The Spiv On Sunday 25/06/17


Christopher Spivey


Good morning, afternoon or evening and a happy Weirdy-Beardy-Man-in-The-Skyday to you all, except for those who I don’t like for which the list grows daily.

Now whilst not wishing to state the bleedin’ obvious I have taken another few hours off from writing “A Bridge Too Far” to bring you this edition of the Spiv-On-Sunday… I just thought that I best mention it because the Paedo-Trolls and Dis-Info Merchants will of course pipe-up that I haven’t really been busy these last few months writing about the Westminster Bridge Bollox.

And as always they will be chatting nonsense and disinformation because that is what they do.

However, just so as ya know, don’t cha know, “A Bridge Too Far” will be published within the next two months and as you will see for yourselves, is by far the biggest and most complex (for me, not you) project that I have ever undertaken.

Now obviously it would have been a much easier task to write a series of articles on the Government Hoax but doing it that way means that unless you are a regular reader then editions will be missed or read arse about face and the full impact of the criminality and abuse of power by this country’s Government Mincers, our Security Services and Police Top-Brass will be lost… And at least this way, the detailed and evidenced fraud will all be in one place.

So let’s gerron we’it, and we will start with a massive story via the Chimp which they left running for days:

Police are hunting this middle-aged lout who was caught on CCTV bursting into a pub and headbutting an innocent dad – because he asked him to stop swearing.

The shocking attack happened as the victim was enjoying a drink with his wife and three children. Source

Now I can’t speak for you’s lot but quite frankly I am shocked to the core. Indeed who would have thought that you could end up in a violent confrontation by taking someone to task over their use of bad language, in a place dominated by men over the age of 18 who are busy getting intoxicated by repeatedly drinking alcoholic beverages?

This previously unheard of type of altercation came about when the terrorist thug, helpfully described by the newspaper shit-rag as wearing “dark blue shorts and navy T-shirt” walked into the hostelry (more commonly know as a pub) sometime shortly before 9 pm – pre-watershed – last Saturday night and proceeded to say both “Fuck” and “Bugger“, to which the gentleman, quite rightly out enjoying a Saturday Night Shandy or two with his delicate Mrs and three adorable children took exception.

Course no doubt hoping to make himself look ‘better than thou‘, the father of three who only ever says “fuck & bugger” when in the company of other gentlemen politely took the thug in “flip flops” to task over his outrageous behaviour.

And it was at this point, having already been made to look a cunt previously in front of other pub customers by the gentlemen, that the thug – no doubt fueled by copious amounts of lager, lager, lager – headbutted the poor man, who was only trying to be one of the nations keeper of morals.

 Minutes earlier the dad had asked the man to tone down his language after he was heard swearing loudly in front of his family.

The headbutt caused the family-guy to “clutch his nose in front of his shocked family” thus making him look like a girl… However, had the flip-flop thug not timed his headbutt so badly it is fair to say that Family-guy could have been knocked sparko with his hooter smashed to fuck.

Subsequently, a spokesthug for Nottingham Police – who stopped short of calling the attack a “pub Brawl” – said the following:

‘The couple say they had previously asked the same man to mind his language in front of their kids.

‘The man in the video is described as white, in his early 40s, around 5ft 10in tall, of a stocky build with shaven hair and a small amount of facial hair.

‘If you recognise this man or have any information that could help, please contact us on 101 quoting incident 934 of 17 June.’

Strange how the pub manager or non of the locals know who the thug is but nice of the police to waste more public money hunting the hooligan for seriously wounding the fellas pride.

A spokesman for the Association of British Landlords expressed his shock at the fact a fight had taken place in a pub, especially on a Saturday Night in Summer and urged parents not to be put off visiting establishments selling mood altering alcohol with their children.

We are in fact looking at the possibility of screening ‘CBeebies’ in all of our bars“, the ABL spokesman added.

I really do truly despair.

Indeed it’s no fucking wonder that the Government are pushing their agenda to arm our Police Dicks & Police Flat-Dicks with hand-guns is it… In fact the chance of being shot to death would certainly make your average pisshead think twice before dishing out a bruising to someone making themselves busy:

Police chiefs are to consider arming beat bobbies with pistols to tackle terrorists on the streets.

The controversial move could overturn Britain’s proud tradition of routine unarmed policing.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) will meet next month to discuss a range of ideas to combat a marauding terror attack, including arming patrol officers in key locations.

The idea is that officers who are not part of Britain’s firearms squads could react quickly to shoot a terrorist such as the Westminster or London Bridge attackers if they were first on the scene.

Yesterday West Midlands Chief Constable Dave Thompson called on the Government to ‘think very carefully’ about the need for ‘enhanced protection’ for officers who run towards terrorists.

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha: “enhanced protection’ for officers who run towards terrorists“… As if terrorists are every-fucking-where… Indeed the idea is laughable since the government hasn’t got that many actors on its books willing to risk playing a terrapin, don’t cha know.

As for these mythical officers who run towards terrorists I will assume that West Midlands Chief Constable, David – call me dave – Thompson is referring to the likes of “hero” copper, Keith Palmer who died protecting us… Apparently.

Course more than a few people would describe me as being mental but I cannot for the life of me – when looking at the evidence – see how Palmer could possibly have selflessly run at Stooge Masood to protect anything at all to be honest.

In fact as far as I can see Palmer must have staggered away at lightning speed after being fatally stabbed whilst confronting ‘ultra fit’ bodybuilder, Masood at the gate house.

Still, I look forward to being put in my place by the ‘right-thinking’ masses who know without doubt that PC Palmer was a hero because the likes of the Chimp say he was… And I say that I look forward to being put in my place because the  hard-of-thinking brigade have no idea of the mass of other evidence that I hold showing exactly which way PC Palmer ran towards… Pilchards.

Course, although the government are a bit short of actors willing to play Terrapins – hence the need to repeatedly use photoshopped pictures of previous  terrapins  –  it does seem to have any amount of actors willing to play police-top-knobs… Not least West Midlands Chief Constable, Dave Thompson, whom I have had occasion to write about before… “enhanced protection” indeedVery Thespian Lovey.


The smug looking Dick Dave allegedly spent most of his career at the wholly corrupt, paedophile protecting Greater Manchester Police and made himself VERY busy where the Jo Cox shite was concerned – despite it having fuck all to do with him:

The Chief Constable of West Midlands Police described the murder of MP Jo Cox as “an assault on democracy” as he outlined measures to protect MPs across the West Midlands.

Mr Thompson was asked about security following the killing of the Labour MP who died last month following a violent attack outside her constituency surgery in Yorkshire.

Speaking at the Strategic Police and Crime Board meeting David Thompson said: “I think the dreadful events were a serious assault on democracy as well as on her and her family.

“There has always been a level of engagement with MPs and we have now redoubled those efforts.

“All of our local MPs have been offered additional security and have spoken to local commanders in their areas. Source

Course, the only thing is, Davey Cockett also masquerades as the independent, investigative journalist, Tom Griffin.


The Chimp article on arming the plod then continues:

One idea is to give pistols to constables who routinely patrol sensitive locations and key landmarks considered at risk of a terror attack, such as Government buildings and major tourist attractions, so they could respond before firearms officers arrived.

Currently only highly trained firearms officers carry guns. They have to go through a rigorous selection process with a high failure rate.

They must pass several selection tests before completing a nine-week training course, and officers in counter-terrorism face additional training of at least three months.


Have you seen the state of the actors walking around with machine guns?

Take PC Whoop-Whoop for instance:

The armed plod behind him looks like the sort who would headbutt you in the pub on a Saturday night, but PC Whoop Whoop is something else.

He certainly thinks that he is the terminator… And I’m not sure that he isn’t in the EDL.

I’m not saying it is… I’m just sayin’.

Then there is the scruffy cunt who has mastered counting up to two.

His mother obviously wasn’t awake when he left for work that morning.

And who could forget PC Ant Adder-Drinkyet.

And his colleague, Officer Fartalot.

And of course let’s not leave PC Huh out…

He’s thinking about the beans on toast he’s going to have for tea when he gets home.

Course, if you think that lot a joke you then have the ‘ones’ who don’t even know what day of the week it is, let alone anything else.

I mean he’s thinking “is that fella supposed to be walking about here?” – 25 minutes after Masood  did his thing.

Mind you, to be fair I did think the same thing when I saw the same mush on the bridge.

And that has to be the lowest squad car in the force doesn’t it?

Would you feel safe with that cunt walking around?

The Chimp article then gets around to using PC Palmer’s death as reason to arm our coppers:

In the wake of PC Keith Palmer’s murder at Westminster in March, former Northern Ireland secretary Theresa Villiers suggested it was time for all police who patrol areas ‘known to be of interest to terrorists’ to be armed. The heroic officer, who was stabbed to death by terrorist Khalid Masood while guarding the Houses of Parliament, was not carrying a firearm.

Although as my regular readers will know, Assistant Commissioner Robot Rowley told the worlds press that Palmer was armed:

Assistant Commissioner Rowley added:

“A crime scene will remain in place, and a painstaking investigation is taking place to collect all possible evidence.”

“Our strength as a city depends on our ability to stand together”.

“We have lost one of our own as he acted to protect the public and his colleagues.”

The officer shot was an armed officer tasked with protecting parliament, he said.

He said commuters should remain vigilant on their way home.

Although to be fair that was around 3 hours after the incident had ended so Robot Rowley might not have been in possession of the basic facts. Moreover, he might have seen the photo of pretend Masood victim Travis Frain, taken before Masood did his thing.

The following is taken from my as yet unfinished project: “A Bridge Too Far” at the point where we see Travis taking up his position on the pavement after being run over by Mad Masood:

And in the photo directly above we see him stood talking to his three fellow students.

Yet Trappy-Travis was supposedly the worst of the four college students to be injured, but looking at those photos you do have to question why Travis is seen AN HOUR later laid out on a stretcher.

Nevertheless, despite Travis being laid out on a stretcher, the photo caption states that he has suffered “A cracked rib and injuries to his hand”… Roger that.

I should also mention that the Ginger-Whinger and his “friends” live very close to the Village of the Damned.

Nevertheless, have a read of this old bollox:

“A cracked rib and MINOR injuries to his hand”… Roger that. We appear to have a bit of consistency for once.

That is until you have a read of this next old bollox anyway:


Did you clock his injuries in that last lot of old bollox?

Now read this:

Talk about being taken for a cunt! And do not for one second assume Prince Buggerlugs doesn’t know the truth.

I mean how fucking gullible do you have to be;  first Trappy has minor injuries consistent with the photos that we saw earlier (and below). We are also told that he rung his ‘mummy’ 40 minutes after the old bollox had happened telling her “not to worry” and that he was “fine”.

PHOTO: Having taken his shoes of the lying little cunt calmly started chatting to people on his mobile phone.

And then the next thing that we know the lying little cunt has all manner of serious injuries requiring surgery and he can’t remember a single fucking thing about the accident!

Fuck me, it’s no wonder he wants to be an MP… The trainee nonce has all the right fucking credentials that is for sure.

And as if the Chimp needed to convince the gullible that Travis’ story is genuine, they published a photo of the little gay-boy stood outside of the Houses of Parliament – which had presumably been taken earlier that day.

Course, the would be journalists at the Chimp are far too unintelligent to notice the glaring contradiction in the photo i.e the 3 armed coppers in the background thus proving what I said at the very start about the plod all being armed at the Palace gates…


Mind you, PC Terminator didn’t clock the fraud with Travis’ friends taking place under his own fucking snout either… For instance in the photo below we see another of Frain’s friends who was absolutely fine in the photos taken in the immediate aftermath of the old bollox yet an hour later he appears nearly dead:

PHOTO: Nearly dead.

PHOTO: Nearly better.

Nevertheless, the pro-arming the police article continued:

Two armed close protection officers shot dead his attacker within a few seconds of the stabbing, ending Masood’s bloody rampage, which claimed five lives.But investigators have said that even if PC Palmer had been armed it is unlikely he would have been able to defend himself in time.

I am not even going to ask why Palmer wouldn’t have been able to defend himself had he been armed but that segment contains a big reason not to arm the nutters.

You see, the segment states that two armed coppers shot Masood  which is consistent with the photos that I showed you earlier.

However, three shots were fired and Masood was killed by a single bullet to the chest meaning that from a matter of feet away, either one of the officers missed with BOTH his shots or one of the officers missed with his one and only shot whilst the officer who shot him in the chest missed with his  first shot.

Very disturbing indeed albeit not as disturbing as the other London Bridge hoax that had 8 officers firing FIFTY bullets in order to kill 3 terrapins from fairly close range.

I wonder if PC Yoko Ono was one of those eight Orifficers? PC Yoko Ono was an armed officer in the Westminster Bridge hoax although she did first spend a good couple of hours playing someone caught up in the old bollox:

And with all that in mind, I would suggest that until we have a proper police force run by honest men, the closest that the Bacon Buggers should be able to get to a gun is watching a John Wayne cowboy film.

Meantime the experiment in public order to see how compliant the population has become continues with hundreds of families being moved out of their “unsafe” homes at very short notice following the Grenfell old bollox.

You see, following ‘tests’, it has apparently been discovered that the tower blocks housing these families have the same “plastic cladding” as that of the Grenfell tower:

Five blocks on the estate have similar exterior plastic panels to those fitted to the 24-storey Grenfell Tower. 

The cheap cladding on Grenfell Tower was blamed for the fire spreading from one fourth floor flat and engulfing the entire building in the early hours of June 14.

Camden is the first London borough to evacuate buildings in the wake of the tragedy. However, residents complained they were given little notice about the evacuation and some were sent to a ‘rescue centre’ full of airbeds. 

Speaking to journalists in north London council leader Georgia Gould said: At the end of today [the fire brigade] told us that they could not guarantee resident safety in those blocks so I have made the difficult decision to move the people living there into temporary accommodation while we do the urgent works to guarantee safety.

‘I know it is difficult but Grenfell changes everything and I just don’t believe we can take any risks with our residents safety and I have to put them first.’ Source


That is news to me… And Wikipedia:

As part of the project, in 2015–2016, the concrete structure received new windows and new aluminium composite rainscreen cladding, in part to improve the appearance of the building. Two types were used: Arconic’s Reynobond, which consists of two, coil-coated, aluminium sheets that are fusion bonded to both sides of a polyethylene core; and Reynolux aluminium sheets. Beneath these, and fixed to the outside of the walls of the flats, was Celotex RS5000 PIR thermal insulation. The work was carried out by Harley Facades of Crowborough, East Sussex, at a cost of £2.6 million.

So how come the cladding is now made of  plastic – which has a melting point a lot lower than Aluminium, I hasten to add?

Talk about make it up as they go along! And why did they need insulation behind the cladding? I mean it was my understanding that the cladding was merely cosmetic.

Moreover, we are now being told even more old bollox with press reports stating that the police believe that many of the ‘bodies‘ of those who allegedly perished in the inferno will never be found or identified:

A detective investigating the Grenfell Tower disaster says some of the fire’s victims may never be found or identified.

Scotland Yard’s Detective Superintendent Fiona McCormack today told of the horrific scenes investigators face in the devastated tower block as they comb the building in ‘intense heat’.

More than 400 people were in the building when a fridge fire spread up the 24 storeys in just 30 minutes, killing at least 79 men, women and children.

Police searching the tower say they have now removed every ‘complete body’ from the building.

It is thought that there are dozens more unknown victims with detectives fearing the probe at the ‘distressing scene’ could stretch into next year. Source

As if the fucking fire got hot enough to incinerate bodies to nothing!  Total, total bollox. The public are being properly mugged off and worse still they are making the job of mugging them off easy.

Meantime, it seems that just about every article on the old fanny carries photos of “our brave heroes in tears“… Get fucking real!

Indeed we are seeing the exact same thing in every government sponsored hoax of late and they even filmed or faked it twice in the case of the Westminster Bridge bollox.

And then the kind-hearted older orifficer went on to become a witness caught up in the fake terrapin attack, while having a mini break in ‘that London with t’wife‘.

What have you got to say to that Commander Blow Job Harrington?

Thought as much.

Mind you, there are a few familiar faces amongst the reporters in those photos of old Blow Job.

I mean take the fella in the blue top on the far left of the photos. I’m almost positive that he is the mush who was fake ejected from the BBC’s ‘Question Time‘ audience this week for calling Terence May a “Zombie“:

The irate Jeremy Corbyn fan who was thrown out of Question Time by David Dimbleby is a self-styled ‘Tory-buster’ whose week started badly when neighbours claim they called police on him after a row.

Heckler Steve German – dubbed ‘Mr Tumble’ by Twitter users due to his colourful shirt – stood to be a Socialist MP and believes the Queen is a ‘parasite’ who should be removed from the throne.

Last night he was ejected by Mr Dimbleby for yelling ‘Theresa May is a zombie prime minister’ as Justice Secretary David Lidington and others tried to speak.

Neighbours say Mr German was in a bad mood ahead of Question Time – following a row with a fellow Taunton resident in which police were called. Source

Not all news is faked Spiv“… Course it’s not, ya clever bananas.

And in ANOTHER faked terrapin story, the smug mug press tried to make it look as if they are fair-minded and balanced – as opposed to racial piggots – by branding an Englishman a terrapin after he drove a rented van into a crowd of Muslims:

The suspected Finsbury Park terrorist developed his hatred of Muslims when he watched a BBC drama about a Rochdale grooming gang, a court has heard.

Darren Osborne, 47, who is accused of crashing a £80-a-day rented Citroen van into a group of worshippers on Monday, allegedly developed ‘increasingly radical anti-Islamic views’ after watching Three Girls, a lauded docu-drama which aired last month.

It is alleged that, weeks later, the jobless father-of-four drove a van into a group outside the Muslim Welfare House in north London as they made their way home from prayers. Source

Message understood – anyone who uses a rented motor to commit a criminal act is a terrapin.

Meantime Harry H Hewitt has been attempting to shore up the crumbling House of Windsor by playing on the public’s mugginess about the death of his Mother and how it affected him:

Prince Harry has described in detail the panic attacks he suffered because of the death of his late mother Diana, saying his body felt like a ‘washing machine’.

In an interview to publicise the forthcoming Invictus Games, a Paralympic-style event he devised for injured service personnel, the Queen‘s grandson said he would become ill ‘every single time’ he found himself in a room full of people.

Speaking to Forces TV, he said: ‘When you can get your own head and self back on the right path, the amount of people you can help is unbelievable, because you can tell the signs in people. You can see it in their eyes. You can see it in them, their reactions.

‘In my case, suit and tie, every single time I was in any room with loads of people, which is quite often, I was just pouring with sweat, like heart beating – boom, boom, boom, boom – and literally just like a washing machine. Source

“I was just pouring with sweat, like heart beating – boom, boom, boom, boom – and literally just like a washing machine”. He wants to lay of the fuckin’ ‘Charlie‘ if you ask me!

I mean does he even know who his mother is because it sure as hell wasn’t the created persona Princess Diana.

Talking of which, I see the Chimp – keen to cash in on the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death – released some never-before-seen photos of Diana from the 1980’s a couple of weeks ago.

PHOTO: Princess Diana played occasionally by Selina Scott back in the 1980’s.

Now to me they can fuck about with Selina’s nose all they like but it doesn’t make her Princess Diana.

PHOTO: Diana & Selina

Not that Diana ever had a nose that wide in any photos I have seen.

And of course, by mid 1997 Diana was being played by the extremely lanky, 19 year old, Ondine De Rothschild

Photo: Diana July 1997.

PHOTO: Ondine De Rothschild, December 2011

French born Ondine De Rothschild didn’t have to travel far on the night of the 31st of August 1997 as she lived in Paris at the time… Probably still does for that matter.

Course, I should also point out that I couldn’t give a fuck whether you believe Diana Spencer was a real person or not, but she wasn’t.

And of course with Ondine only being 19 years old at the time (as opposed to Diana’s 36) and forced to take part in ‘live‘ footage of leaving the Ritz for the last time, you therein have the reason for ‘Diana’ – who by August 1997 had been the most photographed woman in the world for the passed 17 years –  suddenly becoming so bizarrely camera shy.

Moreover, the Chimp – in an effort to further raise Dianamania, and sales of course – released a series of articles purporting to be the contents of secret unheard tapes of Diana having a moan off about her miserable life. The Chimp then followed that old bollox up with a scoop of how the tapes were smuggled out of Kensington Palace:

This is the astonishing ‘story behind the story’ of how Princess Diana‘s tapes were secretly recorded and shared with the world.

Speaking with Liz Hayes on 60 Minutes on Sunday, journalist Andrew Morton revealed details of the covert operation he undertook to gain access to Princess Diana without the royal family’s knowledge.

Morton said he befriended James Colthurst, a doctor and long-time friend of Princess Diana’s, who agreed to be an undercover agent for him. Source

Which I heard at least 3 years ago whilst watching a video of ‘Diana’ talking about how the tape cassettes were smuggled in and out of Kensington Palace… So they weren’t that fucking secret… Not that I was interested in the old fanny, I just needed a decent audio of Diana talking for voice comparisons with the woman who provided her voice and occasionally stood in for the other actors playing the role.

Harry H Hewitt then went on record as saying that no child should be made to walk behind their dead mothers coffin like he was at the tender age of twelve.

Prince Harry has revealed his anguish at being forced to walk behind his mother’s coffin as a 12-year-old and said no ‘child should be asked to do that under any circumstances’.

In 1997, the youngster joined his father, the Prince of Wales, his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, 15-year-old brother, Prince William, and uncle, Earl Spencer, in a funeral procession through the streets of London for Diana, Princess of Wales.

He told Angela Levin in an exclusive interview with Newsweek magazine: ‘My mother had just died, and I had to walk a long way behind her coffin, surrounded by thousands of people watching me while millions more did on television.

‘I don’t think any child should be asked to do that, under any circumstances. I don’t think it would happen today.’

He is of course quite correct although I seem to recall that the then 15 year old Prince Little Bald Willie insisted that he be allowed to do so (or at least so the story goes) yet no one would have batted an eyelid had Harry not taken part in the extravaganza.

Therefore I kinda think that Ginger-Pubes is talking bollox.

After all, it isn’t unfair to say that 12 year old Harry had no problem meeting the gullible public at the time of Di’s demise. Moreover whilst the public were devastated by his ‘mothers‘ death, Harry appeared to be having a jolly hockey sticks old time… As did Little Bald Willie.


Moreover, in what can only be described as being the ultimate in breathtaking arrogance he kept a straight poker-face when telling a press-monkey that no one in the royal family wanted the top job:

Prince Harry says no one in the Royal Family wants to be king or queen.

Fuck Me, it can’t be that bad since Bizzy Lizzy (the longest reigning Monarch) is hanging on in there for all its worth!

In an extraordinary interview he insists however that Britain and other countries still need ‘the magic’ of the monarchy.

Neither did he so much as smirk when he said that… No wonder he is so easily able to pretend that he is in a committed relationship with Maple Syrup.

A bird he has probably never met in his life and who is also played by multiple people.

On the monarchy, he asks: ‘Is there any one of the Royal Family who wants to be king or queen? I don’t think so, but we will carry out our duties at the right time.’

Carry on our duties“… Please, stop it, my sides hurt.

But he adds: ‘The monarchy is a force for good and we want to carry on the positive atmosphere that the Queen has achieved for over 60 years, but we won’t be trying to fill her boots. We are involved in modernising the British monarchy. We are not doing this for ourselves but for the greater good of the people. Source

No seriously, stop it Ginger Pubes… I have seen the way that Sweaty-Betty can’t keep away from the gee-gee’s whilst acting for the greater good.

And of course we can all thank the lord that Prince Little Bald Willie has now become a full time royal – sitting around doing fuck all in exchange for millions of pounds:

The Duke of Cambridge is celebrating his 35th birthday.

William, who attended Royal Ascot with the Duchess of Cambridge on Tuesday, is expected to spend the day privately with Kate and their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

This year, the Duke is making some major changes to his life by becoming a full-time royal.

He is due to finish his job as an air ambulance helicopter pilot later in the summer as the Cambridges leave the countryside for a life in the city. Source

Did anyone actually believe that Little Bald Willie was an air ambulance pilot? I mean fuck me, by the time the army of protection officers climbed on board the doctors would have had to have taken a bus.

The Chimp also told us how upset Bizzy Lizzy was over the Grenfell fire… Although she wasn’t nearly upset enough to prevent her from going to watch the gee-gees:

The Queen has said the country should be ‘resolute in the face of adversity’ following a succession of tragedies as she marks her official birthday with the Trooping the Colour today. 

In her birthday message she said it was ‘difficult to escape a very sombre mood’ in the UK, which was ‘united in sadness’ after recent suffering in London and Manchester.

Security was tight around Buckingham Palace and The Mall as the final preparations for the annual celebration started this morning. 

The Monarch arrived in an open horse drawn carriage with Prince Philip by her side as thousands turned out to watch the spectacle of might, splendour and precision. Source

I’m truly a little surprised – not to mention disappointed – that Liz didn’t arrive on horseback given her on-going love of horse riding:

She was supposed to be in London today for the State Opening of Parliament.

But the Queen brushed off the political turmoil that has seen the event delayed by two days when she went for a ride in the grounds of Windsor Castle, looking happy and carefree.

The 91-year-old monarch was joined by a male companion as she took in the scenery of the leafy Berkshire countryside on the hottest day of the year.

Meanwhile her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, could also be seen taking his coach and horses for a ride through the sprawling estate. Source

A lot of “right minded” people believe that shit don’t cha know… “Not all news is faked Spiv“.

Nope, it certainly isn’t. Although where the Chimp is concerned they will continually repeat fake news until they are happy that enough people have got the message.

For example, earlier on in the week (18/06/17) the Chimp ran a story about Soraya Khashoggi… The one time wife of arms dealer, Adnan Khashoggi.

In fact I even used the photo of Soraya from that article in a photo batch that appeared in my last article about the Grenfell towering inferno:

Yet not enough people must have taken notice because yesterday (24/06/17) the Monkey-Nutz revamped the old fanny and released the article again:

Hiding her ample frame beneath an outfit more suited to the depths of winter than a warm day in June — thick, red overcoat, scarf, cardigan, capacious black smock and ankle-length skirt — the elderly woman drew not a flicker of recognition from fellow passengers as she struggled aboard a double-decker bus with her shopping trolley.

She wore no make-up, straggles of mousy hair poked beneath her floppy hat, and the Velcro straps fastening her scuffed blue trainers spoke of someone who no longer relishes the task of bending down to laces.

Study her more closely, however, and you could detect the merest hint of bygone glamour. Pensioners don’t ordinarily sport inch-long nails buffed with nude varnish. And there was just something about her . . . those fine features, those piercing eyes.

Perhaps the most telling clue to her identity came from the paperback novel visible through her transparent handbag. James Patterson’s thriller Honeymoon is described as a ‘sizzling, twisting tale of a woman with a deadly appetite and the men who dare to fall for her’. Source

Not that there was fuck all new to be said about the old boiler that the Chimp didn’t say twice in 2014 and again in 2015:

That is to say the article brings fuck all new to the table except for the fact that her ex-husband Adnan Khashoggi died nearly 3 weeks ago.

Yet never once does the 2400 word article mention the fact that Soraya was Aunt to Dodi Fayed… In fact the article does not mention Dopey at all… Very strange considering the enthusiasm with which the Monkey-Boyz  mention Diana’s name at any given opportunity.

Indeed, I find it even stranger that  Adnan Khashoggi’s death only sparked two quick articles from the shit-rag. And to put that in context, the Chimp has so far released 721 articles about the Grenfell fire.

More bizarre still is the fact that only one of those articles mentions in passing that Khashoggi was Dopey’s uncle, which the shit-rag only did via the following photo which carried the caption:

Dodi Fayed, who had a romantic relationship with Diana Prince of Wales, with his mother Samira Khashoggi who is Adnan’s sister.

And as for the other article written by the criminal former MP, Jonathan Aitken – well Aitken also neglects to mention the fact that Khashoggi is Dopey’s Uncle.

Now I find all that very strange given the scandals in Khashoggfi’s life – and once touted as being the richest man in the world.

Course, regular readers of mine will know that I believe Khashoggi to be in fact his brother-in-law Mohammed Al-Fayed – Dopey’s father – who is also not mentioned in any of the 4 articles.

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Now obviously I didn’t just base my findings on Khashoggi’s and Al Fayeds looks alone, and you can find further detail by clicking HERE.

However, having said that you only need compare Petrona Khashoggi (Adnan’s daughter with Soraya who was later revealed to be Jonathan Aitken’s daughter – or so the story goes) and Mohammed Al Fayed’s daughter, Camilla to add further credence to my claim.


Just sayin’.

So, in a nutshell until the right minded thinking cretins stop believing that these are the good guys:

Protecting us from the bad guys.

Things will only get worse.