The Westminster Bridge Lies Continue.


Christopher Spivey.


And still the inquest into the Westminster Bridge Terrorist Attack rolls on in an effort to convince the ever gullible general public that this was a real event.

Course, the event is provably fake just by the fact that the 30 seconds allocated by the Metropolitan Police to the ‘terrorist’ Mad Masood crossing the bridge meant that he was travelling at an average 18 MPH from a standing start… Which wasn’t fast enough to kill anybody let alone 4 people.

Nevertheless, let us have a look at some more of the details that have emerged since my last article on the subject by starting with further testimony from Melissa Cochran.

The badly injured Cochran and her husband, Kurt – who was impossibly killed in the ‘attack’ – were the first two victims of Mad Masood:

The wife of an American tourist killed in the Westminster terror attack has told how she was knocked unconscious as her husband was flung into the air when a terrorist drove straight into them.

Melissa Cochran and her husband Kurt were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in London when Muslim convert Khalid Masood ploughed into them on Westminster Bridge.

Mr Cochran, 54, spotted Masood’s Hyundai Tucson as it mounted the pavement and tried to shield his wife in a desperate attempt to save her.

His actions meant he took the full force of the impact from the car, saving her life, but he was catapulted headfirst over a wall to his death.

Inquests are now being held into his death and those of four other victims of the attack in March last year.

Course, as I pointed out in my last article, you now have to wonder how the couple were hit since by the Chimps own photo evidence, Masood’s motor did not mount the pavement until half way across the bridge. And since the Cochrans were situated right at the beginning, it would have been impossible for them to have been in his way.

PHOTO: The Chimps photo showing that Masood drove onto the footpath half way across the bridge.

Furthermore, that evidenced average speed of 18 MPH that Masood drove across the bridge would have been even slower since he would have drove onto the bridge from a dead start, even if he was first in line at the traffic lights… Which is highly doubtful.

Course, the fact that Kurt Cochran landed where he did goes to prove that even if he had been hit, he wasn’t hit with any force.

PHOTO: The ‘dead’ Kurt Cochran.

After all, had Kurt been hit at anything over 30 MPH he would have ended up in the Thames, yet where he is laying is where he would be if he had just fallen over the bridge wall.

The Chimp farticle then continues:

Mrs Cochran told the inquest at the Old Bailey: ‘We had almost come to the end [of the bridge]. We were going to go down the steps to the right and sit on a bench on the Thames.

‘I recall putting my phone in my purse, I walked to what I recall was the end of the bridge and looked to my right.

‘I remember hearing an engine revving… I remember seeing the front of the vehicle. The next thing I remember, being on the ground. It was very sudden.’ 

Gareth Patterson QC, a lawyer for three of the victims, asked her: ‘Kurt’s right arm went out. Do you remember when he reached across and then pushed you out of the way?’ Source

Course, Melissa Cochran’s memory has returned tenfold being as she could not remember anything at all about the attack three months after the event:

Melissa Cochran, who was visiting England’s capital to celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary, doesn’t really remember those moments of violence that would change her life forever.

But she does remember what she and her husband, Kurt Cochran, we’re doing before the attack that fatally injured Kurt and left Melissa with a severely broken leg, broken ribs, a broken back and a serious head injury.

“Kurt and I were just having a wonderful day,” Melissa said. “We couldn’t believe how much fun we were having, and we just kept grabbing each other’s hand and kissing and saying, ‘I’m having so much fun with you,’ and just being happy and enjoying.

“And I’m greatful for that.” Source

So they were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on a dream holiday, and still kissing and cuddling like teenagers, yet despite losing her “beloved” husband, Melissa was happy as Larry a couple of days later in hospital:

And not only is she happy as Larry – which must be down to the conservative £60-£70 Grand she earned from the fraud –  she must be super human too since she can walk on a leg with surgical pins in it.

Mind you, a few weeks later the doctors must have taken that ROUND cage off and replaced it with a square one (see photo below).

They then seemingly replaced the round cage, having taken the pin out of the front of her shin and stuck it through the side of her leg.

PHOTO: The pin and round cage were removed for the remembrance ceremony held a few weeks later

PHOTO: Another round cage fitted and a pin put through the side of her leg

Very, very strange indeed… As is the fact that Kurt didn’t have a funeral, he just had a celebration concert:

Curiouser and curiouser.

Course, being a cut above, Melissa has no hatred for the man who cruelly cut short the life of her husband of 25 years:

While it’s been a full three months since the incident that left a total of six people dead, including the attacker and a London police officer who encountered the man after he crashed his vehicle at the end of the bridge and was attempting to enter the Parliament building, Melissa Cochran is still recovering from her injuries, with an Ilizarov cage on her left leg and walking with the assistance of a cane. She, however, said she bears no malice toward the man responsible for her injuries and her husband’s death.

“I can’t hate anybody,” Melissa said. “Kurt wouldn’t want me to, and I just don’t have it in my heart to do that. Sometimes I’m angry at him, because my life has changed, but I certainly don’t hate him.

More bizarre still is the fact that a London plod who was allegedly present straight after the attack, traveled all the way to America for the non-funeral:

Among those gathered for the memorial was London Metropolitan police officer Keith Malda, who was one of the initial first responders to reach the bridge after the attack.

“To the left side, there was body after body after body … and lots of members of the public helping them,” Malda said. “Even if they didn’t know first aid, just holding a hand or just doing something.”

Malda said he and his patrol team had entered the bridge, even though they had been instructed by their superiors not to, as information was still unclear as to what, if any, ongoing threats were present. But, he said, he and his fellow officers decided they really didn’t have a choice because “we knew people were dying there.”

“I got to a footpath … and that’s where I first saw Melissa,” Malda said. “There was a doctor holding Melissa’s head in a way that suggested to me a spinal injury. And there was another lady laying next to Melissa, but she was screaming in pain.”

Malda stayed with Melissa, who he said was conscious and talking but showing signs of severe shock. It took about an hour for ambulances to arrive and start transporting victims to hospitals. Malda rode to the hospital with Melissa, where she was rushed immediately into emergency surgery.

“The doctors managed to not only save her life but to save her leg as well, which was phenomenal because she really wasn’t in a good way,” Malda said.

When asked what she thought about Malda making the trek from London to attend the memorial event, Melissa was immediately overcome with emotion.

“I owe my life to him,” Melissa said. “He was one of the first responders. He was just there … telling me everything is going to be OK, and I just owe my life to him.”

Complete and utter bollox… Although I wonder who paid for the lying cunt to attend?

As was the testimony of Andrei Burnaz, whose [brand new] fiance was thrown into the Thames after being hit by Masood’s motor:

The boyfriend of a Westminster terror attack victim today broke down in tears at an inquest today as he watched CCTV of their final moments together before she was killed. 

Well he would do wouldn’t he?

Andreea Cristea, 32, was the last victim of Khalid Masood and was flung over the parapet into the River Thames after being hit by his car – and then would-be rescuers left her floating face-down for five minutes before pulling her form the water as they thought she had already died.

Course, if you believe this old bollox then Andreeeeeea wasn’t the last victim… PC Palmer was. Nevertheless, is it policy to leave a body floating in the river for 5 minutes on the premise that she might be dead?

Today Andrei Burnaz, who had planned to propose to the interior designer later that day, described the chaos of the aftermath as he ran up and down the bridge hunting for his partner but only found her bloodied mobile phone.

So how did her phone get blood on it? I mean she would have been thrown over the bridge instantaneously with hardly time to drop the phone, let alone get blood on it.

And how the fuck was Andrei able to run up and down with a broken leg?

He told the Old Bailey inquest: ‘I started searching for Andreea and I started running over the bridge. But I couldn’t see her’.

Mr Burnaz said he ran towards the terrorist’s car but was turned back by police trying to clear Parliament Square.

He said that he then rang Andreea’s phone – and gained hope because it began to ring – only to find her mobile and glasses in a pool of blood.

OHHH… So now we have Andreeeeea’s glasses too, which presumably landed next to her mobile phone!

Mr Burnaz told the inquest he realised the car had run over his foot, and his girlfriend, who had been 40cm away was gone.

‘I looked in the left side of me to search for Andreea but I did not know what happened.’

He said he search the bridge and looked over the side, fearing she had fallen into the river.

After about two or three minutes, he saw an armed police officer and tried to explain what happened.

He said: ‘I ran and started to explain to him what had happened and I tried to explain to him that I could not find my girlfriend and he started yelling “go back, go back, clear the area”.’

Mr Burnaz went on: ‘I turned back to the spot in the middle of the bridge and I started again to look around for her. I tried to call her on her phone. Her phone started ringing. I found her phone and glasses covered in blood.’

He used the mobile to call Ms Cristea’s sister to tell her what happened. Source

Like ya do!

Now all of these next snippets were taken from the Chimp at the time of the amateur dramatics and are in regard to Andrea Christie and her fella Andrew Burn-Ass or Andrei Burnaz as the Silly-Monkeys like to call him… I shall of course be pointing out the old bollox as we go along:

A cruise ship helped pluck a woman from the River Thames after she plunged into the water during the Westminster terror attacks.

Roger that: “A cruise ship” – Helped to  pluck her out – River Thames… The cruise ship more than likely belonging to “City Cruises”

Andreea Cristea, 29, was visiting London with her fiance when she was ploughed into by a jihadist driving a 4×4 on Westminster Bridge.

Andrea Christie – getting on a bit in years – on her hols with fiance – knocked into the drink by Mad Masood… Roger that too:

It is unclear whether Ms Cristea was hurled into the water by the force of the car or if she voluntarily jumped into the river to escape danger.

FOR FUCKS SAKE! Grrrr… Correction needed: Andrea maybe, maybe not ploughed into the Thames by Mad Masood… Roger that

But despite her harrowing ordeal she managed to survive the attack after a City Cruises crew spotted her body floating downstream.

Her “body”?

Fair do’s: Christie’s dead – later comes back to life – spotted by City Cruises crew, but they left her floating in the water for FIVE minutes because they thought that she was dead… Although she wasn’t… Roger that, but surely they had no way at all if knowing that she was dead or alive?

The staff, on the Millennium Diamond pleasure boat, could not fish her body out of the water but thankfully managed to alert a fire service boat on a ‘realisation exercise’ nearby.

So, the crew can’t swim – no help at all really – but Christie is still dead at the moment. The Captain then let a flare go or something and alerted Fireboat Sam, out and about on a real lies expedition… Roger that

A witness told the Sun: ‘They tried to fish her out with a pole but she was not responding. Then a rescue boat came and took her out.’

So the Chimp were using second hand stories. Yet obviously the City Cruise crew, using a Pole to hook a Romanian, can’t fish for fuck It’s a good job Fireboat Sam was out and about isn’t it?

Photos please Mr Photoman… Who is really me obviously.

Fuck me, what they trying to do? Push her under!

I’ll tell you what though: There is nothing like being professional and they are nothing like being professional.

Nevertheless, that City Cruise boat is nothing like our City Cruise boat that happened along 10 minutes later… Or I should say 10 minutes after Christie was either “knocked, jumped or fell” into the river below.

So we have another mystery now, as in where the fuck did the City Cruise boat that was no help at all come from?

And too be fair, the City Cruise boat named the Millennium Diamond – the company’s flag ship shown in the rescue photos – which allegedly helped in the rescue does have a squared off front, whereas the boat in the photo doesn’t.

PHOTO: The Millennium Diamond photographed on the 23rd of March 2017… The day after in other words

Nevertheless, Andreeeeea’s fate calls, so let’s get back to the Chimp and their Chimp-shit articles:

Paramedics treated Ms Cristea at a pier and she was taken to hospital where she is fighting her life in a serious condition.

Now that sentence is of massive importance so do keep it close to the forefront of your mind and I will return to the claim in due course… However, Andreeeea most certainly was not treated at a pier.

A City Cruises has confirmed that a crew did assist fire services in the rescue operation yesterday.

Based on other stories that I have seen whilst doing my research for this section I am guessing that the fire services always attend to people who end up in the Thames. However, if I am wrong please correct me and then we can mull over why the fire services always appear to attend incidents where someone ends up in the Thames.

Nevertheless, we can now implicate ‘City Cruises’ in the fraud since their ‘managing director’ Kyle Houghton confirmed that their boat, the Millennium Diamond took part in the rescue.

Kyle Haughton, Managing Director at City Cruises said:’City Cruises’ Millennium Diamond was in the area of the incident at the time and worked alongside London’s emergency services to support in the rescue efforts of a woman in the water: once alerted by people on the bridge, the ship’s Captain reacted fast on spotting her, he halted the boat in order to hold her out of the water and stop her from being carried any further by the current.

Needless to say, that the owner of City Cruises is in on the fraud.

The old bollox then returns to Burn-Ass and Andreeeea:

The couple were due to meet a friend, retired surveyor Patrick Tracey, 64, from Derby, at the London Eye. 

Mr Tracey said: ‘I realised that my friends were over at Westminster Abbey coming to meet me and I got a telephone call from him.

The usual nonsensical Chimp reporting… Roger that.

‘But I couldn’t hear anything because of the din… That was when he said he had lost Andreea. I don’t know how seriously hurt she is. He was injured on his leg. I imagine it’s the vehicle.’

So Burn-Ass now makes a weird phone call to his geriatric friend as well as ringing Andreeee’ssister… Roger that, although he would have been better jumping in to save his fiance. After all, the boats had spotted her floating so why couldn’t he? I mean she must have been in his eye line, but who knows. Perhaps he was hoping his friend & Andreeeea’s sister could rush to the scene and spot her too!

Mr Burnaz, whose birthday is today, suffered a knee injury but has been discharged from hospital. 

I thought that it was his foot, but nevertheless, not too badly hurt… Roger that… Until afterwards when he had to have his leg in a cast of course.

She had been due to marry Mr Burnaz this spring and they had come for a holiday from their home in the Romanian city of Constanta. Source

Romania is not as bad as the Chimp has made out in the past after all… Roger that, over and out.

Now that report was released by the Chimp on the 23rd of March… The bollox shit-rag then released another report on the 24th:

The Romanian woman who fell from Westminster Bridge into the River Thames during the terrorist attack was due to receive a marriage proposal later that day.

HUH? If Andreeeeeeea is Burn-Ass’s fiance then she must have already received a marriage proposal from him!

And indeed the article from the 23rd stated that the couple were getting married in the “spring

Andreea Cristea, 29, was visiting London with her fiancé Andrei Burnaz for his birthday when she was ploughed into by a jihadist driving a 4×4 on the bridge.It is not known whether she fell or jumped, but Romanian ambassador Dan Mihalache said he thought the car mounted the pavement and hit Mr Burnaz first.

There ya go, the Monkey Boyz just described Andreeeeeea as being Burn-Ass’s “fiance”… Fuck me the useless lying primates can’t even spot their own contradictions.

He believes this then pushed Miss Cristea into the Thames. He told the BBC: ‘It is quite a dramatic story because they were two people that were tourists.

‘They were coming to London to celebrate their birthday. He intended to ask her for marriage in the same day and this was unfortunately their destiny.

There they go again… Lying half-wits! They couldn’t get their fucking stories straight if their lives depended on it.

‘It is quite a miracle that she could survive this very complicated experience because she was practically thrown to the Thames.’Source

Fuck me, make ya minds up. She was either thrown into the Thames or she jumped!

However, I do love the way that the Apes quote the made-up Romanian dignitary in poorly translated English.

But all the same, after first hurting his knee which morphed into a fractured foot, but didn’t stop him running around at the time, Burn-Ass attended the obligatory memorial service for the “victims” a week or so later.

Yet Burn-Ass is a dirty stinking lying cunt because I spotted him going onto the bridge with a crowd of crisis actors just as the helicopter fly-boyz were landing… In other words; eleven or twelve minutes too late.

Although to be fair he is on his phone, no doubt ringing Romania… Nevertheless, since this photo was taken 12 minutes after Andreeeeea was knocked or jumped into the Thames and she was only left for dead in the drink for 5 minutes, all that Burn-Ass  would have to do is glance to his left and he would have seen her being pumped out.

And since he is just coming onto the bridge 2:52 pm you have to wonder what time the following photo was taken at:

He certainly doesn’t look to be having too much trouble with his leg that’s for sure. Yet I can tell you that this photo was supposedly taken around 2:46 PM because there is an ambulance in the background and it is a matter of record that the first emergency service vehicles did not arrive for 6 minutes.

Therefore, unless the Establishment faked these photos i.e. took them at another time to the official timeline, Burn-Ass must have run off the bridge and then walked back on to it with the crowd (on the other side of the road) a mere 4-6 minutes later… With his bad foot… Or knee… Just sayin’.

Now according to the press, when Andreeeea was fished out she was bizarrely dropped off on the pier, supposedly after being handed over to the paramedics.

Hold up, that doesn’t look like Andreeeea, they are not paramedics and it doesn’t look like a pier:

Paramedics treated Miss Cristea at a pier and she was taken to hospital. She had surgery overnight which was described as ‘successful’ but remains in a critical condition. Source

So, just a case of believe what we tell you and not what you see.

Yet the press stuck with the woman who looks fuck all like Andreeeeea being Andreeea and the bird in the pink tracksuit being a paramedic as well as the treatment taking place on the pier.

But that certainly is not the pier. It is in fact Victoria Embankment… So the boat crew – after leaving her in the water for 5 minutes (9 minutes according to press reports at the time) dropped Andreeeeea off at the pier and she was then carried up to road level where she was treated by a bird in pink… Roger that.

Is any daft cunt believing this?

Mind you, the fake plod and the actors giving Barbie a hand to suffocate the surrogate Andreeeea are doing an admiral job of looking like they believe it? But then again it is their job to do that… Not sure about the empty milkshake glasses though. Indeed you would think that the last thing Andreeeea needs is a drink.

Moreover, the long haired fella wearing the yellow watch gets about a bit.

In the above photos taken right by Big Ben the fella is very shy and the cameraman equally careful not to get his face in the film.

Nevertheless, I told you that they were on Victoria Embankment as opposed to the pier… And Victoria Embankment was where an awful lot of press were gathered as it happens.

Mind you, the Embankment looks awfully quiet doesn’t it to say that the ‘official‘ evidence would point to the above scenario taking place no later than 2:50pm? Note: The ‘official‘ evidence as opposed to the actual evidence.

I mean there you have in the above, clear proof of all the traffic having been cleared… And fuck me, there was a lot to clear as you can see in the photos below.

Yet the above photo was taken at 2:55pm – fifteen minutes after the drama had taken place. Or put another way, the above photo showing Victoria Embankment jam packed with traffic was supposedly taken 5 minutes after the photos of Andreeeea being laid out on the pavement were taken in which we see no traffic at all.

Doesn’t make sense does it?

Course, you have to wonder why, if Andreeea is being treated by paramedics then their immediate priority wasn’t to get her to hospital – a mere stones throw away.

Yet, the Embankment backdrop is more in keeping with how it looked when the crooked MP Mary Creagh gave an interview there at 4:40pm – two hours after the drama took place, than that we see with jam packed  traffic taken 15 minutes after the event.

It is also worth pointing out that the fella on the far right of the photo, wearing glasses looks very much like an American relation of Kurt Cochran’s who allegedly flew all the way over to England after the drama to take part in what amounts to a photoshoot.

And of course whilst I am not stating the above as fact it is also worth noticing that the big fella (3rd from the left) in the drowned Andreeeeea photo looks very much like Cochran’s friend Bret Layton.

Probably just a coincidence of course.

Mind you, I do wonder how Andreeeea was carried under the bridge by the current when the tide was actually in fact COMING IN… Indeed although I am not a tidal expert, as far as I can see she should have been carried the other way.

You see, on the 22nd of March 2017 low tide at Westminster Bridge was at 2:07 pm which carries the figure 1.83 meters. Course, exactly what that 1.83 meters (6 foot) represents, I couldn’t tell you for definite because it would seem to me a bit low to be the water depth… Although I repeat, I am not an expert although I do get tired having to repeat myself… Stop groaning.

Nevertheless, at 2:27 pm that figure was 1.85 meters.

At 2:47 pm the figure was 1.92 meters (nearly 6 ft 3 ins).

At 3:48 pm the figure was up to 2.36 meters (over 7 ft 7 ins).

At 4:28 pm the figure stood at 2.82 meters (9 ft 2 ins).

And high tide was at 8:57 pm when the figure was 5.46 meters (nearly 18 ft).

Therefore, in hindsight looking at the high tide figure, the meters could indeed be water depth. Nevertheless, the important point is that the current should have been flowing in the other direction to what Andreeeea went bob-bob-a-bobbing… Just sayin’.

PHOTO: 2.50 pm and the tide is coming in not out

In fact to add substance to my way of thinking, on March 29th 2017 (a week after the Masood drama) a man and a woman jumped off Westminster Bridge, 2 hours apart.

Now the video that accompanies the article (found HERE) does not make it clear if it is the woman or the man that we see jump but again that is irrelevant… Take a look at these damning screenshots.

Now that took the person 3 seconds to climb over the bridge wall, jump and hit the water. It then took that person a further 4 seconds to resurface and they were still in the same position 5 seconds later when the film changed to the activity taking place on the bridge… Although moving the camera away from someone in the wash is not a natural reaction.

You will also notice that the bridge’s concrete foundations are visible right over to the depth markers… Something that we do not see in the videos and photos allegedly taken on the 22nd of March, despite their only being a maximum 3 inches more in depth 10 minutes after the Masood drama had ended, than there was at the tides lowest point.

How is that possible? Answers on a post card to Teresa May – Major Criminal. 10 Downing Street. London.

Course, coincidences know no bounds in these dramas and it was in fact the same Fireboat Sam that took part in the rescue of the 29th as that which took part in the rescue of Andreeeea.

And there is more. You see, the jumper in the video ended up on the same side of the bridge that he or she jumped off… Which was the same side as Andreeeea jumped off yet somehow Andreeeea ended up down by the London Eye despite the tide COMING IN.

PHOTO: Top screenshot shows where the jumper on the 29th was rescued. Bottom screenshot shows where Andreeeea was rescued.

I mean do lifeless bodies float in the opposite direction to the water current?

It just doesn’t add up at any point does it?

Which it wouldn’t do because it is fake… I mean Andreeeea must have taken a lot of pumping out since she was in fact still being “worked on” at 3:50 pm – an hour and 10 minutes after the “Romanian Tourist” had taken the plunge… Hence the traffic has disappeared.

And despite the fact that it sometimes became a bit like playing “Where’s Wally”, whilst I was sifting through all of the evidence, you can quite easily make out the pink-lycra-wearing ‘paramedic’ and the hippie with the green rucksack in the photos.

In other words, the events surrounding Andreeeea Christie do not hold water… Unlike she does.

Just sayin’.

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Just sayin’… Again.