that you are stopped – and if you think that I am bluffing, then you have sorely misjudged me – which is certainly in keeping with your character assassination of myself in that tissue of lies, not fit to be used to wipe your arse on.

Furthermore, these blatant lies and deliberately misleading information along with a failure to abide by official procedure pertaining to child welfare undertaken by the State as set down in government legislation, coupled with the schoolgirl errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling contained within this stitch up – presented as fact, but which abhorrently has potentially, extremely serious implications for a family – MY FAMILY – has never the less been checked and passed as being accurate, by Nicole Mile’s, manager Julie Robinson (see picture 6)…  Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.

Picture 6


So the same as applies to Miles also applies to you Robinson, which certainly explains why you were so unhappy to be filmed… If you were acting with honour, honesty and above all integrity, then there could not have been any reason whatsoever to object.

And as I say, we didn’t agree to an assessment the second time around either following my 2nd arrest and furthermore; neither were we asked – just as we weren’t back in July & August – yet Miles has fraudulently put us down as having agreed to it anyway (see picture 7).

Picture 7


Course, neither was the assessment so much as discussed with us until it was too late and already been submitted – and Ms Robinson and her staff would be wise to remember that I have everything recorded as evidence before she digs a deeper hole for herself and her department.

And of course, with handing the assessment in on the 20th of November, which was exactly 35 working days after the referral was made on the 1st of October – 6 days before my actual arrest, and 8 days before Miles got around to actually seeing Clayton in the flesh (see picture 3) – so much for the child in danger –  this would explain why the section asking whether the assessment has been discussed with us and the date that we were begrudgingly given a copy of it (the 26 th of November) has been left blank (see picture 8).

Picture 8


After all, we should have been entitled to see the finished assessment before it was handed in, yet we didn’t get to see the finished document until the 26th of November – 6 days too late.

And even then, how do we know that Miles hasn’t sneakily added that the finished assessment was shown to us on the 20th of November and added a “yes” to the space which asks if the assessment has been discussed with us?

I mean, as I have already proved, Miles and Robinson are a lot less than honest and by adding those details would in fact go along way to safeguarding her against me taking legal action – and with that being my word against hers, guess which one of us is going to be believed by a judge?


Moreover, despite Stacey asking Robinson early on in the assessment for a different Social Worker as neither of us were happy with Miles Woeful performance  – the request was strangely (yet given all of the evidence, rather tellingly) refused.

Furthermore, I had already told Robinson my feelings towards Miles’s dishonest approach to the assessment and she also knows full well that I was always intending to put a complaint in, yet as you can see in Picture 8, the complaints section has also been left blank… At least it has on our copy.

Course, if we didn’t agree to an assessment the first time as stated in picture 2, then why the fuck were our family doctors approached on the 30th of July – the day that I was first arrested – as evidenced in picture 1, despite miles stating in picture 2 that the police referral was not made until August the 1st, which can only mean that she contacted my doctors without ever having so much as heard of Me, Stacey & Clayton as well as not even knowing that the SS were going to get a referral… BRILLIANT, a psychic Social Worker.

That is to say that surely if what Miles states is true then our doctors should not have been contacted at all, let alone on the 30th of July and if a new/first assessment was started after my 2nd arrest – or a week before as is the case (evidenced in picture 9), despite us not agreeing to an assessment the 2nd (which was the 1st) time either, (again in direct contradiction to Picture 7 which fraudulently states that we did, and remember I have everything recorded), then surely a new approach should have been made to our doctors and a new assessment form used anyway?

And since the assessment inexplicably began on the 1st of October as evidenced in Picture 9, then the fact that Miles didn’t get to see us until the 8th of October (picture 3), surely means that the time line of 7 days for making an initial assessment had passed and as such would mean that the core assessment was therefore conducted illegally.

But there is an awful lot more to this than first meets the eye, which I am positive is the reason for all the dates being fucked up, such as the 2nd referral being received by the SS from the plod on the 1st of October (see photo 9) and the assessment starting that very same day when I wasn’t even arrested until the 6th of October (see bail sheet below).


Neither can that date of the 1st of October be a simple mistake since the number of days between the 1st of October and the 20th of November when the assessment had to be completed (photo 9 below) is exactly 35 working days  – the maximum time a Social Worker has in which to complete and submit an assessment.

Picture 9


Again, worded very badly, in order to make me appear likely guilty by including the word “allegedly”. Yet the police do not make allegations – they investigate them… Supposedly.

And neither can the fact that I was not arrested for the 2nd time until the 6th of October just be skipped over and ignored… Why the fuck should it be?

Indeed, the corrupt collusion between the Filth and the Social Filth absolutely reeks.

Worse still, not to mention unbelievable, Miles has me down as being arrested on the 3rd of October (see picture 10 below).

Picture 10


So, now we have the referral being made AND STARTED, on the 1st of October (picture 9) and as such it would follow that I had been arrested on the 1st of October at the very least, if not before, and despite Miles being responsible for adding that referral date & assessment start and finish date, she nevertheless writes me down as being arrested on the 3rd of October for the POSSESSION OF INDECENT IMAGES (so I’m guilty now, but where the fuck have the slightly better, yet still untrue allegations of possession gone) – Yet the truth is that I wasn’t arrested until the 6th of October with Miles seeing Clay for the first time on the 8th of October (Photo 3) – which is 1 day after the 7 day deadline had expired.

Moreover, in talking about my “initial” first arrest, the disinfo-queen does not state anywhere that it was for suspicion of harassment.

That absence of fact is then made ten times more damning because at the beginning of the assessment form, where Miles has made note that she had approached my doctors (photo 11 below) – far too quickly in my book – and indeed in all likelihood before I had even been released from the pig-pen at 6:28PM on the 30th of July, she has also written… Well check out what she has written for yourselves on Picture 11 below.

Picture 11


Yet if this assessment is a new one, inexplicably started on the 1st of October, then that date of the 30th of July should not be there at all.

On the other hand, if this was a continuation of one that was aborted following my first arrest, then the details shown in photo 11 should state that I was arrested for suspicion of harassment… Its not rocket science and certainly will not have been the first time that Miles has filled in one of these assessment forms… Gross incompetence, and gross misconduct at best, conspiracy to kidnap at worst.

So, it is worth noting that whilst I may have got my arrest date wrong in the previous article (it was the 30th not the 31st), I certainly didn’t get the fact that the scheming tarts contacted our family doctors on the 30th of July (see photo 1) yet Miles has put the date of the police referral down as being the 1st of August (photo 2) – which is two whole days after contacting my doctors, meaning that Miles had begun the 1st assessment, which she clearly states didn’t take place, two days before I was even mentioned to her department… Now debunk that.

But anyway, getting back to the plot and with the plod now safely having my computers in storage complete with “hidden file” all they then had to do is let their mischief making 1st referral run its course and then have the computers examined, where their unsuspecting tech guy would then think to himself that he was doing great work by finding the “hidden file”, planted by his colleagues without him knowing.

However, something appears to have gone wrong because quite obviously the patsy tech-guy was expected to find the hidden file on the 1st of October (maybe even the day before), hence the premature referral to the SS on that day (1/10/14), which is also the same day that the assessment was started and therefore given a finishing date (picture 9). And given the nature of the charge, Miles should have visited our home on the next day at the VERY Latest – the 2nd of October… Any further delay would be a failure of duty.

Now, that date of referral, start of the assessment and finishing date cannot be a mistake…You can’t make a mistake involving 6 whole days, not when you have to record the date the referral was received, along with the day the assessment starts and then have to work out the date the assessment has to finish by counting out 35 working days… Not unless you have the attention span of a gnat anyway and if you have then you should never, ever, never be let anywhere near a child assessment.

Indeed, the only reason that I can come up with for the plod making their referral and the SS starting their assessment is that both body’s must have absolutely cracking psychic ability to enable them to see a week in-front so clearly… In which case you would have thought that they could have employed those same psychic abilities and sign Clayton off as being in no danger whatsoever.

But as we know, this date anomaly has fuck all to do with psychic ability so there has to be another reason for the assessment beginning on October the 1st, along with Miles then having my arrest down as being October the 3rd, and the actual arrest taking place on October the 6th, with miles subsequently not getting round to us until October the 8th… And I for one am not prepared to let this extremely serious matter drop.

And even when she finally got here on the 8th (picture 3), whether through gross incompetence or sheer laziness & complacency – no doubt having been used to dealing with mug punters who never ask awkward questions – Miles had no fucking idea WHATSOEVER as to what the nature of the “indecent images” which were *aherm, aherm “found” on my computers even consisted of – Eight whole days after  inexplicably starting her assessment on Clayton.

Course, as you know, at that 1st meeting on the 8th of October I criticised Miles severely and demanded to know how she could possibly begin such an important process given the potentially devastating consequences of her assessment, when she hadn’t the foggiest idea as to the severity of the images or the quantity (which is clearly evidenced on the film taken of that visit) – and for that fact alone Miles should at the very, very least be struck off the HCPC register because she certainly is not fit to carry out assessments of such major importance.

After all, there is a massive difference between someone who has 5 level 1 photos (the tamest) and someone who has 5,000 level 5’s… Massive difference.

So, no matter how long it takes me, Miles will regret the day that she ever walked through my back door – as will every other person who took part in this affront to justice and indeed humanity… I am going after the plod next, but for now, the safeguarding of Children is much more important to me.

And as my regular readers will also know, since my 2nd arrest I have shown Miles every single one of the ‘indecent images’ that I admitted were on my PC’s through my own doing, yet never once did she appear interested in my version of events.

Furthermore, I have also republished every single one of those “indecent images” on this site, of which – very embarrassingly – Essex CID had the front to question me about… BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT ILLEGAL IMAGES AT ALL.

Now obviously, when I say “embarrassingly” I am not referring to me being embarrassed, on the contrary; the Porky Plod embarrassed themselves by their incompetence – although as I have said in the past, I believe that they knew that the photos were legal but the corrupt arsewipes needed some ‘padding out’ in order to make the “hidden file” appear more credible.

Nevertheless, you will notice by referring back to photo 3 that Miles also attempts to cover up her unforgivable incompetence by stating in the details of that meeting on the 8th that “a visit was arranged for the 9th of October –  the very next day – “so that the social worker could gather further information”, which obviously sounds innocuous and routine, when in reality it is nothing of the sort… The real truth is that the scheming, smug, affront to her profession wasn’t professional enough to so much as bother checking, and neither would the criminal have bothered had I not pulled her about it.

And with that being the case, how the fuck could she even begin to evaluate the danger that I posed to Clayton?

ANSWER: SHE COULDN’T… But she fucking would have.

More laughable still, Miles then rang the next day (the 9th of October) to cancel the meeting using the excuse that she would be “unable to obtain the information” – that she should already have had before she so much as stepped foot into my home – “from the police until tomorrow”, (picture 3) which I believe to be total, total bullshit.

After all, you don’t mean to tell me that there was no cunt down the Pig-Pen available between the 8th and 9th of October, who could have had a quick look in the file and inform Miles as to the severity of the images and how many of them there were, when the need to know was in relation to a serious child protection issue? … Fuck off witcha.

And of course, you can also see that Miles re-arranged the meeting for the 14th of October – a whole 6 days after the last one, which was also obviously the first meeting that she had attended on this oh so urgent child protection matter… Which turns out took place 8 fucking days after the police referral had been inexplicably and extremely prematurely forwarded to her department?

Or put another fucking way, this social worker had made one, vastly ill prepared visit to our home, 8 days after a referral from the plod in regard to a child protection issue and that was the only meeting to take place in the two weeks following the referral having been made, yet the cheeky mare has me down as being likely to sexually abuse Clayton (see Picture 14) – She must take me for a right cunt, if she thought that I would ever let her get away with that.

Moreover, you will notice that Miles did not mention in the details of that first meetings (photo 3) that she did not withhold her permission for me to film her – which to be quite honest doesn’t matter to me whether or not she did give it anyway, since I will have no qualms about broadcasting ALL of the tapes should I feel it necessary – yet it is clearly stated in the details of the meeting held on the 14th of October (the second meeting… Picture 3 again)) that she expressively told me that she did not give her permission.

And neither can she say that she didn’t know she was being filmed, since I had made it quite clear that all of their visits and phone conversations were going to be before the first appointment was made and neither was the fact that I did do so ever hidden.

This is further evidenced by the fact that when we showed Miles around our home so as she could check and kindly let us know if we were soap dodgers or not, we had to film these room checks on Stacey’s mobile… The main filming having been done on my computer in the living room.

Now obviously the reason that it was important to film this room inspection on Stacey’s mobile, which I felt extremely insulted by Miles doing so (I mean, how about I invade her house and let her know if she is clean or not) is because it has in the past been well documented by previous victims of the SS, that a Social Worker will say to the unsuspecting victim that a room is perfectly neat & tidy and then go away and write on her assessment that the room was a pig sty… And that fact is indisputable having evidenced my self how these social workers let the lies trip of their tongues without so much as missing a beat.

Course, it then becomes their word against yours and a Judge will arrogantly take a Social Workers word over yours every single day of the week.

However, comically enough, whilst Miles was inspecting Stacey & Clays bedroom; after which I had asked Miles if everything was okay to which she had replied; “yes everything is fine”, Stacey piped up that she hadn’t pressed the ‘record’ button… So I simply said, “we will have to do it again then”, which much to my surprise Miles offered no objection to and indeed did as I said.

Now there is no real point in speculating what went wrong between the referral being made on the 1st to my actual arrest 6 days later, because it could be one of hundreds of things.

Nevertheless, the fact that the referral was made on the 1st and the SS did not make contact by phone until the 7th (the day after my 2nd arrest see photo 3) is just further proof that the plod and the SS are both involved in this obscene plot to steal Clayton.

And Julia Robinson is just as involved because she attended the strategy meeting with Miles and the plod on the 24th of November and then the subsequent meeting at ours two days later on the 26th of November, which Miles had told Stacey was booked so as she (Miles) could complete her assessment.

Yet Robinson, like Miles had also unbeknown to us signed the assessment off on the 20th of November (picture 6) and indeed played schtum about that fact with us at the meeting here on the 26th of November… Indeed, we were not given a copy of the assessment until they were leaving, which I wasn’t expecting anyway since I was under the impression that it would not be finished until later that day.

Moreover, despite Robinson knowing full well that her social worker had been caught out by myself at that first meeting on the 8th of October, in regard to the content and number of “indecent Images” allegedly found on my PC: When I then asked Robinson if she knew what the photos consisted of having picked up on her puzzled facial expression whilst I was talking about the Led Zeppelin record cover at that meeting here on the 26th of November ((7 weeks after catching Miles out), she neither had a Scooby as to what they consisted of… Disgraceful, nowhere near acceptable and I wonder how many more children the pair of clowns have stolen on the back of such incompetence.

Indeed, the very fact that ANY woman – or man for that matter – could even contemplate destroying a baby’s life on fabricated evidence and in collusion with other sub-humans, by removing the child from a safe, stable, loving household and placing him or her at the mercy of some rich, perverted, sadistic, lard-arsed slime-ball nonce, for no other reason than financial gain, warrants them nailing to a fucking tree and left to die.

And lets be clear here, these wholly inadequate, under-educated, narcissistic, Common Purpose robots do indeed get huge financial incentives to meet their targets and stealing children to order:

For a mother, there can be no greater horror than having a baby snatched away by the State at birth.

The women to whom it has happened say their lives are ruined for ever – and goodness knows what longterm effect it has on the child.

Most never recover from this trauma.

Imagine a baby growing in your body for nine months, imagine going through the emotion of bringing it into the world, only to have social workers seize the newborn, sometimes within minutes of its first cry and often on the flimsiest of excuses.

Yet this disturbing scenario is played out every day.

The number of babies under one month old being taken into care for adoption is now running at almost four a day (a 300 per cent increase over a decade).

In total, 75 children of all ages are being removed from their parents every week before being handed over to new families.

Some of these may have been willingly given up for adoption, but critics of the Government’s policy are convinced that the vast majority are taken by force.

Time and again, the mothers say they are innocent of any wrongdoing.

Of course, there are people who are not fit to be parents and it is the duty of any responsible State to protect their children.

But over the five years since I began investigating the scandal of forced adoptions, I have found a deeply secretive system which is too often biased against basically decent families.

I have been told of routine dishonesty by social workers and questionable evidence given by doctors which has wrongly condemned mothers.

Meanwhile, millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money has been given to councils to encourage them to meet high Government targets on child adoptions.

Under New Labour policy, Tony Blair changed targets in 2000 to raise the number of children being adopted by 50 per cent to 5,400 a year.

The annual tally has now reached almost 4,000 in England and Wales – four times higher than in France, which has a similar-sized population.

Blair promised millions of pounds to councils that achieved the targets and some have already received more than £2million each in rewards for successful adoptions.

Figures recently released by the Department for Local Government and Community Cohesion show that two councils – Essex and Kent – were offered more than £2million “bonuses” over three years to encourage additional adoptions Source: The Daily Mail

Yet just as unbelievable as the fact that there are warped sick-fucks willing to prostitute themselves for child stealing blood money is the fact that there are adoption TARGETS to be met… JUST WHAT IN THE NAME OF FUCK IS THAT ALL ABOUT?

Salesmen and such like have targets to meet not Social Workers, because Salesmen deal in commodities and CHILDREN ARE NOT COMMODITIES… Just what the fuck has become of our species?

It is no wonder that complaints against Social Workers – devoid of all decency, morals, warmth and compassion – are now so many that the Social Service bosses simply hide behind red tape, lie, or in most instances just blatantly ignore Freedom Of Information requests as to the numbers involved in wrong doing. See HERE, HEREHERE, HERE & HERE

And that is just FOI’s for Essex Social Services… Talk about taking the right fucking piss.

And it gets better… It always gets better don’t cha know? Course, when I say better, I actually mean worse.

You see, neither is there any mistaking the fact that there is no mention anywhere in this report which began as a Section 17 assessment having been raised to a section 47 protection assessment.

Although in order to try and be fair and impartial, the report does – albeit unstated – hint that a section 47 was sort out by Robinson at a strategy meeting with the plod on the 21st of October, after which it is then implied in the report that the plod had been against it because it is clearly stated that “I dont pose a threat to Clay”, so why the fuck then is the report filed as being compiled under Section 47 PROTECTION (see Picture 12 below) – which is exactly what a judge at any future trial will take note of should the SS push their agenda.

Picture 12


Now this is really disturbing because as I say Section 47 is a PROTECTION notice, and as you can see the report clearly states “YES” in the section asking if the assessment is being carried out under a Section 47 (picture 12).

More disturbing still is the fact that the question of what section the assessment is being compiled under should have been one of the first things to be filled in when the assessment was inexplicably started on the 1st of October.

Therefore, in the complete absence of any mention of the date that the Section 17 assessment was raised to a section 47 protection before being returned to a section 17, you can only conclude that we have been lied to time and time again and Miles has conducted the entire assessment under Section 47 protection and has furthermore, submitted it as the same.

Yet when you go to the details of the Summary & Conclusion (picture 12), you can see that it is clearly stated that the assessment was started under a Section 17 (child in need) although that is vastly overshadowed by the fact that it is stated that the assessment was conducted under Section 47 – without any mention that the section 47 was then returned to a section 17… The child robbing cunts!

Now, as far as I am aware a strategy meeting has to be held first in order to raise a case to a Section 47 unless the assessment began as a Section 47 and indeed a strategy meeting was held on the 21st of October.

However, Julie Robinson categorically told us -on film – that the police told her not to raise the case from a Section 17, meaning that the assessment was NEVER A SECTION 47, so why the fuck are the scheming sub-life, baby snatchers presenting the assessment as being such?.

Moreover, it is clearly stated BY THE POLICE that “Clayton was not deemed to be at risk of or suffering significant harm”.

Never the less, nowhere does it state in those details that the case was EVER RAISED FROM A SECTION 17 TO A SECTION 47.

And since the plod do not consider me a threat to Clayton, as is also evidenced by the fact that there are NO BAIL CONDITIONS whatsoever imposed on me (see bail sheet further up above), why then has Miles later on in the report maliciously put me down as being likely to sexually abuse Clay (picture 14 below)?

Yet once again, the very fact that it says “Yes” in that sexual abuse box (picture 14 below) is THE ONLY THING THAT A JUDGE WILL BE INTERESTED IN.

Picture 14


Therefore, if the Plod said that the case cannot be raised to a Section 47 at the meeting on the 21st of October because “Clayton was not deemed to be at risk of or suffering significant harm”, not only have Miles and Robinson knowingly submitted an assessment containing false information, Nicole Miles, has gone on – with the full knowledge of her manager Julie Robinson – to label me as being a paedophile & danger to Clay.

And in doing so, the dirty scabby piss-taking bitches have used that “YES” as reason to keep a firm hold on Clayton, with their filthy nonce perverted, scrawny, witch like fingers, in the hope of stealing him in the near future… Over my dead body.

And indeed, the wording itself attests to the fact that a Strategy Meeting is needed to raise the case to a Section 47 as you will note in Picture 12, where it is clearly stated that: “A management decision was made to arrange a strategy meeting due to Stacey not giving her consent for information to be gathered.”

YET THAT DOESN’T MEAN THAT THE ASSESSMENT AUTOMATICALLY BECAME A SECTION 47… Indeed, the pair of frauds were not given the go ahead to raise the case to Section 47 and as such, they had NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to access Stacey & Clays medical records because the ASSESSMENT WAS NOT COMPLETED UNDER SECTION 47.

After all, if I was not a risk to Clayton on the 21st of October, then I cannot possibly be a risk to him when the pair of dirty stinking liars submitted the assessment on the 20th of November, since not one single piece of new evidence nor one single change of circumstance had come into play between the 21st of October and the 20th of November… So why are the fucking press not all over these evil bastards like a rash?

Moreover, since the assessment was quite, quite clearly not carried out under Section 47, then the corrupt bitch must have illegally accessed Stacey & Clay’s medical records, which as you will clearly see, Miles in picture 15 below, freely admits to having accessed under the guise of Section 47 assessment – thus breaking the law governing the data protection act.

Picture 15


Moreover, the fact that these pair of criminals KNEW that they were breaking the law would explain why they didn’t write to us to tell us that they were going to access Clay & Stacey’s medical records, as they are required under the law to do if permission has not been granted… Which as you know, it most certainly was not… So, this now needs to becomes a police matter.

Furthermore, if you refer back to Picture 12, which has the details of where the pair of harridans had UNFORGIVABLY tried & failed to get Clayton raised to a Section 47 protection order, the lying, disgraceful, miserable excuse for a human being CLEARLY STATES, AND I QUOTE:

“Chris – that is Mr Spivey to you Miles – posted a blog on his website saying that Stacey had been taken to hospital and that Clayton was left in his care, contact could not be be made with Stacey to ascertain the context  of her hospital attendance”… LIAR!

I am absolutely fucking fuming.

Indeed, the very blog that she refers to – published on the 15 of October – as being her source of information about Stacey going to hospital clearly states:

Sadly, that is just as well because all this shit has taken its toll on Stacey, who is really not well to the extent that her boyfriend, Bradley has just taken her up to Southend hospital (10:15 PM), leaving me to look after Clay, who thankfully is fast asleep.

And then on the DAY AFTER – the 16th of October – I wrote in a follow up:

And talking about Stacey, I am pleased to say that she got home from hospital at around 1 AM yesterday morning.

For those who don’t know, Stacey who had been through an extremely stressful day the day before – and that is putting it mildly – had been off sorts throughout but by around 10 PM she had become so ill that her boyfriend Bradley took her up the hospital. I couldn’t take her as I had to look after Clayton.

Never the less, apart from her being a bit anemic and extremely stressed there is nothing majorly wrong with her but once again, thank you all for your concern.

Therefore, if the scheming tarts took it for granted that I was not lying about Stacey going to hospital, then it is only logical that I wasn’t lying the very next day, when I reported that there was nothing wrong with her… Course, that would also explain why Miles makes it sound like a desperate & dangerous situation in Picture 12, but is then a lot more forthcoming in Picture 15 when she has got her way and accessed Stacey & Clays medical records.

Yet why is this assessment – based on one hidden file, which even had it been mine would have been for work reasons (see letter from police below, which neither the plod who arrested me or the SS knew about  – so important to Miles that she is spying on this website?

But in any case, neither Me nor Stacey had signed anything stating that Clayton would not be left in my solo care – which is justified by the plod stating that I am NOT a danger to Clay. And neither had either of us so much as verbally agreed not to do so – and remember Miles, we have the video footage of every single word that we have spoken to you and your equally corrupt boss!

Course, the plod have been asked three times by the newspapers now as to why I was arrested for the 2nd time and 3 times they have point blank refused to say… Now why the fuck would that be?

I mean, I have just written an article about Peter Hofschroer, who has also had child porn planted on his computer by the wholly corrupt North Yorkshire Police, and not only have the press reported on the fact that he had been arrested on child porn charges, the dirty bastard judge has remanded him in custody… Yet I didn’t get so much as a single bail condition attached to my arrest.

Which I will remind you that according to Pinocchio Miles, in response to the question I posed to her: If I was a danger to Clay, why then did I have no bail conditions attached?  She point blank told me that I hadn’t because I had not been charged.

An amazing answer for an experienced Social Worker, since she was making it up as she went along… After all, I have bail conditions on the much less serious suspicion of harassment old fanny and I haven’t been charged with that either.

Never the less, given mind to her answer that I hadn’t been charged, it is a shame then that working on that principle, she hasn’t taken into account that I am fucking innocent… Or has the law on guilt changed since I last looked?

Now take a look at Picture 16:

Picture 16


Okay, answer me this: Since it was stated quite clearly at the strategy meeting held on the 21st of October that “Clayton was not deemed to be at risk of or suffering significant harm”, then how can it be “unknown” to Miles “what risks I pose” as evidenced in the photo above for fucks sake?

Therefore, that is not only another lie – it is also a libelous, and deliberately malicious lie.

And as for Clay not being left alone with me, well the sick bitch ought to have applied fucking logic.

I mean, the police say that I am no risk to Clay. Miles herself, has observed first hand how much Clay loves me (see picture 17 below)… AND HE HAS NOT COME TO ANY HARM IN THE YEAR AND A HALF THAT HE HAS BEEN ALIVE DESPITE SPENDING OVER A QUARTER OF THE WEEK IN MY SOLO CARE – I want this cunt sacked and I am going to take her for every penny she has got.

Picture 17


And finally, look at Picture 18 below:

Picture 18


Now all that information contained in those two boxes is irrelevant since the assessment was handed in on the 20th of November and she would not have known by the 20th of November that my bail had been extended to January, had Stacey not told her… What a scheming cow.

She would happily carry out the stealing of a happy, much loved little boy, and without a single thought as to how terrified & confused he would be if that happoened, she would not have lost a moments sleep… Evil, evil fucker.

Okay, the following is from the Daily Mail:

A father was arrested and banned from seeing his  daughter after a social worker falsely accused him of abusing the little girl.

Jonathan Coupland, 53, was handcuffed in front of his neighbours, thrown in a cell and interrogated for ten hours after Suzi Smith claimed she saw him sexually assaulting his daughter Jessica, then six.

The social worker is said to have made the allegation in a fit of pique after the single father criticised the way she was handling a custody battle with his former partner.

Mrs Smith, 53, later retracted her claims and Mr Coupland has been paid £86,000 damages by her employer, the Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service (Cafcass).

The public body – accountable to Justice Secretary Chris Grayling and funded by his department – has sacked Mrs Smith and apologised to Mr Coupland.

But furious about his ordeal, the father-of-one has taken the matter to court, pushing for Mrs Smith to be prosecuted for misconduct in a public office.

He is also taking action against the police for false arrest and false imprisonment.

Last night, he told the Daily Mail: ‘I was manhandled by three policemen and dragged out of my house in handcuffs.

‘It was a completely false story of lies but my daughter could have been fostered and I could now be in a paedophile wing of a major prison because of this social worker. I won’t rest until she faces justice for what she has done. Source

Not that much different from my story is it?

And how about this one:

A loving mother had her children taken away from her in a dawn raid on her home after being wrongly accused of cruelty.

The three terrified youngsters watched as she was handcuffed before they were each put into separate cars and taken into foster care.

It took 19 months for the devastated family to be reunited – when a judge exonerated the parents and strongly criticised the social workers and police responsible for the appalling error.

Judge Nicholas Marston said social services, who had accused the parents of deliberately causing symptoms of illness in their disabled son, acted on claims ‘based on misunderstandings’ or which were ‘just plain wrong’. Source

Now you gotta realise that what is happening to us, could very easily happen to you – especially if you come on websites like mine.

In fact, it could even happen to you if you have ever sought out medical help for depression:

A mother has told how social workers turned up while she  was giving birth in hospital to say they would be taking her baby  into care.

Without consulting her, social services chiefs had decided Kelly McWilliams was unfit to look after her baby because she had suffered from depression five years earlier after her ten-year-old son was found hanged.

The officials arrived without warning to say the baby would go straight into foster care as they were concerned about Mrs McWilliams’s mental health. Source

Absolutely no one is safe. Indeed, a simple trip to the hospital for a minor cut or bruise caused by an everyday typical childhood accident could cost you your children. And if you think that I am exaggerating then you have not been paying attention.

These evil monsters are out of control! We shouldn’t have to live in fear of losing our children at the drop of a hat.

And it is getting worse, because the Cunts in Westminster know that child stealing is an excellent way to stop people stepping out of line… Indeed it is called control by fear.

So tell me? Would you want Nicole Miles, her manager Julie Robinson, and the other two numpty’s who have visited handling your assessment?

I didn’t think that you would.

But we can stop this abhorrent child stealing, and we can stop it now… Today.

You see, all Social Workers are registered with the HCPC, and if they are struck off the HCPC register, that is their careers down the pan.

Moreover, the HCPC website states the following:

Anyone can contact us and raise a concern about a registrant. This includes members of the public, employers, the police and other professionals.

We will not normally take further action if information is provided anonymously (where the person providing us with the information does not give their name). This is because we want to operate a fair and clear process and we cannot go back and ask for more information if we do not know who has contacted us. However, as our main function is to protect the public, this means that if information given anonymously relates to serious and credible concerns about a registrant’s fitness to practise, we may consider taking further action.

We can investigate concerns relating to events which occurred at any time however we will not normally proceed with concerns that are made more than five years after the events giving rise to them. This is because it is better if we are told about concerns as close to the events as possible. This will make sure we can get the best possible evidence and can contact people who are able to remember events easily

These are the registration numbers of those involved from Castle Point Borough Council Social Services, Benfleet in Essex:

NICOLE S MILE: Registration number SW58847 and she is registered in Benfleet, Essex from 01/12/14 – 01/12/16

JULIE ROBINSON: Registration number SW599792 and she is registered in Rayleigh Essex from 01/12/14 – 01/12/16

LORRAINE PENNINGTON: Registration number SW62524 and she is registered in Chelmsford, Essex from 01/12/14 – 01/12/16

SARAH McCORMACK: Registration number SW98669 and she is registered in Benfleet, Essex from 01/12/14 – 01/12/16

Now, I have given you, at best, CLEAR CUT, CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE of GROSS MISCONDUCT being carried out. At worst and in all probability, various extremely serious crimes have been committed.

You all have chance to make history today… And I am not even joking.

No more innocent children being stolen, no more children being tortured, raped and murdered… It can end here, today, now.

If we end the child stealing, we will have made major, major inroads to stopping all children being abused in care.

These child stealing, warped sick fucks can be stopped. Children, snatched screaming and terrified from heartbroken parents, guilty of nothing but powerless to stop the horror, can be returned home where they belong once it becomes proven that children are being stolen.

Course, the secret courts have made it nigh on impossible for anyone to prove it… After all, these victims do not have the platform that I have and in most cases, they do not realise what is occurring until it is too late.

Once they enter the Secret Courts, they cannot then publish the evidence of child theft.

Make no mistake, child stealing can be stopped and this can be achieved… Today… If you care and want it enough.

The evidence above is clear.

All you have to do is spread that evidence far and wide – to mother and toddler groups. To parents who have had their children snatched. To the newspapers, to your MP’s, and even to the police, since there is enough clear evidence of crimes having been committed to warrant a police investigation… DO NOT be fobbed off.

Neither do you have to worry that you are breaking the law. There is NOTHING to stop this evidence being made public… No gagging order, no “restricted when complete”... Zilch… You are not breaking the law, you are making the law.

Enough is enough.This is not just for me, it is for yourselves. You owe it to your children. After all, who does not know someone who has lost their child to the child snatchers?

How low, spineless and compliant have we become as a nation that we just stand idly by and allow these savages to walk into our houses and walk out with our children?

What kind of country do we live in when our own Members of Parliament (government) are ADVISING INNOCENT PARENTS TO FLEE THE COUNTRY – OUR COUNTRY – FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR CHILDREN’S LIVES!

Now, I am relatively sure that my sweet, innocent, mischievous, little warrior Clayton is safe from the vermin’s clutches already… But there are still 80,000 more Claytons alone, stolen in this country every year never to be seen again… One of those could so easily be yours… ENOUGH.

You need to make sure that the HCPC e-mails and phone lines are all jammed with people trying to report these 4 child traffickers.

Whats it all about?

Your complaint to the HCPC… and Castle Point Council, and any other relevant watchdogs is as follows.


Castle Point Council Social Workers:

NICOLE S MILE: Registration number SW58847 and she is registered in Benfleet, Essex from 01/12/14 – 01/12/16

JULIE ROBINSON: Registration number SW599792 and she is registered in Rayleigh Essex from 01/12/14 – 01/12/16

LORRAINE PENNINGTON: Registration number SW62524 and she is registered in Chelmsford, Essex from 01/12/14 – 01/12/16

SARAH McCORMACK: Registration number SW98669 and she is registered in Benfleet, Essex from 01/12/14 – 01/12/16


That Social worker Nicole Miles and her manager Julie Robinson, having completed a C & F Assessment on Clayton Christopher Spivey (D.O.B 03/06/2013 Case Number 112352860) did on the 20th of November 2014, submit the incomplete, said assessment having knowingly entered, misleading, confusing, inaccurate and deliberately false information in collusion with Serving Officers of the Essex Police Force, in order to maliciously facilitate the removal of Clayton Christopher spivey from his home at 162 Rochford Garden Way, Rochford, Essex where he currently resides with his Mother: Stacey Hannah Spivey and his Grandfather: Christopher David Spivey.


That the Social Worker Nicole Miles (aided to a much lesser degree by Social Workers Lorraine Pennington and Sarah McCormack), did with the full backing and co-operation of her departmental manager, Julie Robinson a registered social worker:

begin a  assessment on Clayton 6 days prior to the unlawful arrest of Christopher Spivey, and in doing so failed to follow standard procedure and times set out by the British Government.

Neglected to gather and/or verify crucial information essential to compiling the assessment in an accurate and fair way.

Failed to double check names, leading to three of those people crucial to the investigation being allocated names vastly different to their proper names.

Failed to double check dates, leading to dates stated as fact being incorrect.

Inexplicably began carrying out checks with a view to commencing an assessment two days before receiving an actual referral and continuing checks well passed the initial 7 day period given before an investigation is either closed or a core assessment is commenced.

Deliberately worded the assessment in such a way as to leave the information open to misinterpretation. 

Blatantly lied to/and attempted to manipulate both Clayton’s Mother & Grandfather on numerous occasions in an effort to make Clayton’s removal easier.

Submitted an incomplete report (at least the mothers copy is) having failed to follow standard and required procedure.

Presented the assessment carried out under Section 17  as being carried out under Section 47 in order to illegally access personal data and in order to make the risk to Clayton appear substantially more  than it is, despite Police Officers from Essex Police informing both Miles & Robinson that there is NO RISK.


Evidence for all the above readily available from Christopher Spivey.

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tic-BANG!

Today is the day for change…Lets go to war.