Things Troubling Me Of Late


Christopher Spivey

Okay, in this article I am going to be talking about some of the news farticles that have caught my eye of late.

And whilst some of the them that I am going to discuss – albeit not all – may seem of little importance in the grand scheme of things, I believe that they all go to show what a crazy mixed up cunt of a world we really live in nowadays.

For instance, let’s start with a farticle from the Chimp that on the surface of it is presented as a nice, heartwarming tale (although in reality it has no place in an international newspaper) – yet I personally find it somewhat sinister:

You see, not for one fucking second did I find anything “heartwarming” about that headline – in fact I found it quite sickening to be honest.

I mean a “date night” is a modern term for a couple making romantic time for themselves by going out for a meal or a movie and then having banging sex when they get home.

Yet here is a mush, dressing in his dead dad’s clothes, taking his mother out for a romantic meal… And as I say, there is fuck all heartwarming about that. In fact to me, the whole headline smacks of implied incest.

Therefore, you have to question the real intent behind the Chimps publication of that non-story.

After all, we all know that the monster elite’s long term plan is to normalize incest, bestiality and kiddie fiddling… All practices that the dirty cunts indulge in on a daily basis.

Moving on and it was Prince George of Troglodytes 6th birthday last month and as a tribute the British Army released an “unseen” photo to mark the event.

Which obviously the brown-nosing Monkey Kuntz lapped up and wrote a farticle about.

So what“, you ask?

“It’s a fake fucking photo” says I.

I mean, let’s ignore the fact that Prick Willie is 6ft 3ins tall making George the tallest 6 yr old in history. The real proof that the photo is fake is the fact that Prick Willie’s legs do not match his upper body.

Also note the white lining down the side of Louis’s leg.

So, in the grand scheme of things does it really matter that the army are releasing faked photos of the [not so] royal family to the press, who are in turn selling the story to the masses?

Of course it fucking matters.

I mean, you have to ask yourself why the army top brass sent the press a fake photo in the first place. And the only possible answer to that is; they didn’t have a real one.

You then have to ask yourself; if the event really took place then why aren’t there real photos. And the only possible answer to that is; the event did not really take place.

And this all comes back to what I have been saying for years, namely the majority of the royal family are not real… They are actors playing a role.

Princess Diana certainly didn’t exist and neither do Kate Gold-Digger Smith or Meghan Markle.

Incidentally, despite nearly a year passing since the release of my book: Meghan Markle Exposed (in which I prove that Meghan is a created character), it was still at number 74 in the Amazon charts, ‘Royal Biography‘ section last week… Go me.

Neither do Prick Willie and Prick Harry look anything at all alike… An amazing fact given their supposed elite bloodline.

And then there was all the conspiracy theories surrounding the births of Willie & Kate’s ankle-biters as well as that of Henry & Meghan.

Indeed, I certainly do not believe that these 4 actors have any children together at all and I would imagine that the children are played by a series of actors.

In fact, in that very same farticle about that army photo, the following photo of George also appeared.

And to my mind, he kinda looks to have a slightly longer face to other Georges and the gap in his teeth appears to be wider:

You will also notice that in the above photo George has a strange grey line around the side of his head.

And at other times, his teeth just appear to have been blatantly photshopped:

Yet less than six days after that photo of George wearing an England shirt had been taken, he had lost both of his front teeth and grown the bottom one back.

Which is strange because my Grandson, Clayton is two months older than George and has only just lost his two front bottom teeth. In fact I don’t think that anyone in Clay’s class has lost their two front upper teeth yet.

But there ya go.

As for his Uncle, Princess Andrew; well the press are certainly not letting his association with Jeffery Epstein go away.

However, whilst the whole Epstein fiasco is puzzling to me based on the fact that if it were really true, he would never have been in prison in the first place (indeed the Chimp is leading the charge in conspiracy theories), you will note that the only association with a sex scandal as far as Randy Andy goes is that of him having a fumble with a 17 year old… Which is maybe morally wrong but it certainly is not illegal.

Course, as always, when Prick Andrew is involved in a scandal – which happens on a regular basis – the press always claim that the cunt is on the verge of getting back with his old slapper of a wife.

Indeed, the controlled press have been at it all week and are continuing to do so as I write (17/8/19):

Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson are hiding from the public eye at a luxury Sotogrande resort – fuelling speculation the divorcees may publicly reunite. 

The former royal couple landed at Malaga Airport earlier this week and were driven in a limousine to the resort where they have holidayed together since 2009 – often in their private villa worth more than £38million.  

The Duchess of York is said to be using the trip as an opportunity to pay her former husband back for his support over the years. 

She swept Prince Andrew to Spain to ‘look after him’ after it was said he ‘panicked’ following Jeffrey Epstein’s death, The Sun reported… Source.

Yet as I say, the presstitutes have been getting the satanic pair back together since at least 2013 – if not before:

So that is all total bollox then, specifically put out to fend off questions about Princesss Andrews penchant for children.

Yet Fergie is just as involved with Epstein as her nonce ex-husband is. The following is taken from the Chimp published on January 5th 2015:

Sarah Ferguson was once given £15,000 from paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein to pay off her debts.

The deal was struck in December 2010 after months of negotiations with the disgraced tycoon who insisted on helping with her financial troubles. 

It came within days of the Duke of York flying out to visit Epstein in New York, fuelling speculation he had smoothed the path for his ex-wife to take the money just 18 months after he was released from jail for soliciting prostitution from under-age girls.

The Duchess of York later claimed her judgment had been ‘clouded’ by her desperation to get out of her £5million debt and vowed to repay the money… Source 

So, if that farticle is to be believed then you have to buy into the fact that Fat Fergie took a 15 Grand gift off a convicted nonce in the belief that it would help her out of her £5 million squid debt.

In fact the more that I look into this Epstein old bollox, the more that I am leaning towards it being an elaborate, long-time-in-the-making plan to bring down the royal family.

I mean, take for instance the following Chimp farticle from 2011:

After all, as I said earlier, they are a family of actors and the millions that they do earn their controllers are maybe no longer worth the effort.

Moreover, Ghislaine Maxwell is heavily implicated in that damning farticle and she is – according to the controlled press – the next person in the firing line.

Indeed, the royal family being the real target behind the Epstein old bollox makes a lot more sense to me than how it is being portrayed in the press… Especially when coupled with the very real covert press agenda to turn the public against Henry & Meghan.

In fact I did wonder to myself if Jeff Epstein was also a made up puppet playing a role and when I voiced this opinion in a comment, someone told me to look at his likeness to Hilary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham… Who coincidentally died last month:

Certainly, the ears look a match… Here, have another:

Now what would the chances be of the man who could take down Hilary Clinton looking almost exactly like her recently deceased brother?

And talking about lookalikes brings me to the next thing that has been on my mind of late… Namely the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.

Now I am not talking about the moon landing itself because I have written extensively about the [fake] landings in the past and if you are gullible enough to believe that man has ever set foot on the moon then more fool you.

However, what is troubling me is the likeness between Neil Armstrong – the first man to set foot on the moon – and Yuri Gagarin… The first man in space.

At best, a fucking fantastic coincidence… But then again, as we all know the world is a stage.

Which brings me to the writer & researcher, Miles Mathis and his account of Elvis Presley – found HERE

You see, Mathis claims that Elvis’s life was an intelligence project and that his twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley never really died at birth. Mathis then goes on to state that both brothers played the role of Elvis and it was in fact Jesse who married Priscilla and fathered Lisa Marie.

Course, my regular readers will know that I have a slightly different take on Elvis to Miles, but I think that we can both agree that there is an awful lot more to Elvis than we have ever been told.

Nevertheless, I was sent some photos the other day which suggest that Mathis could indeed have been right about Jesse and that he actually died in 2003.

Here, have a butchers at these:

But who knows.

Moving on and the latest cash-extortion racket proposed by our nonce MPs is to ban hands free phones in cars:

Hands-free mobile phones should be banned while driving, MPs have said.

Using hand-held phones while driving is already banned, with a maximum punishment of six penalty points and a £200 fine – up from three points and £100.

But MPs in the Commons transport select committee say hands-free versions can be just as dangerous.

The committee said that the law gives the “misleading impression” that hands-free mobiles are safe while driving, despite them creating “the same risks of a collision”.

The cross-party committee admitted criminalising hands-free phone use and enforcing the ban would be challenging, but added: “This does not mean that we should not do it”… Source

Now, not only is this move another assault on our civil liberties but it is also going to give the corrupt plod even more powers to stop the already harassed motorist… Indeed, the proposal is pathetic in the extreme.

After all, talking to a hands free phone is no different than a driver talking to his passenger… So what are they going to ban next? Talking in cars?

In fact I would wager that lighting a cigarette, switching radio stations or turning round to see why your child is so quiet in the back, whilst driving is much more dangerous than talking to a fucking phone.

And finally, a story that made me chuckle but once again has an amazing coincidence attached to it.

Now the Chimp farticle in question was about how much the super rich – such as Gigi Hadid – love the Greek island of Mykonos and was released at 12:08 AM on the 10th of August.

Moreover, the farticle actually quotes Gigi Hadid as saying ‘how much she loves the place’.

Yet a little more than an hour and a half after the Monkey-Kuntz published that old bollox, they released the following farticle:

You really couldn’t make it up… Don’t forget to donate to this months site fees… Mustache… See ya, wouldn’t like to be ya… Byeeeeeeeeeeeee.