They work for you

Christopher Spivey


Our 650 MP’s are taking the right fucking piss. Why let them get away with it?

They are self serving, useless twats, so take them down a peg or two any way you can… In the politest possible way of course. 

Here is a copy of an Email I sent to my MP  today at 7.35 PM. 

Dear James.


On the 17th of February I sent you an e-mail, about an extremely serious matter for you to take action on in your capacity as my MP.


You will find a copy of the said e-mail at the bottom of this communication, the contents of which are self explanatory.


Having just read your newsletter, I note that you end by saying:


“I’m really enjoying my new found freedom and I will continue to speak out on the issues that are important for the people of Rochford and Southend East. As always, if you have an event you would like me to attend or an issue you would like to discuss with me, please do not hesitate to contact me“.

I find the fact that you choose to sign off this way quite ironic since you didn’t even afford me the courtesy of acknowledging that you received my communication of the 17th – let alone address the issue.

However, I see that your e-mail address is now different to the one I sent the original email to, although I didn’t get a notification of non-delivery and I have contacted you at that address on a number of occasions in the past. 

Never the less, I shall give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you did not receive it. There can be no such excuse this time.

Since sending you the afore mentioned e-mail, I have been made privy to further information regarding the issue which can be found on my website at the following link:


Never the less, the information contained in my original e-mail and at that link is still only 50 percent of the information I have in regard to wrong doing at the NSPCC.


Indeed, you may even be familiar with my website. However, should this not be the case, and purely for information purposes you may be interested to know that my site is currently averaging 15,000 – 25,000 views a day, every day and rising. 

No small number, as I am sure you will agree. 

Furthermore, according to my site is ranked at 10,217 in the UK, and 206,370 in the world. To put that in perspective, your website does not qualify for a UK ranking and you have a world ranking of 13,325,024 – some 13 million plus places below mine.

I am well aware that in supplying you with that information, I may come across as bragging. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have supplied you with that information so as you are aware that I am nobody’s fool and as such, I would appreciate you not treating me like one. 

Your fellow MP Tom Watson made that mistake and  in doing so made himself look very, very silly in front of many thousands of people.

Indeed, it has become abundantly obvious that the 650 MP’s in parliament are totally out of touch with the people of Great Britain and in many cases out of touch with  reality – a fact that I and many, many others find abhorrent. 

With this in mind, I would appreciate if you would read the copy of my e-mail from the 17th of feb (below), and the extra information that is now available by clicking on the link provided and get back to me ASAP so as I can let my readers know exactly what you intend to do about the scandal.

I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future,

Christopher Spivey.

Copy of email sent 17/2/13

Dear Mr Duddrige

I have recently been made aware of a Major Scandal involving the NSPCC.


This is NOT an allegation; it is an indisputable fact, to which I have access to all the many documents, solicitors’ letters, letters from the ex MP, The Rt Hon Michael Jack, as well as various other correspondence and witness statements.

Furthermore, the scandal was covered up, with the co-operation of the Daily Mirror, the Telegraph and the BBC’s Panorama who were all going to run the story at the time but subsequently dropped it like a hot potato following what one of the Panorama researchers termed as “influence”.

It is only thanks to the bravery, care, dedication, and dogged determination of 3 FULLY QUALIFIED Social workers, all of whom were at the time employed by the NSPCC, that the story is now in the public domain. It is your duty as an MP elected to serve the public, to now investigate the full facts of this scandal, which I do not need to tell you has extremely wide ranging implications.

The facts are as follows:

  • Senior management employed by the NSPCC knowingly falsified information pertaining to an ex ANC/MK terrorist named as being Heinrich Johannes Grosskopf, when registering him as a social worker with the General and Social Care Council (GSCC).
  • Grosskopf is registered as no SW25098 with the GSCC (now HCPC) and was re-registered (as is the SP every few years) under the same number in Dec 2012 with his location listed as Bromsgrove.
  • Heinrich Grosskopf, who was once listed as being the most wanted man in South Africa, was further employed at the NSPCC’s Acorn Centre in Blackpool, managing a team of Social Workers specialising in grief counselling.
  • Grosskopf, who was forced to flee Africa in fear of his life, was later granted Amnesty by the Truth & Reconciliation Committee in Pretoria (TRC), case number AM5917/97.
  • Testifying to the TRC, Grosskopf admitted to driving a ‘car bomb’ packed with explosives into position in a built up area, before setting the timers on the bombs, allowing himself 20 seconds to escape into the safety of a close by shopping mall.
  • The ensuing explosion killed at least 7 people, seriously injured a further 26 and caused damaged to 58 buildings and 33 cars.
  • Grosskopf further admitted to detonating the car bomb despite being aware that innocent ‘civilians’ would be killed or wounded.
  • In testimony to the TRC, Grosskopf also admitted to creating a cache of military material including 14 Limpet Mines with fuses and detonators, 22 hand grenades, and 31 AK47 rifles complete with ammunition.
  • In testimony to the TRC, Grosskopf also admitted to giving non combatant support for sanctioned terrorist activities carried out by operatives of the USSO, the feared Para military wing of the ANC.
  • In newspaper reports of the TRC proceedings, Grosskopf was said to have exhibited no sign of remorse and treated the proceedings as if they were a joke.
  • Grosskopf, to this day, cannot return home to SA for fear of his life.
  • When the 3 afore mentioned Social Workers discovered Grosskopf’s past and reported him to more senior management, Grosskopf was suspended from duty. Following a 10 month investigation in which all 3 social workers were granted ‘ vulnerable witness’ status, the GSCC’s solicitor assured the trio that Grosskopf, and two other senior NSPCC Managers , Martin Erooga and Gordon Ratcliffe would at the very least be struck off the GSCC register. Then 2 weeks before the proceedings, the GSCC solicitor was inexplicably replaced, and the case was equally inexplicably dropped.
  • Throughout the 10 month investigation, all 3 Social workers were subjected to bullying by Erooga and Ratcliffe. On one occasion, Erooga, the author of numerous child care books, told them that they had – and I quote directly here: “no idea what we were dealing with” and that he wanted them to understand that they were “playing a dangerous game” and “going up against a very powerful machine”.
  • Ironically, in 2009 Erooga was charged with the responsibility of writing a report which carried the sub-title: Adults who pose a risk to children and implications for recruitment and selection.
  • All three Social Workers were threatened with disciplinary action (the sack) if they divulged Grosskopfs past to anyone connected with the NSPCC.
  • After the case was dropped, one of the social workers contacted the then chairman of the NSPCC, Sir Christopher Kelly, naively assuming that he would be outraged and intervene in the scandal. The following is how this news was related to me: “We thought surely he wouldn’t think it ok for NSPCC to be employing Hein, with his history, pretending to be a social worker, managing a team working with child victims of abuse. Again we were wrong he spoke to my colleague on the phone and made it very clear that we had no business making contact with him and that he did not want to hear from us again”.
  • At the time of Kelly’s unacceptable and outrageous response, he had just completed a report citing the crucial importance of staff vetting, following the Soham murders carried out by Ian Huntley.
  • Grosskopf deliberately and without warning removed two of the social workers from a case of sexual abuse, for no other reason than the children were close to revealing the names of the prominent figures in an elite paedophile ring.

You should also be aware of the following facts:

·         The fact that the NSPCC receives government funding for having powers to carry out statutory duties, i.e. statutory child protection investigations when they simply refer information on to the police and social services who then carry out that statutory duty i.e. the investigation, yet both the Police and Social Services are having their budgets slashed .


·         The fact that despite many members of  the public having repeatedly asked the NSPCC to deny my claims, many even threatening to withdraw their financial support to the charity all requests have been met with silence.



·         The fact that the RT Hon Tom Watson MP, when faced with all the above information, deliberately ignored it for three days until public outrage left him no other choice but to agree to have a look. This is in spite of Tom Watson PM publicly promoting himself as someone determined to stamp out high powered paedophile rings.


·         The fact that Tom Watson MP, despite publicly declaring that he would get back to me within the week (time line is now expired) has failed to do so despite many, many public calls for him to address the matter.



·         The fact that this NSPCC scandal is massive and if properly investigated would lead back to the government and Royal Family is still being ignored by Tom Watson MP, despite asking David Cameron a question in connection with child abuse linked to the government. Why would he choose to ignore the scandal?


·         The fact that The RT Hon Tom Watson MP, who enjoys a lavish lifestyle at the public’s expense and was elected to serve the people of this country publicly stated that he should have taken a member of the public’s advice and ignored me, when I presented him with the facts.


·         The fact that if someone working a 40hr week on MINIMUM WAGE for 52 wks of the year, was afforded the same percentage rate as Watson claimed for expenses in 2007, that person on minimum wage would earn £886 PW. Yet, despite Watson’s huge salary, over inflated expenses and the considerable amount of time he finds to debate the humour level of horse meat jokes on Twitter, he sees no wrong in ignoring repeated public calls for him to address this serious issue and indeed regrets speaking to me about it.

  • To date, I have had no response from Watson. This is despite, the public repeatedly asking him when he is going to respond to me. Watson obviously feels these people are not worthy of a reply either.
  • The fact that the NSPCC’s Peter Watt was given the job of co-writing last month’s report on Operation Yewtree despite being totally unsuitable to do so indicates there being a deliberate white wash of the investigation.

Should you be in any doubts what so ever that a major, major, cover up is taking place at the very highest level, I should inform you that the facts were sent to the following media sources:

  • The Sun
  • The Daily Express
  • The Daily Mail
  • The Independent
  • The Morning Star
  • The Guardian
  • The Daily Star
  • The Irish Times
  • The Belfast Telegraph
  • The Africa Herald (South African newspaper, you would have thought Grosskopf would be a hero of theirs)
  • The Daily Sun (Ditto)
  • The Scottish Daily Record
  • The NY Times
  • The Daily Mirror (I had to change the email slightly for the Mirror and Telegraph, as I did for the foreign papers)
  • The Telegraph
  • The Indian Times
  • Press TV
  • RT News
  • The BBC News
  • ITV News
  • Sky News
  • CNN News

Not one, I repeat, not one of those outlets so much as replied to even acknowledge the fact that they had received my communications or those sent on my behalf. Moreover, I find that fact jaw dropping and would have thought that they would have at least wanted to see the strength of the documented evidence.

However, after speaking further with one of the social workers involved, she has now made it clear to me that she and one of the other two social workers involved, would be willing to meet with you in my presence, to present to you the mass of written evidence as well as discuss further serious issues surrounding the scandal that have not yet been made public.

Given mind to the serious implications involved, and the growing public unrest in the governments, the media’s and the NSPCC’s reluctance to address the issue, I trust that you, as a man of integrity, as well as my local MP will be as outraged as myself and the rapidly growing number of those amongst the general public who are now aware of the scandal.

I therefore look forward to your quick response.


Christopher Spivey.