The Weinstein Circus


Christopher Spivey.

Fuck me, the Harvey Weinstein pantomime goes from the sublime to the ridiculous doesn’t it?

However, let’s be very clear here, this court case is pure theater. After all, a man as important as Weinstein, who knows all of Hollywood’s sordid secrets does not stand trial for sex offences.

Indeed, if that was the case then the whole shower of shit who make up the Satanic tinsel town elite would be on trial.

Mind you, it is funny as fuck watching the fat old pervert pretending to need a walker to get in and out of court… I mean he could walk fucking fine a year ago.

In fact you can imagine him jumping in the air and clicking his heels together once the cameras switch off.

However, that comedy gold pales into insignificance once you read about those testifying against him. I mean for most part the general consensus seems to be that Dirty Harvey liked to corner his victims and then have a wank in front of them… Imagine that!

Course, instead of laughing their tits off at such a ridiculous spectacle, these “innocent, naive, wanabees” were horrified – nay traumatized – by the fat cunt having a five knuckle shuffle in front of them.

However, when Jessica Mann took the stand, things really descended into a farce.

You see, Mann – who claims to have been a victim of child abuse, which she no doubt was – claims that Weinstein was the best sex that she ever had… And with that in mind, you have to ask yourself was she an ideal PROSECUTION witness:

Harvey Weinstein’s  rape trial was adjourned early Monday, after accuser Jessica Mann suffered a panic attack while being hammered by questions from the movie mogul’s lawyer. 

Now, did she really have a panic attack or was she simply reliving “the best sex that she ever had”? Least that is what I would have asked if I was representing Weinstein… The old bollox then continues:

The former aspiring actress broke down in tears on the stand, sobbing uncontrollably while she was grilled as to why she kept in contact with Weinstein even though he allegedly assaulted her on three occasions in 2013 into possibly early 2014. 

During her testimony, Mann also admitted that she was ‘manipulative’ towards Weinstein and claimed that he introduced her to his daughter the day after he allegedly raped her. 

Yet it seems that those pertinent question were just skipped over… Although we all know the answers to them… I mean come on, these old slappers were desperate for fame and would do just about anything to achieve it:

Elsewhere, during her exhaustive questioning, she further described how she told the mogul he was the ‘best she ever had’ and faked an orgasm with him.

So, we now have the Prosecution Witness clearly exposed as a fraud who – as I said – would do anything for stardom… In fact she even let the fat cunt piss on her afterwards:

The hairdresser additionally described how Weinstein performed a ‘Golden Shower’ on her and that she was left in shock when he urinated on her. 

Although I am sure that she didn’t make much of an effort to move out of the way and call him a dirty cunt whilst he was taking a leak:

Mann told the court that she gave the disgraced movie mogul her phone number five times and asked him if he would meet her mom – after she claims he raped her.

Oh dear, oh dear, could the Prosecution have picked a worse tart for the star witness job?… But then again, Mann played the part to perfection because it is a fake trial:

As she was being hammered on the witness stand, Weinstein appeared to fall asleep in court with his eyes closed and head nodding forward multiple times.  Harvey Weinstein enters court for latest day of his rape trial… Source

So there we have Harvey acting his bollocks off too… Not that he has any according to Jessica Mann and “Model” Lauren Marie Young – the next witless for the prostitution:

Model Lauren Marie Young described in explicit detail how Harvey Weinstein had a ‘disgusting’-looking penis that appeared to be ‘cut and sewn back on’ and appeared to have no testicles at his rape trial today. 

The 30-year-old is the film producer’s sixth and final accuser to testify at his trial and claims he masturbated in front of her in a hotel bathroom in February 2013 after they met up to discuss a script she was writing. 

On Wednesday Young described the film honcho’s naked body saying: ‘His body was hairy, it had moles on his rolls, a disgusting looking penis.’

‘It had looked like it had been cut and sewn back on, not a normal looking scar from circumcision. Something didn’t look normal and I remember noticing that and I didn’t notice balls in the sack. I just saw a penis,’ she added. 

On Tuesday jurors were given naked photos of Weinstein to corroborate key witness Jessica Mann’s description of his body. She claimed he appeared to be deformed, had no testicles, had severe scarring, and appeared to be intersex… Source 

Now I have to say that I find those facts very intriguing not to mention disturbing.

You see, once again the prosecution appear to have handed the defence another get out. I mean as it is, given Weinstein’s age, health and weight problems he hardly fits the category of a rapist… In fact it is a wonder that he can get a hard on at all.

However, given that information that he has no bollocks and a badly scarred dick – almost looking like it had been amputated and then reattached – suggests to me that the odds of him being a sex pest are now infinitely less still.

Moreover, naked photos of Weinstein were allegedly handed to the Jury to prove the fact that he is a eunuch:

Photos of Harvey Weinstein’s naked body were passed around to stony-faced jurors at the end of Tuesday’s court session at his rape trial, leading some to laugh. 

Now if this was a real court case then surely those immature half-witted jurors who laughed should have been instantly dismissed or at the very least have been severely chastised by the judge.

After all – playing devils advocate here – this is meant to be a serious trial with a man’s life and reputation on the line, held in a court of law – not a classroom of immature teenagers:

The jury was given hard copies of the images which they passed around – but they were not shown on the big screen to the rest of the court. 

The pictures were taken by a photographer with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office on June 18, 2018 who confirmed their authenticity to the court.  

However, the DA would not confirm to whether those images were of the naked producer. 

Now that is strange… I mean why would the DA not confirm such a mute point? Nevertheless, the old bollox continues:

Earlier in the trial prosecutors said they wanted to use seven of 72 images of Weinstein’s body to corroborate ‘identifying characteristics’ of his torso.

One young female juror swallowed hard when she was given her first photo and looked disturbed.

A short time later she spoke to a female juror next to her and they laughed and shook their heads.

As he left the court for the day Weinstein was asked by a journalist: ‘Were those nude photos of you that the jury looked at?’ Weinstein chortled and turned to one of his lawyers and said: ‘No, it was Playboy.’ … Source

Now, I think it is important to look into this matter further. I mean for starters, a badly scarred knob would probably cause a person some pain or discomfort when aroused? However, it is the no bollocks information that is the real gift horse for the defence.

You see, if Weinstein had no balls then he would have no natural sex drive whatsoever and as such he would need weekly testosterone injections in order to gain one.

Therefore, if these prosecution witlesses were credible – which they are not – even in the worst case scenario Weinstein’s defence could claim in mitigation that he had been given too high a dose of Testosterone at the time, which in turn could quite easily have turned him into a sex pest.

So, in short the Prosecution appear to be handing Weinstein’s lawyers a get out of jail at every turn… Which is in all probability the game plan anyway.

However, this no-bollocks-amputated-dick information also needs looking at from an entirely different angle. I mean there is no record of Harvey Weinstein ever being involved in a devastating accident resulting in such life changing injuries.

Likewise, there is also no mention of his groin, stomach or upper legs being scarred to fuck.

Neither is it likely that Weinstein lost his bollocks due to cancer. You see, it is extremely rare to get cancer in both testicles and once a cancerous testicle has been removed, the odds of getting cancer in the remaining one are the same as any other fella getting testicular cancer in the first place.

And even then – if he did lose his balls to cancer – that does not explain why his dick looked as if it had been amputated and then reattached.

Which is why my first thought on reading about Harvey’s undercarriage was that of the MK ULTRA project.

You see, it is a well known fact that castration and other such horrors were used in the MK ULTRA Mind Control Program to scramble children’s brains.

Indeed you only need read Cathy O’Brien’s book: The Transformation Of America to find out what sick cunts these elite monsters really are.

In fact O’Brien claims that she herself was made to have a face carved into the inside of her Vagina:

In the early 1980s, my base programming was instilled at Fort Campbell, Kentucky by U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino. Aquino holds a TOP SECRET clearance in the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Psychological Warfare Division (Psy Ops). He is a professed Neo-Nazi, the founder of the Himmler inspired satanic Temple of Set, and has been charged with child ritual and sexual abuse at the Presidio Day Care in San Francisco, California.

But like my father and Cox, Aquino remains “above the law” while he continues to traumatize and program CIA destined young minds in a quest to reportedly create the “superior race” of Project Monarch Mind-Controlled slaves. I quickly teamed that Aquino did not adhere to his profoundly professed occult superstition any more than I did.

His “satanic power” was in the form of numerous variations of high voltage stun guns,5 which he used on me regularly. Although Aquino used occultism (blood trauma) as a trauma base, his programming was high tech and “clean”—not muddled in a proverbial witch’s’ brew of ignorance.

He quickly dispelled the Cox influence, and began programming me according to Byrd’s specifications as his “own little witch” for sadistic sex, covert CIA drug muling, blackmail, and prostitution operations.

During the three months I was back with Cox, a muscle in my upper vaginal wall was cut and dropped in preparation for Houston to flesh carve a hideous witch’s face for Senator Byrd’s perversion. Aquino provided the ancient instructions on how to mutilate me, and Houston used silver nitrate and hot exacto knives to carve the details of the face without any form of anesthesia.

By flexing the muscle downward, the face protruded out of my vagina. Not only did this surgery give Byrd a vagina suited to his minute, underdeveloped penis, it also provided an equitable “curiosity” to be displayed over and over again in both commercial and non-commercial pornography and prostitution. Source


You can also watch a Youtube video of O’Brien talking about her life as well as footage of her visit to the doctors by clicking HERE

And in the case of Weinstein, it is quite conceivable that he went through the horrors of the MK Ultra program.

After all, you do not get to the top in Hollyweird unscathed.

Just sayin’.