The Spiv On Sunday


Christopher Spivey

Shall we have a butchers at some of the recent stories in the propaganda rags?

Of course we fucking shall. So let’s start by me reminding you that in my recent article: “Boris & The Prison Agenda” I put forward three Chimp farticles which I believe were published as part of the agenda to introduce a prison system in the UK based on that of Americas.

The three farticles were all published in the Chimp on the 6th of December and were done so in a way that portrayed them as seemingly unconnected.

The first was about the London Bridge fake attack and had the brain-dead public up in arms over the fact that the Terrapin had been released from prison early. Moreover, the hero of the hour who held the Terrapin at bay was a convicted murderer… Hmmm!

The second story was about the UK’s most prolific rapist, Joe McCann – who no cunt had ever heard of until earlier this month. He too had twice been released early from prison.

And the third story that day was about the mother of murdered “Baby P” who had also been released early from prison, only to be sent back for breaching the terms of her parole.

Moreover, I stated that our criminal Prime Mincer, Boris Johnson was just the man to usher in this privatized American style prison system, which sees the USA jail more people per-capita than any other country in the world.

Course, they do so not because they are tough on crime but because there is huge profits to be made by doing so.

But anyway, the point of me bringing this up again is that the following Chimp farticle – which slipped under my radar – was published just two weeks prior to those three farticles listed above:

Kinda coincidental don’t cha think? I mean BoJo saying life will mean life two weeks before those three headlines appeared. Course, the public are [rightly] going to applaud that move to lock up child killers for life whilst being blissfully ignorant to the bigger picture.

In fact the dumb-fuck public will applaud that headline in the exact same way that they are applauding Britain’s abolishion of the Human Rights Charter.

And that is because the press portray that HR Charter as a bad thing used to protect terrapins and Eastern European murderers in the same way that BoJo is now being portrayed as a good guy by saying that life means life for child murderers… But it wont fucking end there.

After all, human rights and how we treat prisoners go hand in hand.

Furthermore this agenda is moving very fast under the Johnson government as you can see from this Bloomberg article published on December 20th:

Britain’s domestic intelligence service MI5 can authorize its agents to engage in criminal activities, potentially including murder, kidnap and torture, a London court ruled, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s new government prepares to overhaul espionage laws.

Judges on the Investigatory Powers Tribunal declared in a majority decision that MI5 has the power to permit informants to operate in criminal groups, even if the policy itself confers no legal immunity. The case focused on powers that were only disclosed last year by then-Prime Minister Theresa May.

“The case raises one of the most profound issues which can face a democratic society governed by the rule of law, Judge Rabinder Singh said in the ruling.

The decision comes as Johnson seeks to update laws to bring them in line with the U.S. in a crackdown on spies, saboteurs and hackers working for foreign states such as Russia, North Korea and Iran. Preventing MI5 from running agents in criminal organizations “would strike at the core activities of the Security Service,” the judges said… Source

Mind you, this isn’t a totally new agenda in fact the cunts have been laying the groundwork for years by removing legal aid for those who can’t afford a solicitor… The following was published by the BBC on the 27th of December:

The retiring president of the Supreme Court says legal aid cuts in England and Wales have caused “serious difficulty” to the justice system.

Baroness Hale, who was guest editing BBC Radio 4’s Today, said it was a particular problem in family courts.

In 2013, legal aid was removed from many civil law cases to achieve a saving of £350 million a year.

The government said it was piloting early legal advice in some welfare cases, plus extra financial support.

Baroness Hale of Richmond, who retires next month, is the first female president of the Supreme Court, which is the final court of appeal in the UK.

She said: “I don’t think that anybody who has anything to do with the justice system of England and Wales could fail to be concerned about the problems which the reduction in resources in several directions has caused for the system as a whole.”… Source

It’s all coming together nicely for the cunts isn’t it?

And that is just for starters… Just wait and see what happens when the agenda really gets going.

Course, there is no sign of the government getting tough on nonces… Especially famous ones. I mean there is no chance of those dirty cunts serving their full prison terms:

Paedophile Fred Talbot has sparked outrage by taking a stroll days after his release from prison.

The disgraced TV weatherman shocked victims after he took a casual walk after he was freed on Friday.

The 70-year-old was known for giving his forecasts while jumping around a large floating map of the UK on ITV’s This Morning. 

He was spotted walking with a female friend in the village of Bowdon, Cheshire, where he lives and and onlooker told The Sun he looked a ‘shadow of his former self’ after his career ended in shame. 

‘He was well covered up with a big scruffy jacket and a hat, but his face is still unmistakable,’ they said.

Talbot abused pupils while working as a biology teacher at Altrincham Grammar School for boys. 

He was jailed for five years in 2015 for indecently assaulting two boys then in 2016 he got another five years for abusing seven boys on camping trips.

It comes after one of his victims reacted with fury when the predator was freed after serving half of his sentence… Source

PHOTO: The Dirty Cunt Fred Talbot

It is also interesting that Talbot was a teacher… Indeed, I now view male teachers with the same suspicion as I do priests. And with that in mind, the following story from last week is particularly interesting:

A married headmaster has been struck off for pleasuring himself in front of a pupil who he lured into bed.

Jonathan Ullmer, 59, also ‘begged’ the schoolboy to touch his penis and massage him with lubricant.

He preyed on the teenager during his time at the Cecil Jones High School on Southend-on-Sea, Essex, where he worked from 1989 to 2002. 

He would reward the boy with special privileges such as giving him the keys to his office and allowing him to drive his care. 

The victim, referred to only as Pupil A, said in a statement: ‘Eventually he would take all his clothes off and lie on the floor. He also brought out oil for me to massage him with.’ 

Ullmer even took the ‘vulnerable boy’ to his Kent flat where the pair shared a bed and the sick teacher started masturbating.

Grooming the schoolboy, he suggested the two of them discuss sex and go out for boozy meals to become closer, a teaching tribunal heard.  

The teacher later slept in the same bed with the pupil and they had a play fight with Ullmer hitting the boy’s bottom with a shoe horn, the tribunal heard.

Ullmer left the school in the early 2000 and went on to teach abroad in the far east, later becoming a headmaster… Source

Sooo, the dirty cunt did a Gary Glitter and fucked off to some paedophile paradise in the far East!

However, what makes this story more interesting for me is not the fact that two of my children attended Cecil Jones school whilst the nonce was teaching there; it is the fact that we see yet another kiddy-fiddler receiving a reward from the Queen… They do love a nonce do them there royal scumbags.

Nevertheless, most troubling of all is that there is no mention of the cunt ever being prosecuted, but there ya go.

Okay, moving on whilst staying on the theme of prisons and it seems that jailed record producer, Phil Spector has had his latest mug shot published:

Phil Spector has been pictured sporting a goatee, a bald head and hearing aids as he grins for his latest mugshot after spending ten years behind bars and wearing a selection of wigs during his murder trial. 

The 79-year-old fallen music legend was sentenced to 19-years to life in 2009 over the 2003 slaying of actress Lana Clarkson, 40, in his California mansion’s foyer. 

He was known for parading around in a selection of wigs and elaborate hairstyles during the murder trial that landed him in jail.

Now a new picture of the famed Wall of Sound producer – taken at the California Health Care Facility in Stockton on November 19 and exclusively obtained by – shows him sporting a new look.    

Spector looks to be in good spirits ahead of turning 79 on Thursday. He is still wearing the hearing aid which appeared in his previous jailhouse picture from 2017.

The shamed star has enjoyed a number of different looks and changes in his appearance over the years… Source

And that last sentence couldn’t be more true since Spector has completely changed his nose since being in prison!

You see, before he was sent to jail, his nose – like Michael Jackson’s – was a bit of an abortion:

See what I mean? It is very narrow and there is a lot of room between his nostrils and top lip.

Yet now, his nose is wide and the nostril to lip ratio is not so great.

Moreover, I believe that the new mugshot is just a photo-shopped version of the one taken above in 2017:

So is Spector really in prison? I doubt it very fucking much. Indeed, it is as it has always been – one rule for them and another rule for us.

Course this fake imprisonment malarkey is nothing new as I pointed out with Charles Manson in 2015.

I mean the following photo was supposedly taken in 2009:

Yet 6 years later, Manson was photographed looking youthful, very tanned and hair transplanted:

Hmmm… Maybe the American prison system ain’t as bad as it is made out to be after all.

Now, another story that is related was that of 87 yr old William Heagren.

Heagren supposedly died 9 days into a 27 month prison sentence for ACCIDENTALLY running over two women in a supermarket car park:

A driver who was jailed for killing a woman by hitting his car accelerator instead of the brake has died from a heart attack after just nine days in prison. 

Veteran motorist William Heagren died at Wormwood Scrubs in Hammersmith, London, on December 14.

The 87-year-old had been put behind bars just over a week earlier on December 5 after being sentenced to 27 months for causing death by dangerous driving.

Heagren had reversed his Ford Fusion into Jeanette Newman, 64, and her friend Sarah Taylor, 53, in a Sainsbury’s car park in South Ruislip, west London, in May 2018.

Harrow Crown Court heard during his trial that he had bumped his car into a bollard jut minutes before which had left him ‘raging’ with himself for ‘being a bloody fool.’

But that he got back into his vehicle and mistakenly put it into reverse before hitting the wrong pedal.

Mrs Newman died in hospital the next day from brain injuries she sustained after hitting her head on the tarmac.

Her friend Ms Taylor bore the brunt of the ‘out of control’ vehicle before it came to stop when it struck a bollard.

She survived the crash but suffered a stroke and was left with life-changing injuries.

Heagren originally appeared at court using a zimmer frame and asked to be bailed while he appealed the custodial sentence.

But Judge Lana Wood refused to let him out and said he must go straight to prison… Source

And I am not buying this old fanny.

I mean the zimmer frame was a nice touch… After all, it seemed to work for the cunt, Harvey Weinstein:

But then again, Weinstein is part of the monster club.

Nevertheless, even if that story is true, was a two yr prison sentence really necessary for an 87 yr old driver who made a tragic mistake?

Not that I believe the old fanny. I mean for starters he would not have been able to get the speed up from a standing start in a supermarket car park, necessary to kill one woman and seriously maim another.

Moreover, the OAP did not actually kill the old bird by running her over. You see, the woman died as a result of hitting her head on the tarmac,.. Which once again, I find hard to believe

And neither did Heagren directly maim the other woman – she suffered a stroke, which the prosecution blamed on the accident… Again, a little too convenient for my liking.

However, I strongly suspect that this fairy tale is more to do with the long term agenda to ban elderly drivers from the road. This agenda started with the Glasgow bin lorry bollox.

And at the end of the day, banning the old boy from driving would have been a lot more appropriate. After all, Prick Philip never even came close to being prosecuted for causing “death by dangerous driving“.

Just sayin’.

And that just leaves me to wish you all a happy new year, although I strongly suspect that it won’t be for us mere mortals… But then again, what do I know – I haven’t got 2020 vision.

Oh, and don’t forget that new years day is also my birthday… Just in case you want to send me a little token of your affection.

Just hintin’.