There is nothing about Cameron that is good & clean



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Fuck me, call me Peter Griffin if ya like but this cunt grinds my gears.

The only thing that the cunt Cameron is set to reveal is more plans to totally enslave you.

I am against censorship because I don’t need some cunt watching something and deciding whether or not it is suitable for me to watch. I am a grown up, I will decide for myself.

Do I think kids should be allowed to watch porn?

Course I fucking don’t, but do you think blocking it on public wi-fi in places such as internet cafe’s will stop kids watching it?

No it won’t. Not in any way shape or form.

Have you ever gone into an internet cafe or Starbucks and seen a group of 12 yr olds knocking one out to www.cuminmymouth. jizz?

Course you fucking haven’t.
All that the cunt Cameron is doing is carefully laying the groundwork for a heavily censored internet and using the guise of moral decency to do it.Fuck off you nonce cunt.

Internet porn to be blocked in public as David Cameron promotes ‘good clean Wi-fi’

DAVID Cameron is set unveil new plans today to block people accessing pornography on wireless internet available in public places.


People-would-be-banned-from-accessing-illicit-sites-while-in-public-places-under-new-plansPeople would be banned from accessing illicit sites while in public places under new plans
The Prime Minister is to announce a Government-backed code-of-conduct which will mean pornography is blocked in any public place where children are likely to be present.The plan to impose a ban where children are likely to be present follows high-profile campaigning by children’s charities for a complete block on unacceptable sites in public areas.

Mr Cameron has insisted that the Government has a responsibility to provide “good clean Wi-fi” in public areas.

“We are promoting good clean Wi-fi in local cafes and elsewhere to make sure that people have confidence in public Wi-fi systems so that they not going to see things they shouldn’t,” he said, speaking to the Telegraph.

The coalition has already backed moves to introduce other web controls.

It is not yet clear whether restrictions will be enforced by the Internet service providers or though individual cafes and other public places.

We are promoting good clean Wi-fi

David Cameron

Last year it was revealed that coffee giant Starbucks had failed to stop youngsters accessing explicit sites from their shops.Child protection campaigners have welcomed David Cameron’s backing.

The Children’s Charities Coalition on Internet Safety, which includes the NSPCC and the Children’s Society, has called for a blanket ban on access to such sites via public networks.

Its secretary John Carr said: “We welcome any deal which is long overdue.

“Public access to the internet is a modern reality and we have to find a way of dealing with this growing problem.”