The Westminster Bridge Terrorist Attack.


Christopher Spivey


So, finally after 18 months the inquest into the [hoax] Westminster Bridge terrorist attack has begun.

Course, the Establishment purposely leaves as much time as possible between these hoax events and their inquests in order for the passage of time to dull the memories of the apathetic general public.

Nevertheless, let me start by repeating the evidence that PROVES that this ‘attack’ carried out by the fictitious character, Khalid Masood could NOT have happened.

You see, the wholly corrupt Metropolitan Police are still sticking to their claim that the whole incident from start to finish took 82 seconds. That is 82 seconds from when Massood began his charge across the bridge, crashed his motor on the other side, ran from the wreckage through the gates of Westminster Palace and was shot dead in the courtyard.

And according to the MET, 30 seconds of those 82 are allocated for the bridge crossing at speeds of up to 76 MPH. Indeed, the lowest speed claim that Masood was travelling at came from the Telegraph newspaper who estimated the terrapin’s speed at 40 MPH.

Nevertheless, the MET’s timeline and facts are the ones that the inquest is going on yet the TRUE FACT is that Masood could not have been travelling at more than 18 MPH if he only took 30 seconds to cross the bridge.

Indeed, I arrived at that 18 MPH figure based on [the approximate] converting of MPH to FPS (feet per second), which is calculated by dividing the MPH by 2 and then multiplying by 3 Source.

Therefore 18 (MPH) ÷ 2 = 9, then multiplied by 3 = 27 (FPS). So, just to clarify for the thick-fucks: Someone travelling at 18 MPH will cover a distance of 27 feet every second.

And since – we are told –  it took Mad-Max-Masood 30 seconds to cross the bridge, we times 30 by the 27 (FPS) which gives us 810 feet (the bridge is 820 feet long according to Wikipedia and 827 feet long according to other sources), whereas 19 MPH would take the distance traveled over 30 seconds to 855 feet:

The new [Westminster] bridge that is still there today is 827 feet long, and built of iron. It has withstood everything the city has been able to throw at it, and shows few signs of agingSource

Course, getting hit by a two tonne motor at 76 MPH is certain fucking death, whereas on the other hand, getting hit at 18 MPH by a two tonne motor is going to give you a nasty bruise.

Fuck me, it’s no wonder that the Westminster Bridge is also known as the Bridge of Fools:

The new bridge at Westminster wasn’t funded in the typical way (with private enterprise and tolls); instead, money was raised via a then-fashionable ‘lottery’.

Lotteries at the time were subject to abuse and fraud: some even saw them as being immoral, and a threat to society.

This lottery funding led Henry Fielding to dub the new crossing ‘The Bridge of Fools’. The name stuck as the bridge’s construction dragged on much longer than planned.

Mind you, if you ask me it ought to have been called the Cock Bridge. I mean have you seen what happens to the pavement when the sun shines?

You couldn’t make this shit up!

But anyway we now know that the speed Mad Masood was travelling at wasn’t fast enough to kill anyone, yet we are being told to believe that 4 people were killed on the bridge (or just after it at the point where Mad Masood crashed) and up to 50 people were injured – some critically.

And with that in mind, let us now look at the Chimp’s reporting of the inquest:

An American tourist died saving his wife’s life in the Westminster terror attack, an inquest heard yesterday.

Kurt Cochran spotted Khalid Masood racing at them on Westminster Bridge, starting what the coroner described as ’82 seconds of terrible drama’.

Pushing his wife Melissa to the side, the 54-year-old musician took the full force of the impact from the 4×4 vehicle and was catapulted headfirst over a wall and on to a concrete walkway 17ft below.

Now, I also prove in my 3 long & detailed articles on this old bollox (found HERE, HERE & HERE) that it would have been impossible for Masood to mount the pavement where Cock-Ran and his ‘wife’ were hit and further down in the Chimp report is a photo that inadvertently proves that fact.

You see, the above photo clearly states that Masood mounted the pavement half way along the bridge yet the Cock-Rans were hit right at the beginning.

So, straight away, disregarding the fact that the event could not have happened within the official timeline, the ‘FACTS’ do not match the evidence either.

Mind you, according to another Chimp article on the the fake ‘follow up’ attempted attack which happened a month after this Westminster bollox (See HERE), the Monkey Boyz used the following photo.

Check out what is written in the photo where I have arrowed. So Masood didn’t mount the pavement until he was at the opposite end of the bridge… Roger that.

Yet that is just another example of how the Minions quietly change history. But all the same, he could not have mounted the pavement at the other end of the bridge where the Cock-Ran’s were hit because there was a large workman’s sign on the pavement that Masood would have knocked flying had he been on there.

The Chimp farticle then treated us to the following photos of the Cock-Rans crossing the bridge… Just to prove to the dumb-fuck public that this attack really, really, really happened… Honest guv!

Now this is the first photo and is a screenshot taken from what is supposedly CCTV on the bridge, yet none of the CCTV cameras were supposedly in operation on the day of the government sponsored hoax. Indeed, if they were then there would also be CCTV of Masood making the crossing and crashing into the Houses Of Parliament fence. But there isn’t.

Moreover, the clouding around the couple is meant to be rain on the camera yet it moves with the couple. Very strange, although you would need to watch the video to fully understand what I mean. And isn’t she holding her phone strangely?

In other words, this video is fake as fuck.

We then have the second photo:

Now fuck knows where this was taken from but apparently that is an unimportant piece of information… Or put another way, no cunt is interested in the source of the photo. As long as it fits their evidence, that is all that matters.

And where is everybody else? I mean the bridge was supposedly packed, with over a 1000 witness statements taken from those present on the bridge at the time.

Nevertheless as you can see the official frame stamps have been obscured and new ones added… Very suspect. Moreover, this is just 16 seconds before they were hit so they need to get a wiggle on.

Course, you have to ask yourself why the Cock-Rans are so clear yet the rest of the screenshot is obscured… And don’t they look weird?

Just sayin’

The old fanny then continues:

The father of two suffered major injuries and died minutes later. His wife, 47, received a glancing blow from the Hyundai Tucson and had serious injuries. The couple, from Utah, were in London celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.

‘Kurt Cochran behaved with incredible heroism, pushing his wife away, without regard for his own life,’ said Dominic Adamson, who represents his widow.

A very merry widow at that. I mean her beloved husband was murdered whilst on holiday to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and she ended up with her leg smashed, yet she is happy as fucking Larry in the photos taken at the time… Whoever the fuck happy Larry is:

And even if we ignore the fact that the Cochran’s were not in a place where Masood mounted the pavement, it would still have been impossible for Kurt Cock-Ran to have ended up where he did i.e. on the concrete floor of the underpass that is below the bridge.

How real doesn’t that look?

However, for Cock-Ran to have ended up there Masood would have had to have gently pushed him over with the motor. Indeed, had Masood hit him at anything over 20 MPH Cochran would have either been in the Thames or thrown over the Hyundai’s roof… Total, total bollox, so pathetically unreal that I am not even prepared to say anymore on the subject.

Melissa Cock-Ran on the other hand is a different matter… I mean, what a lousy fucking actress… Well actually I mean what a lowlife cunt.

You see, unlike her ‘husband‘, Kurt, Mrs Cock-Ran wasn’t thrown far at all and she didn’t die either.

Indeed with such relatively minor injuries you would have thought that she would have been screaming out for the bloke who had been her husband for a quarter of a century.

But apparently not. However I do like the way that they have turned Mel’s head scarf into blood. And fuck knows where her hat went!

And anyway Cochran couldn’t have been that badly hurt because the paramedics didn’t start wheeling her away until 3:55pm (an hour and 15 minutes after the event) and even then she was in her element on the stretcher; constantly checking to make sure that she was on camera.

And apparently that is what a woman with a smashed leg who has just lost her husband of 25 years looks like!

Mind you she was even happier when she got to hospital.

She is absolutely devastated… Mind you, I feel sure that the Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page which raised £65,000 will help her get over the loss.

That and her acting wages of course since Cochran turned up the next day as a defiant English commuter spouting the “terrorists will never beat us” bollox.

PHOTO: Cock-Ran and a witness to the old bollox.

The Chimp farticle then continues:

The Old Bailey inquest into the deaths of the five victims in March last year heard Mr Cochran’s actions probably saved his wife’s life. As CCTV footage was played, Gareth Patterson QC, who represents three bereaved families, said: ‘Masood is heading for Kurt and Melissa. It appears she is looking the other way and doesn’t see the car swerving.

Course, the CCTV footage, that appears to only have eyes for the Cock-Rans does not show the the impact… But then again it wouldn’t do since it would have been impossible for Masood’s motor to hit them at that point… Or are we to believe that they were now standing in the road?

‘He appears to get sight of the oncoming car. After that his right arm goes out and pushes his wife over to his right, trying to get her out of harm’s way. By his efforts he avoided her being hit front-on. He may well have saved her life. She doesn’t go over the wall.’

Detective Constable Simon Osland said Mr Cochran took a full-frontal impact: ‘He was thrown back towards the wall and has gone over backwards.’

Grieving families left the courtroom as the appalling footage was played. The court was told that pedestrians were mown down like ‘human bowling pins’ and ‘thrown into the air like rag dolls’... Although the motor was only travelling at 18 MPH… FACT, do the fucking math for yourself.

We are then treated to another photo of the Cock-Rans:

Yet once again, fuck knows where it was taken from… Yet wherever it was taken from, the camera ought to be replaced because the quality would never stand up in a REAL court of law.

Within 30 seconds, Masood fatally injured Mr Cochran, Leslie Rhodes, 75, Aysha Frade, 44, and Andreea Cristea, 31, on the bridge with his car. 

Miss Cristea, a Romanian who was on holiday with her boyfriend Andrei Burnaz, was shown being flung over a wall and into the river 41ft below. The current carried her for more than 300ft before she was spotted by a tourist boat. Source

And since I cover those obviously fake victims in my 3 aforementioned major articles on the subject I see no need to repeat the information here. However, needless to say, none of them were caught on CCTV unlike the Cock-Rans who were seemingly captured at every point on their crossing.

Indeed, this was such a fuck up of a hoax that the cunts playing paramedics didn’t even know which way the stretcher carrying Masood had to go into the ambulance. You see, the Paramedics first put Mad Masood into the ambulance feet first.

Before realising that the patient doesn’t go into an ambulance that way… And as such, they had to take Mad Masood off of the lift and turn him around (see photos below).

But then again that was just another in a long line of fuck ups that I detail in those three articles and prove beyond all doubt that this farce never, ever really happened… It was just another attempt to start a race war and fool the gullible public into believing that we are under threat from Muslim terrorists… We aren’t and the only terrorists you have to fear are those in Parliament.

Just sayin.

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