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I see that the Monkey Kuntz are once again resurrecting Samantha Lewthwaite AKA the White Widow… Big yawn.

Mind you, the comments on the farticle were interesting because when some readers of the shit-rag wrote in saying that they thought she was dead, they were quickly shouted down by the ‘wide awake club’, who told them that they were mistaking Lewthwaite for Sally Jones… An equally fictitious female terrapin.

However, the fact is, if you buy into the old bollox then Lewthwaite has been touted by the press as being killed twice before:

A source at the UK’s foreign office told ITV News that “we are aware of reports that Samantha Lewthwaite has been killed in Ukraine”. Source RT News

Yet neither Lewthwaite or Jones exist… A fact that I have proved time and time again over the years (see HERE for the Sally Jones myth).

And as you will know, various photos of Sammy Lew were either made up of photos of the Singer, Adele or Lilly Allen.

Sammy Lew was supposedly married to 7/7 bomber Jermaine Lindsey… Who also provided the photos for Stephen Lawrence – or vice versa.

Course I am hampered by a lack of photos of Lindsey, and what there are, are all photoshopped. But take the middle photo of him for example.

And in it you see a strange black line running down the side of his head, which is supposed to be a shadow… But it isn’t. It is a black line running down the side of his head.

However, when you take a large section of that photo, you quickly find that it overlays Lawrence’s photo perfectly.

Indeed, you can even see how Lindsey’s ear has been digitally altered to hide the fact that he is Lawrence.

Course, a draconian court restraining order prevents me from further elaborating on the Lawrence/Lindsey fraud. Nevertheless, you would have to be pretty fucking stupid to believe that these [pretend] cut throat, Muslim terrorists would let a bird run the show… So with all that in mind, let’s take a butchers at that Chimp farticle.

And straight away we see in the main headline that it is SPANISH beaches that are being attacked, which will drive fear into the tiny minds of some holidaymakers who will associate the threat with with the TUNISIAN [fake] beach attack a few years ago.

Course, most holidaymakers will have already booked their holidays so it won’t hurt the tourist trade too much but will put a dampener on things for those who have already committed themselves.

However, when you reach the 4th sub-headline it appears that Spain is just one of the many intended targets with the UK being 1st on the list and the Costas being the last.

The article then starts:

The world’s most wanted female terrorist is recruiting suicide bombers to target holidaymakers this summer.

Samantha Lewthwaite, 34, was dubbed ‘The White Widow’ after her extremist husband killed himself and 26 others in the 2005 London suicide bombings.

Now the mother-of-four, who grew up in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, is trying to gather a team of fanatics to attack popular resorts across the globe.

So, now we are once again down to non-specifics which reaffirms that the headline singling out SPAIN was just fear-mongering on behalf of the Monkey-Kuntz.

Mind you, it is worth pointing out the mention of Sammy-Lew’s FOUR children. I mean we now have a white woman posing as a Middle-Eastern Terrapin with four young children in tow but the [un]intelligence services can’t fucking find her!

Intelligence obtained by UK agents shows she has already recruited dozens of women for terrorist missions, including white Islam converts like her.

But once again, despite being able to gather that ‘intelligence’, they still cannot find a white woman with four kids in tow.

It is feared Lewthwaite has taught up to 30 terrorists how to make suicide vests and choose locations to detonate them, the Daily Star Sunday report.

Potential targets include the UK, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, the Spanish Costas and the Canary Islands, according to encrypted emails, phone calls and foreign intelligence.

In 2015, 38 people were massacred by an ISIS gang in a mass shooting at the once popular resort of Port El Kantaoui in Tunisia.

BINGO… There they go bringing up Tunisia which I proved beyond all doubt to be total bollox in my article: Tuna Fishy As Fuck – great title.

Mind you, what the fuck ISIS and their [fake] attacks have to do with the story is beyond me since Sammy-Lew is supposedly a member of the little known terrapin group, ‘Al Shabaab‘… She don’t want to go treading on ISIS toes I can tell you. They will go fucking conkers-bonkers if she does.

Lewthwaite is thought to be behind scores of suicide attacks across Africa and the Middle East.

Which is strange since her Wikipenis page can only come up with two: The Mombasa grenade attack and the Westgate shopping Mall attack, the latter of which Wikipenis states:

Despite intense media speculation, these reports were viewed with caution by UK government officials, and there was no confirmation of Lewthwaite’s involvement as an attacker, organiser or fundraiser. Al-Shabaab itself claimed no women played a role in the attack. In a Twitter post the group said, “We have an adequate number of young men who are fully committed and we do not employ our sisters in such military operations.”

On 5 October, Kenyan authorities named four people believed to have participated in the attack, all of whom they said were killed in the ensuing standoff with the country’s military forces. Police chief David Kimaiyo also confirmed that Lewthwaite was not among those involved in the incident

So, perhaps the Monkey Kuntz could list these “scores of suicide attacks” for us?

The Chimp then published the following three photos (and I have published the captions along with the photos)… Just to reinforce that they were telling the truth:

Holidaymakers look at flowers left at the once popular resort of Port El Kantaoui in Tunisia, where 38 people were massacred in 2015

The beach in Tunisia where an ISIS gang gunned down holidaymakers swimming and sunbathing

So, apart from the first photo, which is just speculation and ignores the UK, the other two photos are taken from the Tunisian fraud which was fuck all to do with her or her fabled terrapin group… Roger that, carry on you bullshitting cunts.

She converted to Islam as a teenager and went on to marry Jamaica-born extremist Germaine Lindsay.

And as we have already seen… Photos of Lindsey stem from Stephen Lawrence.

Her ‘The White Widow’ nickname came after Lindsay blew himself up on July 7, 2005 during a series of bombings across London which killed 52 people. SOURCE

And laughably, that was the full farticle, which never so much as once mentioned “Al Shabaab”, but unnecessarily mentioned ISIS a number of times… Or put another way, fear mongering based on total bollox at its very best.

Just sayin’.