The Terrorist Attack That Never Was


Christopher Spivey


Good morning, afternoon or evening and a very happy weirdy beardy man in the sky day to you all… Except for the cunts who I do not like.

And there are many of those.

Nevertheless, it now appears that the monster minions are trying to portray last Tuesdays “terror attack” on fifteen cyclists as being non-terror related:

The Westminster terror suspect may not be a terrorist after all as police can’t find any evidence of political or religious motives.

Salih Khater, 29, was arrested on Tuesday after his Ford Fiesta Zetec rammed into pedestrians and cyclists outside the Houses of Parliament.

Three people were injured including two who needed hospital treatment but have since been released.

So the terrapin-who-isn’t rammed into FIFTEEN bicycles (which was originally ten) yet only three were injured – although the only sign of anyone hurt was a mush laying in the road and another fella who slumped against a lamp post after his friend reminded him that he had been hurt.

That 2nd “victim” is the fella talking to his mate and arrowed by me in the photo below.

I can’t see 15 bikes there and the press photographer was very quick of the mark.

Nevertheless, let me crop that photo for you so as you can get a better look at victim-matey chatting to his chum.

He looks fine doesn’t he?

And here he is again looking fine.

So his mate reaches over and tells him that he is looking TOO fine and it is time to die.

So down he goes.

Dead… Well nearly dead anyway.

Yet if the stooge had hit 15 bikes or even 10 bikes there would have been 10 or 15 very seriously hurt people, because they would have been tangled up in a maze of twisted metal.

No sign of the third ‘victim’ either, although and it is very strange how the ‘victims’ haven’t been named.  And neither have the other 12 people involved, who all apparently made miraculous recoveries… Yet none of them have been so much as interviewed – very fucking strange indeed.

Although no doubt they will be and will do now that I have mentioned the fact… Just sayin’:

Detectives secured more time, until Monday, to hold the British citizen and former Sudanese refugee but his motives for the incident were still unclear.

I thought that he was from Somalia?

Nevertheless, when he was dragged out of the car and cuffed he was wearing a black puffa jacket over a white shirt.

However, that then – somehow – changed to him wearing a grey hoodie over a white shirt:

And fuck knows why the cunts have photoshopped a big beard onto his face… Well I do know why, but shhh.

Investigators have not uncovered any evidence he was radicalised to extremist Islam or motivated to commit terror, senior Whitehall sources told the Independent.

Scotland Yard counter terrorism officers and U.S. diplomatic sources who liaise with British intelligence also confirmed there was no evidence or terrorism.

Terrorist links could still emerge but that was looking increasingly unlikely as interrogation and searches of his background and possessions found nothing.

Although earlier reports stated that the stooge was known to the police… So that was a lie too.

Khater could still be charged with serious non-terrorism crimes including attempted murder regardless of his motivations.

Yet if it wasn’t a terrorist attack then why would he be trying to murder people?

His family fled war-torn Darfur in South Sudan, but there was nothing to suggest they had any links to the various warring Islamist groups there.

He also spent time in Libya before seeking asylum in Britain, but that was well before the revolution that toppled dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Source

However, since that old bollocks, he has now been charged with attempted murder:

A 29-year-old man has been charged with attempting to murder members of the public and police officers after allegedly driving a car through crowds in Westminster.

Salih Khater, from Birmingham, will appear in court facing two counts of attempted murder, following the incident outside the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday.

If there was THREE victims, then why has he only been charged with two counts of attempted murder… And what about the other 12? Or were those twelve other bikes ridden by ghosts?

Yet the Monkey Kuntz are now writing as if they don’t exist.

However, as I pointed out in my last article on the subject (found HERE) it was an insult to our intelligence for the cunts to report that there were 10 cyclists hurt and a proper piss take to then increase that number to 15.

There were no bikes and if there had been then there would have been a great big pile of metal with legs, arms and heads sticking out of it, being shunted up the road by the stooges car.

The Sudanese-born suspect, who is a British citizen, allegedly drove his vehicle into pedestrians before deliberately swerving towards police officers. 

BINGO! Do you see how those 15 cyclists have now become [an unspecified] number of pedestrians? CUNTS!

He then allegedly crashed into barriers outside the Palace of Westminster.

Which he managed to do without a single bike or body under his motor… It is truly a modern day miracle.

Yet if the cunt was travelling at 50 MPH then he must have been taught to drive by Nigel Mansell in order to navigate the curve leading up to the barrier.

And there doesn’t appear to be any bounce back after the car hit the barrier and there is also a distinct lack of debris in front of the motor to boot.

Very fucking strange, as is the presence of the men who point a lot… I mean why are they all suited up when there were that many people around the car after it had crashed that the crime-scene was already contaminated… Fucking idiots.

And fuck knows why they photoshopped the snappy snaps of the car being carted away.

Don’t laugh, it’s not funny. I mean why do they need two lorries to move the fucking thing?

In fact how did they get two lorries side by side?

The old shite then continues:

Within minutes of Tuesday’s morning rush-hour crash, police flooded the streets around Parliament and cordoned off an area of the city that is home to government buildings and tourist attractions including Westminster Abbey- he was then arrested. Source

Course, you have to wonder why a great big fucking red bus was locked into that security cordon.

I mean all the bikes and victims are long gone but that bus is still there locked in the “security act cordon”! Why?

I will tell you why. It is because the cunts who stage these hoaxes use big red fucking buses to ferry the camera crews and actors around in. They did the same in the Westminster bridge hoax and another one that I cannot mention by law.

Indeed, if that bus played no part in this HOAX it would have been turned around and moved from the area.

And make no mistake that this was a hoax designed to frighten the public. However, it was so amateurish, quickly organised and ill thought out that the cunts are now trying to distance it from a terrapin attack.

Yet the alternative which now has a mush trying to murder three PEDESTRIANS and then deliberately crashing his car so as he would be caught makes even less fucking sense.

Wake up people for fucks sake, or do you enjoy being taken for a cunt?