The True Axis Of Evil: 9/11 remembered.

Christopher Spivey


In the 11 years since the attacks of September the 11th, I cannot recall seeing many sicker sights than that of George Wanker Bush (That is what the ‘W’ stands for isn’t it?),Standing atop a pile of debris left by the collapsed WTC towers, with a protective arm draped around an ageing Fire fighters shoulders.

Bush, megaphone in hand and looking like he has just won an Olympic gold medal is at Ground Zero, in what is a shameless display specifically designed to whip up patriotism and anti middle eastern sentiment amongst a shell shocked American… Nay, World population.

Looking extremely, smarmy and self satisfied, the Monster, revelling in the applause he is receiving begins to speak:

I can hear you… The World can hear you… And pretty soon the people who knocked down these buildings will be hearing from all of us”.

What a C***.

The man – and I use the term extremely loosely – stood there like some kind of Wild West hero, basking in his own sense of self worth, while at the same time, knowing full well that he and his bunch of reprobates were responsible for all of the lives lost that day.

What a sick C***.

This sadistic display took place on September 14th 2001, just 3 days after the attacks. Course, the choking air had cleared of dust by then and all work had been halted to avoid creating more.

This would be the same choking air that the abomination masquerading as Condoleezza Rice knew all too well was dangerous to work in, but never the less still withheld this information.

This would also be the same choking air about which, the then EPA Administrator, Christine Todd Whitman said on the 18th of September 2001:

“Given the scope of the tragedy from last week, I am glad to reassure the people of New York and Washington, DC that their air is safe to breathe and their water is safe to drink”

Perhaps Ms Todd Whitman wouldn’t have been so “glad to reassure the people of New York and Washington, DC” that everything was hunky-dory had she been made to work in an area where the air, according to air pollution expert, Professor Emeritus Thomas Cahill contained dust that  was “wildly toxic”.

Professor Cahill concluded that:

The thousands of tons of toxic debris resulting from the collapse of the Twin Towers consisted of more than 2,500 contaminants,[4] more specifically: 50% non-fibrous material and construction debris; 40% glass and other fibers; 9.2% cellulose; and 0.8% of the extremely toxic carcinogen asbestos, as well as detectable amounts of [5] lead, and mercury. There were also unprecedented levels of dioxin andPAHs from the fires which burned for three months.[6] Many of the dispersed substances (asbestos, crystalline silica, lead, cadmium, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) are carcinogenic; other substances can trigger kidney, heart, liver and nervous system deterioration. This was well known by the EPA at the time of collapse.


Naturally, Todd Whitman and her merry bunch of lying sicko’s deny that they knew of the danger that the dust posed to rescue workers. However according to the Union of Concerned Scientists website:

 News reports suggest that the EPA was not fully forthcoming about the air quality at ground zero. EPA scientist Cate Jenkins argues that the agency plainly lied in its public declarations. Jenkins told CBS News in September 2006 that the EPA knew “this dust was highly caustic, in some cases as caustic and alkaline as Drano.” In September 2006, CNN reported that an October 5, 2001 letter from the EPA to the New York City Health Department warned of threats to worker safety from exposure to hazardous materials. Yet this knowledge failed to affect the EPA’s unworried public statements.

The EPA’s September 18th, 2001 news release stated that “EPA’s primary concern is to ensure that rescue workers and the public are not being exposed to elevated levels of potentially hazardous contaminants in the dust and debris.”  Yet despite this, a 2006 study by Mount Sinai Hospital in New York found that “seven out of ten World Trade Center rescue and wreckage workers had new or worsened lung problems after the attacks. Moreover, The New York City Department of Health has a database of 71,000 people exposed to dust and debris at Ground Zero—a database created in response to hundreds of people’s complaints of breathing and lung problems. The health of these individuals may have been saved if not for the government’s willingness to place politics above sound science in the aftermath of the 2001 World Trade Center attacks.

Moreover, according to Reuters, some estimates put the overall death toll from 9/11-related illness at more than 1,000. Reuters further reported that; “At least 20,000 ground zero workers are being treated across the country and 40,000 are being monitored by the World Trade Centre Health Program”.

A further study, conducted in 2010 by the New York Fire Department Medical Office concluded that of the 5000 WTC rescue workers taking part in the study:

All had impaired lung functions with an average impairment of 10 percent. The study found the impairments presented itself in the first year after the attack with little or no improvements in the ensuing six years. 30 to 40 percent of workers were reporting persistent symptoms and 1000 of the group studied were on “permanent respiratory disability”. Dr. Prezant noted the medications that are being given ease symptoms but are not a cure.

So, did the EPA know? Yes, of course they did.

The twin towers had long ago failed the safety standard for Asbestos levels in a work place and the daunting task of removing the killer insulation to bring the towers up to safety standards was not thought to be cost effective. However, to not remove the Asbestos would have meant that the Towers would have to be closed down.

It was because of this asbestos that the moderately wealth Larry Silverstein was allowed to buy the WTC lease at a bargain basement price. Larry ‘I didn’t know 9/11 was going to happen, honest Guv’ Silverstein, then insured the buildings to the hilt. When the towers came down, along with WTC 7, Silverstein was catapulted overnight from the ranks of the moderately wealthy to the ranks of the super rich. Silverstein, is as you would imagine, a particularly unpleasant, snake in the grass type character.

Meanwhile, further down the American East Coast another of the seedy little men behind the 9/11 attacks was determined to see himself portrayed as a hero. Donald ‘I make your flesh crawl’ Rumsfeld, in a display every bit as sick as that staged by ‘Wanker’ Bush, was filmed carrying small pieces of aircraft debris from the Pentagon lawn.

However, this moronic toad of a man – no doubt blinded by his desire to be seen as someone other than a C*** –  did not possess the brains to realize that in doing so he was leaving himself wide open for criticism.

For a start, had the attacks really been committed by Islamic extremists, the little wannabe, in his capacity as the US defence secretary, would have immediately been taken to a place of safety.

Moreover, in his quest to be seen as a hero, the daft prat was actually committing a crime punishable by imprisonment. I am of course referring to the extremely serious offence of destroying a crime scene – an offence which was also committed at the WTC incidentally.

And what was the rush to move this extremely, dubious in origin, plane crash debris? What threat or danger did these small pieces of wreckage pose to anyone? Absolutely None at all.

It was done merely to make this power crazed imbecile look good. Unfortunately, It will take a lot more than that you horrible little man.

 Course, I don’t doubt for a moment that this anniversary will be used as an excuse by the main stream media to subtly whip up hatred towards Muslims worldwide.

Moreover, I also expect to hear plenty of corrupt, self serving politicians scaring gullible people throughout the world into believing that the only way to keep them safe from the very [un]real likelihood of another terrorist attack is bythem giving up their freedom and civil liberties.

These are the exact same gullible people who continue to cling to the highly improbable, nay, impossible scenario that has become the American governments official version of events.

I personally find it unbelievable that millions of people across the world still believe that 4 aeroplanes were hijacked by Muslim extremists, all of whom were armed to the teeth with an extremely dangerous plastic handled Stanley knife each.

Then having successfully taken over the planes they proceed to fly two of them into the WTC twin towers – resulting in their collapse.

The third plane we are told is steered – in a manoeuvre impossible for any 757 pilot to perform – into the Pentagon building, despite none of the hijackers being able to fly for shit.

Meanwhile the fourth plane – amidst a display of all American heroism – crash lands in a Pennsylvanian field, as a direct result of the hostages,attempting to overpower the hijackers.

Personally, I believe that the fact that people still buy into the above nonesense is an affront to the memory of the alleged 2977 people who died on that day . Likewise, it is also an affront to the memory of those who have died since as a direct result of their involvement in 9/11.

It is scientifically impossible for Jet fuel to burn anywhere near the heat needed to make steel melt or even warp enough to trigger a collapse. The black smoke seen coming from the towers was testament to the low temperature of the fires inside the buildings. All the jet fuel was burnt up in a massive fireball on impact for crying out loud.

If, as the official government version of events concludes, the towers then collapsed due to a combination of the impact damage and heat from the subsequent fires, then we need to rewrite all the laws of physics being as the towers came down at freefall speed.

The only… I will repeat that for the hard of learning… THE ONLY WAY that the towers could have come down at freefall speed is via a controlled demolition.

Perhaps then, Osama Bin Laden was a demolition expert in his spare time. Then again, perhaps not.

Now, those of you paying attention may have noticed that I inserted the word ‘Alleged’ before stating the official death toll. I did so because the evidence actually points to the official death toll being nowhere near that figure of 2977.

Indeed, you have to question why, if the hype afforded to Bin Laden was true – which it isn’t – he chose to go to all that trouble  just to cause 3000 deaths. Had he waited a couple of hours more, there would have been around 50,000 people slaving away in the trade centre. But, as the FBI’s ‘most wanted’ posters prove, Bin Laden didn’t do it. Even the FBI couldn’t muster the front to apportion the blame onto Mr Bin Laden.

The American sponsored terrorist attack actually took place at that time in the morning for very good reason. That reason was to specifically ensure that there would be the minimum number of deaths possible, while at the same time, ensuring that the body count was still sufficiently high enough to outrage the public in to allowing the American Government to go on a Middle Eastern pillage.

Now, understand this. The desire for a relatively low body count, in comparison to what it could have been was not down to the government wanting to save the lives of American citizens. On the contrary, had they thought that they could have gotten away with it; the death toll would have been substantially higher. However, the less bodies there were meant the less grieving families there would be to ask awkward questions.

Of the alleged 2977 people who died that day, 411 of them were from the emergency services… That is 411 Firemen, Policemen, and Paramedics, who were deliberately murdered by their own Government. There is however a dispute over that number.

The dispute comes along with the other 2566 people allegedly killed that day  including the hijackers. At least 5 of the 19 hijackers are still alive and somewhat bemused to learn that, to this day, they are still officially listed amongst those who did die on September 11th.

Of the remaining 2958 civilian and emergency service workers reportedly killed, a rather strange anomaly has cropped up surrounding their identity. In the days and weeks following 9/11, ‘relatives’ of those who supposedly died took to pinning up photographs of their deceased loved ones at Ground Zero.

However, someone was paying more attention to these photographs than the government would have liked because it soon became obvious that a lot of them were photo shopped repeats of other peoples photographs.

In other words, someone – the government – had taken the photographs of people who had really died on that day, copied the photos, added a different background, reversed the images and changed the skin tones of the people in the copied photos. The photos and their copies were then pinned up at Ground Zero (a suitable distance apart from each other obviously)with the doctored photos pinned up under different names. Worse still, some of these photos were photo shopped up to 3 or 4 times. (see photos below)

It is therefore impossible to put an accurate figure on the total number of people who died in the towers on 9/11.

Having said that, had only one person died in the attacks, that would still have been one too many. The horror and suffering that those poor people must have gone through while waiting to die is unimaginable.

Then there are the plane passengers. Or lack of them since the seats on all four aeroplanes were massively undersold that day… Coincidence?

A Boeing 757 can carry between 200 & 289 passengers and crew. Now take a look at the numbers supposedly on the 4 doomed airliners:

American Flight 11 had 87 passengers and crew plus five hijackers.
United Flight 175 had 60 passengers and crew plus five hijackers.
American Flight 77 had 59 passengers and crew plus five hijackers.
United Flight 93 had 40 passengers and crew plus four hijackers.

Strange how the hijackers knew that they could manage with a man less on flight 93 which just so happened to be the flight with the least number of passengers.

Once again I ask you, coincidence?

However, there is evidence to suggest that Flight 93, the plane that supposedly crashed into a field following a hostage revolt, actually landed at Cleveland’s Hopkins International airport where it was hidden in a secluded hanger while ‘the passengers’ were evacuated.

Donald Rumsfeld was also actually caught on video saying that flight 93 had been shot down. The alleged impact site is certainly unique if flight 93 really did crash land there, since the debris, spread over miles, is like no other impact site, seen before.

Having said that, the site is very consistent with what you would expect to see had the plane been blown to smithereens in mid flight.

Certainly, the reported phone conversations from flight 93 between alleged passengers and their loved ones at home are fake. It was impossible to make cell phone calls from aeroplanes in 2001. The evidence therefore points to an empty jet liner having been shot down over Pennsylvania.

Course, it goes without saying that the alleged on board hostage revolt made for good propaganda. Bravo.

In regards to Flight 77, the plane that supposedly crashed into the pentagon; Believe that, and you will believe anything.

The impact site doesn’t support the claim in anyway, shape or form. Furthermore, the mid-air turn allegedly made by flight 77 in order for it to have hit the pentagon building where it supposedly did, is impossible to make in a 757.

You may also wish to consider this fact; the Pentagon has more CCTV cameras trained on it than any other building in the world. To date, the American Government has only released CCTV footage from one. That footage certainly does not show a plane hitting the building. To end the many conspiracies theories surrounding exactly what it was that hit the Pentagon, all the government need do is release a decent bit of CCTV footage showing the plane hitting the building. The fact that they haven’t speaks volumes.

There is however,  much witness testimony- totally ignored by the ‘Mickey Mouse’ 9/11 commission report obviously –  to say that a  incredibly low flying 757, flew over the pentagon seconds before a Cruise missile slammed into the building.  Therefore, going on the evidence available, I would suggest to you that no plane crashed into the Pentagon and as such; that obviously means no passengers died.














Flights 93 and 77 therefore reduce the death toll by a further 108. Similarly, there is much evidence to suggest that the two planes, American Flight 11 and United Flight 175 were in reality, unmanned remote controlled spy planes. If that is true then the death toll is again reduced by a further 167.

Never the less, the fact remains that no matter how many people died on September the 11th 2001, they were all killed by the same scumbags who were supposedly elected to protect them.

That the people responsible for those who died 11 years ago are still breathing fresh air, never mind living in a manner that we can only dream about, is breath taking in the extreme. Amongst their ranks are people such as the Bush family, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Tony Blair, the Clintons, Rudolph Giuliani, Barak Obama, Henry Kissinger and Larry Silverstein to name but a few. May their soles one day rot in hell.


Unfortunately, these abominations will continue to cause suffering, pain, and misery throughout the world as long as we allow them too. All those of you who refuse to speak out, or refuse to see the wood for the trees are accomplices to these psychopaths. For that tag alone, you should hang your heads in shame.

Today, on this 11th anniversary of what is probably the blackest day in American history, it is right that we remember those innocent victims of September the 11th 2001.

These people -how ever many that may be – were deliberately murdered by their own government for nothing more than greed and power. May all those innocent victims  forever rest in peace.

It is also right that today we pay respect to those who have since died following the American governments deliberate withholding of  information regarding the dangers of working at Ground Zero.

They too were murdered by their own Government. May those poor souls also forever rest in peace.

And finally, it is also right that we pay our respects today to all of the armed service’s personnel and countless hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children who have died in the so called war on terror… An illegal war, brought into force as a direct result of the false flag operation orchestrated by the American government… A act of terrorism which has come to be known as 9/11.

May all of the countless victims, regardless of Race, creed or colour forever rest in peace.

Much Love,